Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

10 MAC Products I Love

While some of MAC’s recent limited edition collections may have been disappointing, there are a great deal of fabulous products available year-round.  Here are just 10 (seriously, I could have easily given you a list of 50!) MAC products that I’ve loved for years and continue to love.

What’s in your top 10?

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186 thoughts on “10 MAC Products I Love

  1. I am so going to have to check some of these out – aside from the brush, which I agree with you about, I don’t think I have any of these! But they do have so many good products!

  2. Mariella

    This is hard because I generally love MAC products.

    Top Ten (not Limited Edition):
    Plumful lipstick
    Capricious lipstick
    Sweet Satisfaction shadow
    Mulch eyeshadow
    Phloof ”
    Omega ”
    Cleanse Off oil
    217 brush
    Blot powder or Prep&Prime pressed setting powder
    Centre Stage eyeshadow (okay, one limited edition product)

  3. I need to stop by MAC soon. I normally shop at Sephora but I’ve been hearing a lot about MAC.

  4. Abbey

    I use Wedge every single day to both fill my brows and act as a transition color for my eyes. It also looks lovely as a soft cut crease with a red lip. I have fully used two of these. The only other shadow I can say that about is All That Glitters–a really great all-over lid color. I also often use Texture. It is beautiful with my skin tone and hair coloring, and makes blue eyes pop. I use MSF Natural every day as a finishing powder. I adore Blacktrack. I use a 224 (my first MAC brush purchase) and a 217 every day. I use Studiofinish concealer and love it. I love their eye kohls. MAC sheertone blushes are awesome for everyday looks. I used StudioFix powder exclusively for two years, and will still use it when I’m in a hurry. There is a ton to love about their permanent line! I just wish they would concentrate on expanding the awesome go-to products and not on releasing new (mostly mediocre) collections every month.

  5. Holly

    Can you list all 50? I definitely would not mine reading 😛 I’m new to MAC, and your site has been very helpful in my research. It’ll be highly appreciated Christine! Thank you!

  6. Gina

    Thank you so much for this post, Christine! While MAC’s recent releases have been dismal, I feel it’s important to remind people just how amazing their permanent stuff is! I don’t know how I’d live without my Blacktrack Fluidline, Spiked Eye Brows/Brun shadow for my brows, Springsheen blush, Nymphette lipglass or any of the many lipsticks and eyeshadows from MAC I own!

  7. Joanna

    I love that you posted this – thanks for being so fair and reminding us of some great MAC products.

  8. slick

    Oh my, can’t even pick 10! lol

    My MAC permanent staples are: Wipes, Cleansing Oil, Fix+, 239 Brush, 109 Brush, Studio Fix Powder, Blacktrack/Dipdown Fluidlines, Graphblack/Photogravure Technakohls, Spiked Brow Pencil, Espresso e/s, Ricepaper e/s, and Lust Lipglass.

    LE Items that I have backups of: Petticoat MSF, Blooming, Pink Cult, and Pink Tea Blushes, Wholesome Fluidline, Flip, Style Snob, & Magnetic Fields e/s, and Melt in Your Mouth & Narcisuss Cremesheen Glasses :)

    I haven’t been overly disappointed with the recent launches, only because I’ve been in the game for a while now and have enough MAC to last me 5 lifetimes, lol. Also, I know now that something similar has already been done elsewhere or will eventually come along in the future!

  9. Fun post! I don’t have a top ten for MAC, but I have a top 5; I love all of these and use them frequently.

    – Blushbaby blush
    – Lightscapade MSF
    – Sculpt sculpting powder
    – 239 brush
    – Rebel lipstick

  10. Carrie

    Thanks for this! It’s a reminder of why we fell in love with MAC in the first place!

    I don’t have a ton of MAC comparitively but my must-haves include the 239 brush and their pearl glide liners :)

  11. stephanie

    Oh cool!

    Here’s some of my loves:

    Fix +, MSFN in Deep Dark, Devil and Burnt Pepper blushes, Oversexxed Plushglass, Girl About Town Lipstick, 217 and 208 Brushes Orange and Rule, Texture, and Brown Script Eye Shadows and Nightmoth Lip Pencil.

  12. Lauren

    I don’t have a ton of Mac. But I have loved Mac Eyeshadow in Phfloof! (my favorite highlight) and Satin Taupe. I also have a bronzer I like. I use my 239 every day. I also really like my large contoured blush brush (forgot the number). I use my 217 quite a bit too. And my 219 pencil brush is perfect for highlighting the inner corner and I use it to apply a touch of Phloof! to the brow bone.

  13. Anissa

    Top 10 MAC Products:
    1. 217 Brush
    2. 224 Brush
    3. Texture e/s
    4. Supernova Blush
    4. Magenta lipliner
    5. VG Nikki l/s
    6. Candy Yum Yum l/s
    7. Honey Love l/s
    8. Freshwater e/s
    9. Cork lipliner
    10. Patina e/s

  14. Rachel

    So glad to see people acknowledging how amazing MAC products can be! These are the only ones I could think of and since I’m not at home now, I can’t go look for more!
    Crosswires lipstick
    Hot Gossip lipstick
    Plumful lipstick
    Wonderstruck Lustreglass
    Flusterose Lusterglass
    Petticoat MSF
    Geo Pink Cremesheen Glass
    Fashion City Sheen Supreme
    Impressive Sheen Supreme
    Bare Again Sheen Supreme
    Woodwinked eyeshadow
    Satin Taupe eyeshadow

  15. Mimi E. Stanford

    Nice list.

    Mine would be —

    Almost all Matte/Matte2 eyeshadows.

    Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Crosswires and Craving lipsticks

    217, 219, 168 and 224 brushes

    Brush Cleanser

    Beet lipliner

    Feline and Tarnish Eye Kohl

    Mocha blush

    Ricepaper eyeshadow

    Vanilla pigment

    Stereo Rose and By Candlelight MSFs

    …im sure theres more but im tired of typing!

