Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. You can ask whatever your heart desires, and I’ll do my best to answer!

I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly– as in, today! :) Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too! The more the merrier!

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247 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #013

  1. Michelle

    Hey, I love this site. Keep up the great work!

    My question is how did you get started in makeup? Are you self taught or did you go to school? Do you recommend school for an aspiring artist?

    • Hey Michelle! :) Happy Sunday!

      I’m completely self-taught, and I’ve never gone to school, class, etc. for makeup in any capacity. I think the only thing I’ve ever done was go to a MAC seminar (open to consumers), and that’s about it, LOL!

      I got started just by falling in love with MAC pigments. I really didn’t wear makeup (let alone “get into it”) until I went to college (so I was about 18!). It was just very fun to play around with all of the various colors.

      I think school can be beneficial, and I think becoming a licensed esthetician in addition to doing make up is always helpful, because you can do more than one thing. It really just depends on your area, as some are more competitive than others. It also matters what kind of artist you want to be – do you want to be doing bridal makeup or high end photoshoot makeup? Both are very different paths!

      • Nathalie

        What are MAC seminar Christine? I’ve never heard of this, at least here in France. What does happen during such a seminar? I’m just very curious. :)

        • They’re different events that are done by senior artists at various locations. The topics range, depending on the season and the timing. I don’t think they repeat very often! I think the one I went to was about makeup basics.

  2. hi,
    Thanks for doin this session.

    1. is it necessary to apply nail polish on nails of both hands?? my right hand NP chips very a day…
    2. Is there any creme/lotion for curing dark under arms… (gross..i knw)
    3. Can you do some reviews and articles on hair care products…not just styling stuff..but cure for hair fall…(real/myth)…somethng in those lines??

    • Hi Samaya,

      1.) I imagine it’s really a matter of preference. The norm is to do both, but if you want to fly in the face of convention, by all means! :) Are you using a good base and top coat? I find my nails don’t chip when I do, and while I experience tip wear, it’s the same on both hands.

      2.) A lightening/brightening cream might help with dark under arms, but I haven’t tested any personally so I can’t recommend you one. You might want to consult a dermatologist, because they are likely better equipped to answer that!

      3.) Cure for hair fall? As far as I know, hair falls out for a multitude of reasons, many of them scientific in nature–and I’m no scientist! From stress to disease to the wrong products for your hair. I wouldn’t want to be giving out advice when I don’t have any authority/expertise in that area, you know? I would hate to mislead you or worsen your condition.

      Here is an article that seemed fairly fact-oriented:

  3. ..amy..

    Hey everyone when I wash my face a lot it can sometimes get really dry and obviously flakey anyone have reconmandations for a moisturizer or exfoliator? Also has anyone tried those lotions that gradually give u a tan?? Thanks

    • Hi Amy,

      Are you exfoliating already? Sometimes if you over-exfoliate, you can cause your skin to worsen! You should only exfoliate a few times a week. I like Osmotics’ Cream Extreme for a really, really super moisturizer. I only use it as a spot treatment, because it is fairly pricey. I’ll use it on dry patches or areas I know are prone to excess dryness. You may want to try a gentle exfoliator like Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA Cleanser.

      I have tried self-tanners (a whole slew of ’em!), what were you wanting to know about them? :)

    • Brenda

      Hi Amy, I’ve been using Kiss My Face Peaches & Creme Ultra Moisturizer. It has AHA and I’ve found I’ve had better tone and texture. It smells kinda funny..really like peaches but I deal with it. I have less dry patches it seems too.

  4. Miranda

    Hi, Christine!

    Just curious what you would recommend for both a concealer (face in general as well as under eye) and a face/eye primer :) Also, any suggestions for dealing with really oily eye areas? Even when I use a good base, my eyes still get so oily and my shadows/eyeliner migrate like crazy.

    • I like MAC Select Moisturecover for a general, multi-purpose one. I also like Kanebo’s Brush-type concealer and YSL’s Touche Eclat.

      For a good face/eye primer, I like Korres’ primer for face. I like using MAC pigments (with mixing medium) or Soft Ochre as a base for eye makeup. UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Insurance are both good, but I prefer Soft Ochre over those myself!

      What base are you using currently?

      • Miranda

        I use Painterly paint pot for my eye base right now… it baffles me why my eye area is so oily as the rest of my face is normal and I don’t have problems!

        • I’d definitely suggest switching up the eye base to UDPP or TFSI and see if either of those work better for you!

        • aradhana

          i have a similar problem with oiliness on eyelids and nowhere else. i find two faced shadow insurance works very well for me…sometimes udpp does as well, but not always…(haven’t worked out why…)

          sometimes i even use shadow insurance under my mac paints/paint pots, though theoretically that shouldn’t be necessary.

    • Jen

      A lot of women with that issue recommend putting a light layer of powder under the primer to soak up oil.

      Also, try fiddling with how much you use…too much or too little of the paintpot can make your shadow slide around or fade off.

      • Nic15

        ive heard about the powder primer thing as well. everyday minerals makes kaolin face powder to dust on for oil absorption prior to makeup application. those that have used it, swear by it, but my guess it probably works best in conjunction with mineral makeup. something to think about though.

  5. Taj

    I recently got a sample of Reflects Antique Gold — any ideas on what I should do with it?

    • It looks really lovely with greens — like emerald and forest greens — though as far as I know, it isn’t eye safe, which kind of makes it hard to find ways to use it. :/ You could try mixing a bit with red gloss!

  6. maycon

    Can you have any tips 4 a guy that have ultra oily skin and loves make up?

    • VanessaMarie

      Hi! I’m not Christine but have you tried MAC finishing powder? I use a 187 brush… Urban Decay also makes an awsome mattifying powder:)

      • maycon

        yes but doen’t work… i have tryed studio fix, blot powder and after 2h my skin is a mess… i live in rio de janeiro brazil so i think my skin is not the problem… humid hot weather all the time… but sometimes Chis have something to say… LOL… Any tip is good in my case… LOL

        • Kella

          I’m not such if you have GOSH products where you live, but I have their foundation (called ‘exceptional wear’ I believe), and I tell you, I’ve never had a foundation control oil like this one does! I’ve fallen in love with it. There may be other foundations that work like this, but this is the only one I’ve come across. Quite neat.

        • I’d suggest using a mattifying cream or a primer that dries down quite a bit!

    • Make sure you moisturize every day/night, just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize! :) Use a lightweight moisturizer like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer. If you love makeup and want face coverage, try a tinted moisturizer, too!

      • Nic15

        Christine – do you really find Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer to be lightweight?? I always thought it was a heavyweight moisturizer for dry skin. Hmm…guess i just learned something new. :)

        • I always found it to feel lightweight to me, actually! I just double-checked Kiehl’s website, and it describes it as a “light, yet effective lotion.”

          • Nic15

            I’m glad to know this now cause i’ve always shyed away thinking it would be too heavy for me. I love Kiehl’s moisturizers. Plus the Ultra Facial comes tinted. Up until now I have used their Sodium PCA Oil-Free moisturizer & its real nice.

  7. Hi Christine!
    I have issue of oily skin with large pores and blackheads on my T-zone, can you suggest me some product to deal with this problem (cleanser, make-up primer, powder, anything!) ? I tried mac skin refined zone but it’s awful, I just can’t apply my make-up after that! :-(

    • Crystal

      Well I often find that using a scrub near my nose works wonders! Try Lush Coalface. It has a gritty texture to get rid of blackheads.

    • I know Lush’s Coalface has worked really well for those who have had issues with their t-zone. I liked it when I used it, but I didn’t have those issues, so I couldn’t tell you if it worked for me or not!

      I currently am liking Korres’ primer for a face primer, too!

    • lisa

      I highly recommend neutrogena blackhead eliminating scrub. The only down side too it is that when i used it for the first 4 days i had more acne than before i guess it was a kind of like purging the skin type of thing but after that the second week my skin started clearing up and my pores seemed tighter. Now my skin is completely clear! This product is officially now my holy grail scrub.

