Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

8 Must-Have MAC Pink Lipsticks

About the Temptalia Must-Haves Series

A series of posts showcasing must-have products from MAC Cosmetics’ permanent line of products. Selections are based on quality, universality, uniqueness amongst the line, and the like. Limited edition shades are deliberately excluded to make buying easier. Readers’ comments act as a supplement to these lists of their favorites and must-haves. You can find the entire series here.

Craving lipstick is a soft, muted pinked up raspberry with a creamy, opaque texture.

Shy Girl lipstick is a fleshy, brighter pink that’s more pink than nude. It works well with brighter, bolder eyes, as well as pink/purple looks.

Creme Cup lipstick is a dirty pink lipstick with a very creamy, opaque formula, making it great for more pigmented lips.

Angel lipstick is a sheer, glossy light to medium pink shade with mostly neutral undertones.

Snob lipstick is a slightly opaque, cool-toned pink. This is a great shade for cooler tone complexions.

See four more must-haves

Bombshell lipstick is a medium, frosty pinky shade with gold and pink shimmer. This is a fun, everyday shade with a kick.

Speed Dial lipstick is a creamy, pigmented medium pink color with blue undertones that works well on many complexions.

Lovelorn lipstick is a sheer, blue-based pink that has a nice, glossy sheen. I like wearing this with neutral looks.

Sweetie lipstick is a semi-sheer medium pink that isn’t bright nor dark. This is one of my favorite pink lipsticks of all-time!

(Please note that this list only includes light to medium pinks–there’s a whole other list for hot pinks! This list also only includes permanent lipstick shades.)

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144 thoughts on “8 Must-Have MAC Pink Lipsticks

  1. Arika BH

    I only have Angel from the list and while I like that color, I dont like the texture of this. I want the special edition Viva Glam, Pretty Please, Hue, and CREME Cup.

  2. Funnily enough i went to the mac store and bought Angel and speed dial before i saw this!!

  3. Alysa

    What about chatterbox??? my faveee

  4. nico

    It’s nice to see Creme Cup on the list.I love it

  5. My favourite pinks are Creme Cup and St Germain. I have most of the ones you listed though :) Pink lipstick is my go to in general

  6. Tanya

    hehehehe funny, I mostly only wear pink lippies and I dont think I own a single one of these….just about every pink I like and wear is a LE…which is bad because I dont ever want to run out :)

  7. Kay

    I second the call for Chatterbox!! Also Creme de la Femme!!

  8. Nicole15

    I have Craving, but on me it comes out as a very dark raspberry so I am not able to put it in my light pink collection. My favorite pinks of the moment are Viva Glam VI SE which comes out as beautiful medium pink for my skintone & Fast Thrill which is a frosty light pink that came out with ElectroFlash last summer. Unfortunately, it was LE, but when I combine it with Sonic Vibe lipglass (LE) from ElectroFlash, it’s the best pink combo ever! I LOVE it! This is a great list though for sure. Some on here that I would like to add to my collection.

  9. I have been rocking Bombshell almost every day lately, because it goes with almost everything. Love it!

  10. Dawn S.

    Could you please provide swatches of your favorite products? That would be so helpful to some of us who do not have a major store (like MAC) close by to check them out in person. Just a suggestion…. btw, love your blog!!!!

    • Teresa

      This would be helpful, yes. However I tend to use MAC’s site ( and/or Google Image Search for swatches when looking through Christine’s must-have lists 😀 maybe you could try these options as well to see what the colours are like? HTH :)

    • I don’t own a lot of these any more, as I’ve sold/swapped them away and kept LE versions or similar shades :/

  11. Rachel

    Chatterbox is definitely the best true pink. Creme Cup is the best soft pink MAC has come out with so far, imho.

  12. Don’t forget Pink Nouevous! (Sp) It is the ultimate Barbie pink, I’m going to be wearing it all summer long for Vans Warped Tour!

  13. Cindy

    I think it would be great if you had (lip) swatches to show of the top products in these posts… i know you provide the description, which is great, but i’m such a visual person. plus your pics come out so great, why not show off those skills!! :)

  14. Catherine

    I recently picked up Politely Pink, which I love. I’m a little afraid of color, so this is the perfect shade of pink for me. I’m a big fan on the lustre finishes.

