Friday, December 25th, 2009

3rd Annual Temptalia Readers’ Choice Awards for 2009 — VOTE NOW!

Every year, Temptalia has been proud to hold an awards ceremony to honor and celebrate the best beauty brands and products, both new and old. (We also have to toss in a few “worst” categories!) Our first awards were held in 2007, followed by 2008. The full awards consist of both editor’s choices (aka my picks) and readers’ choices, which are based off of readers’ nominations and votes.

The nominations are in, and the top fifteen (or so!) for each category have been pulled and are ready for you to vote for your favorites!  This is one of my favorite things we do here at Temptalia, and I can’t wait to see the votes come in!  I’ll announce winners in January 2010.

Thank you SO much for participating in this year’s awards!

Now, go! Vote for your favorite beauty brands and products!

If you have any problems using the survey below, please visit the survey via link instead.

Quick Tips:

  • If you don’t like any of the nominees, don’t feel obligated to vote — we always keep an “Other” category for you to utilize – you can select that as an option and fill in the blank, if you want (totally optional), or you can simply not vote for that category.
  • If you have questions, feel free to ask!

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31 thoughts on “2009 Temptalia Readers’ Choice Awards: VOTE!

  1. Michelle

    I just submitted my answers. I love makeup surveys!

    Best & worst MAC Collection was the toughest. I ended up choosing Style Black for best & Baby Bloom for worst. There were a few MAC collections that were disappointing this past year. let’s hope 2010 is better!

  2. Andrea

    Can’t wait to see the results. Please post it more than one time because I don’t want to miss it!

  3. Lulee

    this was fun! I totally forgot that Monistat can be used as a foundation primer…. i recently bought the korres one but jeeeeeez it is expensive. i might try the monistat first instead of opening the korres one 😀

  4. shontay

    I am passionate about Neutrogena face products. I’ve been using the face scrub and moisturizer for sensitive skin for about 13 years now and it’s great. I also love the MUFE aqua black liner and HD foundation and Primer.

    I also had to show some Mac love by voting for the lip glass, even though the Chanel glossimers are close to my heart, also.

    I had to vote for the 109 Brush because I use it everyday. So amazing! Why is it I seem to be the only person who loves penultimate? :(

    The biggest surprise was the GP sticks. I thought they would suck like shadesticks, but they are pigmented and SMOOTH!

    Style Warriors was the collection I voted for as the best Mac collection. I bought the most from that one and I actually still use those products. Baby Blooms is the worst. That crappy lip balm left a horrible, soapy perfume taste in my mouth somehow. I also can’t use Mac foundations so that part of the collection was useless to me too.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to vote, Shontay 😉

      I’m thoroughly pleased with how the nominations turned out and think we got a whole slew of award-worthy products up for grabs!

      • shontay

        The variety in nominations is great. There are some items I’m not too familiar with and I might seek them out.

        • I’m always worried that sometimes we’re too MAC-centric (as great as MAC is!), so I was just so happy with how much variety in nominations there was. There were definitely some products mentioned that I haven’t tried that are now on my list to try! 😀

  5. I can’t wait to see the winners!! 😀

  6. evangelia

    just warning you christine – i did a LOT of write-ins!

    was there a category for best MU brand of the year? i think i missed it.

  7. cmferrets

    thanx so much christine for breaking it down for us! i chose BBR as macs best collection and put the naked honey collection as their worst only b.c it seemed like they just put out l/g and e/s that looked soo alike from the style warriors collection- so its like … whats the point ? i did get the skin salve and a perfume from it !

  8. but but but the link says the survey is closed? :( am I too late, Christine? I was looking forward to vote :)

    Enjoy the last minute Christmas preparations, Christine! Any update on Mellan (sp?)?

    • Hey!

      I don’t know why it’s closed, but it’s open now :)

      He’s good! Excited for his birthday (the 24th) – well I’m probably more excited about it than he is…

  9. Ellen

    I tried Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Red Pumps by China Glaze yesterday. I know who’s getting my vote for best nail polish! LOVE!

    Worst MAC collection of this year, to me, was the Graphic Garden collection. I don’t know if I wound up with a bad batch or something, but I got both e/s palettes and ALL the shadows were chalky and unpigmented, not to mention one of ’em (don’t know which) gave me an allergic reaction on my eyelid!

    Best was a toss-up between SugarSweet, Cream Team, Dazzleglass Creme, Double Dazzle, and Color Craft. I went with Cream Team, though, because I use Shy Girl/Boy Bait almost every day.

    • YAY! So glad you’re loving Emerald Sparkle & Ruby Pumps! They’re so amazinggg. Which reminds me, totally gotta do my Christmas nails, haha.

      It was tough for me to pick a worst MAC collection — not because so many were good — but so many were just so-so.

  10. Amanda W

    I was happy to see most all of this year’s addictions listed somewhere :) The survey made me realize how much I’ve been neglecting MAC this year though… so many collections I missed! Stupid “real life,” lol.

  11. shontay

    I already voted once, so to be fair I won’t vote again. :)
    I want to see the winners. I really hope MUFE does well.

  12. Sairah

    I can’t wait for the results… :))

  13. To choose the best and worst MAC collection was a hars one :)

  14. Great survey….There were quite a few misses for me with MAC this year…but I managed to choose the worse as High Def for me…so not memorable….I can’t wait to see all the results

    Also, I am a makeup diva most times…But the Monistat Chaffing Powder Gel is amazing…I was happily surprised both performance and price was…I normally only use Smashbox or MUFE Matte

  15. Fun! Looking forward to the results :)

  16. Just sumitted my votes. The best collection of this year is MAC for Hello Kitty! I went crazy with it! The worst collection this year was Baroque Boudoir since they didn’t have any unique shades for the lipsticks and lipglasses. That collection could’ve done better.

  17. Lauren

    My votes:

    Benefit Coralista for best new product. Bobbi Brown Skin for best foundation. Cover Girl Lash Blast for best mascara. Clinique High Impact for worst mascara. MAC Cremesheens for favorite lipgloss.

    Blonde, Brunette, Redhead for best MAC collection of the year! It just had such a good variety of wearable colors. Worst collection for me was Warm and Cozy, just because I was so disappointed by it, but I know that many people will disagree with me.


  18. Jina

    Just finished mine~~ It was fun!!
    I really want to see the results!!