Friday, December 31st, 2010

Are you making any beauty resolutions for 2011? Share yours!

Temptalia's AnswerMine is to figure out a way to inventory/archive the products I have to make finding dupes less time consuming!

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103 thoughts on “Are you making any beauty resolutions for 2011?

  1. divinem (Melissa)

    Stop trying different skin care when I’ve found one that works for my ultra sensitive skin!

  2. Jenna

    To buy less makeup this year, my drawer is overflowing with lipsticks I never wear!

  3. Tiffany S.

    Use the products I have and don’t buy unless I have to replace an essential like foundation/concealer/moisturizer/etc. I’d like to get through what I have and never have to buy separate storage for my makeup πŸ˜›

  4. Nadia

    I want to take better care of my skin and be a little more daring with diferent makeup looks. I also want to have my makeup better organized in the IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit I bought in September.

  5. Carrie

    To keep doing research and being less impulsive! It’s saved me money and that’s always a good thing with a hobby like this!

  6. i’ve got a few, which i’ll get into on my blog. but some of them are: sleeping better, drinking more water, & sticking to a more natural skincare routine :)

    happy new year, everyone!

  7. Rosanna

    Find effective skincare products and be more regular with my skincare routine!

  8. Carrie

    Also – have you thought about numbered boxes and excel spreadsheets for your inventory? Not pretty, but it can work!

  9. Roberta

    Stop buying so much damn makeup!
    Wait till you come out with the dupe list for new collections before I think about buying anything from new collections.
    Keep wearing makeup almost everyday even if its just a wash of color.

  10. Nadia

    I want to take better care of my skin and be more daring with different makeup looks. I also want to have my makeup and makeup brushes better organized inside my IKEA Alex 9 drawer organizer. And if I am able to make it fit, I want to buy a vanity table.

  11. Heather

    Do makeup more often!!!
    get better at doing liquid liner and false lashes.
    cut down on the time it takes me to do my eyeshadow.
    keep my roots touched up.
    Keep my hair straight with keratin smoothing treatment.
    do crunches to make my tummy flatter (2 kids in 2 years = not good for ones figure!)
    be more open to trying new products and not get so discouraged when a product doesn’t work for me.
    Continue being diligent with my skincare routine.

  12. Moeko

    HAPPY NEW YEAR πŸ˜€ !!!
    my resolution as for the beauty stuff is DRINK LOTS OF WATER to get good skin and to build up my skincare routine instead of makeup ;D

  13. To attain the best skin and complexion I can possibly have!

  14. No more lipgloss and mascaras until I am done with all of them!

  15. MaryBeth

    I would like to try to only spend $100 or less a month on makeup and skincare. I’ve wasted so much money lately on products that just sit in my collection. I think having a tighter budget would help me only buy things I really really want.

    • Heather

      I know what you mean. I am going to really make an effort to fully use the stuff I have before buying new stuff.

  16. lazeny

    Get more beauty sleep, wear sunscreen every day, drink plenty of water.

    Organize my makeup kit so it’s not lying around everywhere in my room.

  17. Alexis J.

    My first beauty resolution is to drink more water!

    I have a six-week old baby, so I think my other resolution is to remind myself to still put on makeup at least once a week. It’s a good way to spend 15 minutes of “me time”.

  18. Jasmeet

    Happy new year to everyone at Temptalia :)

    My resolutions;
    1) Drink more water and eat healthy in order to have better skin.
    2) Stop buying so many blushes and concentrate on building up my eyeshadow and brush collection :)
    3) Be more confident, if I like a look have the confidence to wear it out

    :) xx

  19. Nunuiviet

    Buying less make up when I love something I end up buying 2, 3, 4 sometimes 5 of each product…. I should really learn to contain myself…

  20. My resolution is to exfoliate more often and more regularly. Oh, and drink more water!
    Skin care is key!

  21. Hélène

    I’ll try to buy less products and use more my collection !
    Best wishes to you, Christine !

