Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Got a question? ASK IT!

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just to find out how old my dog is. You can ask whatever your heart desires–beauty or otherwise–and I’ll do my best to answer!

I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly! Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier! And yes, you can ALWAYS ask a question, on this post or another post, regardless of the timing. There is no such thing as an old post! :)

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409 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #015

  1. Terry

    Hi Christine!
    I’d like to know from you some suggestions about the possible dupes for MAC lipglass in Nothingless (from the Alexander McQueen LE, I’ve just finished it ;__;). And is there a MAC dupe for NARS Desire blush?

    Thanks a lot!!!

    • Wildly Lush plushglass maybe – for a ligplass, Prrr seems the closest.

      MAC’s Pink Swoon would have been a dupe, but it’s been discontinued. Dame would be the closest now, which isn’t very close at all. :(

  2. Brandi

    Hey Christine! First off I wanted to say that I just adore your blog and envy you that you have all these fab products to try. My thing is that I’m not a huge fan of drugstore brand makeup, especially when it comes to eyeshadow and my question is do you know of any product that is easy on the pockets but give the same results as MAC or any other high end product you’ve tried?


    • Hi Brandi,

      One budget brand that I do like is NYX. I feel like they have pretty good color pigmentation, and their prices really can’t be beat. They always have these crazy blowout sales where you can pick up products at ridiculous prices. I don’t personally own a lot of NYX (I don’t think I have anything right now), just because I have a lot of high-end and don’t really see a need to buy just because it’s cheap, you know?

      Milani is also a decent brand. I’ve heard really great things about Gosh, though I haven’t seen it anywhere near me!

      • Brenda K

        Hi :) I just wanted to say GOSH is VERY good… their pencil eyeliners i’d say compare to MUFE for silkiness and staying power. The Extreme Art Liners do NOT come for liquid liner that stays and stays they’re it. Baby oil takes the liner off. My sister pretty much only uses GOSH. We’re in Ontario Canada and get it at Shoppers Drug Mart, though only some stores carry it.

        I also emailed the company in Denmark and received about 5 different certificates for being cruelty free and/or vegan products.

        • Brandi

          thank you both! I’m going to have to do some research on Gosh and I’ve tried NYX but didn’t like it. But that was a while ago so maybe I’ll give it another try.

        • Wilcoa

          Thanks for that info! I’ve seen GOSH in store, but am always hesitant about paying a chunk for a liner I’ve heard nothing about. Will definitely be picking these up then 😀

  3. daphne

    Okay, I have one more question if you don’t mind – thanks so much again for doing this! :) I’m trying to find a lipgloss equivalent to Lollipop Lovin’ l/s. It’s one of my favorite colors in the tube (pink! peachy! gold! I adore it) but it *never* looks right on my lips: too frosty and sheery so it just shows up weird. (I think it looks great on you though. I have such similar coloration to you but I think I must have like, difference lip texture and pigmentation because all my favorite colors on you look so different on me.) I thought maybe a lipgloss that is similar would work better…

    • daphne

      Oh yeah! And any brand would be fine. The only one I’ve thought of is NARS Orgasm, but it seems to be a fairly sheer gloss itself too, but I haven’t actually used it on my lips…just hand swatch…

    • Hi Daphne,

      I’d have recommended NARS’ Orgasm to you as well. MAC’s Nymphette is also very pretty, and it is similar to the NARS’ Orgasm lipgloss. My favorite and the one most similar is Cle de Peau’s #2 gloss, but at $50, you know, I recognize that’s not exactly a viable option for 99% of us.

      • daphne

        Okay, thanks! I might as well give it a shot, since I’ve been pondering it for months – I mean, Sephora has a return policy and all :) I have Nymphette (wearing it today actually!) and it’s so close, but I want just a bit peacher.

        I swoon over your Cle de Peau gloss. Maybe someday I’ll just see it in person 😉

  4. Amber

    Hi Christine! I hope you’re having a great day.

    1. I was wondering what colors you would recommend for me to get to fill my neutral palette. I currently own: Vanilla, Shroom, Ricepaper, Tempting, Twinks, and Smut.