  16. Kelly

    My top 10:

    1) Cleanse Off Oil
    2) Era eyeshadow
    3) Blanc Type eyeshadow
    4) Viva Glam V lipstick
    5) Play It Proper Beauty Powder (love most of their Beauty Powders, actually!)
    6) Dipdown Fluidline
    7) 217 brush
    8) 266 brush
    9) 165 brush
    10) 224 brush

    I can think of a lot more! Even though MAC’s LE collections lately have been disappointing, the permanent line is still pretty amazing.

  17. 1. Fluidline in Blacktrack and Dipdown – 2 workhorses
    2. Powder Blush in Harmony for contour – completely neutral brown
    3. Paintpot in Soft Ochre and Painterly – use almost daily
    4. Eye makeup remover – never have to tug and pull
    5. Brush cleaner – deep cleans and maintains the quality
    6. Eyeshadow brush in #239 – I have about 4 or 5 of these
    7. Lipstick in Mehr and Diva – perfect full on and blotted out
    8. Eyeshadow in Patina and Club – both have incredible versatility
    9. Cream Blush in Lilicent – the prettiest spring/summer cheeks
    10. Eyeshadow in Brule and Vapour for highlighting

    Despite my limited collection bashing, I still happily buy MAC products from the permanent line. I will still continue to buy MAC brushes.

    • Even most LE collections have a couple of standouts at least – like lipstick color, a blush, etc. – but sometimes they’ll get overwhelmed by misses. It seems more a problem with MAC releases new product types – either they’re amazing (Mega Metals) or disappointing!

      • That is very true! But, I am so grateful to read about the misses. Before I started reading makeup blogs, I used to succumb to every MAC offering and I started to develop a serious disappointment with the brand. Now, I can at least concentrate my funds on things that are a) going to work for me colour and shade wise due to your photos and swatches and b) worth my money in quality. I will never eschew a negative review. I may purchase something you reviewed without fab results, and the NARS High Society trio comes to mind immediately, but that is MY choice as a consumer. Don’t worry, I do ‘get’ what you are doing :)

        • Thanks, Wendy! Whether we buy something (ultimately) is such a personal choice subject to a lot of justification/rationalization and totally dependent on what each person is looking for.

  18. Janna

    I feel the same way about a lot of the LE collections, but there are a lot of MAC staples in my personal collection and in my pro kit.

    Lingering, Fling, Spiked eyebrow pencils
    Cubic blush
    All the sculpting powders
    Reflects Gold glitter
    Naked & Tan pigments
    Plumful lipstick (looks good on almost everybody, from lightest to darkest skin tones
    Lady Danger lipstick
    Copperplate, Wedge, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe e/s
    #7, 34, 36 lashes
    Photogravure Technikohl eye liner
    Studio Sculpt foundation
    Prolongwear Concealer
    MSF Natural

    I could go on, but these are probably my most reached for products.

    • Janna

      I totally forgot brushes. These are my top ones in no particular order:


    • #7s are CLASSIC! Ooh – how do you use Reflects Gold typically?

      • Janna

        I like to pat a little bit over any number of shades on the inner two thirds of the lid. I’ve put it over gold shades, a range of beige shades, bronzes, and I really love it over bold greens and deep browns. It looks good with so many things. Most recently, I used it over Armani ETK# 26 for a Bengali bride. That look also included Chanel JC in Rouge and Reflects Blackened Red with Too Faced Glitter Glue. I love glitter, and MAC’s just have such a fine texture that makes them look really sophisticated.

  19. Maíra

    Since I have no eyebrows (I mean, they’re there, but they´re way lighter than my hair) my TOP 1 must be BROW SET (on shade SHOW OFF). It’s much better than anything I’ve tried, and I’ve struggled with this issue for years (my brows are so light that when I was a child I asked my mom if I’d get some when I grew up – I thought it was a grownup feature, like boobs!)

    Top 2 & 3: I’d have to say Studio Fix Powder Plus, Blot Powder – I have oily skin and live in Brazil – not the coolest place on Earth, I promise!

    Top 4: Russian Red lipstick

    Top 5: Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle.

    I have other products that I love, but I think these are my must-have!

  20. army_wife_in_alaska

    Some of these are LE, but I’m not one who gets attached too much to them because I know one day they will run out and there’s always something new to be excited about.

    Jaunty e/s (Hey Sailor Collection)
    Espresso e/s also for brows
    Up the Amp l/s (my signature fall lipstick!)
    Girl About Town limited edition lipglass
    Prep + Prime for lips (makes lip products look tons better)
    Bronzer in Golden (I use it for contouring anything)
    Electric Cool e/s in Superwatt (gives such a polished look)
    Peaches blush looks so awesome on me
    Dynamic Duo #1 e/s duo from Reel Sexy (I love the first shadow which is a unique berry and melon duochrome)
    Paint Pot in Painterly

  21. Maíra

    And Fuidline eyeliner! How could I forget it????

  22. Jennifer

    This post (and comments) are really helpful because I have barely tried out MAC products. I have MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation and MSFN in Light. The foundation isn’t actually my favorite but I really like the MSFN! That’s all I own!

  23. Danielle

    I think it’s beyond ridiculous how much back lash Christine is getting for giving her honest and in my opinion professional opinion about the recent new mac products. I mean seriously, I love the blog and am so thankful that there’s someone honest enough to say when a product is bad. And just because she doesn’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all. You make your own decisions about things. Go try it yourself and if it works for you great. I just think saying she hates Mac is childish.

