Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

Are you more comfortable in brights or neutrals for eye makeup? Equally comfortable in both? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerThese days, I’m most comfortable in neutrals and softer shades, but I am comfortable wearing both!

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53 thoughts on “Are you more comfortable in brights or neutrals for eye makeup?

  1. I love brights :3 wearing just neutrals makes me feel “bleh”, but if i mix both, it’s best.
    Daniel Recently Posted: Gato en el lavabo

  2. Both. I really love my bright colours, but i’ve grown to like neutrals a lot more as well. But brights will always be highest.
    Rikki Recently Posted: LIME CRIME LIPSTICK: MINT TO BE

  3. I’m comfortable in both, but I wear neutrals much more often.

  4. Avatar of Lisemarie Lisemarie Visnic

    Color •color •color! Jewel tones are my faves, I always keep a few neutrals around for contrast but I am not really represented at all with the neutral trend. Poo.

  5. zainab

    I’m happy in both, it just depends on what else I’m wearing. I probably do slightly more neutral and/or gold looks just because they’re easier to do when I’m in a hurry.

  6. Brights all day for me :) Anything from fluorescent neons to deep jewel tones. The closest I get to neutrals is khaki/olive green shadow paired with UD Mushroom liner, and with that I wear bright/statement lipstick.

  7. I think neutral suits me better. I dunno how to wear bright colors. Like probably my color sense is just a big null. I love neutrals because it is wearable and doable when I am in a hurry~
    Maybe one day I will try out brights~

  8. I’m prone to creasing/fading/patchiness, so I tend to prefer wearing neutral eyes paired with a bolder lip. The reason is because with neutral eyes, it’s the creasing/fading/patchiness tend to be less apparent.

    Other than that issue, however, I’m quite comfortable wearing both neutrals and brights for eye make-up.

  9. Sophia B.

    I like brights, especially sea foam greens and purples but my style is generally casual. I wonder if there is a way to wear brights without looking really made up. It feels especially difficult for me because I have really really pale skin so bright shadows really contrast with it and I end up looking really glamorous. Is bright and laid back impossible?

  10. I love my neutrals, but I love adding a bright colour in the lower lashline or as eyeliner.

  11. Oliver

    Brights, deffo. I only like the look of neutrals when it’s vibrant bronzes and such.

  12. J

    Definitely neutrals. Brights are way out of my comfort zone, but I’m slowly branching out. Baby steps!

  13. Brights. They make me happier and they’re prettier and neutrals can get kind of boring…brights have endless possibilities!

  14. zhanna

    I’m comfortable wearing both, but I like wearing neutrals.

  15. I don’t mind either but if I’m wearing just neutrals for a couple of days at a stretch, I become bored.
    Renu Recently Posted: Why I will not buy The Body Shop body lotions and butter again

  16. Avatar of Gabriella bella

    I pretty much only wear neutrals, probably a lot because I don’t wear a lot of makeup for work but also because I have so little lid space it looks kinda funky :/ I like wearing colour on my lower lashline though sometimes :)

  17. A mix of the two actually. I like soft muted colors the most.
    Judith Recently Posted: Maybelline tough as taupe color tattoo: one product, five usage

  18. I used to be more of a bright person, but now that I work as an accountant I have to keep things office friendly. That didn’t stop me from getting the electric palette though… The weekends are MINE!
    Christine Recently Posted: Feeling Vintage! – FOTD

  19. No question – neutrals. It’s not just that I’m more comfortable in them, I actually like them better than heavy duty brights. Those looks you did the other day with the new UD palette/pigments – it was very interesting to see but had absolutely no appeal at all to me. Totally a personal preference but when I saw those I thought “Interesting but I would never want to leave the house looking like that”.

  20. These days it’s definitely neutrals, and it has been trending that way for a while. I rock the hell out of bright blue (any shade!!) but I rarely wear it now. I also love bright lips and statement blush now, so I find that with bright/dark eyes, it ends up looking “too much”.

  21. Avatar of Kat Kat

    Hmm. I think I’m more comfortable in brights, actually. I’m terrible at neutrals. My eyes end up looking like I just smeared dirt, but for some crazy reason — I guess because I can see better — I blend brights like a pro. Weird, huh.

  22. Avatar of KaseyCannuck KaseyCannuck

    Both. I like a neutral lid with a bright eyeliner during the week, and my weekends are for playing around with brighter eyeshadows.

  23. Chanel

    I feel comfortable in both 50/50 I cant commit to just one because I love makeup so much its fun to experiment with everything. But I have no problem rocking neon colors in 1 look or subtle browns in another.

  24. Neutrals for me but I’m going to try bright liners this spring!
    Erin Recently Posted: Workout Wear Worth The Investment

  25. Astrild

    Neutrals. i don’t wear a lot of makeup. i love brights but I feel a little overdone with them.

