Monday, January 17th, 2011

2011 Readers’ Choice Awards – The Results Are In!

I’m so pleased to announce the results of Temptalia’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards!  The results can be found here.  After thousands of votes cast, we have a very robust, diverse group of winners with some surprises (and some not-so-surprises).  Congratulations to this year’s winners, as well as everyone who earned a nomination!




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9 thoughts on “2011 Readers’ Choice Awards – The Results Are In!

  1. livnzoe

    i loooove temptalia reader’s choice awards!!
    christine, you did an awesome job!!!

  2. Siri

    We have good taste :)

  3. nicci

    Wow, everything is MAC and Urban Decay. Errrr….

  4. Traci

    Thank You so much Christine for all of your hard work! You always do an amazing job! I am sorry that some readers make this process difficult for you, but I know you won’t let anybody get you down!

  5. Paula

    There should be more variation. It’s not really a readers’s award if the same brand gets picked every year. Why vote then? Every year, a new brand should be represented. It’s also a good way for new brands to get exposure. This award should be re-titled to MAC Awards 2010.

    Look at the results, MAC was voted for best lipstick?!!! WOW. There are so many other brands in terms of lipstick but I guess when you just want to pay for the cheapest lipstick, MAC is the brand to go to. Quality obviously is not considered. But then again, look at the readers – junior high and high school girls mainly. If this was geared towards college or professional working women, MAC would not be voted best beauty brand.

    • Readers were given the opportunity to nominate their favorites — all write-ins. The top 15 nominees for each category were presented on the poll. Readers voted – and this is how they voted. All products and brands compete for the best in category – not just what’s new, because then you really dilute what’s “best.”

      Thankfully, our readers are from all walks of life and voted the way they wanted to – however that may be. If you don’t like the results, that’s fine, but why insult readers?

    • You obviously misunderstood the whole “READERS’ CHOICE” title. And I am not a junior high or high school girl. And I take offense to the assumption that mature, college, and professional women can’t enjoy MAC or other such brands.

    • Jody

      This 39 year-old college educated, professional woman uses MAC mostly. I also use many Guerlain, Chanel and NARS products.
      However, MAC is my number one brand. I see an error in that blanket assumption that “college or professional women” would not vote MAC.