  22. Germa Brokschmidt

    Spend my money wisely! I buy to much beautyproducts because it’s “cheap” and than I use it ones and it laying in a draw till my niece visit me and I give it to hear. I should think twice (or thrice) before I buy something.

    • Heather

      I know I have a problem like that too. When makeup is cheap, I will buy a whole lot, but then I won’t end up using most of it and it just lays around. I’d rather spend more money on a good quality item that I really like and will use a lot

  23. JessicaM

    Start hauling more from MAC and other high-end brands

  24. Maiden

    Mine is to stop buying so much make-up lol.

  25. Nicole

    I started a project 5 lips last year and I want to continue that, because I have too many creamy products in my collection, so I have to reduce that.
    I found my skin care products last year and I want to use just these products and not try anything else.
    And I want to do more sports (yoga, workout and golf), drink more water/tea and eat less chocolate and cake.

    Happy new year everyone.

  26. NicoleJax

    My beauty resolution is to use the products that I have and buy less. I just started wearing makeup 6 months ago but I buy products every single week. I don’t even wear makeup every day so I have two drawers full of products that are bnib.

  27. Yumi

    I already know it’s futile – to buy less.

  28. Kalex

    My beauty resolution is to stop buying so much makeup, skincare, and bath/body stuff. I have two 7-drawer units that are completely full and then a couple of makeup bags for the overflow cosmetics. I can’t possibly use everything before it expires and it’s such a waste!

    • Cathy

      Have you thought about swapping unused products on

      • Kalex

        I’ve thought about it but I’m afraid of it! I don’t buy drugstore stuff, so for example if a Dior lipstick or Molton Brown showergel got “swaplifted” I’d be livid.

  29. i want to use up the hundreds of makeup products i have and only ever buy something if its unique to my stash, im never buying another peach blusher again as i have 20 plus ha ha. i want makeup to be an enjoyable interest not something that gets me into debt. happy new year to all.x

    • Heather

      “i want makeup to be an enjoyable interest not something that gets me into debt.”

      AMEN to that

  30. Roberta

    Mine is to buy less make up and use what I have. I get carried away with new colours that are coming out but I actually have similar colours. So, now I’m just excited to use what I have. Drinking more water and going to the gym is on the top of my list. Also eating healthier.

  31. Sri

    yes.. saving more money, you made me tempted to upgrade my makeup to MAC..!! (I’m your new reader, and I liked your blog, the list, good product or just lust, and how you present it all..LOVE IT) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  32. Emmaline

    To not go to bed with my makeup still on. I need to wash my face when I get home instead of thinking I will do it later, then crashing on the couch or something.

    • Heather

      tried makeup wipes? they don’t do as good of a job as actually washing your face but its better than sleeping with your makeup on

  33. Ondina

    My resolution is to use what I have and buy less. Also, to wear lip products daily, I have lipsticks, glosses, and palettes that are barely used.

  34. Naz

    Wear more color.
    I have good skin & I can pull it off but I’ve always been afraid of drawing too much attention. But the truth is, bold color can make you walk different, & changes your mood so completely… yes, mine is to be less afraid of color…and to embrace that change :)

  35. Pam

    I just started wearing eye cream (Clinique All About Eyes). And i hope to stop buying so much make-up and start using the ones i already have :)

    • Heather

      do you like the All About Eyes? I didn’t on account of the caffeine in it, I’ve tried another eye cream with caffeine and had the same problem…. I’m getting frustrated cause I keep searching for the RIGHT eye cream but its so elusive..

  36. Michou

    Find and stick to a skin care routine, and set a monthly budget for makeup/skincare and NOT GO OVER.

  37. I guess I should buy less make up, lol, but not sure if it’ll happen. But I definitely want to put more time into my blog, which should be easier now my little boy is going to be full-time in school from March!

  38. Tiffany

    great post! mine are to be more diligent with skincare, and to better use all the makeup products I have, instead of reaching for the same things day after day.

    • Heather

      yeah it gets easy to fall into a makeup routine and not experiment with different colors and combinations.

