Saturday, November 24th, 2012

5 Stunning Dark Red Lipsticks for the Holidays

Not so into bright reds? Here are some darker red options! :)

What’s your favorite dark red lipstick to wear during the holidays?

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28 thoughts on “5 Stunning Dark Red Lipsticks for the Holidays

  1. Paddychat

    For me dark red is “rouge orage” by Chanel.

  2. Miss J

    MAC Diva. DIVA! DIVA! DIVA! Hahaha, yes, I love this lipstick a ridiculous amount.

  3. Trudy

    My fave for the holidays is Lancome Red Stiletto… gorgeous!! Lancome Red Haute is great too :)

  4. Hm… I’d have to think about my favourite dark red. Armani #406 is amazing, definitely. I used to love Mac’s Charred Red so much that I wasn’t even bothered by its matte texture, but they went and discontinued it.

    On another note, it’s funny that Dark Side is a deep red on you. On me, it’s a dark pinky-berry shade. Doesn’t look red at all!

  5. Stacey

    Same again, all those reds from YSL and Dolce and Gabbana.

  6. r0saL1n3

    My favorite holiday (and pick me up when i feel d@mn ugly days) is MAC viva glam 1 and MAC Ruby woo. Instant sexy! I’m also interested in the loreal and Maybelline lipsticks, does anyone know any good reds for light to medium and yellow skin tones?

  7. Kafka

    I would say NARS Scarlet Empress but I’m not sure if it would qualify as a dark red given your other choices up there. But it’s one of my 2 HG lipsticks (with the other one going into the other Red thread) so, dammit, I’m listing it. LOL

    • heyyyyyy @kafka … i picked NARS SCARLET EMPRESS when i read in few of your comments … luckily i was able to get it on some online shop and i cant thank you enough dear XOXO πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ and when i saw this post today , before opening i knew you will again mention that so i had to THANK you for this dear once again πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      • Kafka

        You did?! And you really love it??? Oh, honey, you have no idea how much that makes my day!!!!!!! Seriously. And a big ROFL at “when i saw this post today , before opening i knew you will again mention that.” Hahahahaha. Do you know, I basically stopped posting in all the lipstick surveys because I felt like a broken record. Every single lipstick question (and not just for reds) was basically answered with NARS Scarlet Empress & Vesusvio. I’m SO, SOOOOOO glad that my (not exactly subtle) campaign to bring Scarlet Empress some love finally paid off in a small way. I’m just waiting for Christine to do a full review of it one of these days so that you can all see what I’ve known all along: best femme fatale, sexpot, vamp crimson out there! I bet you look incredibly sultry and hot in it, Rashmi!!!

        • hahahha kafkaaa πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ you musttt mention allll your fav baby …. for me and for alllll your fans πŸ˜€ i know this is C’s Planet but we all are part of it na ?? so dont hesitate and i must tell you … i rocked it hard … i mean my hubby was like WOWWWW …. and where i lovedddd the color matte like pure from tube I loved how well it was looking with MAC Dazzleglass in Funtabulous πŸ˜€ i am so obsessed and pairs lipstick with gloss all learnt from “C” … am still smiling hard to read your lovelyyyyy reply πŸ˜€ you always makes me feel special and this lipstick adds another great bond between Temptalia readers πŸ˜€

          • Kafka

            Hahaha, your husband found it hot and actually went WOWWWWW?! That’s the best part yet! Seriously, that made me grin to no end. You know, we all wear makeup primarily for ourselves and how it makes us feel, but it’s even better when it makes our significant others/partners stop in their tracks and go “WOWWWW!!” Yay for Scarlet Empress. Now I’m wondering how it looks with that MAC Dazzleglass of yours!

            And, yes, we are all part of C’s Temptalia world. I’m incredibly grateful for the friends I’ve made here and for the chance to share my beauty addiction with like-minded, fun, sweet people who let you feel a part of their world too. :) xoxoxo

            P.S. – Tell your hubby that I’m so happy he loved your lipstick and that his comment made my day!

