Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

10% Off Inglot for Temptalia Readers!

To kick off the New Year, Inglot is offering Temptalia readers 10% off purchases made in-store, via phone, and via e-mail when you mention the blog “Temptalia.” For email orders, email [email protected] For phone orders, call 212-672-7124.  The promotion is valid for all of January 2013! U.S. only.

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29 thoughts on “10% Off Inglot for Temptalia Readers!

  1. Kim

    Is this also valid for europe??

  2. Mia

    YAY! I was just going to make a trip over there today!

  3. FiaSpice

    Is this promo valid in Canadian store? I hope so cause I’d head downtown Montreal grab some stuff!

  4. Natalie

    Does this apply for Canadian readers too?

    • Hi Natalie!

      I just followed up with Inglot to find out, and they said U.S. only!

      • Green Of Eye

        Such BS that it’s US only considering that they’re a European brand and also the fact that Canada is right beside the US.

        I can understand if it was a free shipping offer but why not allow the 10% for all orders. I’ll think twice when given the option of buying Inglot

        • I was told that they’re unable to ship internationally, which is why it is restricted to U.S. only. I also believe the promotion is coming through Inglot U.S., not global Inglot :)

  5. Nanette

    Great! Christine, what would you recommend to buy? I would love to own Inglot products but just don’t know where to start. I am not a professional, so just looking for everyday, easy to use products. Thanks!

  6. LeeLee

    Booo :( Their phone number doesn’t work.

    • That is weird. I haven’t called, but I did just double check the # and it’s the # listed for the NY Inglot at Chelsea Market!

    • che5music

      It works! :) I call it all the time

      • Kelly B.

        You are not alone LeeLee!
        I tried to reach Inglot for over a year at that same phone number…nobody ever answered and there was no option to leave a message. When they had an Internet only sale…I finally started calling stores in other states to ask product questions and blindly placed my 1st order online. Three shipments in a row (same order) were packaged so poorly they were destroyed in transit – one package UPS didn’t even try to deliver, just sent back to Ingot because it was so mangled. Finally my order was delivered to the wrong apartment, with a huge hole in the box, contents literally falling out, AND Inglot didn’t even send the correct color for one of the eyeshadows. Nightmare but when I finally got everything (a couple of months worth of hassle later) it was fantastic. I was on a matte mission and really wanted to try them after all of the reviews or I would have given up!

        The last sale Inglot had that I know about wasn’t Internet only so I just called different stores, out of state, until I got a nice sales rep who answered my questions and I ordered from her. Did not have one single problem. Of course I begged for packaging to be done with care.

        I had hoped NYC store that also handles Internet orders had improved…I may call a different store to see if they will let me do a phone order and still get the 10%, was hoping to get a small birthday gift for myself.

  7. This is so hilarious, cause Inglot actually comes from Europe, Poland to be precise, and it’s a shame that such a discount (small but hey, it’s still a discount) is not valid here…

  8. Mia

    Does this count for Inglot counters inside of other department stores?

    I called the Inglot inside of Macy’s here in Chicago and they haven’t heard anything about it…

  9. Jennifer

    Hi Christine, is the discount accepted at department store counters? There’s an Inglot counter at the Macy’s in Valley Fair mall.

  10. I know it probably won’t be much help seeing as how it just passed, but Inglot usually has a good promotion on Boxing day in Canada, (not sure about US or wherever else), most recently it was buy one get one free and a year ago I think it was buy one get one half off. Too bad that the 10% off isn’t valid for Canadians but just something to keep in mind for later this year 😛

  11. Natalie

    Thanks Christine. Sorry I didn’t see the previous responses. It’s a shame they don’t offer it in Canada. However, thanks to you I’ve become a customer of theirs. I’ve always passed by this store in the Mall. However, a few months ago when you did some swatches from their line. I was amazed how pigmented and pretty the colors are. They last much longer and it’s such a big amount. I definitely have become a fan.

  12. Stephany

    Booo i was hoping that it would be valid at Macys VF since they have a counter but noooo… not fair!!

  13. Christopher Santistevan

    The Chelsea Market number does work. The phenomenal Roe Mendez is always on hand to provide any information or assistance in regards to COLOR ME INGLOT! She is bilingual which is a big plus out here in the city. My aunt came up from Miami and is a Celebrity Makeup Artist working for UNIVISION and various other Latino Markets. She absolutely loves Ms. Roe!!!! Love ya babygirl!

  14. Jill

    Tried calling #, but it isnt working. Tried emailing an order, but didnt get a response. Anyone else having issues ordering??

  15. Natasha

    Hello, I didn’t know where else to post my comment, so I hope this will be seen since this isn’t a recent post. I’ve looked all over your website for any reviews, comments, ANYTHING on Inglot Cosmetics foundation and had no luck. So I was wondering if you have tried it and if so what your thoughts on it were. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, so I am no where near an Inglot store or counter. I would like to try their AMC (do you know what that means btw??) liquid/cream foundation but have no idea on which shade to get. The shades have no descriptions to them online so if you have any photos/swatches, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks, Natasha
    [email protected]