Friday, September 6th, 2013

This post is inspired by today being National Wear Teal Day, which is a day to help raise awareness for ovarian cancer, and it was brought to my attention particularly by Laura Mercier. The brand has a history of raising awareness and supporting women with ovarian cancer through the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund as well as on the cosmetic side, the brand also donates 100% of the profits of three of their products towards the cause.

I, of course, need little push to wear teal, as it is one of my favorite colors, but today, teal has more meaning. Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death among women (per Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, which has a great infographic here) and only 15% of cases are detected early, which is a key reason for raising awareness, particularly of potential symptoms and risk factors. You can learn more about early detection here.

Here are my five favorites right now:

  1. Urban Decay Deep End — a bluish-teal with a frosted finish
  2. Zoya Giovanna — a shimmering teal with a slight green tint
  3. Fyrinnae Gender Bent — a brightened teal with a soft pearl finish
  4. Illamasqua Apocalips — to really make a statement, a matte teal lipstick
  5. Inglot #338 — a deep, blue-teal with a matte finish

What’s your favorite teal?

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25 thoughts on “5 Shades of Teal for a Cause – National Wear Teal Day

  1. I fully support the idea of fundraising for ovarian cancer – it’s a silent killer of women and generally, by the time any symptoms present, it is already too late. And it is wonderful that LM is donating 100% of the profits from 3 of their products (do you know which ones, Christine?) – is this for a day or for always (a la MAC Viva Glam)? But I don’t see how wearing teal generally (any company, any product or item of clothing) does anything to help… In Canada, this is a pretty unknown cause, so far as I know, though I would love to see it grow…

    Still, my favourite teals:
    UD Haight and Evidence
    MAC Birds&Berries and Steamy (is Steamy considered a “teal”?)
    for nails, OPI Yodel Me On My Cell (some call it “blue” but I think it’s teal)

    • oops, not Evidence…I meant Deep End. I love it too, Christine!

    • Hey Mariella!

      These three – – There’s a palette ($48), lipgloss ($24), and highlighter ($36)

      I believe that the profits are donated year-round, not just for today. I believe the idea is no different than getting more people to associate pink with October/BCA than it is to get teal to be associated with September/Ovarian Cancer. I imagine that the bolder color might not be for everyone, so maybe if you don’t normally wear teal, it’s like – hey, why teal? As more and more people join and wear teal on National Wear Teal Day, the more others might take notice and wonder why they’re seeing so much teal, and then ask :) It’s also a way to show support, whether or not everyone knows, to those who do know or who know and are going through treatment or diagnosis.

      I would likely never have written a post otherwise if it was not tangentially related to beauty (just as we don’t post about things unrelated like politics, fashion, finances, celebrity gossip, etc. unless there is an actual beauty tie-in that makes sense!) and I may not personally have heard about it (because you’re right, it’s little known, and I don’t know if anyone in my “real” life has mentioned anything in regards to it). I’m sure I’m not alone on that either! With all that said, this post will reach at least 35,000 people today :)

  2. Oh my, it goes from good to amazing! The Inglot eyeshadow is deeefinitely my favorite.

  3. Great post for raising awareness! Also, I have Deep End and it’s beautiful!

  4. angela

    loove urban decay flipside with stila blue (can’t remember the name of it, but it’s in a palette) i wear mac gorgeous gold on inner half of eye with flipside in outer half and then the stila color in the crease. it’s very bright and looks great for the summer. one of my fav looks!

  5. x

    MAC teal pigment! (before it was reformulated)

    • When did they reformulate?!

      • x

        they reformulated a few pigments when they repackaged them.
        my old teal pigment is a rich peacock teal with green undertones. i wanted to get a new one for my kit & it was dusty and silvery. not the same at all!
        also, if you google old gold pigment (another reformulated shade) you’ll see the old swatches have a bright green duochrome & the newer ones are just bronzey. surprised no-one has really noticed! /rant

        • Hmm, I haven’t noticed any difference between them – Teal is the same in the new packaging as the old (just checked)! My new packaging is probably a year or two old by now, but it’s definitely in the newer packaging.

