Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

2013 Readers’ Choice Awards – Voting is Open!

VOTING IS OPEN We’ve gone through all of your nominations and taken the top 15 nominees for each category (in the case of ties, we included them, so some categories have more than 15 nominees), and those nominees are the ones that made it onto the voting ballot.  We encourage you to vote for the brands and products you feel deserve the award, and in the case where you don’t agree with the nominees, simply vote other or skip the question altogether. You can vote in our annual Readers’ Choice Awards here.

Voting will end January 11th, 2013 at 11:59PM PST.  We will announce winners shortly after.  You can check out last year’s winners here.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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23 thoughts on “2013 Readers’ Choice Awards – Vote Now!

  1. HélèneSud

    done !!!!
    I take the opportunity to thank you for all you did along this year !!
    you help me in choosing good products !!! you did an amazing job with all this test and swatches !!!!
    I wish you a very good “end of year” … I’ll be back very soon ;)… with my wishes for the new year !!!

    PS : I do apologize if there are many errors in my message but for me it’s easier to speak english than to write it !!!! … all the best from South of France !!! ♥

  2. Patricia

    Oh I am sooo excieted about this! It feels kind of like the Oscars for me! LOL Can´t wait to vote and see the winners! =)

  3. t_zwiggy

    Every year when I see the final “list”, I get surprised that hardly any of my suggestions made it all the way through. I guess it’s time to realize that I have weird taste in makeup or that I’m maybe into less mainstream products/brands.

    Anyway, I’m really excited, and can’t wait to see the winners in a couple of weeks!

  4. Kami

    This is exciting. I’m so curious to see what the overall impression of 2012 was. I just finished voting though some categories I have not tried before (like powder foundation- my dry skin hates it). Thank you Christine for all the hard work. I must say this year you got me hooked on a brand I never tried before (Guerlain). I’ve always been a Dior girl and I think this year Guerlain might have stolen my heart. And all thanks to your swatches. Next I neeeeeeeeeeeeed to try Burberry and Armani. I always felt guilty about trying these brands because of price point but after you buy one and see the quality don’t feel so guilty anymore. Lol right? Guerlain seemed the same too but then realized not that much more expensive than Dior and products are amazing. Sigh how I justify myself. Lol

    All the best Christine and a Happy New Year!

  5. xamyx

    I had sooo much trouble with some of these! I had to actually look at some of my products to choose the best (I was torn between NARS & UD, for example for Best Brand), others just weren’t on the list, and some I just went with my first instinct, LOL, and didn’t over-think it. I was quite surprised when it came down to it, I actually chose MAC for a few “Best…” products, as I haven’t bought much in the last few years…

  6. Audrey

    I haven’t tried enough brands of make up to vote for much of these, but I did what I could. I was shocked that Pantene or Head n Shoulders ever won in hair care. I may not have tried all kinds of brands of make up, but I’ve tried the full spectrum of shampoo, and those two were the very worst.

    • AZSunshine

      Hey Audrey! I just thought I’d tell you that Head and Shoulders has been a lifesaver for me since I have seborreia… To each their own right! LOL

  7. lauren

    I was so torn in a lot of categories! I’ve also tried a lot of new things this year which have quickly become favorites- most of which were unlisted.

    • Mariella

      I was also torn because within some of the categories, I was really hard-pressed to choose just one product because there were 2 or 3 that I liked pretty much equally!

  8. CristinaO

    Thank you for all the hard work and professional reviews,your sunny face and gentle and nice responses.I wish you and your family all the good things possible ,health and happiness. From Romania Happy new year and many,many hugs for you and yours.If i make mistakes in english ,sorry but i am trying.

  9. Dominique

    I did my best but I didn’t vote for every category, I didn’t know the products that’s why.

  10. Madeline

    First time voting!!! So fun! Thanks for your sharing your expertise, dedication and hard work, Christine. I read Temptalia religiously every day, (with my coffee!) and though it is a bad influence as it makes me buy new products I DON’T need, it may also put me off from products I want that SUCK! We <3 you! To a great 2013 together! Cheers!

  11. Suselew

    Voted! I was though disappointed with the absence of Chantecaille.

  12. Amy Lewis Oakes

    First time voting it was a blast!! Can’t wait to see the winners, thank you!