  15. Nathalie

    Craving was the lipstick I get from my first back to mac. Definitely not in my usual range of color (I never wear pink) but it’s a gorgeous color and I will eventually find a way to make it work on me: pink makes me feel uncomfortable because I have the feeling that the color doesn’t fit the rest of my face. Strange because I can wear a dark red or a plum without problem.

  16. Saira

    I love wearing pink lipsticks so was really pleased to see this post :o) ! I’m always on the look-out for a petal pink lipstick so good to get some suggestions. I’ll need to look out for some of these pink lipsticks next time I am at the Mac counter. I like the idea of ‘Shy Girl’, as I’m always on the look-out for a pale pink lipstick to go with bold eyes or purple eyeshadow looks.

  17. Noel

    Creme cup is a gorgeous pink shade! *loves* Another really pretty pink lipstick is 3N! Too bad it’s an LE though. I am defineitly now wanting to try Angel, Shy Girl, Snob, and Sweetie. Thanks for the list Christine!

  18. I don’t own any pink lipsticks but I would love to own Shy Girl and Sweetie!

  19. Lisa

    I wear Lustering. It’s my favorite bright pink.

  20. yay i love Angel! it’s my favorite!!!!!!!! I also have Snob!!!!! i love them both!!! For some reason whenever i buy lipstick i always buy pink shades. I’m sort of scared to buy nude colors lol. i dont know why? I’m super light i suppose I’m afraid of looking too white and scary!

  21. creme cup rocks my world but i broke it and cant get my hands on a new one! :(

  22. Dawn

    I LOVE sweetie, and Petite Indulgence Creamsheen gloss. I love lickable with petite indulgence, but its too bright for everyday use. That’s my going out color. LOL

    I just got on the Pink Lipstick bus and I’m hooked. But not all pinks work for me.

  23. aradhana

    dunno if it counts as pink….captive?

  24. cmferrets

    i have sweetie , angel and creme cup!

  25. Neena

    creme de la femme is a great pink too. Im an NC45 and I would never have tried a pink that light, but it’s my new everyday lip color!

  26. Carla

    From this list I tried angel, snob and bombshell. I looooove angel! It’s my fav lipstick! I like bombshell a lot but snob… it’s seems so weird on my lips and I don’t like its texture. Does anyone feel that way about snob?

    I’m NC25!

    • I love Snob on me and I love the Satin finish (I’m NW25 for reference). Snob is a lil cool toned and if you are NC25, you’re on the olive side so it might just not have the right undertone for you.

      • Yeah, Snob is a tough one to pull off if you’re really warm toned, but it is still a great color AND it can always be warmed up with the right gloss :)

    • Natalie

      Snob looks weird on my NC20 skin too. It is really pretty if you apply a bit of dark pink lipstick(girl about town or show orchid) or lipgloss on the top.

    • I haven’t had any issues with Snob’s texture, but the color is cooler on me, so it’s harder for me to wear it — always got use a colored gloss to mix it up.

  27. Theresa

    Sweet and Single (LE from MAC’s Barbie Collection) was the ultimate fave pink lippy for me! But alas, it is no longer available.
    However, I was told that Politely Pink and Sweetie lipsticks were the closest match to the colour from the permanent line but I still feel that they don’t quite make the cut.

  28. Tre

    Love the site! I love the must haves but I do wish there were swatches. That would be sooooo helpful!

    • I don’t always own everything listed — I’ve foregone or traded or given them away because I have LEs that are similar instead, which is why I can’t easily swatch everything, sorry!

  29. <3 <3 <3 Shy Girl, but Creme Cup and a few of the others are too cool-toned for me. ;_;

    Also, what about Fanfare??? <3 that one!!

  30. Elle

    Sweetie and Craving are two of my all-time favorites! Sweetie topped with Strawberry Blonde lipglass (hate that it is LE) is so pretty.

  31. dani

    hey christine. i was wondering if plink! and angel looks similar?

  32. Natalie

    I think I own all of MAC pink lipsticks! I also love Please me.

  33. Leah

    I adore Girl About Town! So bright but it’s a classic!

    BTW, Christine I’m absolutely loving this series. It’s one of my favorites to look forward to. Keep up the great work!

    (I’d love to see red/purple/coral lip recommendations too!)

  34. Rita

    Shy Girl is the only one of these I have. It’s a good colour, but sometimes I find the texture – I don’t know how to put it – too ‘waterly’. The texture is not as good as in the other cremesheens I have (Lavender Whip, Hot Gossip).