      • Often when you use a new product or if you use a product that helps to clear up acne, there’s a period of time where it gets worse — just kind of think of it as the product helping bring all the bad stuff to the surface, so it speeds up the process. A lot of prescription medications are the same — it gets worse before it gets better!

  8. Crystal

    Hi. Well I have a whole slew of questions for you!
    Do you read other beauty blogs? Which ones? How do you find out information on MAC launches so ahead of time? Do you have any close insider friends in the makeup industry? What is your favorite lipgloss of all time? How do you budget for makeup? What is your favorite lip balm of all time? How often do you spend per day writing for Temptalia?

    Thank you so much!

    • I do read other beauty blogs! Some of my favorites are Makeup and Beauty Blog, Pursebuzz, Bjooti, and Musings of a Muse. I wish I had more time to read all of them, but life keeps me pretty busy these days!

      I rely on some treasured individuals and readers who have helped to contribute and introduced me to knowing the right people :)

      I don’t have any close friends in the makeup industry.

      My favorite lipgloss is Cle de Peau #2! I just look at how much money I’m getting from loans and work, know how much my expenses will be, and then go from there.

      I love budgeting, and I’m very good at saving money for rainy days, so it’s all fun! I don’t think I have a favorite lip balm of all time — I use a large variety of brands, just whatever I have on hand at the time.

      I spend around eight hours a day on Temptalia, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the day and what’s going on (e.g. a MAC collection releasing increases the time).

  9. Kelly

    I just love your site!
    What is a good concealer that does not go into the lines and stays put and doesn’t fade? Right now I am using MUFE full cover. It works but the colour match isn’t working for me that great. Do you have any other brand suggestions?

    I have facial hair all over and I was wondering if facial bleach would be a good suggestion?

    • I like MAC Select Moisturecover for a lower priced concealer. I do tend to use YSL Touche Eclat and Kanebo Brush-Type Concealer (both are a bit pricey) more often than not, though.

      You can try using a primer or a line filler so that the concealer doesn’t get into lines as much, too!

      I haven’t tried facial bleaching, so I’m not sure how effective it would be. If your skin is light, I imagine it might be a viable method!

  10. Abbey

    Hey everyone! I am open to suggestions from everyone and I have 2 questions. 1.) What MAC foundation would you suggest for oily skin?
    2.) I need an everyday look (max 2 shadows and lipgloss/lipstick) that is neutral but pretty and school appropriate, any suggestions?

    • Studio Fix Fluid, IMO, is great for oily skin because it is a matte finish foundation, which means it is dry to the touch.

      I like Ricepaper & Soft Brown for eyeshadows, a good gloss would be something like Nyphette.

    • Michelle

      Also, Blushbaby is a nice neutral blush that will complement natural everyday makeup. I also love High Tea lipstick with Stripdown liner.

    • Nic15

      Abbey – Sometimes i also just want to use 2 shadows & get a simple look but want it to look like i tried more than i did. I will place a highlight color like Shroom all over my lid up to the browbone & then take a color like Satin Taupe & apply it through the crease. Shroom is nice & neutral & Satin Taupe just adds the perfect amount of depth & classy color to your eyes without being too much. Very easy & gives the impression more time was spent. Definitely a nice everyday look. Some Love Nectar Lustreglass & you can’t go wrong! Enjoy :)

  11. rhian

    Hi Christine! I wanted to know if you have any suggestions for teenage oily skin that is acne prone when using heavy products (liquid,cream foundation etc.) that needs a little extra coverage in certain places. I use MAC MSF Natural atm, and its working great but i need a little something extra around my nose under eyes etc. Have you tried Nars Lipglosses and eyeshadows? What are you opinions on them and what are your favourite hair products? Thank you 😀 Rhian

    • You could try using a primer before applying heavier products, which might help act as a barrier so your skin doesn’t absorb as much product. I’d also suggest using a concealer for those areas, so you can use it when you need it, as you need it. I like MAC Select Moisturecover as an average-priced concealer.

      I have tried their lipglosses and eyeshadows, and their lipglosses don’t do much for me at their current price point. They have a few nice colors, but their formula doesn’t “wow” me really. Their eyeshadows are better, though their recent launches have been less fantastic — I have no love for glittery, chunky eyeshadows!

      I love Oscar Blandi shampoo and dry shampoo and Tresemme’s Root Spray right now. My hair is very low maintenance, so I don’t use much product in it!

  12. Daria

    Hi Christine! Hope you are enjoying your sunday. I know you are not the biggest fan of mineral foundation ( I’m not either, You completely converted me to Eve Pearl with your great review and video:) but for the summer I would love to try it again. I started with BE and hated the fact that my skin was oily, the BE sunk into my pores and still showed my rosecea after an hr or so. I read some of your mineral reviews, but I didnt know if you tried any other mineral foundation lately, or had any other suggestions of MMU or of a great coverage but lighter feeling makeup for my acne prone, scarred, roscea ( lovely combo huh) skin?

    Have you tried Smashbox halo finishing powder, and if so, do you have any thoughts?

    Thanks so much Christine!!!

    • Hi Daria,

      I haven’t really played with much mineral makeup (foundation, at least) since those reviews. I really just don’t love the stuff, and I find it always accentuates dryness and lines for me, moreso than other foundations. For summer, I’m planning to use Korres’ Tinted Moisturize, which I really love. It’s extremely lightweight, but it still gives me medium coverage, so it’s a winner all around. I know Dior came out with DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow, which is kind of like a mineral foundation. I only tried it in-store, but I liked the way it melted on my face (it almost felt like it was wet and then it dried).

      I haven’t tried the Smashbox Halo Finishing Powder yet, sorry!

    • Evelyn

      hey daria, im not christine but i use the mac mineralize skinfinish natural and i havent really run into any acne problems with it and it feels pretty light on the skin
      the coverage i think goes from light to medium i would say, probably not too medium though if that makes sense
      i know this next one isnt a mineral one but i know coverfx specializes in foundation for people with skin issues like roscea and skin diseases
      the makers of that brand came to speak to my grade at my school which was pretty cool so maybe check that out too? :]

      • Daria

        Thank you so much Evelyn! I was going to ask about Macs MMU but forgot, but you must have read my mind! I will give it a try, along with your other suggestion which seems like something I definitely need! Thanks again for your help and best of luck with your beauty finds:)

    • Nic15

      Daria – Read your questions & have actually been going through the same issues. I have tried Smashbox HALO & I really like it but it’s not going to give you a whole lot of coverage if that is what you are looking for. It’s more of a medium coverage MMU. Right now I am trying out Everyday Minerals. It is only sold online at but their range of options are unbelievable. They make different formulas of foundation from Intensive to Matte to Semi-Matte to Glow which is for a dewier look. Obviously intensive is going to give you the fullest coverage & it goes from there. I liked that I could cater my selection to what I need. They also do FREE sample kits that you can order & just pay shipping on. You get 3 foundation colors any formula you choose, 1 blush & 1 concealer. Can’t beat it if you just want to try it first & see if it works for you.

      Hope you find a resolution to your search! :)

      • Daria

        Thank you so much for your review of Smashbox halo and for your suggestion of everyday minerals- I will also definitely look into that.What a cool concept and thank you for sharing. isnt it a bummer we all go through such annoying issues with skin, but its so nice to connect and share suggestions on such a cool site like temptalia. Thanks again Nic15!

  13. Izzy

    Hi Christine!! I’m going to Europe this summer and im wondering what to bring makeup/ skincare wise without bringing too much. Im also wondering what I should take in my carry-on bag. Does lipstick have to go in those seperate plastic bags when going through security? thank you!!!!!

    • Last time I flew, lipsticks, creams, mascara, and lipglosses no longer counted as liquids. Koren (of EnKore Makeup) informed of this change, and I was able to get through security just fine. On the other hand, I would definitely call up TSA or your local airline and inquire about it. I’ve never put my lipsticks in my liquid bag, though, because those are definitely solid!