    • The hardest thing is understanding I really don’t hate MAC, but I’m terribly disappointed as a long-time customer, as a customer who fell in love with makeup BECAUSE of MAC. I fell in love with makeup when I was 18 and discovered MAC pigments, and MAC’s recognition of this blog 5 years ago is what jump-started this blog. MAC will always have a special place in my heart for both reasons. I hate to see the brand credibility and loyalty that MAC spent decades building erode because of hit-or-miss quality, limited stock, quantity over quality, etc. Customers are too savvy and brand loyalty isn’t necessary – the majority have access to hundreds of brands at all price points, and there are so many reviews now (not necessarily blog reviews, but reviews by customers on retailers’ websites). There’s a lot of competition. I think more and more people are buying across brands and look for the best within a brand. MAC is and was a gateway brand because of their attractive mid-end price point (which they’ve somewhat undermined with their price increases, which do seem to outpace most brands), but I think they’re getting to a point where customers are getting disenchanted or wary. You have affordable brands like Wet ‘n’ Wild, Revlon, Maybelline, and L’Oreal really stepping up their game across their ranges – you can get amazingly pigmented eyeshadows for under $10.

      I look at what I’m doing as trying to set expectations – if you love a product I don’t, I’m happy, because you’re happy and you have a product you love. You loving it doesn’t change my experience, but my experience is just that – mine. Now, if you don’t like a product that I recommended, I get very sad and feel horribly, because the last thing I want you to do is waste your money. :(

      Thanks, Danielle!

      • ltnat

        I’ve just started reading beauty blogs for fun, and I already notice what a … crazy world it is. Wow. I guess you need thick skin here as much as anywhere else. Appreciate your honesty, and you already know this, but the more popular you are the more people will take issue with you. Can’t win ’em all. Just the price of fame, or the law of mathematics or whatever. So enjoy and keep up the good work.

  24. sunny

    Great post, Christine!

    My top ten are (in no particular order, i have olive med skin)
    1. Studio Fix powder (NC40)
    2. MAC Rice paper eyeshadow
    3. MAC Margin Blush
    4. MAC Fix +
    5. MAC Viva Glam V
    6. MAC Sun rush luster drops
    7. MAC cream color base in Hush
    8. MAC craving
    9. MAC Gingerly
    10. MAC cleanse off oil

  25. For me, it’s:

    1) Blot Powder (pressed).
    2) Paint Pots
    3) Fluidline in Blacktrack
    4) Lipsticks in Dark Side, Verve and Spice is Nice.
    5) Teal, Tan & Violet pigments.
    6) Bronze & Soba e/s.
    7) Peachtwist blush.

  26. 1. 239 – How did I ever live without this?!

    2. 219 – My Dad said he wished he had a brush in that shape for his paintings! LOL

    3. Vegas Volt Lipstick – The first lipstick I ever loved and that got me to like lipstick!

    4. VG Nicki Lipstick – The first pink lipstick that doesn’t look awful on me! this is sort of LE though…

    5. Cleanse Off Oil – Eats off waterproof stuff in seconds!

    6. Wipes – While I have not bought these, I’m continually impressed by their ability to remove the million and a half swatches I’ve put on myself at the counter without leaving me dried out or itchy or greasy. And it gets all of it off!

    7. Copperplate Eyeshadow – For mah eyebrowz, so I look like I have more of them LOL

    8. 116 – Not scratchy and not too big!

    I always try to be as judicious as possible when buying LEs so I haven’t been too disappointed by any of them.

  27. Ana

    1) Cranberry and Carbon Eyeshadow
    2) 217 Brush
    3) Warmth of Coral Mineralize Blush
    4) Subtle Breeze Mineralize Blush
    5) Rubenesque Paintpot
    6) Blacktrack Fluidline
    7) Blot Powder Pressed
    8) Select Moisturecover Concealer
    9) Viva Glam Gaga I Lipstick
    10) Fix +

  28. Dominique

    A M.A.C top 10, well !

    Stunner blush : soft and sheer
    Lady Grey quad : very pretty for fall or women in their 40’s
    Liquid Powder : enhancing, wonderful texture and great illuminating result
    Pro longwear eyeshadow : just great
    Casual blush ( both for cheeks and lips ) : pretty and easy to wear, I have 2 of them
    Frankly scarlet blush : for dramatic looks and rosy cheeks
    Soft sable lipstick ( from Glitter and Ice ) : very subtle colour indeed
    Musky Amethyst : one of my fav lipsticks ever
    Bright moon and sky eyeshadows blended together : beautiful MES I just love them both
    Offshoot lipstick : very pretty shade, one of my fav lipsticks ever too

    Thank you for posting the M.A.C Top 10 !

  29. The Lucky Green eyeshadow and the Soft Ochre paint pot are two of my favorites too :-)

  30. miss understood

    No offence but i enjoy so much your latest bad reviews on MAC collections.You are so funny trying to give and F without being mean, i love it.I also think it’s really ironic that some accuse you of being a MAC hater.Is is obvious you like Mac a lot.As a matter of fact when i first found your site i thought you work for Mac beacause you have so many reviews for their products.Forgot to say i really hate the latest Mac collections too,they are the worst.

  31. Shani D

    1. Satin Taupe e/s
    2. Sweetie l/s (I’m about to purchase my 3rd tube).
    3. Love Nectar lustreglass (I love to use with neutral lips)
    4. Currant Lip Liner
    5. Mineralized blush in Love Thing
    6. Blush in Raizin
    7. Groundwork paint pot (great as a lid color or a base).
    8. Patina e/s
    9. Violetta l/s
    10. Viva Glam VI l/g

  32. Edelmc

    Great idea for a post. My top ten would be:

    1 face & body foundation
    2 strobe cream/liquid
    3 lightscapade msf
    4 msfn light
    5 Luna cream colour base
    6 dainty mineralize blush
    7 painterly paint pot
    8 micro violet fluidline
    9 prep & prime lip primer
    10 show orchid lipstick