  35. Kacie

    I just wanted to say that I love this series, its quick-and-dirty best of style is perfect!

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into temptalia, christine! <3.

  36. KrisBliss

    Angel was my first pink from MAC and will always be my favorite. However, I love Lollipop Loving (LE) for a sheer pink and Impassioned for a really bright pink.

  37. aradna

    are there any nw35’s who have tried st-germain…i’m too embarassed to even try it at the mac counter…(don’t ask…LOL)

  38. Yaya

    I tried Lollipop Loving and I didn’t love it 😡
    I really love Creme de la Femme though!

  39. Miss_M

    I love (light) pink lipstick !! :)

    Unfortunately the ones I love are LE (damn you MAC !!), like 3N, Ahoy There, Her Fancy, Utter Pervette, Way to Love and Viva Glam VI SE.

    Creme Cup, Hue and Gentle Simmer (slimshine) are faves from the permanent line.

  40. Hannah

    What are the best warm toned pinks? I can’t pull off snob or angel, they’re too cool toned!

  41. Kathryn

    I’m very neutral toned–sometimes I swatch cool and sometimes warm–seems to depend on the season. I’m a level 35. I have brunette hair and hazel eyes, and I’m 49. I have been trying to lighten up by wearing pink lipsticks (I love a sheer cherry lip on me, except it’s getting to be aging, as is mauve. My natural lip is a rosy mauve. I’m also trying to dial back my eye makeup to a more natural look. I’m finding it hard to find a natural pink that looks “young” and not washed out. I love the swatches of the colors you suggested, but I’m leery of just going to the counter or ordering online without more help. Ideas, ladies?

    • aradna

      kathryn – is level 35 the same as nw35? i’m nw35, that’s why i ask! what you’ve described in terms of colouring sounds very familiar–i also vary between warm and cool, so there’s no hard and fast rules i feel i can stick to.
      i tend to go with purpley shades like captive…most of my pinks tend more toward nudes (on my skintone anyway)…but they are mostly LE, like 4N and Lightly Ripe…don’t know what the equivalent is for permanent for ageing colours…i find frosty lipcolours are the worst for that.

    • You can search the web and Makeupalley for lip swatches :)

  42. mlou

    I have a hard time wearing very light pinks, since I’m pale/cool & prefer to have some color on my lips. Here are some favs:

    VG II: (although I almost always wear w/cremestick Naked Rose-line/fill/blot. In the 90s wore w/Spice l/l, def not my best look!)
    Speed Dial: I love but I put in hot pink category -lip pigmentation seems to expand the shade

    Sweetie is the shade of my lips, so although I’ve had it, I only see a little shine from it. Highly rec to others though!
    I wanted Creme Cup to work on me, but its “dirty” tone was too warm on me.

    As for LE or DC’d shades:
    TwigTwig: closest MAC to my MLBB shade from another brand
    VG VI SE

  43. MC

    I’ve been trying to decide what pinkpink (as opposed to redpink or orangepink, of course) lipstick I want for my next b2m. This will definitely help narrow down. Angel’s pretty high on my list… as is snob…

  44. Az

    Which do you think is prettier: Speed Dial or Lovelorn? I’m NC30 and I need to get a new sweet/girlie/everyday pink. TIA =)

  45. mina

    yeah am tan skinned …maybe abit asian …plse help me choose nice mac nude interested in pinks and browns…any help will be appreciated….cheers..

  46. Tasha Sari

    I just got Lovelorn and Angel yesterday after reading this! Unfortunately Snob is LE in Singapore );

  47. ak

    I am sloooowwwwwly but hopefully surely getting on the ‘pink listick’ train. LOL For black women, I think that MAC’s Lustre lipsticks in light pinks or nude-pinks are quite easy to wear and shouldn’t be scary, such as the Viva Glam V lipstick or an LE lipstick from MAC I have called Barely Lit that came out with MAC’s Smoke Signals collection.