      I’d say to bring items you can mix. Like I’ll bring one or two dark/medium glosses and then a lighter one – so I can mix the two to get a lighter/medium shade as I need it, without bringing another gloss. Same thing goes for eyeshadow. I also try to plan out what kind of makeup I’ll be doing, so I can bring less makeup and just what I need. I try to sample everything out into travel jars, too, if I can get away with it, so I don’t have lots of bottles and jars in my bag, too!

  14. christina

    what slimshine do you recommend for mac beginners? keep in mind i’m only 12….lol

  15. HellOoOo Temptalia/Christine/the world!

    I absolutely adore this site, honestly…your such an incredible Lady, I am so reliant and thankful on your wonderful reviews/tid bits/looks!

    Anywho. I am having a problem with my carbon eyeshadow *hrmph*
    It seems that every time I try and use it, it turns up BLUE
    Which is all fine and dandy, but i don’t want it to be!
    I use painterly paint pot as a base, if that makes a difference!
    I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, has anyone had this problem?

    Thankyouuuuuu in advance <3!

    • Hi Summer B.! Happy to hear you enjoy the site :)

      Very interesting! Have you ever used an eyeshadow brush with blue on it, and then dipped it into Carbon? You might find that you accidentally mixed a bit of blue with your Carbon eyeshadow that way. I’m not sure why it’d do this otherwise, because Carbon looks straight black to me!

  16. turns blue when I smoke it out***
    It works fine on top of liners, to set them, it just
    happens when I mix it with certain shadows– perhaps
    there are some colours that bring out the blue in it?!

    • Andrea

      That’s happened to me before. I would just recommend making sure you us a dark color under it. Like a dark paint primer etc.

  17. Andrea

    I just recently got Sharkskin shadestick in a swap. Any suggestions on what to pair it with??

    • Andrea

      I hit submit too quickly :(

      – What`s your favourite purple e/s combo?
      – Do you know the difference between MAC`s regular blushes and the Beauty Powder Blushes?

      Thanks for taking the time to do these sessions :)

      • I love Stars ‘n Rockets with Lovely Lily and Violet pigments.

        Regular blushes tend to have more shimmer, less color pay off, and they feel chalkier (not to say that they *are* chalky!). Beauty powder blushes are smoother, more finely milled, and tend to be a lot more pigmented with subtle shimmer and more of a sheen.

    • Try it under any color you’ve ever had. Seriously! Layer just about any shade over Sharkskin to get a cool duochrome :)

  18. Kellie

    How do you feel about toners? Do you feel they are necessary? If so can you recommend any? I have normal but sensitive skin. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

    • Yes and no. I think they tend to be superfluous in a lot of routines, but I don’t feel they hurt you in the long run if you have a good one on hand (one that isn’t stripping your skin of moisture). I also like it as a final cleansing step, because I tend to have a bit of makeup residue by my hair line, which is easier to remove with a toner squeezed onto a cotton round than by a facial cleanser. The toner step ensures I really did get off all the day’s gunk!

      Right now, I personally use Mario Badescu’s Cucumber Lotion toner, though it’s not a fave really. I haven’t come across one I love yet :( I’d like to try Lancome’s Tonique and Dior’s Soothing Toner, though!

      • Brenda

        The best toner I’ve used in the last ten years has to be Thayer’s Original Witch Hazel. I find it at health food stores (in Ontario, canada).

        There’s several different variations but for stronger treatment I use original and on a regular basis I use the Rose toner, which has no alcohol. Great for sensitive skin!!

        I find after washing my face its usually quite tight, so this product cleanses away residue but still moisturizes (both types). It contains aloe as well for calming and I find the next day if I have blemishes they already look better!!

      • Katy

        I absolutely adore Lancome’s Tonique. I have never really used a high-end line’s toner before, but I don’t plan on switching to another one any time soon. It’s totally perfect for my skin type, combination skin, tending to be more oily in the summer.

  19. Kim

    What face primer do you recommend? And in special, that reduces (optical) redness.
    Thanks! Love to read your blog every day :)

  20. Rachel

    Hey Christine! My skin is really dry and I moisturize my entire face. Recently my mom saw me doing this and told me to stop moisturizing my undereye area because it creates oil glands. Instead I should be moisturizing with eye cream. Is this true and what (moisturizing) eye cream would you suggest? I recently tried out Cliniques eye cream but I found it to be a bit drying. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work with the blog! :)

    • Hmm, I’m not sure about creating oil glands, but I know that you don’t have to use an eye cream. It’s best to use an eye cream if you’re looking for something more formulated to combat fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, etc. or if your regular facial moisturizer hurts when used around your eyes (burning, stinging, etc.). Eye creams just tend to be “less” than facial moisturizers, making them better for sensitive skin around the eyes.

      Right now, I’m using Jurlique’s eye cream, and I’ve been liking that! It’s thick enough to hydrate, but it dries quickly, too.

  21. Jackie

    HI Christine!!
    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your website and wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into it and all the info you give out
    I also love how you relpy to almost every comment, it just shows us how much you care and down to earth you really are.

    Now for my question, I’m going on vacation soon and I want to customize a mac quad.
    What 4 mac e/s do you recommend for a neutral day look?
    thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jackie! How’s it going?

      I try, LOL! I am actually trying to be better about response times, too :)

      Ricepaper, Soft Brown, Brun, and maybe a peach/gold shade (depending on what you’d like) – like Goldmine, Amber Lights, Gleam, All That Glitters, or Jest.

      • Jackie

        hey Christine, I’m doing well thanks for asking!
        lol I think you do an excellent job at responding back, I can only imagine how many comments you get a day.
        Thank you for helping me out!
        I am definitely going to get rice paper and soft brown!
        I already have All that Glitters and Amber lights.
        As for Brun, its a gorgeous color that i will get but how would you use it? Would it be used to darken the crease or as eyeliner?

        • Aw, thanks! :) I am just trying to not let them accumulate over a week and am trying to answer them the same day. I’m hoping I can stick with this new routine.

          I’d use it as either in the crease or eyeliner, actually! It can be used for either. Or on the lid for a dark smoky eye!

  22. Michelle

    Hi — thanks for doing this Q&A!
    I just got Viva Glam V lipstick — what liner would be good with it? Also, what lipglass would be good to go on top? (I didn’t love it with the Viva Glam V lipglass on top)
    Also, I really want to get the Love Nectar and Nymphette lipglasses. What liners would you recommend?
    thanks :)

    • Rita

      Try Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner for VG V and Nymphette, too!

    • Nic15

      Due to the pinky & peach tones in Love Nectar, I use various liners when wearing it. If I want to stick with keeping it more nude/peach, i wear it with Spice lipliner. When i want to bring out the pink in it, I wear it with Soar or Whirl lipliner.

    • You could try Gingerroot or Pink Treat; though Gingerroot is getting discontinued so pick it up soon! :)

      What kind of combo are you looking for? I could give you an endless supply of glosses to top it with, LOL!

      Gingerroot is a great neutral lip liner, so I think it’d work well for those lipglasses, too :)

      • Rachael

        I better get a backup of Gingerroot, it is my fav liner, I use it for almost all of my lippies!

  23. Hyzenthlay

    What’s the difference between lipglasses, lustreglasses, dazzleglasses, etc? I tried to find this online, but I think I just can’t come up with the right search term.

    And I ditto the question about purple e/s combos.

    And the question about beauty powders.

    Sheesh, so many questions!

    • Nic15

      My understanding with the lipglasses is this & someone will surely correct me if i am wrong. Regular lipglasses are the most opaque & packed with color. You get a lot of color pay off from these even when worn alone. Lustreglasses are more sheer & have typically a light shimmer/sheen. Dazzleglasses are the glitter queens of the bunch. Not chunking glitter but lots of sparkle. Looks like reflecting diamonds on your lips.

