Sunday, February 13th, 2011

An Ode to MAC True Chartreuse

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a really bright look, and of course, I had to go back to one of my favorite color combinations.  MAC True Chartreuse is easily one of my favorite products, because it applies so beautifully and vibrantly.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249.  With the 239, apply a few drops of mixing medium to dampen the brush, then apply True Chatreuse pigment on the lower lid, blending just above the crease.  Next, apply #159 eyeshadow into the crease with the 222.  Take the 219 and apply #72 eyeshadow into the crease to brighten.  Apply True Chartreuse pigment on the inner lid and brush upwards with the 239 (dry), and then hold the brush horizontally and apply it damp to the lower lash line.  Use #72 eyeshadow on the outer half of the lower lash line using the 219 to smudge.  Bring everything together by applying Perversion liner on the lower water line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Buxom Lash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Echo blush on the apples of the cheeks and pat towards the temple with fingers, then highlight cheekbones with Amber Diamond skin shimmer.

For lips, apply Bare Pink lipstick on lips first, and then dab Soft Coral lipstick to brighten, for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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176 thoughts on “An Ode to MAC True Chartreuse

  1. Fey

    You know…black lips wouldn’t look so bad with this. I’m going to try it. Thanks, Temptalia!

  2. Hmm, this one isn’t for me I’m afraid. It would look much more wearable without the bright green above the crease and below the lower lashline. I’d use a neutral highlighter instead. Just my opinion though.

  3. P

    These bright eyeshadows really bring out your eyes, but i couldn’t pull it off. I love the cheeks and the lips!!
    Before I read the description, I thought “there she goes with Garance to tease me once more”.
    I love Garance by screen and distance because Rouge G it would cost about $ 90,00 and I can’t find to swatch near here. Any day I will end up ordering it online abroad, just to finish the obsession. By the way, no Bobbi Brown here so far.

  4. Annika

    The cheeck and lip colours really suit you perfectly! :)

  5. kasiaj85

    OMG, this is so lovely!!!!! do more brights Christine!!!

  6. june

    this look is amazing. love, love the bright eyes

  7. laura

    beautiful!!!! I want Mac Chartreuse too now ^^

  8. Nunuiviet

    This reminds me not of a peacock but a parrot, nice look, but I’m too shy to sport such one

  9. LH

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the greens and you look gorgeous as always

  10. Super pretty!! I love it!

  11. ani.a

    wow! very beautiful!

  12. Love this! Not for everyday but definitely fun to play with and it looks great on you. P.S. I love the two light setup the best. Not sure if anyone else cares LOL

  13. Natalee

    so bright! but it looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you :)

  14. San

    wow really poppin eyes :),wudnt u feel shy whn people stare at ur eyes coz this is such a beautiful color, im sure i wud gve a second glance…btw wat dress to wear wit this look n last pic really pretty/

  15. Hey Christine! Beautiful look :) Love the lip and eye combo. In the last picture, are you using a diffuser of some kind? Do you have just one flash gun? I’m sorry.. I’m not just a makeup geek :)

    • I have no idea what a diffuser or flash gun are, lol! I don’t understand much about photography, to be honest! I just use the SB800 commander as my flash!

  16. Niki

    I was wondering what colors you used for this look, so thank you for posting this! I haven’t touched my brights in a while and now I’m inspired.

  17. Niceasdoxie

    The last picture is VERY lovely! Like now it is summer and all of summer joy is in there :)

  18. asha

    i like ur lip color and eyes offcourse.. u rock gurl :)
    and i need a lill expert advice, i am new to blushes, i saw the review abt NARS orgasm and other blushes, but i need somethin with pinky bronzy touch and shud nt look too obvious, could u suggest me somethin, Christine? i am NC43 or NW40

  19. Luna

    This eye look is gorgeous! The last picture of you is really pretty :)

  20. Jocelyn

    This look is awesome! And the lip combo is really nice too! It looks great on you!!

  21. michelle

    this look is fantastic!

  22. Dee

    SO amazing, Christine!

  23. divinem (Melissa)

    You are GORGEOUS!

  24. MacKenzie

    Hi Christine! Longtime lurker, first post. Love your blog! Just letting you know that I spent the better part of yesterday researching your eye looks (I desperately need some new shadows and brushes) and you are an amazing talent. I know you love your brights and greens, but I have to say, you are drop-dead gorgeous when you do a black look!

  25. this is beautiful! i <3 it a lot :)

  26. Melissa

    I love this look on you! Of course, you look great no matter what, but I really love the brights!

  27. Kiwi.Cozy

    Oooh love it!! So springy and fun. :)

  28. Steph

    Beautiful! I love the cheek & lip colours as well, and it looks like your eyes are glowing!

  29. Maya

    That last picture is absolutely stunning! You’re amazing Christine!

  30. Such a bright pretty look! I’m not sure what it is about that very last photo, but I like it best. <3

  31. Samaira

    You look AH-MAZING in the last pic Christine! x

  32. daphne

    You? Are SUCH a badass! This is AMAZING and I love that you do looks like this!

  33. Kelsey

    I love the last pic!

  34. Katie

    Christine, I really like that last new pose. That would be cool if it became a regular shot because it’s a great overall up-close shot.

  35. Yay! I love the brights!

  36. I love the smiley picture in the end…you should include it in every post. :)

  37. Fernanda Schickling

    Wow, it´s wonderful!

  38. stef


  39. Mia

    Oooh love the last photo! Please give us a photo like that from now on! Nice and close up but can still see your whole face x

  40. Madelynn

    Christine, this is beautiful!

  41. Katie

    I die a little when you do green/blue looks! They’re my favorite on you.

