Monday, April 1st, 2013

theBalm is celebrating the launch of their new ewbsite with 50% off site-wide for the first 24 hours! The new site launches April 1st :)

Last update from theBalm @ 4:29 PM PST: We are so sorry our website crashed! The great news is, our 24-hour 50% off celebration has not yet begun! didn’t expect such a huge influx of orders and we underestimated the number of our dedicated fans while overestimating the capacity of our server. We’re currently upgrading our server and are told that once it’s functional we’ll be able to accommodate everyone. We are expecting this to be within the next few days and we will announce our launch here, on Facebook. Any orders placed today that received a confirmation email will be honored. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]! Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

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44 thoughts on “50% off theBalm to Celebrate New Website

  1. Do I really need to say that I’m excited? :)

  2. Kim

    ok 3 hrs to go here in Arizona;)

  3. Allie

    Is this going to start at midnight PST ?

  4. Sabriel

    Oh wow, that seems like a gamble! Or a very effective stress-test!

    I wonder if the website will go down during the sale.

  5. Ling

    Do they ship to Canada?

  6. Nicki

    April Fools here we come…

  7. Liz

    Do they ship internationally?

  8. Ohhh this is so tempting! But I’m so broke!

  9. i hope it is not april fools day prank :( :( :(

  10. Cait

    Does anyone know if their international shipping rates are horrendous?

  11. Torie

    Ok it’s 6:30am here in Oklahoma. It’s still not up. :)

  12. Yellowlantern

    Weird, it’s 4/1 and the website is not up yet.

  13. Sarah

    Oooh, time to stock up on Mary Lou :) I ordered one from a shady seller on Amazon for $15 last month and it came completely crumbled ;__; If you didn’t know what about a tablespoon of that stuff looks like when it’s crumbled all over your body…. consider yourself lucky! I was glowing like an alien lol. I think I still have shimmers in my skin…

    Anyway hopefully if I order one straight from the seller (for $12 I think is half off theBalm’s price?) it’ll come in 1 piece :)

  14. EXCITED! theBalm is one of my favorite brands! And they have the nicest packaging.

  15. PoetrysTruth

    My feelings will be so hurt if this is a joke…sad but true. LOL

  16. Belinda

    As of 8:40am Central Time, their website is still not up. :(

  17. Elyse

    Selfishly, I was excited that you hadn’t reported it for a while, because I don’t want to be beat out for a nude’tude palette, hahahaha! What? I did say I was being selfish!

    Looks like that was in vain, though, because they still have the under construction banner up! I’ll just be refreshing every few minutes here at work, haha!


    The site is still not up yet… I want my bon jovi and hot mama!

  19. Nancy

    Has anyone been able to get on the website yet?

  20. sugar_chunk

    whats wrong !! it didn’t open yet :(

  21. Astrid

    but very slow :(

  22. Jennifer G

    It starts at 9am PST. They just announced it on their facebook. A lot of people were confused!

  23. Belinda

    Well, as suspected, every time I try to add something to my cart the page won’t load. Traffic is just too high. It doesn’t look like I will even be able to make a transaction. On top of that, even though the website has only been up for about half an hour, they are already sold out of a few items that I wanted.

    Major disappointment.

    • I still see the under construction image!

      • Marilyn Gonzalez

        Same here Christine….it’s 12:26 here on the east coast and all I can see is the construction page…

      • Maureen

        Same! It only shows the broken down car picture for me.

      • Belinda

        That’s so weird! The website went live for me for about an hour, but I wasn’t able to purchase ANYTHING and some stuff was sold out. Now I am getting the Under Construction page again. I have no idea what the heck is going on.

  24. Michelle

    OMG it took forever for the site to come back online today and it is running so slowly that I can’t even browse it. Has anyone been able to place an order today?

  25. Wenz

    Is this an april fools prank!? Its 12:30pm EST & still nothing….

  26. Marilyn Gonzalez

    The Balm’s facebook page is saying that their server is down…they will let everyone know as soon as its up. So, just keep a look out.

  27. Astrid

    I went on the site, had a lot of stuff in my cart, but now they say that they have no ‘shipping quotes’ for me (I live in Belgium, Europe) Can someone explain what they mean?

  28. Janelle

    I still see under construction….maybe it is an April Fool’s Day Joke. :(

  29. Elyse

    I finally managed to get what I wanted– seems like I’m one of the few! I had to use a link to a specific item and wait for pages to load for several minutes each.

    After I’d done that, they did ask that people not do it, but I’m glad I got my NUDE’tude palette and Frat Boy blush just the same. Good luck to everyone when the site goes live again.

  30. Ao

    It took me forever to browse and put something in a cart. And when I finally tried to check out, the server went down. I was almost there! Oh well, I don’t need them anyways.

  31. bluSHAHOLIC

    i cant wait to stock up on some marylou

  32. Marissa

    Everytime I go to the website it still isn’t up. Is anyone else seeing the same thing as me?

  33. This would be great if the website was up…..

  34. Gina

    Their website is up and the sale is on until 10pm (not sure of the time zone)

  35. Cat G

    YAY! I got the Mary-Lou Manizer, ShadyLady Volume 2, ‘Nude Tude Eyeshadow Palette in Naughty (I couldn’t resist haha) and FratBoy Shadow/Blush!!