    • Lipglasses are thicker, stickier, and *tend* to be more pigmented (but clearly, this is not always the case). Lustreglasses are thinner, not quite as sticky, and are sheer by nature (but again, there are exceptions). Dazzleglasses are sheer, kind of thin, and have a lot of shimmer/glitter but less color.

      Here are some purple looks:

  24. Heather

    Is Korres tinted moisturizer like a foundation (as in does it give heavy coverage? because I don’t want that..) I noticed you reviewed it awhile ago and I wanted to know more about it. Also, in the near future can you do a review on Caudalie’s tinted moisturizer? Thanks.

  25. Kimberly

    Hey Christine!
    Do you happen remember doing a post on a cosmetics line that came out, I don’t remember if you did an interview with the maker of the line. I think it was based on women who had more of a darker complexion, like Indian and Spanish. Do you happen to remember what cosmetics line that was? I’ve been searching your site but no luck.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  26. Colleen

    Hey Christine! So I am going to Sephora for the first time this summer and I looked on the website and i have NO IDEA what to get! There’s so much! Any recommendations? I’m 13 if that helps! 😀

    • Hey Colleen!

      Oh, goodness, that’s opening a whole can o’ worms! Sephora is huge, and it is overwhelming. Are there any particular brands you’re interested in? Price points? What do you have access to normally? Give me a little more info as to what you’re interested in so I can answer you better :)

      • Colleen

        yes i know i’m sorry about that! uhm……Dylan’s Candy Bar, Philosophy, Nars,Cargo, and maybe PlantLove??? does that narrow it down some?

        • Yes, that definitely helps! :)

          I’m not familiar with Dylan’s Candy Bar, so I can’t suggest anything from there, but…

          Philosophy – their lip balms are awesome! They smell great and are really easy to wear. I am also an avid collector of their shower gels. My boyfriend loves their Purity Made Simple (Foaming) Cleanser, too.

          NARS – blushes, of course. I love Orgasm lipgloss, though I don’t think their lipgloss line is SUPER amazing or anything, but the color of Orgasm is amazing. Check out some of their permanent eyeshadow duos, too! Good bang for your buck and good pigmentation.

          If you like NARS, I suggest checking out Make Up For Ever, too :)

          Cargo’s PlantLove lipsticks are sooo moisturizing and pigmented. Love those!

    • Michelle

      Coleen — your best bet is to grab a makeup artist at Sephora and have them give you suggestions. Since you’re 13, they most likely won’t do a dramatic look — just tell them what you’re interested in (blushes, lipgloss, etc) and they’ll point you in the right direction :)

  27. Jen

    What is the best way to use Lustre Drops, I bought the pink one and the lighter bronze one, should I use them dry on my cheeks after foundation or mix with moistuizer?
    Also, I am Nw20 with green eyes, I have Mac Contrast eyeshadow, what is the best color to pair it with for a pretty eyeshadow look? Thanks

    • Melissa

      Hey I have contrast too, its gorgeous. Try it with beautiful iris (pale purpleish colour) on the lid and contrast in the crease!

    • I like them mixed with moisturizer, but you can also take a little drop and apply it to cheeks. If I do that, then I layer a powder blush over it to set. I also like it with body lotion, too!

      Try Digit, Beautiful Iris, and Contrast together!

    • Michelle

      About the Contrast colour eyeshadow . . .
      I saw Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist do a great smokey eye with Contrast. I went to MAC, and the makeup artist changed it slightly for me:
      She used Naked Lunch on my lid, Dazzlelight as highlight under browbone, and Contrast in the crease and outer V. If you don’t want shimmer under your browbone, just use a vanilla shade for your highlight. Black eyeliner on top lids, some black eyeliner on waterline (if you want), and smudge Contrast on the outer 1/3 of bottom lashes. Top with black mascara. Use Blushbaby blush on cheeks, use Angel lipstick with Stripdown liner and top with Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss.
      A really pretty look!

    • I’ve been mixing a little Luster drops in with my foundation. I LOOOOVE the effect so much! :-)

  28. Bani


    I love your makeup and have my leavers ball coming up soon. I am wearing a black and white short dress and was wondering if you could give me any makeup ideas you think would go as i have no clue whatsoever! I use mac NC30 if that helps with my complexion colour (if that makes a difference like i said i have no clue!)

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hey Bani!

      What kind of look are you going for? Simple, neutral, bold? I’d probably say do a classic smoky eye and a red lip (or berry or nude, if you’re not up for red). You could also go neutral on the eyes and do a red lip.


  29. Brittany

    Hi, I have a question regarding MAC Pro. Is it possible for “normal” people to purchase products off of their website? There aren’t any stores in my state, but there are so many pro shades that I’d love to have, so I’m just wondering if there’s another way to buy them…

    • jasmine.w

      i’m not christine, but there is a call service that you can call to order pro products.
      1-800-588-0070. is the number i believe…
      hope this helps

    • Hi Brittany,

      As far as I know, you cannot purchase PRO products online unless you are a member. What I do is I call the nearest PRO store and place a phone order. You don’t have to be a PRO card to order this way, and the shipping is $7 flat rate. If you’re in the U.S., you can have any PRO store ship you what you need via phone order :)

  30. Evelyn

    hi christine! i have a couple of questions, hope u dont mind!
    im using the mac studio fix concealer and i set it with my msf natural
    but after a couple hours or so it kind of becomes scaly…if u know what i mean
    it still happens even if my skin doesnt show any flakiness or signs of dryness and it doesnt matter whether i set it or not
    would using a primer solve this?
    i know some ppl who dont use primers and they dont get this problem :s

    ohh and do u have any recommendations for any good straighteners and curling irons, as well as any hairsprays that dont really damage hair compared to other ones?
    and any recommendations for waterproof eyeliners for going swimming?

    • Evelyn

      sorry! forgot to type this too when i was asking about the waterproof eyeliner
      what other makeup do u wear to the pool as well?

      • To be honest, I don’t wear makeup to the pool if I don’t have to. At the same time, I don’t like getting my head underwater (it’s my nose – I always want to close it with my fingers if I’m underwater), so I often wear tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, and liner that I know is relatively budge-proof.

      • There are fixers/setting sprays that can help waterproof your makeup. Kryolan makes one, and I used it last year to test it, and my makeup held up quite well.

        MAC paint pots are waterproof, too!

    • Hi Evelyn,

      You could try a primer, though I don’t really know if it would solve the problem. I’m actually thinking it might be the concealer crumbling up/creasing with the powder.

      I use FHI Heat’s flat iron and T3’s curling iron – I love both, but I know they’re both pretty pricey. I believe Hot Tools makes a great curling iron and it’s pretty cheap! :) I don’t use hairspray that often, so I don’t know what to recommend to you. The ones I have on hand are by Ojon if that helps, though (I’ve had no issues with it, but I don’t use it often).

      Try MAC liquidlast liners for really budgeproof liners!

  31. mahalia

    I am nw45 brown eyes black hair.
    What eyeshadow combos and blush would yu recommend with
    Fresh moraccan (sp) oh and also
    A lipgloss and liner too please.
    Thanks in advance and btw every style warriors look yu did was lovely to me

    • I’d recommend Red Enriched or Portside cremestick liner for Fresh Morrocan. You can wear any gloss you want, just depends on what you want :) To go redder, try Russian Red. To brown it down, try Chai. To add a nice coat of shimmer, try Nymphette.

      When I wear a bold red lip, I tend to go much lighter on the eyes and use neutral shades, like a light wash of whitish-gold or beige on the lid and coordinating soft browns in the crease. I might do cat-eye liner, too, but it just depends on the look (thick cat eyes will make it look more retro).

      For blush, I’d say try something very soft, almost like your skintone but better. I’ve always liked a light bronzer with shimmer to accent cheeks without adding too much color. I’d recommend Sunbasque or Ambering Rose, maybe, with a light hand. Cubic might be nice, too!


  32. Heather

    How far above eyes should eyebrows be? Hairdresser made them way too high and thin and the shapes are uneven!! I think I should get bangs, it’s just so devastating!!