  39. rachel

    To not buy so much makeup or get sucked into buying things I don’t need…then again, you can never have too much makeup…

  40. Alisha in WI

    Do makeup more often, take better care of my skin, drink more water, and use up all the hair styling products I have! I organize my loose eyeshadows by color. Then I have one spot for highlights and another for outer V colors/dark smokey eyes (my personal fav).

  41. Chau

    Drink more water, find out a way to even out my skin tone and brighten it up a little bit. do more pilates and being less impulsive! it’s hard to resist your blog though (I don’t want too either hehehe). happy new year to all!:)

  42. Fiaspice

    Wash my face everyday, I really should keep up with my beauty routine better.

  43. Evelyn

    Mine is to wear all the lovely makeup I have bought this year! lol It’s such pretty stuff but doesn’t do me much good sitting in the drawer.

  44. Jazz

    1) drink more water
    2) experiment with looks ( more specifically lip colors/blush – I got the bright eyeshadow down
    3) wash my face everynight .

  45. Christina M.

    making sure I stick to all steps of my skin care routine, no matter how tired I am at the end of the day

  46. Trish

    Remove my makeup faithfully ever night/before a workout. Catalog what MAC I already have and start building up my MUFE and NARS stash.

  47. Jasmin

    Still need to find the perfect skin care and I want to try how much I can to with blushes because I just realized HOW much you can to for your face when you put some blush on.:-)

  48. egon

    * never sleep with makeup on

    * buy less

    * always apply sun screen

    * blend blend blend =)

  49. Megan

    No more lipgloss…use what I have. Don’t buy so much e/s, blush, e/l if I have something similar in my collection…your dupe list will help with that! Focus more on skincare and hopefully set up a vanity:)

  50. Maggie

    I want to build up my makeup collection this because I’ve just been getting into makeup. I want to start collecting YSL and illamasqua products first instead of MAC though =)

    I also need to make my leazy self get up and take my makeup off everynight and i need to start whitening my teeth again

  51. Cathy

    Experiment more with eyeshadow looks.Happy New Year,everyone and thanks,Christine, for all the hard work you do on this amazing blog!!

  52. SuchaB

    Buy less? Lol. Who are we kidding? It’s like confessing to your crack dealer that you wanna quit.

    Buy more/good/quality skincare.

  53. AS

    Get organized! Cardboard boxes and ziplock baggies are NOT the answer! It would be nice to have a lovely, full collection rather than a stack of boxes that looks like an outtake from Hoarders.

    • KT

      Oh I used to do this! My mum bought me one of those professional makeup suitcases with the drawers etc that open out. So much easier to see what you have (and how little I have – I need to go shopping!).

  54. maryelle

    make a beauty shopping budget every month of $100 or less, keep makeup organized, drink more water, and get rid of my acne!

  55. AnGeLwInGz

    I already did one. I gave 1/2 my stash to a women’s shelter this morning (both my Dior Designer palettes included). Another resolution is that I’m not gonna buy any more dupes, and most importantly DON’T GET SUCKED IN BY LIMITED EDITION ITEMS ANYMORE!!!

    • Heather

      I didn’t know you could donate used makeup products to a womens shelter. That sounds like a really cool idea.

  56. not to spend as much and use what I already have.

  57. Maya C

    I’m not going to color my hair this year. I haven’t seen my natural color since I was 15 and I think it’s time to let it grow out (now that I’m 20).
    I also want to try new things makeup-wise. No more typical everyday brown neutral looks, well, not everyday at least.

  58. Kat

    Stick to my skincare regimen! I’ve finally found something that works, I just need to get using it regularly!

  59. Deb

    Moisturize! I am getting drier and drier as I get older, and while it’s nice to not be a greasebomb anymore, being parched isn’t great, either!

  60. Ana

    My resolution is actually to try and buy as little makeup as possible beacuse I already have so much and dont really have more than 10 minutes to do my makeup in the morning anyway!

  61. Vanessa V

    I want to organize my make up collection a little better, stick to a better make up budget and start my make up artist company.