  42. AS

    uh oh. Zombie eyes! Nicely blended, but not flattering.

    • Sorry you didn’t like it, AS!

      • AS

        Don’t get me wrong, I love that you are willing to try different looks! I wore a pink mascara the other day and a co-worker thought I was really ill! I’ve noticed chartreuse shades, even worn subtly, can also make people who don’t know there is such a thing as chartreuse eyeshadow think you need to go to the emergency room (or morgue), stat!

  43. Grace

    Thanks for the tutorial! Going to look for dupes within my own collection in order to try this look!

  44. Vivian

    oh i love this!! so colourful! i think i’ll need to do something like this soon – just to brighten up the cold weather up here in toronto 😛

  45. JennerLynner

    your eyelashes look awesome!

  46. Wendy M.

    Gorgeous! 😀

  47. Ooh, that looks so fun!

  48. Totally gorg, Christine! I like how well the chartreuse blended with the blue to create green. Sounds elementary, but it never occurred to me to blend them together. I have been buying green eyeshadow all this time! :)

  49. Michelle

    That is quite a bright look.. by the way, the last picture is gorgeous!

  50. Whoa! Now that is a pow-bam look like a comic superhero! Very interesting to look at.

  51. This look is beautiful but as some constructive critiscm maybe you should blend your e/s more.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Katrin!

    • Laura

      I like the fact that she kept the colors separate and didn’t blend them into each other. I also like the fact that the blue adds a little “Peek a Boo surprise!” to the look when her eyes are open. ^^ But yes, blend is your friend. :)

      • meg

        I agree…too much blending would have taken away from the great contrast between colours that I think makes this look!

  52. Ruby

    I am so copying this look!!! great job!!

  53. CeeBee

    LOVE the last photo – so vibrant! You look beautiful and I really admire the way you’ve blended chartreuse and dark blue to make that electric green in the crease and lower outer lashline, topped off with that POP of bright blue!

    I have way too much space between my crease and eyebrow to be able to blend colour so far past my browbone but it looks dynamite on you, no matter what anyone says! :)

    Killer lip combo too – can’t wait for your reviews and lip swatches on the BB Rich Color lippies – I’m already planning a trip to Auckland next month so I hope they’re stocked in NZ by then.

    PS. Have you seen the new Shiseido e/s trio’s?
    There’s a beautiful violet (I’m lemming so bad) and a bright, bright blue and pink combo that I think would be right up your alley…

  54. Amanda

    pretty, very editorial-looking

  55. This is gorgeous. The eye/lip combo works so well. Perfect for the summer, methinks!

  56. Sandra de Lima

    Gorgeous make up, and so brazilian :)
    buy the way here in Brazil is very hot, good idea this look

  57. Emily

    Love the all matte look. Bright and fun!

  58. Lena

    That last shot is amazing!
    I think I need Echo…

  59. I like this look alot – I would like to try it in the Spring!

  60. Alexis

    I love it! This look is absolutely stunning! So vibrant and literally eye popping! It reminds me of a chameleon. I think this look would look good for a fun night out!

  61. Kelly C.

    Wow, this has to be my favorite look you have every done. Great color choices and application!

  62. j

    LOVE IT and I kind of have an island girl style to eye makeup– i love using bright colors. Too bad true chartruse is only avail in pro stores :(

  63. Ginnia

    That last picture is just gorgeous! Could be a makeup ad.

  64. I really love your expression at the last pic. Should do that for every look, Christine ahahha :))
    overall so pretty but I don’t think I can pull this off, I had the lip color combo tho, MAC Kinda Sexy topped with MAC Enchantress (my usual) :))

  65. K

    Just wanted to say that I love the shot of the last photo. Hope you’ll continue to include one for every look!

    Also, I kind of miss the closed eye shot. I think that was easier to see the detail in the crease than the half open/half shut one.

  66. I love your makeup =)
    Woowwwwww <3

  67. Crystal C.

    You look so fresh especially on the last picture! I like it! :)

  68. Hilary♥

    Very bold and bright, I like it =) It feels good to do something different every now and then, there are so many wonderful colors out there, why use neutrals and darks only? Awesome job Christine, this looks amazing on you! ♥

  69. Maddy

    Christine, why do you have to be so gorgeous? I could never pull this off! Looks great c:

  70. Romina

    Love the lips and cheeks you look perfect… The eyes are fun

  71. Geena

    Vow this is so pretty! Tell me what kind of camera do you use, these photos look almost professional!

  72. Gorgeous! Love, love, love it! For me, this is what makes make-up fun!

  73. Becca

    wow, beautiful, but imagine wearing this to school? lol

  74. Laura

    So lovely, Christine! You’re beautiful!

  75. Fiona

    LOVEEEE THIS LOOK! thanks so much for inspiring me to experiment with brights again, pls do more bright looks, the last picture of you is sooo beautiful. I just has a lil question, on the waterline, you used a darkish blue eyeliner, I don’t think you listed the product in the product list of in the ‘how to’ could you tell me what it is? Thanks!

  76. dom

    you look absolutely flawless! wish i could carry that off but i don’t have deep-set eyes.

  77. This is a great lovely look girl <3


    You are so Amazing!

  79. cloudburst

    I love how matte Chartreuse is. Stunning!

  80. Donna

    This is one of my favorite look.. It’s very summery and daring..:) btw, what’s mac’s nc40 equivalent to mufe hd foundation? I have 140 but it looks white and chalky on my face.. Also, what’s your best finishing powder recommendation? Macs natural finish darken my face every time I use it as setting powder.. I have really hard time finding my foundation shade.. It doesn’t match on my neck.. Thanks