Sunday, January 16th, 2011

2011 Temptalia Readers’ Choice Awards – Vote Now!

The nominations are in, tallied up, and now it’s time for you to vote!  Voting is now open and will close on January 16th, 2011 at 6PM PST.  We will announce the results within one week of when the voting ends, but we will do everything we can to get ’em out ASAP!

This is your last chance to vote if you haven’t already!  Voting ends promptly at 6PM PST tonight!

Cast your vote! Vote! Vote!

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24 thoughts on “2011 Temptalia Readers’ Choice Awards – Vote Now!

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m using my blackberry and when I click the vote button it takes me to home website. Can you send me the link to vote . Thanks

  2. Soo

    just voted! I hope Sugarpill wins a category!

  3. Hannah

    Hey Christine!
    This isnt related to the post but I was flipping through seventeen magazine and in the beauty section they have the MAC wonder woman eye shadow quad in Defiance for $40. It looks like a purple quad and the interior of the packaging is gold while it looks like the bottom is blue and the top is red. Reminds me of the Hello kitty style quads. Will you have pictures going up soon? :)

  4. Erica

    Just voted. Phew! Takes me quite a while; but fun! Great job Christine!

  5. Janet

    Super fun! I’m excited to see the results!

    A super random, completely off topic question – are we going to see any Shaun the Tech Guy reviews any time soon? They were hilarious!

  6. I loved all the categories! Can’t wait to see the results!

  7. Kalex

    Did you throw nonsense in with the options for each category? Monistat in the face primer section really threw me off for a second!

    • No, actually, many people use it as a primer since it’s cheap and the ingredients are similar to those in major primers 😛

      I couldn’t do it myself, but yeah!

      • RhiRhi

        Voted last night. A few of my fav’s didn’t make the list but a lot did! Can’t wait to see the winners and try out new products. Just wanted to say that I’ve used the Monistat gel as a primer and must say it works fabulous! Cheep and just as good as Smashbox with out the price tag. It’s not like you tub it on your lady business first then apply to your face … it’s just a name 😉

        • I wouldn’t use it, because for me, unless it says it is for face, I won’t use it there. Just because the ingredient lists are similar doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the same (or correct) grade/quality or even in quantities that are appropriate for the face. That’s just me, though :) I can’t use either, though, as that much silicone breaks me out.

          Nothing against anyone who does use it – if it works for you, I’m happy!

      • Whitney

        Monistat is a great face primer!

  8. Tassia Pavilhao

    I have done the survey already! It was my first time ever =)
    However, I would like to be able to see all the options for each category again, so I can also try some of those products. However, I am not able to go back and see the names of them because I already did the survey.
    Is there anyway around that?

    XoXo – Tassie

  9. Erica C

    Eco Tools and Too Faced FTW!
    Oh, and Urban Decay… and MAC… 😉

    Great idea, this poll! I’m looking forward to the results.

  10. Sri

    awesome choices…
    though I use baby products for my face skincare and never try those brands (except cetaphil), so I can’t say much.. 😀

  11. RAS

    Great choices, but I nominate – as a write-in – Origins Checks and Balances facial cleanser. Great stuff!

    • Rebecca

      I agree!
      I got it for free during their Earth Day promotion, traded in the philosophy facial cleanser (dried me out like crazy!), and it’s amazing!