    2. What bronzer would you recommend for NC30 skin?

    3. I am interested in buying another MAC eye brush for my collection. I have the 217 and 239. What would you recommend?

    Thank you. :)

    • Hi Amber,

      How many neutrals are you looking for? Enough for a whole 15 palette?

      I like: Gleam, Jest, Brun, Espresso, Soft Brown, Bamboo, Bisque, Grain, Wedge, Soba, and Cork!

      For bronzer, I recommend Smashbox’s Bronze Lights!

      If you need something for the crease, I’d recommend the 226 which you might still be able to find (it is limited edition). Other than the 226, the 224 or 222 are both great for crease/blending. If you need something for lining, I like the 208.

      • Amber

        Eventually, yes. I want to fill a 15 pan palette. I also keep forgetting that I have Mulch and Gleam eye shadows from the MAC Look in a Box.

        Thanks for the recommendations. I’m going to purchase the 226.

        I’d also like to know what eye shadows you would pair with Moon’s Reflection.

        • No problem, Amber! :)

          I like Moon’s Reflection with teals, greens, and blues. It’s also nice with the occasional purple. Shades like Tilt, Freshwater, Steamy, Shimmermoss, Stars ‘n Rockets!

  5. Diabla

    Bonjour Christine, I hope you’re doing well

    I just read on your Twitter “tip of the day: make your own mixing medium with 1 part glycerin, 3 parts water. use a travel-sized bottle to store!”

    I’d like to know what is mixing medium for… Does it help as an adhesive or something? Thank you in advance for your help. :)

    • Hi Diabla,

      Yep, it’s a water-based adhesive. MAC has water-based mixing medium, and the home-made version is like that one. I use it to apply pigments or other loose color to my lids :) It keeps it from creasing or budging!

  6. Liliana

    Thank you for your help, Christine and Diabla :) I do like russet moon, I will check the others.

  7. Jennifer

    I love this thread.

    1. I try like h-e-double hockey sticks to use brushes to apply my eye makeup, but for some reason, I seem to have more control with those tiny sponge applicators. Using brushes seems to deposit more e/s on the inner corner of my nose/eye, and under my eye. What am I doing wrong, or is it just my anatomy and lack of real estate on my eyelids (ie, high, chubby cheekbones and fairly small eyes)?

    2. Is it safe to wear eyeliner on the waterlien if I wera contacts. I’m thinking not, but just thought I’d get your opinion.


    • MC

      You are probably using a brush that’s a) not dense enough and b) too large. So the wide, loose hairs are seeming to act more like a broom, pushing your eyeshadow back and forth. Try a smaller, denser brush. Also, try more patting motions with smaller sweeps when applying eyeshadow.

      I have contacts and I wear eyeliner on my waterline frequently. I’m not quite sure if it’s safe though… I assume it is as long as the eyeliner is waterproof. Don’t trust me though!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      You might be applying too much shadow — I’d say try to pick up less shadow when applying it with brushes. Also, what base are you using?

      Certain eyeliners are waterline safe and others aren’t — if it’s waterline safe then it is safe, but if you have watery eyes, that might cause issues!

  8. Tiffany

    Hi Christine!
    1.)I’m 20 and I don’t use any eye cream. Do you think I should start and if so what should I use? Should I start using anti-aging creams yet?
    2.)Do you think that the coastal scents palettes are worth it? I’ve read mixed reviews.
    Thank you for all your help!

    • MC

      2. I have the coastal scents 28 neutral and 24 shimmer. Now, I’m normally a MAC girl so I was sort of skeptical. But I really like them! Granted, not every color in each palette is well pigmented/ smooth/ pretty/ etc but if only 3 work out, you’re already saving money if you’re used to paying MAC prices.

      The neutral palette offers a lot of MAC dupes and some other unique neutral shades. You can create dozens of neutral looks out of it. They’re mostly matte with a few shimmer. I reach for this almost everyday because it’s got a lot of great highlight colors in it.