  33. Daniela

    1)217 brush (I never do my makeup without this brush, never!)
    2)Girl About Town lipstick
    3)Craving lipstick
    4)MSF neutral in Medium
    5)Pinch O’ Peach blush (it’s practically the only blush I use lol)
    6)Shale eyeshadow
    7)Indigo eye pencil
    8)Parfait Amour eyeshadow
    9)Blacktrack fluidline
    10)Vanilla pigment (it’s the only highlighter I can use on my cheekbones withouth looking ridiculous)

  34. nancy

    1. well dressed blush is my favorite blush
    2. studio fix powder is my favorite powder foundation
    3. studio finish concealer is the best i’ve tried for concealing acne
    4. nylon eyeshadow as inner corner of eye highlight
    5. satin taupe eyeshadow goes with all my lipsticks and blushes
    6. 217 brush is the most versatile eyeshadow brush i own
    7. hue lipstick is my go to, everyday lipstick
    8. 129 brush blends blush quickly and evenly
    9. blackground paint pot as a base for dark smokey eye looks
    10. pink nouveau lipstick for nights out

  35. Leticia

    I have always loved makeup, but I admit that once I had access to MAC, my love grew even further – I just went crazy with so many products to choose from and to date, I wear at least five MAC products daily and their brushes are my go-to’s. It´s tough to pick 10, but here I go (in no particular order)!

    1. Paint in Bare Canvas and Painterly Paint Pot as eyeshadow primers
    2. 239, 217, 219, 224, 266, 226, 129 and 190 brushes (I really love them all)
    3. Fix +
    4. Shroom, Shale, Charcoal Brown, Girlie, Arena, Satin Taupe and Glamour Check! eyeshadows
    5. Rave and Blackline Pearlglides
    6. Spiked Eyebrow Pencil
    7. Viva Glam VI Lipstick and Lipglass
    8. Fluidlines
    9. Warm Soul Mineralize Blush, Peachykeen and Peaches blushes
    10. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

    Like Christine, I could pick at least 50 :)!
    I should mention as well Dazzleglasses and Studio Finish Concealer!

  36. Rebecca K

    – Ladyblush Cremeblend Blush
    – Blacktrack Fluidline
    – Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
    – Lingering Brow Pencil
    – Fast Response Eye Cream
    – 224 Brush
    – Naked Pigment
    – Blanc Type Eyeshadow
    – Blankety Lipstick
    – Painterly Paintpot

  37. Yumi

    In no particular order

    1. 182
    2. 138
    3. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
    4. Rubenesque pp
    5. Satin Taupe
    6. 222
    7. 239
    8. Crystal Avalanche es
    9. Groundwork pp
    10. Blacktrack fluidline

    I love my brushes…

  38. ericka

    Oh, my! 10 of my faves would be:

    1. Shitaki
    2. Show Orchid
    3. Violetta
    4. Hug Me
    5. “O”
    6. Cork lip pencil

    6. Format

    7. Satin Taupe
    8. Arena
    9. Brown Script
    10. Sable

    I love their wipes, too!

  39. Jeanne

    My top ten are:
    1. Studio Finish Concealer
    2. Pro Longwear Concealer
    3. Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation
    4. Viva Glam V Lipstick
    5. 239 brush
    6. Brow Set in Show Off
    7. Blanc Type & Shroom eyeshadows for highlighting
    8. Tan pigment
    9. Fluidlines
    10. Pink Swoon blush

  40. ericka

    Oops! I misnumbered the first list. 10 of my faves (REVISED) would be:

    1. Shitaki
    2. Show Orchid
    3. Violetta
    4. Hug Me
    5. “O”
    6. Cork lip pencil

    7. Format

    8. Satin Taupe
    9. Arena
    10. Brown Script

    I love their wipes, too!

    • VIOLETTA! How could I forget?

      • Ann

        1. Lady Danger Lipstick
        2. Show Orchid Lipstick
        3. Violetta Lipstick
        4. Idol Eyes Eyeshadow
        5. Silver Ring Eyeshadow
        6. Parfait Amour Eyeshadow ***
        7. Silver Dusk Iridescent Face Powder
        8. Well Dressed Blush
        9. Gentle Mineralize Blush
        10. Candy Yum-Yum, Pink Pigeon, Quick Sizzle – 3 way tie

  41. Dana

    1. 217 Brush (I have 3 of these, use every time I put on makeup)
    2. Fluidline – Blacktrack
    3. Satin Taupe & Retrospeck Eyeshadow – My top 2 repurchased shadows for at least the last 10 years. ST is always perfect and Retrospeck I always use for blending out other shadows, also adds dimension to other colors
    4. Clear Brow Gel – grooms and holds brows in place without looking and feeling wet and slick
    5. Zoomlash waterproof mascara – long, thick, never clumpy
    6. Blot powder – only thing that keeps me shine free for hours,been repurchasing this for 12 years
    7. Pearlglide eyeliners (The best pencils ever!)
    8. Greasepaint sticks
    9. Stereo Rose – LE but one of my favorite all time blushes
    10. Subculture lip pencil – my exact lipcolor

  42. Kris (kmk05)

    Oooooh! Um, in no particular order:

    1. Smut eyeshadow
    2. Face and Body foundation (better than TM, not as heavy as a foundation)
    3. Blacktrack fluidline
    4. Just a Pinch gel blush
    5. 239 brush
    6. 217 brush
    7. Teddy eye khol
    8. Vex eyeshadow (since you suggested how to use it for a smokey eye, it found its calling in my stash!)
    9. Moleskin eyeshadow
    10. Tenderling blush

  43. Jezebel

    1)Studio Finish Concealer
    2)Parfait Amour eyeshadow
    3)Butterfly Party Pigments stack
    4)Paint Pot in Morning Frost
    5)217 brush
    6)Ruby Woo lipstick
    7)Quick Sizzle lipstick
    8)Extra Dimensions skinfinish (Superb)
    9)Loud and Lovely cremesheen glass
    10)Feline pencil