  33. Nic15

    What would be a good MAC lipgloss color to wear over my Viva Glam I lipstick. Because it is matte, i need gloss to just get some moisture on my lips so they don’t dry out.

    • I like it with golds, but that’s me. I like it with Nymphette for a lil’ shimmer, Lychee Luxe to make it a bit more coral, or Goldyrocks dazzleglass to add yellow (but that’s not a perm shade).

      If you need more moisture but want it to look mostly matte, try adding lip balm before you apply the lipstick.

  34. lisa

    What do you consider to be the best anti aging or just regular body moisturizer?

    • I can’t verify any product’s anti-aging efficacy, just because I don’t have that many signs of aging (and when I road-tested more skincare, I had nearly zilch–ahh, youth!), so I can’t weigh in on what works. I like a lot of body moisturizers; I use Pacifica’s, Philosophy’s, Olay… whatever I grab, LOL! I’m not too picky with my body lotions, as you can tell. I LOVE body butters for a really, really moisturizing solution. Olay’s Quench Mousse was definitely a fave for scaly legs, too.

  35. sammmie

    heyyy!!!!!!! christine!!!!!!!

    sooo i was wondering

    whats the best light nude lipstick or gloss that youve used thats reasonably priced

    like from drugstore to MAC


    • For a light nude lipstick, I love Honeylove by MAC. I like C-thru lipglass by MAC for a nude lipgloss, too. I’m not very familiar with drugstore brands to give you a rec, though I’ve always liked NYX glosses if you have a store that carries those!

    • Nic15

      Sammmie – regarding drugstore, check out the new Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipsticks. They are amazing quality. I don’t know the shade name of the nude color they had but they did have about 3 nude colors to work with different skintones. You might want to check those out.

  36. Lauren

    I absolutely love your blog and read it religiously every day. Can you please explain the whole MAC NW/NC thing. I have heard stands for neutral warm/neutral cool, also not warm/not cool. But a MAC MA said I am NW and I am fair to med with pink undertones. Also, what are good eyeliner color for my skin tone with blonde hair, and is there an eyeliner formula that would make eyes pop(pencil, gel, gel liner, etc)?

    • The easiest way to describe them is, NW = not warm (so you don’t have olive, peach, orange, etc. undertones); NC = not cool (so you don’t have pink undertones).

      If you’re fair to medium with pink undertones, I’d definitely think you would be in the NW range.

      I don’t think an eyeliner formula is going to make your eyes pop, the color is much more important. You’ll probably want to wear black-brown over black, because it might be too much contrast/starkness. If you have blue eyes, green liners are nice (and vice versa). Brown eyes can wear anything really. (Though I believe all eye colors can wear anything!)

  37. Faheema

    Hi Christine..
    My query is just to like find out something…
    A few years ago someone told me about this foundation or some product you put in you hair (:S lol sorry I can;t remember what it was exactly) that had 24 carat gold in it (or some other carat of gold!). They told me this product was by mac. Since I have searched for it everywhere and I also remember that they had it at my local MAC counter but I just can’t remember what it was exactly. Do you have any clarification or details on this? Thanks for you time and keep up the good work :)

    Another question for any contact lense wearers!
    Do you do your makeup before you put ur lenses in? And if after makeup what is the easiest way to put them in ensuring minimal damage to the makeup?

    Thanks :)

    • Kat

      I generally apply my make with my eyes in. Not so much out of consideration for my make up – though it is nice to be able to see what you are doing – , but I think it’s too easy to get unvelcome this-and-that underneath the lens. Unhealthy, and the result (for eye-welfare) can be uncomfortable and a bit disgusting.

      • Brenda

        I ABSOLUTELY agree with putting lenses in BEFORE makeup!!! about 13 years ago an artist had me put them in AFTER she did my eyes and yes, I had crap caught between lens and eyeball!! I’ve never done that again! Also i find when i put them in at first i’ve always got a bit of adjusting/watering of the eyes and it would just ruin my hard work.

    • Hi Faheema,

      Do you mean leaves of gold? I believe MAC PRO sells gold leaf, which you can put wherever you want… That’s all I can think of, though!

  38. Jay

    Hi, Christine! I love your blog, it’s the first site I visit when I hop on the internet. You’re always so sweet!

    My question is: I use both a base and top coat when doing my nails but my polish always chips. Even brands like OPI and more expensive polishes are totally done on me in like two days. Any tips to help prevent this, or just make my polish last a little bit longer?

    Also, I am in love with matte cheek highlighters. I love the sort of “my-face-is-just-always-lit-like-that” look, without sparkle. Sometimes, I may do a shimmer, but it’s rare. How can I do a matte highlight without my face looking chalky and my pores looking enormous?

    • Dee

      When I go the the nail salon, every polish they put on(base, color and top coat) they end with a swipe across the edge of the nail. They say it helps with chipping.

  39. Christine

    Thank you for doing another session!

    What kind of tinted moisturizer do you use? I have used MAC foundation in the past, but it completely broke me out. Since then, I have stopped applying anything aside from my daily moisturizer and SPF on my face. I have acne prone skin. I am looking for something with good enough coverage to even out my skintone. Any suggestion would be great!

    By the way, your makeup blog is by far my favorite. I love your site’s format and organization! Your site is so clean that it makes it so easy to navigate.

    • Jay

      I’m sorry, but if I may give a suggestion…

      Stila’s new oil-free tinted moisturizer is amazing. It has an SPF of 30, so you’re good in that category. It goes on a bit thick, but after you blend it in it’s just enough coverage to even out your skintone and as an added bonus, it doesn’t oxidize during the day. I’ve been using it for a bit, and it hasn’t even broken my sensitive skin out!

  40. Sarah

    Hey Christine, I love your site! Great work! :)

    I was wondering if there is any way to prevent or even completely eliminate the problem of foundation that oxidizes and turns orange? MAC SFF does this to me. I have oily/acne-prone teenage skin and I’m NW15 in SFF. I love the coverage of the foundation, but dislike the orange color it turns. If this problem is unavoidable, do you know of other foundations that would work like Studio Fix Fluid without the oxidizing?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • Hi Sarah,

      The best way I know of is to use a silicone-base primer to help create a barrier between your skin and the foundation. It does have to do with oil production, so the less oily your face is, the less likely the foundation will turn!

  41. Kat

    I might be a bit late in my quest for answers – but it’s not Christine-specific, so I’ll ask anyway:

    Do anyone have any suggestions for a lipstick (preferably) or gloss that would work for a pale/nude/semi-nude lip, with very pale skin? I’m a NW15 – though that is occasionally too dark – and have yet to find anything that doesn’t announce me as a member of the undead army.
    It’d make me so very happy!

    • Michelle

      Kat –
      I love nude lipsticks! Have you gone to a MAC store to swatch the lipsticks?
      I love High Tea lipstick with Stripdown liner. It has a bit of a pink tone to it, but not too much. I love the finish of this lipstick (a little shiny).
      Also, Bare, Blankety, Myth, Creme D’Nude are all great ones. Just depends on what you’re looking for.
      If you can pull off a pink lip — I am loving Way to Love lipstick with Virgin Kiss lipglass — it looks really pink in the packaging — but on me it has a more neutral look (although I have medium skin with dark brown hair).
      You can also go to and do the “ask and artist” — you email them your info and they can suggest shades for you. It’s fun!
      I’m sure Christine will have some great suggestions, too!

    • I know a lot of people love shades like Hug Me and Hue! They’re both sheer but not too opaque/creamy that it’ll wash you out too much.

  42. Dea

    hey christine…

    i’m pretty much “new” to makeup.. i have just started using makeup 10months ago… so far i’ve found some off myy HG’s.. but i’m still in search of THE ONE!! lol

    i have normal-dry skin, but definitely not oily.. what foundation, concealer, powder and primer do you find work best for you? cuz everyone’s different and i don’t expect you to find what’s best for me.. ^^

    thank you!!