            • yeahhh i will tell my hubby πŸ˜€ he hardly ignores red’s but that was more berry shade and he loved it equally πŸ˜€ even am feeling soooooo lucky that i was able to pick it , i was out of town and luckily logged in and saw this :d ahhahah i still thank my stars when i came across temptalia some 4 yrs back πŸ˜€ when my son was few months old and i use to browse net in free time πŸ˜€ loveeeee to read all the readers fav πŸ˜€ ….. and C as my mentor πŸ˜€

  8. My go-to dark reds are MAC Captive (always get a lot of compliments) and MAC New York Apple, which looks great and different 2 ways depending on how heavily you apply it.

  9. I loveeeee MAC DIVA , NARS SCARLET EMPRESS ( all thanks to kafka ) and Elizabeth Arden cranberry cream … πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Kafka

      THIS> made my day! Vive l’ImpΓ©ratrice! πŸ˜€

      • and everytime i see the color i say “WOW” …. πŸ˜€ and am going to pick your fav pure matte too( sorry the name is little complicated ) ASAP πŸ˜€ …. saw mascot on ASOS and that is added as well in my wish list πŸ˜€

        • Kafka

          What is Mascot, Rashmi? I don’t think I’ve used it or heard of it. If you’re thinking of Mascate, it’s not my favorite. I much prefer NARS’ Red Lizard or the soft dusky rose-red TransEurope Express. As for my other HG red lipstick (Vesuvio), please let me know if you like if or when you get it. You know, it’s named after the volcano, Vesuvio, which erupted and ended up killing the entire city on Pompeii in Italy eons and eons ago. Just thought you might be amused by that fun fact. lol. I guess NARS figured the red was an explosively fiery hot colour. πŸ˜‰

          • yeahhh mascate … sorryyy ahhaha am so confused all the time πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ … i didddddd picked transeurope express last week , it will take one more week to reach me here and now am soooooo happy that you mentioned the name , i thinkkkk it is disc. from NARS site but i was able to pick it from some online shop and there were 2 – 3 pieces and i was going mad reading reviews and stuff πŸ˜€ i should have asked you directly i guess πŸ˜€ now yeah am more excited for vesuvio reading the story behind and another shade to add in my list are red lizard ( missed it last time ) and jungle red .. am sucker for reds ahahahah πŸ˜€ seriosuly NARS makes some awesome reds .. i have maneater but it is very sheer still pretty πŸ˜€

  10. Smidgeroo

    I know I’ve found a winning combo with Hourglass’ Icon liquid lipstick and an old L’Oreal liquid lipstick that came in a metal tube. They’re both super dense and the L’Oreal liquid on top gives me killer shine that’s too think to seep into my liplines. I wish they still made it; it’s SUCH good quality. I also like MAC’s Deeply Adored. I like ’em matte! <3

  11. Dark Side is on my wishlist! Mascate is gorgeous! I have it and it’s my favorite red.

  12. I really need MAC Good to Be Bad. I should get it soon! πŸ˜‰

  13. Dominique

    Dior ” Diva ” or ” Diorling “, Chanel ” Pirate ” or ” Passion ” or in a matte version Burberry ” Military Red ” or M.A.C ” Russian Red ” but my fav is Diorling I think, I mean for the 2012 Holiday

  14. viv

    Rimmel UK actually has some gorgeous dark red lipsticks out now. I think my favorite is either #10 or #11 (too lazy to check), especially with a deep lip pencil like MAC Currant. I love Currant or Nightmoth + Ruby Woo or Russian Red for a more purpley-blue red. I also LOVE using MAC Foxy Lady as a lip pencil (which you’re probably not supposed to do but whatever) with Ruby Woo.

  15. VickyM

    Lol the only red I own is Mac New York Apple. It is not a loud color so it can be for daily use as well. Still interested in Mac on hold :) … I seem to run away from the very bright, very strong reds.

  16. Geneva

    I have three red lipsticks that I love, NARS Red Lizard, Tarte Fiery and OCC Lip Tar NSFW (Not Suitable for Work).

  17. Melody

    I need Good to Be Bad! Looks like it would make a lovely stain. I love MAC Runaway Red and Covergirl Lip Perfection in Hot. All of MAC’s permanent reds are pretty nice, too. I’ve been meaning to check out Diva. If I can track down Revlon Cherries in the Snow in my area (it’s always sold out!), I need to try that one too.

  18. Stylediva80

    Nars Red Lizard is a great color, and Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion is screen siren and holiday all the way. For a red gloss with a good amount of color Enjoy Red by Givenchy.