  26. Both. I prefer neutral shadows though because they’re a little less maintenance. I feel like everything has to be blended to perfection when using bolder colors because they’re so much more noticeable lol. But I still live for a nice pop of color to balance things out
    fancie Recently Posted: Spring Lip Picks

  27. Definitely brights! I have been experimenting with neutrals lately but to me it just looks wrong, like it just isn’t me if I don’t have at least a pop of colour.
    Emmy Recently Posted: [Rezept] Blätterteig-Käse-Stangen

  28. I like bright colours but not so much on me, I tend to stick with neutrals and smoky brown eyes.

  29. Definitely most comfortable in neutrals!
    Nesita Recently Posted: Tag: Would you rather…

  30. Mari

    Neutrals. I like wearing some color (specially purples, greens and burgundy), but I usually prefer when they are darker or muted.

  31. I tend to wear neutrals on my eyes 95% of the time but I am comfortable wearing bright eye looks too! In high school I’d wear bright eye makeup nearly every single day since we had to wear uniforms it was my way of showing a little bit of my style.

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  32. I’m comfortable wearing both :)

  33. kurohana

    neturals i dont own any bright colors

  34. Avatar of Wwendy Wwendalynne

    It depends on my mood and what I am wearing and where I want the focus to be–eyes versus lips–,etc.. I love to combine understated neutrals with brights actually. Last week I did an eye in a charcoal grey and red which turned out very interesting and a bit edgy. I would say I am equally comfortable in both. I love colour and experimenting with combinations that vary in tone and colour temperature. If I am rushed, I stick to something simple.

  35. Avatar of Patricia patsyann

    Neutrals for sure….but then again, I like to change it up sometimes…I was wearing a soft green Inglot shadow yesterday. I have brown eyes and tend to wear cool toned shadows.

  36. Avatar of Amy amy

    If the situation/environment permits, I do like color, brights & jewel-tones alike. However, I turn to neutrals most often, as they are most suitable for where I am in my life. Either way, I’m personally comfortable, but I still prefer a balance of both. Also, if I’m in a hurry, it’s easier to lay down some neutrals, and add color later if I want.

  37. I love brights!! They pop well against my skin and look great but I wear neutrals on days I just don’t feel like it…

  38. I used to love brights a lot more, but I prefer neutrals now so I can wear a BRIGHT lip without looking like a hot mess. I can still rock both brights and neutrals and be fabulous!

  39. I like both, but since I especially love bright colours on the lips, I tend to go neutral on the eyes more often.
    Kate Recently Posted: culinating :: the terrible truth about muffins [and the happy secret about baking]

  40. Neutrals, always!Brown, black, taupe, gold, rosé golds, champagne and nude colors, even some burgundy and purples are totally my confort zone.
    I just can´t use bright colored eyes.. I feel weird!

  41. Definitely neutrals. Both for work purposes during the week, and the weekend as well. However, I did pick up Nars Nepal, which is pretty bright for me! I’m trying….

  42. I like neutrals on my [bright green] eyes, and brights on my lips.

  43. This one is difficult for me because I do more neutral looks on a day to day basis, but when I take out my bright colors and do looks with that, that’s when I get the most compliments. But sometimes I feel like the colors are too crazy to just be going to the mall or to lunch, but I think the brighter colors are more intriguing to people, especially in the beauty industry. As long as you know how to apply them, of course. :)

  44. Avatar of kellly kellly

    Neutrals. I tend to wear pretty distinct eye makeup at work, more than most people wear, so to avoid being too outrageous I tend to stick with neutrals most of the time.

  45. Melissa

    Neutrals for eye makeup, I normally go for bright cheeks and/or lips.

  46. Avatar of Veronica Veronica

    I’m a consummate neutrals girl when it comes to my eyes, but I’ll wear a bright eye if I’m feeling adventurous. I really prefer playing up a bright lip, though, so sometimes the eyes take a back seat. :)

  47. I have many bright color eye shadows and I love them for a collection purpose! In real life, I almost only wear neutrals.

  48. Definitely not confident in brights. I try to get out of my comfort zone but still reach for the neutrals. I tried once this gorgeous bright blue eyeshadow. Was so excited until I saw myself in the mirror and totally freaked out. Lol

  49. Neutrals! I used ti only wear colored shadows, but once I started getting into bold lips I pretty much only wore neutral eyes.

  50. Normally it’s neutral for me but I do occasionally go for the the dark look a la Avril Lavigne!

  51. Beth Gasparini

    Neutrals for me! I do however sometimes like a pop of color on the lid next to my lash line as highlight, but then it’s toned down with the neutrals.

  52. Nikki

    I am comfortable in both, but neutrals are my preference. I wear them about 99% of the time.

  53. Dana

    I love and prefer brights, but usually stick with neutrals for the workplace environment.

    As a teacher, I work long days with minimal time for “tune-ups” throughout the day. Twenty 8-year olds can be demanding!

    I will never forget a few years back when we were doing our parent-teacher conferences after school and I tried to glam it up a bit with some brights so I would look fresh at day’s end. Huge mistake! I noticed Mom and Dad looking at me a bit strangely across the conference table, but otherwise, things went well. I had a few moments after they left for my next conference and ran into the restroom only to be completely stunned by my clown-like reflection in the mirror.

    Ouch. OK, the going away lesson for me was to keep it simple, classic, low-key and neutral. It just looks better for my light skin tone and my work environment!

    But I would love to rock some of those crazy electric Nars duos sometime (outside of elementary school) if I could ever work up to that!