Sunday, October 5th, 2008

AG Hair Cosmetics is a family-owned company founded by John and Lotte Davis. John started his haidressing career in England back in the mid 1960s, while Lotte has a marketing and design background. Together, they created AG Hair Cosmetics, which is all about using high quailty ingredients for high quality products. And for my Canadian gals, this line is based out of Vancouver, BC; but it is available at over 10,000 salons in North America.

AG came at the perfect time for me, because I’ve only just started to style and use heat styling tools on my hair, so it’s imperative that I really make sure I turn up my hair care routine. Determined to look into better hair care products, I turned to AG, and it has been working out fantastically!

Their Colour Savour Shampoo ($20.00) is a sulfate-free shampoo that’s color-safe, as well. You get amazing lather–something I find lacking in higher end shampoos, especially ones purported to be natural/organic–and you don’t need a ton. There’s a citrusy-scent to it. I’m reminded of vitamin C powder every time I use it (or the coordinating conditioner). The shampoo also has sunflower seed extract, which is supposed to protect your hair color from UVA degradation.

Don’t forget the conditioner!

The Colour Savour Colour Protection Conditioner ($20.00) is a very thick, rich conditioner that makes your hair feel silky soft and smooth. Again, it has the same citrus scent (perhaps a touch stronger, actually) as the shampoo, and you know what? There’s some LATHER to it. I’ve never had a conditioner that’s remotely lathered for me; it always seems to disappear in my hair. It’s not the lather you’d get from a shampoo or anything, but it lets me go from roots to tips (because I like it that way). My only gripe is you get less (6 oz.) than the shampoo, and I always seem to run out of conditioner before shampoo no matter what.

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17 thoughts on “AG Hair Cosmetics Colour Savour Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. Cassie

    We sell AG at the salon and spa I work at and it sells like CRAZY! This is a really great, affordable product and I highly recommend it.
    I really love Fast Food which is a leave on conditioner. I have oily, thin hair and it does not weight my hair down at all. It has helped my dry, damaged hair get back to healthy. Fast Food makes your hair shiny, healthy, and smooth!

  2. pquanda

    That’s hilarious that you mentioned Fast Food Cassie – that’s what I used to use. I like AG products.

  3. Brianne

    I have to admit, I balk at a price like that. $20 for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner! I guess where some of us splurge on cosmetics, others splurge on hair care :)

    • Angi

      When you spend $$$$ on color, you better spend $$ on hair care products.

      • Cassie

        Oh I SO agree! It KILLS me when someone at the salon drops $150 on hair color but then passes on shampoo/conditioner and goes home and uses Herbal Essence or Pantene or some awful, drying, color stripping products!

        • If I ever paid that much for color, I’d definitely invest in some good products to keep it up! Thankfully, I don’t color my hair anymore. More money for other things 😉

      • LOL, that is true. Funny enough, I don’t color my hair, but use these products anyway.

    • It’s so true, though! I’ll happily pay MAC prices, but then if I see a lipstick at a drugstore for $10, I’m like no way! LOL.

  4. Angi

    I’d buy these if they were sold around here. $20 is a GREAT price for a sulfate free shampoo. Guess they aren’t sold online?

  5. lara

    Yup it is in online,and also it is get it for reasonable prices ,it is an best product for ever it have to get it from online also.

  6. Liz Smith

    I’ve used AG products my whole life and i was stoked to hear of a sulphate free shampoo, i have never coloured my hair either but i still prefer sulphate free. The conditioner has anti-oxidants as well. I love AG products especially Colour Savour, they also have a curl activating shampoo and conditioner that’s sulphate free.

    There are so many lines out there that are all about marketing, did u know that REDKIN and Loreal Vive are the exact same product at 3x the price! what a rip.

    AG manufactures all thier own products in house at thier head office in Vancouver. I think its pretty amazing that a company stands by its products as much as AG.

  7. Shannon

    Just curious if the “fast food” leave on conditioner by AG Hair Cosmetics is available at any of the salons in the Eaton Centre? I’m from out of town but will be going there during the week for other things.

  8. Hailey55

    Having been a fan of the Shielo brand for years, I decided to splurge and try their Color Protect Conditioner (what’s a few more dollars when you’ve spent hundreds on your haircolor itself!).

    In short, it’s the best of the 5 or 6 other conditioning products that I’ve tried to no avail. In the wintery months, it makes my hair glossy and heavy enough not to be statically-charged and flying around my face. Many conditioners can’t seem to accomplish this! I can usually wait to wash my hair every other day (rather than every) in the winter, although when I use this conditioner I’ve found that I can’t skip a day (it gets greasy more quickly). I’ve been using it for about 4 weeks and I haven’t noticed any deterioration in my highlighted color, so that’s wonderful too.

    And the smell! I love the smell. It’s light and soothing and makes me feel immediately like I’m in a spa. It’s well worth the money, and a little goes a long way (I use less than a dime-sized amount).