      The shimmer palette (which I don’t know if it’s on the coastal scent’s sight anymore but is on ebay sometimes) has some pastels and some brights. Almost all of these are extremely well pigmented. They aren’t glittery, more shimmery. Some are extremely bright so if you love colorful looks, this is good. There are also some really pretty pale colors, though, for more subdued looks. I use this more to experiment with colors and see what I really like to use before I go and buy them from MAC.

      Wow… that turned out to be pretty legnthy. Overall, I was happy with what I got. I’d suggest the 28 neutral to anyone! (and the shimmer to anyone that uses any sort of colors daily— but I’m more of a browns-on-the-lids sort of girl)

    • I would just be sure to moisturize around your eyes properly, but you don’t necessarily need anything that’s anti-aging.

      They’re worth the price tag, since they are cheap. My primary concern is that I don’t know 100% where they come from or who made them, which makes me a bit wary.

  9. Tattoo Girl


    Can you compare Benefit’s “Skinny Jeans” and MAC’s “Blackground” please? I recently bought two of Benefit’s Creaseless cream Shadows but they crease on me:(. I have had great results with uing “Soft Ochre” and “Fresco Rose” as a base, so I think I may get Blackground but I love “Skinny Jeans” so much. Just wondering what the major differences were. Thanks so much!!

    • Two totally different colors, not at all… in the same realm. Skinny Jeans is a pewter shade – so like a brownish-silvery-gray, whereas Blackground is black.

  10. Jill

    Hi Christine- What mac eyeliner brush would you recommend to use with a stila smudge pot? One that won’t make the line too too thick. I have a sephora bent eyeliner brush but the hairs fray out too easily.

  11. Wilcoa

    Hey Christine, I’ve got a cream blush question.

    For application I always start with foundation/concealer (liquid/cream) then apply the cream blush afterwards. When this is done I set everything with a loose translucent powder. BUT whenever I do this I always end up with a line marking where the edge of the blush is. I end up having to wipe away the line with a kleenex, which is irritating of course, as buffing doesn’t help.

    How do I avoid getting this line when applying cream blush?

    Thanks so much (and love the how-to videos you’ve been posting)!

    • Hmm, what brush are you using? I use the 188 and stipple it on, then I swirl the brush a bit to blend it out so it doesn’t have any harsh edges.

  12. Jill

    I just thought of a couple more :)
    Do you have any tattoos? if so what are they of?
    How old were you when you started Temptalia?
    Do you have any tips to help stop my 109 from shedding so much?
    Do you tell people like at cosmetic counter you go to that your temptalia?

    ps Absoluetly love love love your blog! <3

    • Hi Jill!

      Nope, no tattoos! I believe I was 20 when it started :)

      Hmm, I couldn’t give you any tips about the 109 other than don’t bang it against hard surfaces, be gentle when washing, and use lukewarm water (no hot water). Mine doesn’t seem to shed much at all but I don’t do anything special.

      On occasion, I might explain I am a beauty blogger, but I don’t usually say who I am unless asked!

      Thank you!

  13. Jennifer

    whats your zodiac sign? You strike me as a virgo or gemini.

  14. Joanna

    Hi Christine!

    Me again…I was just curious. You said that one of the most important things I should put on my face to instantly look polish is blush. Does this still apply even though i have about 30 scars on each of my cheeks?

    • It depends on the scarring level. I would say if you have heavy scarring, particularly if it’s noticeable and/or you feel uncomfortable because of them, that concealing them might be more important for you.

  15. MC

    I’m N4/ light… can you suggest a sort of pinky-gold (more pink, though) lip stick? Not something that would be the centerpiece of the look but would be pretty with a neutral eye?


  16. kiran

    hey Christine, how u doin? =)
    Can you suggest a foundation for very oily, acne prone skin? I’m asian and have wheatish complexion and my skin is a major prob for me specially when i go to university or else where. Makeup starts melting with the slightest rise in temperature and i really hate it when that happens. would appreciate any guidance or products recommendations. =) thank you

  17. Komal

    Hi Christine

    I love the q&a idea!

