Thursday, April 14th, 2011

5 Fun Duochromes

Reader Sarah wanted to see five duochromes, and I thought I’d try to get some variety in type of product. A product with a duochrome finish or color will look like one color when you look at it straight on, and then when you angle it, it can look like an entirely different color (or nearly so). MAC has several duochrome eyeshadows and pigments (more than most other brands that I’m aware of)–far more than the two here on the list.

What’s your favorite duochrome beauty product?

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42 thoughts on “5 Fun Duochromes

  1. Cleo

    Mac – Motif

    probably :)

    and maybe Gosh Purple Heart nail polish

  2. thea

    okay so this is not related to anything, but i figured i had a good chance of getting an answer if i posted this on one of you newer posts:)
    is there ANYTHING you can do if you get some sort of grease or oil into a powder eyeshadow? anything at all? my embark shadow just dosent come out when i put a brush in it and im not to keen on going and purchasing a new one… does it ever happen to you?

  3. braveviet

    I am wearing wet n wild duochrome eyeshadow in Comfort zone palette, similar to Mac club but more red.

  4. Fyrinnae Faerie Glamour, Fyrinnae Wicked, Fyrinnae Sorceress

  5. AnGeLwInGz

    I love anything duochrome. Some of my faves are Urban Decay Lounge eyeshadow, Gorgeous Gold, Flirt blush in Heartthrob and Pink Tutu, and OPI nail polish in Significant Other Color (lavender and mint green, so cool!)

  6. Penemuel

    SO very pretty – thank you for the gorgeous pics. I love duochromes!

  7. Nichole

    There isn’t a line I have used or heard of that can beat Fyrinnae’s Arcane or Dualcolor shadows.

  8. Really love the two nailpolishes featured here! I find nails are a great way to wear a more “wild” color on a daily basis or in a more conservative setting.

  9. ERIKA

    It would have to be MAC’s club eyeshadow… This was one of my first MAC eyeshadows I purchased way back lol , I still cant get over it. Especially over a black base … lovvvveee

  10. Katie

    My favorite duochromes are in nail polishes (can’t think of one right now). I remember swooning over the NYX nail polish the first time you reviewed it. Christine (or anyone), what are some dupes of it? Thanks!

  11. An old, long discontinued Rimmel nail polish called ‘Zeitgeist’ that changes to purple/ gold/ green/ bronze depending on the light. I hoard my remaining stash of it like a greedy old dragon guarding its treasure. 😀

    That Orly nail polish is gorgeous!

  12. Dawn

    I absolutely love duochromes!

  13. Liz

    MAC Club eyeshadow!

  14. Aurore

    My favourite is an OPI’s nail laquer, Significant other color. It is a very sheer pink with gold/green shimmer. With my really fair skin it looks gorgeous cause it still shows the nail by transparency, and the association of green and pink is so fun ^^

  15. My favorite duochrome is definitely MAC’s “Club” eyeshadow! Love the transition from a soft smokey brown to a gorgeous green.

  16. Oh, Christine, you are making want to buy I’m Feeling Retro just for that shade alone!

  17. Katie

    UD X eyeshadow (about the same as MAC Motif, but I like the texture a little better) and Pink Opal and Blue Brown pigment are some of my favorites. I like the NYX nailpolish here. Very pretty. They should make an eyeshadow like that…

  18. Pariah

    ohhhh temptalia, my wallet hates you. I love duochorme! anything duochorme, make up, jewelry, anything… i love it. So I just went on Ulta to by the ORLY Space Cadet, and they were having a by 2 get one free sale. So I also got It’s Not Rocket Science, and Galaxy Girl. Thankfully because the Sephora 15% sale starts today I stopped at that.

  19. Carrie Ann

    I love MAC Vex e/s. It has that pretty green in it. I also think Club is gorgeous as well as Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter and If it Sparkles… Pigment. My favorite is probably Stars ‘N’ Rockets. I love that pretty blue duochrome over the violet.

  20. Mariella

    My favourite duochrome has to be MAC’s Club Eyeshadow!!! And I’m not sure if Moonlight Night Pigment counts as a duochrome or not but it sure looks like one to me, so I’d have to say it’s another favourite.

  21. I love all things duochrome, so I love ll things in this post! =D

  22. Space Cadet and the other polishes of that collection are just brilliant, along with MAC Bad Fairy and the dupes.
    How about lip products with duochrome?? ~

  23. bxboricua

    I love duochromes! I have Orly Space Cadet, Deep Blue Green and Gorgeous Gold. Some other favs are Club, Blue Brown pigment, OPI Significant Other, OPI Not like the Movies. Really want to try NYX Paradise!

  24. Lupis

    Definitely is Club by MAC. It’s such a versatile color!!

  25. Quinctia

    Only ALL of them! It’s my favorite type of thing ever.

    I have a lot of purpley ones because they seem to be more commonly used for the duochrome effect. (I now NEED that Nyx polish you’ve posted, thanks! XP)

    – OPI Significant Other Color
    – Zoya Zara
    – Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (flakies count, right?)
    – Sally Hansen HD polishes (especially DVD)
    – UD Fishnet Deluxe eyeshadow (looks a lot like that WnW shadow above)
    – UD Morphine Shadow pencil
    – Fyrinnae’s Arcane Magic Eyeshadows (the whole category)
    – Nyx’s Rose Bud Round Lipstick

  26. Aramis

    star n rockets and nanogold even though i have to layer nanogold over a creamy concealer to get the color desired!

  27. I have the first two products. Now I want that NYX polish!!

  28. Britta

    MAC Chroma Sinful Serpent Nail Laquer

  29. Becky

    I have a LONG list!! MAC Formidable! nail polish, MAC Pink Pearl, White Gold, Old Gold, Blue Brown, Copperclast pigments, and NARS shadow duo in Eurydice are a few of my favs.

  30. I love my Fyrinnae loose shadows with duochrome (I have Wicked and Faerie Glamour off the top of my head – Phyrra’s reply reminded me – but I know there are way more!) and more recently I’ve also discovered cheap UK drugstore brand MUA make-up academy, I have two of theirs which are amazingly good value! £1 for eyeshadows bigger than MAC with comparable pigmentation? Yes please!

  31. Dianna

    MAC Vex eyeshadow
    Sinful Colors Nail polish (sold at Walgreens, so cheap but amazing) – color 322 Lem Me Go:

  32. Dandoona

    For me definitely, Mac (club), Mac (Vex)which is very hard to describe, and Stars and Rockets for sure. I also have a MUFE star powder pigment that is like club, blue/brown/green gorgeous….

  33. Lori

    I love the duochrome eyeshadow in the new comfort zone palette by wet n wild.