    • For me, I am currently loving Korres’ Tinted Moisturizer, but for regular foundation, I love Dior DiorSkin Nude Liquid Foundation. For concealer, I use MAC Select Moisturecover most of the time. I’m currently using MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, though I’m not in love with it. I haven’t found the best powder yet, still hunting! I also like Korres’ primer – it’s what I’ve been using lately. I feel like it works, doesn’t break me out, and doesn’t feel like a mask.

  43. Hey there….
    I am a makeup artist + am in search of the perfect luggage/ bag/ compartment/ ANYTHING to carry my kit + goodies in. I have bought so many different pieces + have not been satisfied with ANY of them. What do you use + do you love it?


  44. What is tightlining? How is it done?

  45. Stephanie

    hey christine! just a couple questions…

    what do you think is the best way to apply studio fix powder foundation?? im looking for a medium coverage… and also, my skin always feels pretty dry in the morning after i shower so i apply a good moisturizer before i apply studio fix..but by the middle of the day i can feel the oil building up. what’s the best way to combat this?? thanks!

    • Try a primer before the foundation and/or a blotting powder to set your makeup. Blotting powder throughout the day might be good, too :)

  46. tabby

    Lavender Whip or Purple Rite? I found Lavender Whip at a Macy’s MAC counter in a small mall recently. They had more than one. They did not have Purple Rite yet when I was there, so I could not compare them. I’m a PPP, blue eyes & light/medium pigmented lips. Which would you recommend? If you say Purple Rite, I’ll just order it. If you say Lavender Whip, then I’m going on another road trip. I’m leaning towards Purple Rite…any opinions welcome. Also, please tell me why.
    Thanks so much!

    • They’re both different shades. Purple Rite is a deeper, more fuchsia-purple and it has shimmer. Lavender Whip is more of a pale purple, lighter, no real shimmer.

  47. CC

    I know the launch date for Dior’s Ultra Shine lipsticks in Artist Pink and Sketch Pink was May (right?) — but I can’t find them ANYWHERE except for Dillard’s online. None of my stores that stock Dior have them in and have no idea when to expect them. I’m dying to get my hands on them – any idea if the launch date was pushed back or if they’re a Dillard’s exclusive?

    • I’m not sure if they were a Dillard’s exclusive — I don’t recall reading any Dillard’s exclusives for Dior. Typically they have Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Sephora exclusives if they have any.

  48. Nic15

    Christine or anyone else – Do you know what the deal is with MAC’s Cremestick Lipliners? Are they discontinuing them? I saw them in the “Going, Going, Gone” section of the MAC site recently & was crushed at the thought they would be discontinued. I think all but like 2 or 3 of the colors were shown there. I was just speaking with an MA at MAC last month & she was saying the cremesticks are the liners they sell most so I would be shocked if MAC got rid of them. Maybe they are just bringing out a new formula, or at least that is what I am hoping it is & not a permanent thing. Does anyone know the deal with this MAC liner favorite of mine?

  49. ssh0rtiix33

    Can u explain (step by step) how you disenfect your lipsticks?

    • I take a glass, fill it with rubbing alcohol, and then I dip the lipstick into it. I let it air-dry for a few minutes, and it’s done.

  50. Annie

    Hey Christine! thanks for doing this!
    I have about 20 MAC shadows, but are there some neutral colors you’d suggest? I already have some of the more popular colors (woodwinked,amber lights, shroom, ricepaper, vanilla, cork, naked lunch, bamboo).

    also, do you have any tips for acne scarring? they always seem to leave a mark when the zit goes away.

    Thanks again!

    • I like All That Glitters, Jest, Nylon, Soft Brown, Mystery, Mylar, and Bisque for some more neutrals.

      It’s not necessarily a scar — they’re often post-acne marks, which will fade in time (usually up to 2 years). They’re just more pigmented areas of your face that are still kind of healing in the long run. I use Kiehl’s tone corrector and Mederma to minimize any potential scarring/pigmentation.

  51. Wilcoa

    Hey Christine, do you know a really good rec for an eyeshadow/loose pigment similar to MAC Coco pigment? I’ve tried Satin Taupe, but I find it runs too dark on me and Coco was one of my favorite on-the-go eyeshadows to use. Thanks!

  52. phuong k

    hey christine, i have a moisturizer with a built in spf (15) but feel like that isnt enough protection. should i layer over the moisturizer with a separate spf?

  53. Shonn

    Christine, do you have any links to all of Mac’s pigments/glitters/pro, with actual descriptions of the colors.
    I have been building up quite a collection and I have been doing an inventory of every color/description–but I am missing some.
    I am going to do all my lippies next…just kind of a weird OCD thing I have lately. 😉

  54. Millie

    Hi, Christine! I have 2 questions:
    1) Have you tried the MAC makeup remover wipes? If yes, did you like them?

    2) How often do you give Mellan a bath? My daughter and I have been discussing how often our dog should bathe. I prefer weekly but she said it’s not good for the dog. Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Millie,

      I do and have a few packs around my house. I like them, and I do find that if you buy them in bulk, they’re not very pricey (relative to a lot of other brands). They’re pretty soft, and I know some people go GAGA! over the scent, too. I like them, but I am not in love with them or anything. I tend to only use wipes to remove swatches and bold lipstick personally!

      We only bathe him every 3-4 weeks, but for labs, you’re not supposed to bathe too often, because they have natural oils in their coat that makes it particularly dirt repellent. If you wash a lab too often, you can strip the coat of natural oils and bad things happen, something like that! My rule of thumb is if it stinks, it gets a bath. I’d probably just ask you vet about it, and if you feel like it needs a bath regularly, just make sure the shampoo you’re using is gentle and you thoroughly rinse off the soap (so the skin doesn’t get irritated).

  55. Stephanie

    Can you compare the Tribalist lipstick with Dark Side? Maybe a side by side swatch.

  56. Ashley

    Hey Hey Christine!

    What are your thoughts on Cherish l/s being a dupe for Brave New Bronze? I think it’s a really good dupe, jsut wanted another opinion…I’m thinking of returning BNB after making this discovery :)

    • It’s similar, but Brave New Bronze is pinker/warmer, IMO. Honeylove is the closest dupe to Brave New Bronze, though I find the textures different to prefer Brave New Bronze. Honeylove is matte, whereas Brave New Bronze is a bit creamier and has a bit of a sheen for me.

  57. Rachael

    Hi Christine,
    sorry if these questions are a little nosey but I was just wondering how long you and your bf have been together, where you guys met, what’s his name, and can we see a pic of you two together? Thanks!

  58. Jody

    Hey Christine, thanks so much for doing what you do. Because of you, I have discovered so many new looks that I would have never tried or even thought of trying! You are incredibly helpful and extremely encouraging to me. I look forward to Temptalia each and everyday! I have a few questions for you. :)

    I currently do not own any of the Mac brushes, could you suggest 2 or 3 Mac must have brushes that I could start with?

    Is Brave new Bronze l/s similar to Hue l/s?

    Is Soft Force e/s similar to Solar White e/s?

    I was told that I could order Mac Pro items without a membership, I tried to do so over the phone but was told I could not, is there a way around this?

    Do all Mac eyeshadows come in pigments?

    How do you get your photos so clear, they look like they are in High Def!

    Thanks so much Christine!

    • I’m so glad to have been able to help ya out, Jody! :) That’s what I’m here for!

      Are you looking for eye brushes or face brushes? If you’re looking for eye brushes, I must implore you to start off with the 239. It is the first one I bought full-sized, and I could (and still can) do all of my eye makeup with it if I needed to. I’d also suggest the 226 if you can find it (it also comes out with Colour Craft in July). If not the 226, try the 224 or 217 (for blending). For face, 182 is my favorite, but it is pricey and may not suit your usages. If you apply a lot of powders/loose powders, try the 150. If you do liquid, try the 187 or 182. If you’re looking for a blush brush, I like the 129.

      Brave New Bronze is most similar to Honeylove from the permanent line. Hue has such a different texture/finish that I wouldn’t really say they could be dupes, you know?