    I am an NC42 and and am getting into MSFs, what do you recommend for my skintone (current collections and previous collections)? I am willinh to hunt some down!

    Which msfs are your favourites?


  18. Christina

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering what are you MUST-HAVE pigments (permanent or pro) and your MUST-HAVE paint pots? Thank you, your comments are greatly appreciated!

  19. browneyes

    Christine,do you think Smashbox Chiffon Blush would be too much for my NW45/47 skintone?

  20. MC

    Is Urban Decay Naked l/s similar to MAC Ahoy, There l/s?


  21. Michelle

    I am late to this — but I hope you can still answer my question :) I recently bought “Poison Pen” Matte2 eyeshadow from Ebay, because I’ve been wanting it and MAC doesn’t carry it anymore. I noticed that it says Canada, but it also says it was made in Italy. None of my other MAC shadows say it is made in Italy (I have a ton that are still in the pots and checked all of them). Do you know if any MAC products are made in Italy (a MUA from MAC told me their mineralized shadows are, but she didn’t think the regular ones were). Also, there isn’t the number stamped on the back and the writing on the label is cream instead of white. Do you think it is a fake? I just bought 2 shadows from Ebay and am now kicking myself because they were expensive! Just interested on your thoughts . . .

  22. sugarcrumb

    Hi Christine, i have 2 qns pls:
    1) I was thinking of getting one or 2 creaseless cream shadows from Benefit to use in place of my MAC Paintpots (in colours that i don’t already have) – do they crease on you after being set with eyeshadow?
    2) I’ve got Smoke and Diamonds e/s from the latest collection but it doesnt pop much on my eye – what base would you recommend pls? the paint pots i have include Cash Flow, Rubenesque, Bare Study, Fresco Rose; Pure Ore (Metal X range) and Cakeshop (shadestick)

    PS: My collection has grown grown grown ever since i stumbled upon Temptalia!

  23. MC

    Can I back 2 mac the lipglosses from the holiday “little darlings” collection?


  24. Heather

    Hello Christine. First I would like to stay you are the best. I am wondering if you have any information on MAC’s Holiday 09 Magic, Mirth collection starting in October.

  25. Tiffany

    Hi Christine!
    I was just wondering, I heard matte2 eyeshadows are being discontinued.. is this true?

  26. Evan

    Hi Christine!
    i was just wondering how close On A Mission Blush was to Feeling Beauty Powder BLush, and how close Eversun was close to the Fun and Games blush from hello kitty. Thanks!

  27. MC

    Oh, thought of another “temptalia asks” type thing…

    “What would be in your ideal MAC collection/ what would you name the collection?”

    I’d have bright lips… bright cheeks… some soft, shimmery beauty powders… and maybe invent a new lip gloss that looked similar to a dazzle glass but came in a lip glass tube and cost lip glass price.

  28. Lee

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering how does the smashbox eyeshadows compare to mac eyeshadows?


    • I think they’re fantastic eyeshadows. They’re all smooth, soft, and pigmented! They’re just as good, if not a bit better, than a good MAC shadow.

  29. is there any MAC F&F’s sale anytime soon that you know of??

  30. Carol

    Hi there? Do you know if Nars new foundations are Nordstrom exclusive? They´re not announced on the website…

  31. Kristin

    Does anybody understand all of the differences in the types of MAC listicks? For example, what is the difference between Frost and Lustre? What is Satin vs. Amplified?

    Thanks in advance!

  32. virginia

    hey! Love your work :)
    I have just fallen in love with MAC Face n body foundation, but i cant for the life of me find a brush that works with it, I have the 191 and 187 but because its water based the brush after a couple of swipes goes wet and streaks, I hate using my fingers, i should maybe try a sponge, but i would love to hear your thoughts :)
    thanks Virginia xx

  33. Hi, Christine. Thank you for this part of your blog. It shows that you care.

    I was hoping you knew of a possible dupe for Benefit’s discontinued Hollywood Glo complexion luminizer. It’s a rose bronzer liquid, and I haven’t seen anything like it since.