    I bought MAC’s Lickable lipstick and my mother just had to jump on me for wearing it and totally made fun of me (damn you Mom!) LOL Yet a lot of magazines recommend Lickable lipstick as a great pink for black women. *shrugs shoulders*

    But for stronger more pigmented pink lipsticks, I do like Captive and I like using the Beet lip pencil as a lipstick. Craving lipstick looks good as well but I don’t have that. I’d recommend Lame lipstick, I used to have that but I gave that away. I sadly slept on a Mattene lipstick called Rapturous otherwise I’d buy that today. I’d look into New York Apple but I have a feeling that that is a Frost lipstick and I’m not sure I’m feeling the frosty dark strong pink lipsticks at the moment *shrugs shoulders*.

    • Captive is a good one! :) Maybe one day they’ll bring back some Mattenes.

      I do believe New York Apple is a frost, if not, it’s still a lil’ frosty.

  48. diana

    o my goodness christine what have u created lol after seeing this list i have been obsessed with getting all of these lipsticks. I bought creme cup today and i am in LOVE!!!! Anyway thank u so much for putting permanent lipsticks on this list. I hate when people put lipsticks on their favorites and there is no way of getting them afterwards :( Ok well i will keep u posted lol

  49. Chrystyna H

    Thanks for this! I have been thinking of getting Snob tomorrow, but do you think it’ll suit an NC37 skintone? <3

  50. Lia

    Christine, do yu think angel or bombshell will suit NC 37? or maybe another pink lipstick?

  51. Lois

    i also love pink but my favorite giddy isn’t in the list.

  52. maclover

    pleeeeeease help me!! i’ve got asian pakistani skin and I consider myself to be quite bronzy but i’m not sure… my foundation is NW35 and I’m looking for an AMAZING nude mac lipstick or gloss! and I also want to get a nice light pink lipstick or gloss! I already have chatterbox, girl about town, Velevet teddy, M-A-C red and a couple of limited editions. I find that some light pinks can wash me out and look too light on me, as if i’ve put toothpaste on my lips or something… Hahaha! PLEASE advise me on what you guys think! I LOVE mac and i’m obsessed with make up! but I find the girls that work there kinda unhelpfull! muchly appreciated mwah xx

  53. Anisa

    Pleeeeeeease help me! I have asian pakistani skin and i’m an NW35 in foundation! I’m looking for an AMAZING nude colour lipstick or gloss! i’m also looking for a nice light baby pink one. I’m not sure because I think i’m quite bronzy/dark and so light colours tend to look white on my and too cool for my skin I think! is there anything you guys can recomend? That would be awesome! thanks xxx

  54. ak

    I cant believe it but I have actually conquered the MAC Snob lipstick and I’m an NC45 person. I wear it with MAC Half-Red lip pencil and a bit of MAC Lust lipglass. I blot it slightly as well but it looks great and it all looks the best with black smokey eyes on.

    • Kim R

      Hi Christine! I love girly pinks, tend to lean more to the lilac toned pinks. I’m not sure my NC # (how can I find out)? Tan and blonde, with light eyes. I have snob and it’s too “white” looking on me, and kinda harsh- just can’t do strong color, but want a fresh, hip pink. Can you recommend any? Thanks

  55. Zoe

    Not sure of my NC#? But i’m very fair skinned with quite obvious freckles, which i guess make my skin appear alittle less white. Torn between Shy Girl and Creme Cup, but don’t want the colour to look ‘too’ much on me, i don’t wear alot of makeup just foundation to blend in the freckles and a lashing of mascara. Any help would be greatly appreciated as don’t have a MAC store anywhere near me so was going to order online :)

  56. harini

    How come no one spoke about Cosmo?

  57. Lois

    How bout Giddy?


    hi i like to know if u sell mac lipsticks thanks

  59. Hana

    I loveeeee creme cup!!!! It’s definitely my go to nude baby pink!!!! Peachstock and Myth are my favourite peachy nudes too!!!! I need to buy Angel!!!! So many people rave about it!!!! :)

  60. shehneela

    @aradna i hav tried it it doesnt suit my nw 35 skin tone but do try mac rebel wid beet or magenta lipliner! its fab! do u have ny other lipstick from mac coz its so hard to find perfect lipstick for my skintone :(

  61. orela

    Hiya…I know this is an old post but please help with advice for an everyday pink lipstick for a 40+  NW43/Lancome teint idole 10/11..I used Mac London Life for a while which is now discontinued, I tried Sweetie and Creme in your Coffee which is a bit too muted. Lickable and Girl About Town are too full on, can you recommend anything in between? The mac MUA’s in my area of England are geared more towards my fairer skinned sisters so haven’t really the ability to help.