      Soft Force is similar, but probably a bit frostier.

      Yes, you can do so. Who did you call? You can’t call the PRO number as far as I know — I call up a PRO store and place a phone order. I’ve probably done it 20 odd times over the years and have never had a problem! I usually call the nearest one (SF or LA), because then I get my order faster since they only ship ground ($7 flat rate, though!).

      No, not all eyeshadows come in pigments. The pigments are entirely separate from the eyeshadow line :)

      I use a Nikon D90 DSLR camera, that helps a lot, LOL!

  59. Sophy

    Hi Christine(:
    What mac dupes have you come across?

  60. DevilishDoll

    I just got Purple Rite lipstick and I wanted to know some ideas on what eyeshadows to wear with it? I wore it with a dark grey and purple eye (Sharkskin, Silverthorn, Lotusland, Parfait Amour, Stars N Rockets, but I dunno what else to use it with.

  61. Jennifer

    Christine, i’d like to ask you what anti-acne gel/cream do you use?

    • I use Mario Badescu products — I pretty much use their spot treatments and their drying mask. I also use Lush Fresh Face Masks regularly!

  62. Megan

    Hey Christine,

    Have you got any idea how long do MAC collections usually stay in stores?
    I wont be in one until august, will a rose romance still be there?

    • Rose Romance may or may not be there. From what I understand, a collection is there until it sells out or until they do inventory. I believe at that point they send back products that haven’t sold out yet.

  63. penelope

    do you know any good face primer that wont brake the bank and that i can get at the drugstore or wal mart?

    • I don’t know of any based off of trying it myself, and when I did a search on, not many came up. It looks like Revlon has one, though.

  64. Nunu

    Hey Christine,

    I stumbled across your site a few days ago and its my new addiction! This site is amazing and you do an amazing job of answering our questions. Okay well I have a few questions that for some reason I’ve never asked, so brace yourself. To start I have normal/sometimes dry skin. But I always have a splotchy, uneven tone. It’s not that bad. but I notice it. I am NW40 and i dont need heavy coverage. What would you reccommend for me? Also, what would I be able to do in terms of foundation when I get tanner in the summer? Also, what is the purpose of primer? Do I need it? And i’ve never used moisturizer before because I felt I didnt need it because my skins not dry.. Do I need that also? And whats the best paint pot/tube (MAC) that I get could get the most use out of in terms of versatility? Also, I use Nars Casino bronzer, what would be the closest MAC to that? What line of eyeliners/mascaras from MAC work best for contact lens wearers with watery eyes? Also, if you had to narrow it down, what would be the top 5 must have brushes for eyes? Last one I promise, how did you teach yourself to do makeup? thank you so much in advance! Sorry I know it’s a lot but these questions have been dying to be answered for so long! hehe =]

    • Hi Nunu! So glad you found us on the web :)

      Whew, lots of questions! YAY!

      OK, so for uneven skin tone, you could try something like Clinique’s Redness Solutions, which helps to even out redness (you say splotchy, so I’m thinking you have redness as your unevenness) prior to foundation. For summer, I like tinted moisturizers, and I do tend to have a shade darker (or two shades) for summer. I’ve found that’s the easiest. Sometimes what I do is I have my regular shade, say NC30, and then NC35 or NC40 on hand. I can mix NC30 with whatever darker shade as I get tan until NC35/40 suits me better.

      Primer is good for keeping your makeup looking fresher longer. It’s particularly helpful for tohse with oilier skin. You don’t have to have it (I often don’t wear it), but it’s not a bad thing to use. I tend to wear it when I know I’m putting makeup on in the morning and will need it to look decent by evening.

      You do need moisturizer, actually! Everyone does. Try a lightweight moisturizer, like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial, and stay clear of heavier, thicker, richer creams if you have oilier skin.

      I like Soft Ochre – that’s my fave. But for NW skin tones, I think Painterly might suit you better.

      I don’t know a perfect MAC dupe for Casino, but perhaps Strada or Raizin.

      Powerpoints, fluidline, and liquidlast liners rae your best bets for liners. I prefer UD 24/7 liners for regular pencil liners, though.

      Here is a list of my must-have eye brushes:

      I just kept practicing — experimenting with color, shapes, textures. Kept doing what I liked, learned what didn’t work for me, etc. over time :)

      • Nunu

        Thank you so much! Your answers were great. BTW my splotchiness isnt red, it’s more of a thing where its my skin color in different shades causing unevenness. The splotches only vary a shade or two. Any recs? Thanks!!

  65. Nicolle

    hi Christine,

    Hope it is not too late to ask a question? Do you use a face mist? I have never tried one before but tried a couple this past weekend. One being from Shu Uemura the deep sea water. Wasn’t crazy about it. I am looking for one that sets make-up in the morning most importantly. Know of any good ones? Thanks!

    • No, not really. I find them so gimmicky! I just can’t tell you if they actually DO anything for me. I do find that a mist can be nice if you wear more powder products on the face, because it makes them look less powdery. A good reasonably priced one is MAC Fix+.

  66. Katya

    Hey!!! i dont know if you have tried the Stiletto masara by maybeline, or not – but i think its really great!!! its afordable but really great quality – it actually delivers the length to lashes as its sais on the box, so i think it wold be a nice review to write about!!!!

  67. Terry

    Maybe I am too late for asking you a question, but I try anyway. I’d like to know what I can use instead of MAC plushglass in Nice Buzz. Nice Buzz is amazing if paired with Velvet Teddy, but unfortunately it gives me some kind of allergy, so I can’t use it anymore. Any suggestions???

    • Hey Terry!

      It’s never too late. I answer/reply to questions asked on any and all posts, old and new :)

      Maybe Instant Gold or Sinnamon lustreglass. You may also like Goldensoft lipgelee!

  68. Dawn

    I am wondering how does one stop the excess eyeshadow and pigment from getting all over your face.
    Every time I use eyeshadow and pigments, residue always fall under my eyes(around that area) and when I wipe it away when I’m finished, i always have some glitter left. I always have this problem even when I just pat it on or use them wet.

    Also I tried doing eyes first so I can just wipe it all off then do foundation etc, but I really don’t like doing it this way.

    Thanks in advance for advice and help :)

    • Are you using a base, Dawn? That’s always the first issue if you aren’t!

      Second, I use pigments wet with mixing medium, though you can use things like water or Fix+ or eye drops. I find mixing medium keeps it from budging all day long. You can use a mascara fan brush to help remove the particles afterward, too. I also like to use a q-tip with some makeup remover on it if I really have a lot left.

      • Dawn

        yes, I always use a base. I use pigments wet too but maybe i’m not wetting the brush enough because I always have residue left on my face.
        I always end up removing the excess with makeup remover (and mess up my foundation) but I thought maybe there was an easier way to skip this step.

        Thx for answering Christine!

    • Saira

      I sometimes use the loose powder tip that Christine suggested (loose powder under eye and then sweeping this away) and also, I find holding a small tissue under my eye when I am putting on eyeshadow can really help with fall-out – it means that the loose powder catches in the tissue rather than going on your face.

  69. raquel

    Christine dearest!
    Please help me figure this out… In your opinion, what product is similar to MAC’s Perfect Topping MSF: MACs love rock MB or moon river MB??? I have Refined MSF and I want to get Perfect topping, but the price/size is keeping me from doing it. But, if you say that Perfect Topping MSF is unique, in it’s own special way, then I’ll get it. :)
    Thank you for doing this for all us makeup junkies!
    You’re the best!

    • Raquel

      nevermind… I went to the mac store today and got to swatch perfect topping and it didn’t look like the mineralized blushes at all. It does remind me of pink opal pigment though, so I’ll skip on perfect topping and start using my pink opal as a highlighter.

      Have a great sunday!

  70. Natalie

    Hi Christine! Do you have a dupe for NARS Habanera? Thanks:)

  71. Melissa

    Hey, Christine!
    Is MAC Slimshine in Swelter still available in stores. I can’t seem to find it online on their website.
    Also, if not, are there any colors similar to Swelter and what lipglass would look good over it?