    I saw your post on Benefit High Beam, but for my tan complexion, I’m not sure that it would be the BEST luminizer for me. I’m sure I could “Benefit” from it for some looks, though. I just prefer darker/medium shades.

    Thank you again, and best wishes.


    • Hi Karen,

      Unfortunately, I’ve never tried it or seen it, so I have no idea. I would say, IMO, that you should email Benefit’s customer service and ask. I have heard Moon Beam is better for darker/deeper skin tones over High Beam!

  34. Hi Christine,
    I’ve been trying to look for MAC’s Perfect Topping and it’s so expensive now. I really want this highlight shade, do you know of any dupes? Maybe High beam? Thank you (:

  35. Also, I live by San Jose and I remember you told me you lived there. Do you know the nearest CCO to us? I tried looking and there’s only one in Gilroy ):

  36. Dancerwendy

    I hope Christine or anyone else can help… I love MAC’s slimshines in Ultra Elegant and Missy, however I just noticed that they are no longer on the MAC website even though most of the MAC stores still have them. Are these shades discontinued?

    Also, what’s your recommendation for peach lipsticks and glosses, MAC or otherwise? I am asian and tanned, NC42 to 44. Thanks!!!

    What a great site:)

    • I’m not positive if they’ve been discontinued, but it’s likely they have been. I’d probably check with your local store – they have a big book of all the products discontinued!

      MAC doesn’t make many peach lipsticks or glosses–there’s Peachstock and Ravishing… that’s kind of it. For lipglosses, perhaps Nymphette (though not SUPER peach).

  37. I hope its not too late to ask!
    i wonder, how do you make your eye close-up pictures exactly? i have read you advise to read the manual, lol, but i would appreciate if you give some detail. Which lens do you use? external of build-in flash? shutterspeed and f?

  38. Erica


    I just got greensmoke e/s and want to know what to pair it with for a day look and what to pair with for a smokey look? Also, is charred a LE e/s? Thanks

  39. Eliana

    Hi Christine

    I had a couple of questions that I would be really thankful if you answered.

    1) What product would you recommend to help makeup (especially eyeshadow) stay on all day as well as prevent creasing? Do the prep and prime for eyes really work? And what about the transparent finishing powder?

    2) What is your favorite mascara? and why? (does it thicken, curl, extend eyelashes etc.)

    3) Do you wear fake eyelashes? Would it be ok to wear fake eyelashes not daily, but every once in awhile? For instance the 1lash from MAC.

    4) What would you consider essentials to have in your make-up bag?

    Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions. And apologize ahead of time if I asked a question that has already been answered.


    • I like MAC’s paint pots like Soft Ochre. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance are also good for eye makeup. I like MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder for the face.

      I like Plushlash by MAC. It’s very black, thickens and adds length. I’m not too concerned about curl myself!

      I wear them on occasion, I find they feel a bit heavy on my lids and my upper lash line is very sensitive so my eyes can get pretty irritated after wearing them (swollen, red, etc.). I personally am more of a fan for them every so often and not daily, just because they’re more special that way.

      I think foundation, daily blush, lipstick, lipgloss, loose powder, and brushes are essentials for your makeup bag :)

  40. Karly

    Hi Christine!

    I just bought Bare Study paint pot and was wondering what kind of neutral MAC eye shadow you would match with it. Thanks! xx

  41. Hi Christine! first wanted to thank you for answering my last question about how you take pictures)))

    Now i need your advice) I’m an owner of 14 mac shadows (i’m amateur :) But somehow I’m stuck with them. When i see them all in 1 palette, i have a felling i did something wrong. I don’t know how do i combine them best, and they all look very homogeneous to me.
    I have following colors:
    brule, shroom (these two are easy), satin taupe, sable, tempting, woodwinked, goldmine, shale, trax, top knot, contrast, humid, ego, grand entrance.
    What do you think is missing here? what would you combine together? I’m NW 20 in winter, with tan in summer, have brown eyes and brunette. and i guess colors like yellow and orange are too bright for me)
    Would be happy if you comment on this, when you have a minute!
    Thank you in Advance!

