Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Now that 2014 has kicked off, and I’m sure you’ve heard that Pantone’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid.  I know we’ll see plenty of new introductions of the color throughout the year, but I know that we’ve seen the color before–and you may already have some in your stash!  Here are a few of my picks for wearing radiant orchid on your lips or your tips…

What are your favorite orchid-hued lip colors and nail polishes?

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79 thoughts on “5 Shades of Radiant Orchid for Lips & Tips

  1. I’m too wussy to try orchid-hued lip colours but I love it on my nails, and my favourite is China Glaze Spontaneous.
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  2. Amanda

    I can’t seem to find a review for up the amp anywhere? It’s a really pretty shade but if it’s in any way drying its a no go for me!

  3. MAC Heroine lipstick! Didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off, but I bought a tube when they announced the permanent release and I’m in love with how it looks. 😀

  4. Oh I actually didn’t know this would be the color of the year :-) I liked emerald better, but orchid isn’t bad either!

  5. Kieko is stunning!
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  6. I need the NYX and OCC lippies plus the Cult polish. The colors are so pretty!
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  7. Nyx Castle is totally on my list of things to get since It tried their Butter Glosses and fell in love! You can’t beat a purple lipstick, I say!

    That last Zoya polish is also really nice! :-)

  8. kayce

    again, i’m not sure if what i’m posting necessarily qualifies as orchid, but my favorite color in this family is zoya’s “malia”. i like that it’s a warm, medium-toned purple that looks good with everything.

  9. Although it’s not a shade I could rock daily I LOVE the OCC Lydia Lip Tar. 😉
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  10. Zoya Zuza, Orly Preamp, Pixie Luminous Lilac, possibly OPI Significant Other Color, if the green flash in it isn’t too much to override the purple. I own so much purple polish.

    I don’t wear anything that light on lips, though, I tend towards plums if I do purple lips, so I don’t have anything there. I own Lydia, but I don’t wear it on its own.

  11. Taylor jean

    “Darling” lipstick by Melt cosmetics is such a gorgeous lilac/lavender shade!!!

  12. Malinda Jane

    I’m sad about the shade this year. It’s really beautiful, but I feel like these kinds of shades look so weird on my coloring.

    • Aww! :( Maybe because there will be so many variations, there will be one that suits you!

    • Even though I LOVE and can wear bright orchid tones, I can relate to those who feel that orchid is difficult for them to wear – I felt that way about last year’s “emerald.” Green eyeshadow is a no-go on green-eyed me, and green lipstick isn’t my thing, either.
      I’m expecting to have some major color fun in 2014! :)

  13. I hadn’t heard that “radiant orchid” was the colour of the year but I’ll be doing a happy dance if Panetone ever decides that taupe or grey-brown is “the colour of the year” (vbg). I wasn’t crazy about all the iterations of emerald that came out last year in response to that being the colour of the year and, to be honest, I really dislike the concept of a “colour of the year” and sort of being manipulated/limited so that options for other colours (in clothing, fabric – I love to sew – home decorating items, etc.) are limited.

  14. Soleil

    Oh my! I was just at the MAC counter the other day and Up the Amp caught my eye! I feel like a winner now, seeing you post it here. Will definitely grab one today!

  15. Purple is my favorite color and the orchid hue is my favorite for Spring. Its kinda cool toned to wear for me as a NC50 shade, but I’m gonna try. I have the NYX color, Revlon’s Berry Haute, and Mac’s Heroine/Up the amp colors in lipsticks and gloss. Shoot I have the Heroine nail polish too (lol). Mac’s Feed The Senses and Lavender Whip are cute orchid colors I like to wear.

  16. Lawanda Hankins

    Maybelline color elixir gloss in dashing orchid is very nice as well as Bite Beauty lip lacquer in chianti and Almay liquid lip balm in lilac love. NYX butter lipstick in hunk is pretty but a bit darker.

  17. Valerie C.

    I have MAC Up The Amp. It’s not drying at all. Sometimes I mix a pink with it or top with pink gloss.
    I want the nail polishes! Love at First Sight looks beautiful! I’m buying :) Thanks!

  18. YSL fuchsia in rage and Buxom Swinger lippie!

  19. OCC hoochie is awesome. :)

  20. What fabulous list Christine :) OCC Lydia is awesome shade to pick and as you said in your reviews , it is universally flattering shade 😀 😀
    from your stash i would like to add ( if you agree )
    BUXOM SWINGER .. which am buying even if its not in same color family :d
    and also SHISEIDO RD 320 lipstick 😀

    do you say they are close enough to be called “Radiant Orchid”

    and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee up the amp :) you know dear , i have a “BIGGG” beads necklace which i wear with up the amp as they are same in color and it looks WOWWWW .. ( sorry for praising myself)
    Rashmi Recently Posted: A Radiant look using mix of purples and pinks!