  44. Beckie

    My top ten are:
    1. Angel Lipstick
    2. Blacktrack fluid line
    3. Two Virtures blush
    4. Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
    5. Studio finish concealer
    6. Ever So Rich cremesheen lipglass
    7. Blonde Mineralized Skinfinish
    8. All That glitters eyeshadow
    9. Carbon eyeshadow
    10. Phloof! eveyshadow

    (in no particular order)

  45. Ashley

    1. Brulé Eyeshadow
    2. All That Glitters Eyeshadow
    3. Woodwinked Eyeshadow
    4. Sable Eyeshadow
    5. Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
    6. Bare Study Paint Pot
    7. Rubenesque Paint Pot
    8. Warm Soul Mineralize Blush
    9. Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish
    10. 109 Brush

  46. Elle

    In no particular order:

    1) Hug Me lipstick

    2) Rebel lipstick

    3) They’re LE, but the Peacocky eyeshadows were my favorite (I shelled out for all 15), and I love Tweet Me and Unflappable. They need to bring these back as permanent…

    4) Rubenesque paint pot

    5) Indianwood paint pot

    6) Prolongwear concealer

    7) Careblend pressed powder (the only powder that isn’t “powdery”)

    8) Dollymix blush

    9) Opulash mascara (just like how it rinses off with water)

    10) Dubonnet lipstick

  47. Elle

    Shoot, forgot Tarnish eyeliner, Feline eyeliner, Prep+Prime eye, and By Candlelight MSF. Too many products to remember!

  48. angie

    i thought you were allergic to eyeliner on your top lashline…is blacktrack an exception? if so, why don’t you wear upper eyeliner more often?

  49. blueraccoon

    I don’t have a MAC fave list but I have a growing list of brushes I want to buy – so far I want the 239, 217, 109, 116, 130, 182, 187, and I have the 190. Are there any others I should be looking for, keeping in mind I don’t fill in my brows and I’m not very good with eyeshadow?

  50. Nadia

    My top ten:
    1. Lovelorn lipstick
    2. Nymphette lipglass
    3. Rubenesque paint pot
    4. All that glitters eyeshadow
    5. Brun eyeshadow (for my brows)
    6. 217 brush
    7. Studio careblend powder
    8. 266 brush
    9. Pink nouveau lipstick
    10. Viva Glam V lipstick

    I really want to try their 239 brush and show orchid now :)

  51. Kafka

    My 10 in order of love:
    1- Spice matte eyeshadow/blush (in the big pot, now discontinued but one of my favorite blushes/contourers and neutral eyeshadows ever!!)
    2- Pink Nouveau lipstick (my favorite blue-based, pale, baby doll pink. In fact, I have 2 or 3 of these!)
    3- Bardot (satin) lipstick – (It was my HG for a nude but it is, alas, also discontinued.)
    4- Vino lip liner (amazing!)
    5- “MAC Red” lipstick
    6- Viva Glam original
    7- Russian Red lipstick
    8- Spice lip liner
    9- Honeylove lipstick (nude-brown-ish-beige-y matte)
    10- Rebel lipstick

    Honorable mentions: Angel, Myth, and a whole host of favorite lipsticks that are now discontinued and which I hoard carefully: Rubine, Pink Poodle, Veruschka, Marrakesh, Bordeaux and Terracotta.

  52. Nicoco Chanel

    You know, posts like this make me realise how little MAC I actually have. Even when I’m at home I don’t tend to really splurge on MAC products because I get distracted by other brands.

    Though every time I’m not near a MAC counter, I want to go on a swatching spree of their stuff.

    Sod’s law.

    • Veronica

      Same here. Which surprises me when I think about it, since what I do own from them gets a lot of use. (I echo Christine’s profound love for the 239.) I do have several lip shades on my wishlist, but I should really take a better look at their permanent collections next time I’m out. It’s easy to get distracted by their constant LE releases, which often overshadow their long-term items.

  53. GUSnail

    Oh wow, this was really hard, but here are my top ten in no particular order (this is just off the top of my head)

    Peaches blush
    Indianwood paint pot
    Whirl lipliner
    Amber Lights
    Blot Powder
    #109 brush
    #239 brush

    Then there are things that I’m convinced I would LOVE, but I haven’t gotten my hands on yet:

    #217, Soft Ochre paint pot, Woodwinked eyeshadow…

  54. chris

    StudiFix Powder in NC50
    Prep + Primer Compact
    Blotting Papers
    Miss Dish, Show Orchid, O Lipsticks
    Just Add Color, Squirt and Roman Holiday Lipglasses
    Clear Brow Gel

  55. 1)MAC Smolder Eyeliner
    2)Mocha lipstick
    3)Cherry lipliner
    4) Russian Red lipgloss
    5) Viva glam 5 lipstick
    6) Coppertone Blush
    7)Blacktrack fluidline
    8) Siahi fluidline (LE)
    9) Jest eyeshadow
    10) 239 brush.

  56. My 10 in no specific order:

    1. Studio fix fluid foundation

    2. Eyebrow pencil in stud

    3. Studio finish concealer

    4. Ruby woo lipstick

    5. MSF in redhead

    6. Fix+

    7. Peachtwist blush

    8. Prep+prime skin visage!!!!

    9. Mac angle brush

    10. Mac white hair contour/blush brush

  57. Kathy

    I’ve been using MAC since the 90s, and while they do have quite a few misses, most of their products are pretty reliable. My top ten would be:

    1. Fleur Power blush — The one blush that really does look like my natural flush.
    2. See Sheer (and it’s distant, discontinued cousin, Skew)
    3. Studio Careblend powder
    4. Studio Finish concealer
    5. Cheek blush (discontinued)
    6. 213 fluff brush
    7. Bombshell lipstick
    8. Face & Body makeup
    9. Angel blush (also discontinued — I could do a top ten — or twenty, or fifty — of the best discontinued MAC products.)
    10. Since I’m a blush girl (and it’s hard to dupe), I’ll add another and say Frankly Scarlet. It’s evening, holiday, but so pretty. I use an old, loosely-packed Shiseido brush to apply it.