    • I’d say you have a lot of dark/medium browns, which might be why you have some trouble. Here are some combos…

      Tempting, Satin Taupe, Goldmine
      Goldmine, Trax, Contrasst
      Goldmine, Humid, Woodwinked
      Grand Entrance, Ego, Contrast
      Shroom, Shale, Top Knot

      • you’re genious) very nice combinations i’ve never thought of! thanks a lot!
        and what would be 3-5 shades you’d recommend to add to that?

  42. Ribbons

    Hi Christine!

    Ok I really need help and I keep asking sooo many people and nothing is working! My skin is becoming a mess around my eyes and it’s starting to get to me!

    Round my eyes is really bad at the moment, it is like dry, itchy, old lady skin, which means I can’t wear eye make up and when i do it smugdes from all the itchyness and the skin just absorbs the colour so it looks like I’ve been crying!!

    It’s all due to me trying a new cleanser at the weekend to take off my eye make up. I am allergic to wipes of any kind and I have tried make up remover and cleanser from Clearasil, Oxy, Neutrogena, Simple, No 7 & Clinique!! I’ve also used a little bit of soap with warm water and that was just as bad! Have you got any idea what I can use? It’s not so bad with normal make up but it’s horrendous when I wear water proof! I keep trying different brands and each time the product is getting more and more expensive! Do you think it would be a good idea for me to go to speak with the SA at Clarins?

    Sorry thats a bit of a ramble but I want it to clear up soon, I want to try make up styles before a class reunion on Saturday and my Dr can only give me a moisturiser which obv doesnt help!

    Thanks!! x

  43. Saira

    Hi Christine! I recently got Strike a Pose and wondered if you could suggest some Mac shadres it would go nicely with and placement of shades? I’ve worn it on the lid with some Plumage on the crease but looking for some more inspiration. I know there are probably tonnes of colours it will go with but finding it a little hard to create some new looks. Thanks!

  44. shelly

    Id like to ask you if you know a substitute for MAC in Peachstock since it isnt available anymore and what colour MAC lipgloss would go awesome on MAC freckletone l/s?
    Thanks in advance^^

  45. Would you swatch Maybelline Color Sensational’s pinks, please?

  46. Cherie

    Hi there!
    Sorry these are late questions…
    a) What pre-foundation facial moisturizer would you suggest? Are there specific creams you can use before you apply foundation or can you use any cream? I have normal skin and am not fussy about brand.
    b) Not sure if you familiar with Smashbox’s eyelights trio e/s palettes but am hoping you are :) In the Flash palette there is this beautiful pinky-rose-burgundy shade (the middle shade) that I simply must find as a single shadow. Smashbox only sells it in the trio but I don’t need the other two colours since I still have them and have hit the pan in only the pinky one. Do you know of any dupes or how I can find it as a single???
    c) you rock!!! thanks so much for your hard work on this site. it’s my daily read :)

    • Hi Cherie,

      IMO, you can use any that work with your skin… I’d say you need something that’s light to medium in thickness (so lotions and moisturizers — creams may be too heavy). I like Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer a lot!

      Try Sketch!

      Thanks so much!

  47. abby

    Hi Christine! Have you tried red violet (macpro)? I swatched it the other day and i loved the colour but i didnt buy it because the texture felt a little chalky plus what colours would you pair with this eyeshadow?
    Another question is about vibrant grape. Would you pair it with pinks and what pinks would you use?
    Thank you so much!!! :)

    • I have, but I don’t love it, TBH. It’s a bit chalky and not very pigmented. I’d try it with coppers, reds, oranges.

      I like Vibrant Grape more, though. I’d pair it pinks, sure – I’d probably go for pale pinks like Pink Venus!

  48. Heather

    Where do you buy your storage bins for your bathroom? They’re fairly tall and black. I have looked numerous places for something similar, but have been unsuccessful. Please let me know, thank you Christine! :)

  49. Jennifer

    Hi Christine! I was just wondering if I use a cream blush would I put it on after foundation & powder? I’ve never use a cream blush before. Thanks!