  6. xamyx

    NARS Thunderball is probably as “teal” as I would normally go, or L’Oreal VIP Status, Revlon Fashionista, or Sally Hansen CSM Mermaid’s Tale. I also have a Borghese Eye Scream (loose shadow) in Azzuro, although it really leans more blue.

    If this catches on, I would be more inclined to wear it, but as it stands, I would just look too much unlike myself, as it’s a color I rarely wear. While we’re on the topic of awareness, one thing that gets no attention is uterine cancer.

    • KaylaP

      I agree Uterine cancer is another killer, my Grandmother actually passed away from this in June :(. Cancer just sucks!

  7. Janelle

    I am going to have to buy something where they make the donation. Ovarian Cancer is often such a silent killer until it is too late so it is important to raise awareness and ensure that one is getting their annual exam (I know none of us enjoy having our ovaries “palpated” through our anus, but it is so important!). One of my Aunts survived Breast Cancer only to die of Ovarian Cancer. It is of the utmost importance that we take care of ourselves as females and remember that Breast Cancer is not the only thing to worry about (remember Heart Disease kills more women than any of the cancers!). All cancer risks can be lowered by taking a healthy approach to life so let’s eat well and get exercising ladies!

    • Sorry to hear about your aunt, Janelle!

    • Mimi

      Breast cancer and ovarian cancer are linked. Janelle, was your aunt ever tested for the BRCA1 & BRCA2 genetic defect? My cousin and I both got breast cancer 5 years ago. Our aunt died from ovarian cancer. I got the genetic test and was negative. My cousin skipped the test because it is rare to have the genetic defect. Well, she got breast cancer again this year and has the genetic test and she has a defect on her BRCA2 gene. So, it’s lurking somewhere in our family line. You may want to discuss getting tested with your doctor when you have your annual exam. See how much your insurance will pay. It may save your life.

      • Janelle

        Thanks for the advice Mimi. I have considered getting the test, but I am a little paranoid at the same time. I have always felt that I WILL DIE of cancer as my paternal grandmother had breast and uterine cancer (she died from the surgery to remove her uterus), my paternal aunt had breast cancer and died from it, and my maternal Aunt had breast cancer (discovered at Stage IV and in all her upper body lymph nodes), then got ovarian cancer. When my maternal Aunt passed (she decided to end her life rather than go through treatment for the fourth time) the cancer had spread into her bones and lungs and she was unable to eat or drink. :( I have already had mammograms (I’m 30) and have already had some lumpectomies. I try to stay diligent about my health and ensure that I go to the doctor regularly. I am pretty paranoid about this already and worry that I would be worse with the test.
        Are there any benefits to getting the test? Would it say for sure that I am going to get cancer? I am sorry to hear about you and your cousin. I hope that you are currently in good health and that your cousin is doing better!

  8. Funny that I just dyed my hair teal. I have Apocalips, but rarely find the situation to wear it. Gorgeous picks. Mixing Radium eyeliner, Unhinged eyeshadow and Junkie eyeshadow (in that order) creates a great teal-y color. I really need to snag Genderbent.

  9. Wow, I’ve never heard of Teal Day. Thanks for the notice. The only makeup I own that may pass for teal is a Laura Mercier eyeliner called canard. Bought it this summer and haven’t used it yet. I will relay the awareness info to my family, friends and colleagues. Meanwhile, I think it’s time to wear my teal. Imo, its a beautiful and under appreciated color.

  10. I love Gender Bent. Some great choices!

  11. Wow, why in the world do I want Apocalips? It’s such a great color!

  12. Danita

    This post truly made my day Christine. My mom recently passed away from ovarian cancer, and she made it her goal to raise awareness about the disease. There is a lot of focus on breast cancer in women, so to see more awareness being raised about ovarian cancer is such an amazing thing to me. Thank you for this post, and I’m sure my mom would thank you as well for relaying her main message of awareness through my favorite thing: makeup. Thanks again :) <3

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, Danita! I’m glad I could do a small part to help spread awareness so we can detect it earlier more often. Thank you for sharing your story – your mother sounds like a very courageous woman :)

  13. KaylaP

    Thanks for posting this Christine! Ovarian Cancer hits very close to home to me. I lost my best friend to this terrible disease. She was only 24 when she passed away in 2012…So ladies anyone can get this and there is seriously little warning, be proactive and take your health seriously because you just never know..