Sunday, April 12th, 2009

6 Must-Have MAC Blue Eyeshadows

Electric Eel eyeshadow is a ridiculously bright pop of blue. It’s a satin eyeshadow, but it’s smooth, though it almost feels more matte since there’s no real shimmer to it. It is also ridiculously pigmented! If you find the texture too difficult, try Clarity eyeshadow instead, which is similar, but has a Matte2 texture, which is smoother, butterier.

Freshwater eyeshadow is the perfect medium blue. It’s not light, but it isn’t too dark. It has a veluxe pearl finish, which means it has shimmer in its texture, but it looks gorgeous because it is so richly pigmented. This is one of my favorite eyeshadows!

Prussian eyeshadow is a dusty dark blue, and it has a matte finish (it is a Matte2 by definition). It’s smooth without being chalky, and it can add so much dimension to your look (as mattes often do).

See three more must-haves!

Deep Truth eyeshadow is a rich dark navy blue with a frost finish, so it does have a good bit of shimmer in it. Like Freshwater, this is another one of my favorite eyeshadows that I constantly use in blue, green, and teal looks. It also makes an amazing smokey eye when used with blues, grays, or silvers. I love the pigmentation of this particular shade.

Plumage eyeshadow is a gorgeous shade of dark teal-blue with a matte finish. It’s an absolute must, because it offers a shade of blue that’s muted by a bit of teal, and yet it isn’t a teal.

Tilt eyeshadow is a shimmery periwinkle blue with reflection of green. I love this color because it has so many characteristics to it, so it be very versatile when used in looks.

What are your must-have blue eyeshadows?

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53 thoughts on “6 Must-Have MAC Blue Eyeshadows

  1. Courtney

    Hahaha, I have all of these except for Electric Eel (though I have a similar color from another brand) and I must say I agree with all of your choices.

  2. Ziya

    I’d add Contrast to this list 😀 its soo pretty

  3. Saira

    I have Plumage and I LOVE this shade! It looks great with blue/green/aqua looks and can look more blue, sometimes more green, depending on what shades you pair it with. It’s great for a smoky eye too! I really like Aquadisiac a lot (though I think it falls more into the aqua-blue category than straight blue). It goes on as a really great light aqua-blue and also goes with a lot of shades.

    I’ve been eyeing up Prussian for a while, as I really like dark matte colours for smoky looks or for using in the outer v, so cool to see it in your ‘must have’ list. Tilt sounds lovely too, might have to check that one out as well ;o) .

  4. So far I’ve had all of your “must haves” in every color 😀 One blue not listed here that I have used in absolutely every blue related look I’ve done since I purchased it is Climate Blue. I really like to use it in my crease and outer eye to create definition.

  5. Sugarcrumb

    I love Flashtrack! Another blue MAC shadow i love is Steamy – its a very beautiful aqua blue with gold shimmery tones in it. I get compliments every time i wear it! (Compliments arising from Teal pigment is a whole other level, but Steamy is great too!) =)
    I’ll confess – i don’t have even 1 matte textured eyeshadow. Hee!

    • Flashtrack is a nice one, too! It’s similar to Deep Truth (for me), so I never got it. Steamy is a teal to me, LOL! If I were to put it on a list, it would be the upcoming teal list :)

  6. Liana

    Great choices. I love reading these. Some i dont have yet but i will go look at those matte blues. Since i have no matte blues.

    P.S. Im curious to know what your top purple eyeshadows are! Im always looking to see if purple is next!

  7. I agree, these are definitely must have blue eyeshadows! I can’t wait to see what your next set of must have eyeshadows are.

  8. Cool! I have Electric Eel and Deep Truth! Also, Electric Eel is not a Matte eyeshadow, it’s a Satin eyeshadow. I’ve been hearing so much about Plumage and Prussian and I do want to try them someday.

  9. evangelia

    i don’t wear too many blues because i have blue eyes and i don’t like to match! but when i do wear blues, it’s usually NARS duo in cleo…a beautiful warm toned pale aqua + dusky peacock. next up woula be too faced skinny dip, on the indigo side, and finally bourjois guide de style in fleur bleue, a classic ice blue + navy…i wear it when i do my marie antoinette look lolz!

  10. Mel

    My 6 must have blues…… Clarity, Flashtrack, Prussian, Blue Flame, Deep Shade, Plumage… That was hard I have more blues than anything b/c that’s what I started buying first and what I use most… :)

  11. Andrea

    I’m curious about the list for purples also!!

  12. Anna

    mutiny pigment applied wet! my bf calls it dreamy blue eyes haha

  13. inani

    could you put pictures and swatches for must have shadows, for us who are just starting with mac eyeshadows…please, pretty please :)

    • I don’t always own all of them, sorry! Some I have owned in the past, but I have given away because I have LE versions that are similar.

  14. Ilaria

    I bought Tilt two days ago, it looks so good!

  15. Sara Kye

    Mine would have to be Deep Truth as well. That is probably one of the most gorgeous blues I have ever seen. I’m looking to get Plumage sometime in future!

  16. My 6 must-have blue eye shadows:

    Electric Eel
    Bang on Blue
    Star By Night
    Moon’s Reflection

    Moon’s Reflection is by far, my FAVORITE blue eyeshadow to use. It’s a veluxe pearl and it is absolutely gorgeous to use with carbon. Me and my friend Tanya who works at MAC really love to use Moon’s Reflection as often as we can. It’s lighter than Freshwater but has a much more creamier feel to it and spreads more evenly in my opinion. Defiantly give it a shot if you haven’t!

  17. Liana

    Also my fav limited edition blue ever was belle azure, it was my first blue. Maybe one day they will repromote it!

  18. Rita

    The only blues I have are from Cool Heat, Climate Blue and Blue Flame. Though CB is more violet than blue. I cannot wear blue-blues since my face is warm (or head too, cause it’s red) and I don’t have blue, green or brown eyes. Blue is one of the colours that suits me the least (no blue clothes either).

    However, I have many teals, and I’m planning to get Plumage with them.

  19. Dawn

    Blues are my favorites! If I had to choose I’d say Moons Reflection, Parrot and Prussian. These look great blended together also.

  20. Ana

    My only blue e/s is Freshwater and it’s great!

  21. rosie

    i’ve been wanting plumage for the longest what eyeshadows would you use it with

  22. Bettina

    I am about to add Freshwater to my blues as I think I’m almost through getting all the purples LOL.

  23. stephanie

    what would you pair these with?

  24. Italia

    what would be a mac dupe for nars china blue eyshadow?

  25. cinthia

    do u have a swatch for macs NAVAl e/s? i cant find one anywhere….

  26. zara

    I cant find Prussian on the MAC website! :( i saw it in the store, but i need the pan, do yall know where i can find Prussian in the pan?