  62. Lenora

    I can’t buy any makeup (besides mascara) in 2011. I have to use what I already have..which is alot!

  63. lissa

    1. Drink more water.
    2. At least pretend I’m going to spend less on beauty products til I’ve used some up.
    3. Increase makeup useage to purchase ratio (or is it the reverse? whatever so I use more, not just collect more).

  64. Ani_BEE

    Saving up for a Clarisonic Pro as soon as I can find a deal and OCC SPARMAX DAC-25 Portable Compressor next fall IMATS and get an extra gun for air brush painting as well. Might as well put my one terms worth of training to use.

    Continue to stop buying MMU eyeshadow sample … when you reach over 400 shades you know you can make every tone in the rainbow. This was last years resolution as well.

    Try not get caught up with pretty packaging if the product doesn’t work for me. >_< Yes you MAC!

    Trying to find a reliable skin regiment for my sensitive skin.

  65. Niki

    My beauty resolution is to buy less makeup, so I have begun this year 3 months into a Makeup NO BUY and so far so good – I just hope that I am better able to curb my makeup buying appetite after I finish my NO BUY period.

  66. Chatterboxbeauty

    yes! get more! hahahahhahahahhahahahhaahaaaaaa

  67. Gavi

    Christine – perhaps an Excel document with shade family (red, pink, coral, etc) brand, type (lipstick, blush, etc) and actual shade name. Then you can sort by each one. Or you could have a lipstick document, or even a coral lipstick document. Time consuming, yes, but once you do the original document you just have to enter each new product. plus, you could make a dupes box so you don’t have to go back and forth to remember dupes

  68. Anastasia

    I have an inventory of my makeup, but my collection is pretty pitiful compared to your’s Christine! I inventoried so that I would stop buying makeup by seeing how much I really have. Maybe you could do a photo inventory with product info, that way you really would know exactly what you had!

  69. I don’t really have a resolution but I am starting the new year with a challenge: I won’t buy makeup for the month of January and I won’t buy any bath products (more specifically Lush and Bath and Body Works)until March. I just have way too much stuff and I am spending so much money!

  70. Cherie

    To buy only essential products and items that really WOW me.

    I think this is a more achievable one than going to the gym 2-3 times per week :)

  71. Sharron

    My beauty resolutions for 2011 are to:

    Finish growing my hair out to its natural color. For years, I covered up the silver/gray because it made me feel unattractive, but now that everyone can see it, I’ve been getting compliments. Go figure…

    Keep taking Biotin and drinking plenty of water. Now that my skin and nails are in good shape, I plan on keeping them that way!

    Eat healthier and exercise more. I’m on a clothing no buy until I drop at least 20 pounds.

    Set a monthly budget for beauty expenditures and stick to it! No more impulse drugstore buys; I need to stick to the brands and products that work best for me.

  72. Meli

    to try to use up a lot of half finished make up… ;P

  73. Christina

    My beauty resolution is not to buy any more makeup until mine starts to run out! It’ll be awhile, but I need to use what I have. :)

  74. Lynn

    1.)Mine is to buy less makeup that I don’t really need or use
    2.)Choose makeup products to buy wisely and not get carried away
    3.)Organize current makeup stash
    4.)Be more diligent with skincare routine (especially at night time)

    Happy New Year Christine!

  75. Madeleine

    find more excuses to wear red lipstick! :)

  76. Hannah

    ONLY buy products that are completely unique and look nothing like anything I already have in my collection. Especially lip products! I really need to use up the plethora of milky pink and coral lip glosses I have in my stash.

  77. Emi

    Start using my lipgloss collection more often…like actually finish some. I have to B2M some full and expired lipglasses. =(

  78. Stop buying beauty products just because it’s limited edition if I have a dupe or it’s not something I will use.

  79. Helen

    Find the time to use eyeshadow in the morning on workdays.

  80. Hanne

    -Moisturize more
    -Buy fewer and better things (do some research on contact lentil-friendly make-up before I buy new things, I have so many mascaras and eyeshadows I can’t use because of this)
    -Stop buying so damn much nail polish