  58. It’s always nice to pause and remember some of the things that got me fired up about Mac to begin with…

    1. Vex eye shadow- I’ve gone through several pans, because I love it so much. An all time favourite for sure!
    2. Painterly paint pot- great shadow base
    3. Desire lipstick
    4. Facial wipes
    5. Strada blush- perfect contour for pale skin
    6. Blacktrack fluidline
    7. Fix+ spray
    8. Viva Glam V lipstick- a perfect neutral pink for a great cause
    9. Dazzlelight e/s
    10.O l/s- such an incredibly unique colour!

    • Kafka

      “O” lipstick is very cool! It’s a bit too sheer for me by itself but what I love to do is to layer it over a matte lipstick for a really lovely effect and added depth. If you put it over something pale pink like St. Germain, result is a gorgeous shimmery plum mauve; over a red lipstick like Russian Red or NARS’ Mascate, you get a bronze-y shimmery red that’s almost kinda Christmas-y. I think it’s a great transformer lipstick, if you will.

  59. Deb

    I have far too many MAC loves to list, but that almost isn’t the point.

    Christine, I feel so badly for you that you felt you needed to make this kind of post. You should not have to justify a deserved poor review because MAC fans will flame you for daring to not love everything they produce. I hate how you get attacked or spoken about negatively simply because you’re truthful and unbiased.

    I hope this isn’t turning you off of what you do, girl. You are appreciated and valued by more than you know. Don’t let haters get you down. *hugs*

    • Thanks, Deb! :)

      I thought this would be a good way to show, rather defend, that there are great MAC products, products I still very much love, even if I don’t love every product!

      • breyerchic04

        I love it, as someone who is relatively new to MAC. A 50 list wouldn’t upset me. There are obviously great products, I don’t expect every single thing to be amazing. Honestly I think NARS (a brand I want to try but haven’t) needs more help with the suckage of the multiple and eye shadow pencils.

  60. Ashley Bianca

    My top ten in no particular order:

    1. Spice Lip Liner
    2. Raizin Blush
    3. Devil Blush
    4. Velvet Teddy Lipstick
    5. Soft Brown Eyeshadow
    6. Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
    7. Ricepaper Eyeshadow
    8. Soft Ochre Paint Pot
    9. Ground Work Paint Pot
    10. Girl About Town Lipstick

  61. Bertha

    My top 10:
    -217 blending brush – my favorite brush of all time
    -208 angled brow brush – great for brows or gel liner
    -Studio Fix powder plus foundation – perfect handbag foundation
    -Studio Fix fluid foudation – favorite MAC liquid foundation
    – Ricepaper eyeshadow
    – Carbon eyeshadow
    – Woodwinked eyeshadow
    – Groundwork paint pot – my everyday eyeshadow. So easy & quick to slap on with your finger at work
    – Girl About Town lipstick – my favorite crazybright lippie
    – Deeligt creamsheen glass – the best non-sticky nude gloss

  62. Tiffany S.

    Great list!! I’ve been using MAC for over 10 years!! My favorite MAC products of all time are:

    1. MAC Studio fix NC35
    2. Naked Lunch eye shadow
    3. 239 brush
    4. Blacktrack fluid line
    5. 129 brush
    6. Peachykeen Sheertone Shimmer Blush
    7. Bare Canvas Paint
    8. Pomposity Lipstick
    9. Rebel Lipstick
    10. Viva Glam VI lipglass

    I’d also like to mention Dare To Dare Lipglass, Fuchsia lining Lipglass Pencil, Stars and Rockets eye shadow, Fairylite pigment, and Vin Goth nail lacquer!

  63. Carrie Ann

    Oh, gosh. There are so many MAC products I love. Springsheen Blush, Dainty, Gentle & Warm Soul Mineralize Blushes, MSFs, Vex, Vellum, Blanc Type, Vapour, All That Glitters, Digit, Wedge & Satin Taupe eye shadows, Fix +, Cremesheen Glasses, Lustreglasses. Those are just some of the permanent products I can think of right now. There have been a lot of great ltd. ed. products as well. I loved Slimshines and Lipgelees.

  64. Liz

    Perm items only, and in no particular order

    1. Blacktrack fluidline
    2. painterly paint pot
    3. 263 brush
    4. 286 brush
    5. Pro Longwear fdn
    6. Lustering lipstick
    7. Right Image Cremesheen Glass
    8. Fuchsia Fix TLC
    9. Typographic eye shadow
    10. 168 brush

    Oh no, I ran out of numbers. I could add more :)

  65. Jeset

    My top ten in order of love:

    1. Sea and Sky mineral eyeshadow
    2. Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick
    3. Vegas Volt lipstick
    4. Impassioned lipstick
    5. Force of Love lipstick (I regret not buying a backup for this one :(.)
    6. Play it Proper Beauty Powder
    7. Blacktrack Fluidline
    8. Blackground Painpot
    9. Painterly Paintpot
    10. NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencil

    Honorable mentions:
    Myth lipstick
    Pink Noveau lipstick
    MAC Wipes

    I’d like to try 209, 219, 239, 316, and 318 brushes.