    Thank you.(:

  72. Saira

    Hi Christine! I wondered if you could suggest a good ruby lipstick? I have a good Maybelline lipstick called Precious Ruby and really like it but I want to try out a similar colour in a different brand. Any suggestions?

    Also, could you suggest any good powder highlighters? I like to use a light cream-gold highlighter on the top of my cheekbones but can’t always find powder versions, as most brands seem to sell liquid highlighters. Thanks!

    • Like bright ruby? My favorite red are all LE :(

      If you’re looking for more ruby red that’s kind of raspberryish, MAC New York Apple is nice!

      Have you tried NARS Albatross?

      • Saira

        Yeah, I was looking for a ruby colour with raspberry tones. New York Apple sounds nice, will check that one out. I haven’t tried Nars Albatross before – sounds good, will have a look for that as well. Thanks for your help.

  73. Betsey-Gurl

    Hey i was wondering for a while now what blush to get form M.A.C.
    i have NW15 skin. Kinda fair and light. i ove the idea of baby pink blush. but i really don’t know what would suit my skin tone.
    what do you think?

  74. Jessica

    Hi Christine,
    I just started a MAC palette and was wondering if you could recommend some colors. I read your must-haves but I can’t narrow them down ! So far I have bought White frost, shroom, satin taupe, deep truth, handwritten & poisen pen (found at costco for $5).
    Could you recommend 10 eyeshadows for a beginner?
    I’m thinking of woodwinked, soft brown, mythology, humid, stars n rockets, naked lunch, and knight divine. I also want a shimmery light yellow/brown color.


  75. Jess

    Hi Christine,
    I lvoe ur site! If its not too personal, I was wondering where you get ur makeup? I love makeup but if I was to buy even 1/5th of all that I wanted I’d be broke! lol! I was just wondering what sites you can get the makeup from for a good deal?

    • Makeup is my only hobby, so I kind of put my money towards that :) I’m not much of a shopper for clothes, shoes, bags, etc. — so it really helps leave more money for beauty stuff, ha!

      Sometimes you can find good deals on eBay, but you can also wait for Friends & Family sales and save 15-25% off. Sephora is usually 15%, I believe. MAC is having theirs right now and that’s 25% off. Stila had a coupon code a month or two ago for 40% off!

  76. Katy

    I’m a cheerleader…and love makeup!
    but when football season rolls around in texas,
    it can be a pain to find products that do their job correctly.
    what i’m looking for is an eyeliner and mascara that can withstand:
    heat, time, and possibly sweat.
    do you have any recommendations?

    • MAC Fluidline or Liquidlast liner are great for holding up through anything. Mascara – I’d just go with something waterproof. I like Maybelline Full ‘n Soft!

  77. Cecilia

    Hi Temptalia!

    This is an awesome site! I just discovered it, and am amazed at how wonderful it is!

    I put makeup on in the day before school. I jog in the afternoon and then I remove my makeup before shower. After shower, I’d wash my face. But if I have to go out that night, I would have to apply makeup again after I wash my face after shower. And then when I come home at night, I’d remove my makeup and wash my face again.

    Is that how you would do it too? It just seems like a lot of work. Sometimes, I wouldn’t even feel like removing my makeup before shower so I don’t have to reapply it again…

    Sorry for the long confusing question. Thanks!

    • Hi Cecilia!

      Thanks so much! :)

      That’s generally what I do, to be honest. It would depend on why I’m going out — if I was going to out for something special or not just hanging out at a friend’s house, I’d probably re-do it entirely. If it’s something casual, I might wear it through a shower, touch-up, and go that way!

  78. shonn

    Hi, do you have an approximate date of when you will have the lip database up? I am doing my own inventory and trying to find descriptions of everything. It sure is a hard task, I feel for you. 😉

  79. Melissa

    I asked this on another post but it might be easier to ask here – how do i cope with massive fall out from my mineral e/s from mac! arghhhhh glitter all over my face is gross! is there a brush i can use or technique or something! i’m already using a paint pot underneath. thanks christine, your site is amazing, i check it more often than i have time to haha!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Try a fan brush or a fluffy brush. Dust loose powder on the area first, and then use a brush to sweep it all away. And then if it’s still there, foundation/concealer 😉

  80. JillyB

    Hi Christine. I was in a Cosmetics Co. Store today and my hubby was rushing me out. One thing I grabbed was an Ungaro for MAC Cream Colour Base in Fresh Morning. From the tester I thought it would make a pretty eyeshadow base. But on the way home (a 2-hour drive) I opened the box to find a note saying this shade is not for use in the eye area. Huh? Really? What do I do with it now? Or did I just lose $12? Help! Thanks!

    • Yep, you’d be surprised by some of those warnings! You can try it on cheeks to add dewiness. It’s not eye-safe, so the company doesn’t recommend you using it on your eyes, but I know others have. (I’m more safety-conscious these days, so I generally stick to warnings myself.)

      CCBs don’t make great bases, though – they tend to slide during the day :(

    • Also, you could use it on lips to dull them/minimize color before putting on a lipstick.

  81. Joanna

    Hey Christine!

    Um, I just wanted to ask what your opinions are of MAC eyeshadows? The only ones I have are Chanel, and every single makeup blog and website I go to, they always talk about MAC. Are they really that good?

    Can you please give me some suggestions on some basics I should buy? I’m not really a daring girl when it comes to makeup. I only use browns, purples, and pinks. Peaches, maybe. Basically neutrals and colors that bring out my brown eyes. Can you give me about 6-8 suggestions?

    Oh, and can you tell me a good finishing powder? A loose one?

    Thanks so much!

    • MAC eyeshadows CAN be really good, but they also have some subpar and ones that are pretty terrible, too. MAC is also extremely affordable (especially against Chanel!), which is a huge reason why they get a lot of talk – people can afford to love them, LOL!

      I have a whole guide on everything MAC, check it out here —

      For a finishing powder, I like MAC’s Transparent Finishing Powder, though I don’t think it’s the best ever… I can’t think of any I love, love, love.

  82. Erica

    Hi Christine! I was looking for the Mac Bark eyeshadow and found that its discontinued. :( Do you know if Nyx or any other Mac Brown comes close to it?

    • I’ve never seen Bark, unfortunately!

      • Erica

        Thanks for responding Christine…ok one more…Remotely Grey from the N collection. What do you think comes closer to it? It doesn’t have to be Mac. Thanks for all you’re doing!

  83. bluematilda

    not sure if this is the right place, and more of a general question…perhaps you know, or could use your contacts to find out…illamasqua has twittered that they will be available at sephora in ny (times square i think?) on july 31st, will they also be available online at sephora? (i can’t bear to pay int’l shipping, that’s the equivalent of a brand new lipglass!!). any info would be appreciated, i’m very much looking forward to trying them out!!


  84. Mira

    Hi Christine

    Just found Temptalia and I love it! I have a question regarding the upcoming All Black MAC Fall 2009 collection – so excited about it being back to my beloved black!

    Do you have or happen to know where I can see photos of the products? When will they release them? Do they always wait until the release date (Sep 24th from what I can tell).

    Also do you know if I can find the MAC Mineralized Skin Finished in Refined in ordinary MAC shops (will be living in the US soon) or will I have to buy it online or in a CCO etc since it is from the Sugarsweet Collection?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions

    xoxo Mira – Denmark

    • Hi Mira,

      You can try to search around the internet for pictures, but I don’t think many are out yet! They’ll release them on September 24th in-store, September 22nd online. They may move it up, but I haven’t heard anything yet!

      You’ll probably have to grab it at a CCO. You can always check your local store when you’re in the States, but I imagine they’re sold out or returned to MAC HQ by now!

  85. eureka

    Hi Christine, I am a NW43 in MAC. Do you know what skinfinish powder would be best on my complexion for a nice glow?

  86. Hi Temptalia!

    I have problems with acne scars also, will they go away in time or should I consider treatment?