    • Those are both very nice! :) I think they may be a smidgen fuchsia/pinker, but they are close.

      I always want to wear big necklaces but have no idea how to wear them well. Any tips?

      • no earrings and deep neck top :) the size of necklace a little shorter :) I dont like those which are long …. as am on heavier side it grabs all the attention
        can i add a picture of mine in gallery here ?
        i will :)
        you should really tell me if you are looking for some , I am basically from JAIPUR and its famous for gems …
        i will send you a picture of my collection and if you like anything justttttttt tell me dear 😀

        am sure you know , more then you i would be happy to see you wearing something picked by me 😀

        I would also like to add as you asked what is our fav :
        I picked YSL # 16 glossy stain and it is WOW :)

        the other day i was in store and these SA’s came to me ( from YSL and CHANEL)
        mam , ever since you bought we are also using it on our lips hahahah

        and it made me blush 😀 my YSL SA – when i was buying it , was surprised why am picking a color like this ? I always buy orange or red … she asked me 3 – 4 times . .you sure you want this ?
        but it worked nicely
        for blush it has to be ILLAMASQUA THRUST :)
        do you have that post as well coming up ?
        love “FIVE WAYS”
        Rashmi Recently Posted: A Radiant look using mix of purples and pinks!

        • Please feel free to send me pics, Rashmi! You know my email :) Would love to see your necklace collection.

          No blush posts coming up from radiant orchid – I didn’t feel like I had any really great matches for the color (at least not five)!

  21. I think Zoya Perrie is also a suitable shade! :)

  22. verladesh Gilles

    I have OCC hoochie and lydia and I pair that with my Inglot shadow.

  23. breyerchic04

    You say up the amp is satin but the bottom of my tube says Amplified Cream.

    • Hi!

      I’m not referring to the official finish – what it looks like to me :) Satin = slight sheen, not quite matte

      • breyerchic04

        Oh ok, thanks. It definitely has a satiny finish.

        I’ve been mixing it with Sweet Succulence from this fall, and I love the dark mauve shade I get.

  24. liz

    oh oh oh!! OCC Hoochie is my favorite orchid-colored makeup right now!

  25. I am sorting my lipsticks this morning and I uncapped Gladiola from MAC’s Dame Edna line. Looks like Radiant Orchid (or one of its variants) to me. I checked MAC’s website and can’t find it (it’s a matte finish) although I wouldn’t be surprised to see it resurface this year.

    • Gladiola is an oldie! 😉 It was LE!

      • MAC sometimes brings back LE’s and/or makes them permanent, right? Because Gladiola definitely is close to Radiant Orchid.

        • Yes, they do :) It’s very rare that anything gets made permanent (it seems to happen with one shade a year, but that’s only been in the past two or three years!). I’m sure they’ll release a few more in the family. I believe that Heroine was made permanent in part to the Radiant Orchid trend.

  26. Great picks! I really love this shade in general, so I was happy to see it chosen as Color of the Year.

  27. I adore purple lips! from dark vampy purples to sweet lilacs!
    They’re my go to lip & nail colours!
    Not many bloggers speak about purple nails or lilac lips, so its lovely to see.

  28. Jen

    Loving the colour of the year! MAC Up the Amp is one of my faves! :)

  29. Pia

    NYX Chloe, Maybelline colorsensational Hot Plum, MAC Gladiola and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #19. Those are my favorite orchid colors.

  30. Karen K

    I have Up The Amp but can you recommend a liner to wear with it? Just bought a L’oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Burst into Bloom because it reminded me of the Radiant Orchid theme. Also Marc Jacobs nail polish in Oui!

  31. Melio

    Up the Amp is one of my favorite lipsticks ever! Christine, I just have to tell you I love your blog, and you’ve helped me find some amazing products!

  32. I love the Lydia lip tar. Too bad I don’t like lip tars.

  33. I’m so happy to have bought Up the Amp recently, since it’s definitely its year!
    Another lipstick that I’m loving is Mirrored Orchid by Estee Lauder; has it caught your eye?
    Andriana Recently Posted: 2014!

  34. A super-bright, clear, cool-toned color on lips?
    Count me IN!
    In fact, I already have MAC Show Orchid, Lavender Whip, and Violetta,not to mention Lime Crime Poisonberry.
    I’m currently (NO pun intended – though it would be “currently” to make a pun) on the lookout for the perfect pinky-purple gloss.
    Suggestions, anyone?

  35. For nails–Literary Lacquers As the Waltz Was Ending.