  66. georgina

    Oh Christine! It looks like you fellt bad for trashing MAC so much, we all know there are awesome MAC products, after all nobody is perfect. I have lots of favorites, but I will right what comes first to mi mind:
    1. Face and Body Foundation
    2. Summer fruit lip liner
    3. Peachstock lipstick
    4. Arena eyeshadow
    5. Black track fluid liner
    6. Desert Rose blush
    7. Prrr lipglass
    8. Blot powder
    9. Brush 130
    10.Untitle paint

  67. Karen

    Thank you, Christine, for your insightful and tremendously thorough reviews! Here’s my top ten:

    – 3N lipstick (An LE from a few years ago, 3N is my holy grail, perfect pink. Innocence Beware and Japanese Maple are close behind)
    – Devil May Dare quad (from the holiday collection a few years ago)
    – Extended Play Lash mascara
    – Fix+ spray
    – Jest eyeshadow
    – Cleanse Off Oil
    – ProLongwear concealer
    – 239 brush
    – Strobe Cream
    – Rubenesque Paint Pot

  68. BeckBeck

    I don’t feel so bad about wanting another 217 if you have six 239s! :)

  69. Kristie

    In no particular order…
    1. Hue lipstick
    2. Boy Bait Creamsheen glass
    3. Well Dressed Blush
    4. Naked Lunch Eyeshadow
    5. Studio Finish Concealer
    6. Opulash
    7. MSF natural
    8. I get no kick eyeliner
    9. Fix Plus
    10. Bare Study Paint Pot

  70. Amanda

    Fix + spray
    Pro longwear foundation
    Pro longwear concealer
    Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
    Naked Lunch eye shadow
    Prep + Prime lip
    Soft Orchre paint pot
    Viva Glam V
    Fast Response eye cream
    Whisper of Gilt (limited edition) MSF

  71. Anjee

    My top ten favorite MAC products in order

    1. 239 Brush
    2. 275 Brush
    3. 217 Brush
    4. 219 Brush
    5. Reed Blush (discontinued)
    6. Chestnut Eye pencil (used as lipliner)
    7. Miss Dish (discontinued)
    8. Club eyeshadow
    9. Vino nailpolish (discontinued)
    10. Cuisine nailpolish (discontinued)

  72. Espe

    I’ve been using MAC products since I was 16…that’s over 13 years!
    I would have to say my top ten products always change, but as of now this is my list (in no particular order):

    1. Eye creams (mineralize and fast response)

    2. Wipes! These are the only ones I use to remove all my makeup. Everything else irritates my skin/eye area.

    3. Pigments. They are so versatile and can be used just about anywhere. My favorites are Rose and Pink Pearl.

    4. Viva Glam lip products, in general. I love the cause and even the lipsticks I don’t like, I still purchase and give away. I used to work at a non-profit ten years ago that was a beneficiary of MAC’s Viva Glam line of lip products. The money would go towards HIV/STD testing, treatment, and education/prevention workshops that the organization would host at various facilities in urban neighborhoods in LA County.

    5. Oyster Girl lipglass is my holy grail lipglass. It used to be Spite, but a few years ago they must have changed the formula or something because it doesn’t have the vanilla scent anymore. It has a plastic scent and I hate it! I was so bitter that I stopped buying MAC products for about two years and I swear, every time I was near a MAC store or counter I would go and smell Spite.

    6. NAKED LUNCH. Yeah, I’ve been through many, I use it on myself, clients, friends, family…if I could, I’d use it on my cat and dog!

    7. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. My skin appreciates this.

    8. MAC Brushes. I have many backups of my favorites. Some are hella old, but I take pretty good care of them.

    9. Full Fuchsia lipstick. Every time I open the tube, I hear angels sing.

    10. Dollymix blush. I LOVE this blush. There was a time when I would go overboard with the blush and end up looking hookerish. Ahhhh, MAC!

  73. Laura

    If I’m sticking to permanent items, these are a few that come to mind:

    Fix + Spray
    Satin Taupe eyeshadow
    Painterly Paint Pot
    217 blending brush
    Teddy eye kohl
    Vex eyeshadow
    Nymphette lipglass
    Viva Glam V lipstick
    Plum Foolery blush
    Blitz & Glitz fluidline

    There are loads more, but unfortunately most of my favourite things were limited edition!

  74. Margaret

    my top 10:
    1. rapidblack penultimate eyeliner
    2. fling eyebrows
    3. 217 blending brush
    4. grand entrance eyeshadow
    5. smoke & diamonds eyeshadow
    6. satin taupe eyeshadow
    7. antiqued eyeshadow
    8. cranberry eyeshadow
    9. oh so fair beauty powder
    10. painterly paint pot

  75. Bee

    Ah, this is a nice post to remind me that Mac still has a lot of good stuff to offer

    My list (in no particular order)
    1. Expensive Pink Eyeshadow
    2. Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow
    3. Prep + Prime Transparent Powder
    4. Studio Finish Concealer
    5. Ruby Woo Lipstick
    6. Girl about Town Lipstick
    7. 217
    8. 219
    9. Soft Ochre Paint Pot
    10. Peachykeen Blush

  76. aradhana

    you picked some very good ones, christine!
    i think i would struggle to do a top ten….

  77. bxboricua

    1. 217 brush (I have four of them)
    2. MAC wipes
    3. Ricepaper e/s
    4. Satin Taupe e/s
    5. Soft Brown e/s
    6. Naked Lunch e/s
    7. Viva Glam I lipstick
    8. Viva Glam V lipstick
    9. Nymphette lipglass
    10. Half Red lip liner

  78. akhan

    It’s hard to pick only 10, since I’ve been buying MAC products for about 18 years. These are my current favourites:

    1. Studio Fix powder + foundation (C4) – been wearing this on and off since my teens, the first foundation I bought that actually matched my skin tone (a revelation).
    2. Studio Finish concealer
    3. All That Glitters eyeshadow
    4. Teddy eyeliner
    5. Powersurge eyeliner
    6. Over Indulgence cremesheen glass
    7. 239 brush
    8. 116 brush
    9. 217 brush
    10. 167SH brush – great brush! Wish it was permanent with a longer handle.

    • Liz

      Totally agree with 167SH! MAC has so many amazing LE brushes – they should just keep them in the lineup, and have like 75 perm brushes. LOL. And yes, 165 is another great one, Christine.

  79. Jennifer

    In no particular order:

    Studio fix powder foundation
    Plush lash mascara
    Mystery eyeshadow for brows
    Creme cup lipstick
    Viva glam gaga 2 lipstick
    Russian red lip glass
    266 brush
    Snob lipstick
    Brush cleanser
    Black track fluid line

  80. KF

    I only wear lip products so this list isn’t too varied, but they have sooooo many great choices in the permanent line! These are my faves right now:

    – Viva Glam I l/s
    – Viva Glam II l/s
    – Paramount l/s
    – Spice is Nice l/s
    – Mehr l/s
    – Cyber l/s
    – Rebel l/s
    – Venetian lustreglass
    – Kiss Me Quick pro longwear lip pencil
    – Cremekiss cremestick liner

  81. Lauryn

    OMG.. I can only pick 10? So difficult! My kit is 99% MAC! Gosh, help me..

    1- Studio Fix powder/foundation
    2- MAC Paint in Stilife (Tube! not pot!)
    3- MAC Paint in Bare Canvas (Again, tube, not pot)
    4- MAC Margin Blush ( LOVE constantly!)
    5- MAC Nylon e/s- I could list so many e/s here.. sigh.
    6- Fix+ (MUST HAVE!)
    7- Feline liner
    8- Orpheus liner (i bought them in every outlet POSSIBLE)
    9- Pigments! Can’t get enough, some are duds, but i found i can repurpose those
    10- MAC Suntints lip balm.. Another thing i cleaned outlets out of.. so versatile!

    Now.. Where are my brushes you ask? Well, I used to be a MAC brush lover, but i got sick of the shedding, the paint chipping off AND some of the brushes just coming apart. And yes, I am *well aware* of how to wash and care for brushes. I guess i just had some bad luck! So now, i use Crown.

  82. Brenda

    lol – I knew what you were up to when I saw this title (the great fails of MAC as of late. 10 MAC products I love in no particular order:

    1. All That Glitters eyeshadow. The first MAC eyeshadow I purchased and still a favourite, reliable colour.

    2. Duck power point eye pencil. Best grey brown!! I lost mine and have yet to replace it, no clue as to why i haven’t….

    3. Prim and Proper blush. LE but perhaps my favourite blush in my collection, of all brands I have.

    4. 242 brush. The first MAC brush I ever bought and i have found so many uses for it. Best brush for applying cream eye products.

    5. Way To Love lipstick. From a Rose Romance collection and have yet to find such a perfect pink for me. I’m afraid to use it in case I ever run out!!

    6. Honeylove lipstick. My PERFECT summer nude.

    7. Lilicent cream blush. Best no fail dewy cream blush for me

    8. Magrittes paint. Amazing all over wash on the lid and no creasing!!!

    9. Foxy Lady eye pencil. Amazing colour for my hazel green eyes. Hard colour to find in any other brand, or at least used to be unique.

    10. Groundwork paint pot.

    • Jennifer

      Oh how I loved the Foxy Lady eye pencil!!! I too have green/hazel eyes. I have never found a color quite like Foxy Lady and would buy 10 of them if they would repromote it! Glad to know I’m not alone in my love for this shade.

  83. Erin

    1. Studio Finish concealer
    2. 239 brush
    3. Painterly paint pot
    4. Woodwinked eyeshadow
    5. Springsheen blush
    6. Blacktrack fluidline
    7. 217 brush
    8. Strobe cream
    9. MSF Natural
    10. Twinks eyeshadow

  84. My top 10 are:
    1) Smolder Eye Kohl Pencil Liner
    2) Black Track Fluidline
    3) Teddy Eye Kohl Pencil Liner
    4) Carbon Eyeshadow
    5) Freshwater Eyeshadow
    6) Improper Copper Cream Colour Base
    7) Viva Glam Lipsticks (all)
    8) Ruby Woo Lipstick
    9) Spice Lip Pencil
    10)Whirl Lip Pencil

  85. xamyx

    As much as I “bash” MAC, I have to admit there are several great products. I have most of the perm neutral shadows, and I really do like all of them. I also have several Paint Pots & pigments, all of which are great. I’m also a big fan of the Cream Color Bases, Bat Black being my favorite. The “star” of my collection is my Delineate liner; although it’s a PITA, and the formula isn’t all that great, the shade more than makes up for it.

    I would love for them to bring back the Studio Stick foundation; aside from a poor color match by the SA, I really did love the product itself.

    Studio Fix powder foundation is good, too, but I’ve found a less expensive alternative, with a better color match, so I haven’t gone back to it for a while.

  86. I love Mac. My top ten in no particular order :

    1. Brulé Eyeshadow
    2. Two Virtures blush
    3. Ruby Woo lipstick
    4. Teddy eye khol
    5. Zoomlash waterproof mascara
    6. Silver Dusk Iridescent Face Powder
    7. Pro Longwear Concealer
    8. Fast Response Eye Cream
    9. Spiked Eyebrow Pencil
    10. Blacktrack fluidline

  87. Joanna

    1) blacktrack fluidline. all of their gel liners are fantastic
    2) pearlglide eyeliners. just fantastic. smooth, pigmented, last all day
    3) paint pots. they don’t crease on me and some look great alone as shadow
    4) Brun or Mystery eyeshadow. wonderful for filling in brows. try it christine! they aren’t red based so they match really well
    5) 217 brush. it’s just a must. blends out shadow and creams perfectly
    6) studio careblend pressed powder. it mattes the skin without looking powdery
    7) vegas volt and patisserie lipstick. fun lip and perfect pink pout lip
    8) fleur power blush. gives me a nice, natural flush
    9) nymphette lipglass. so pretty. looks good on everyone in my opinion
    10) pigments. they have an excellent array of shades and they blend out beautifully in application

    MAC is a fantastic brand and I think you’re very lucky that you get to review their products. i wish they would get the kind of credit that high end brands do, even if it’s the permanent range that shines

  88. Jennifer

    1. Seedy Pearl e/s. Great hilighter for smoky purple e/s looks
    2. Snob l/s
    3. Foxy Lady eye kohl. Oh how I wish they would repromote this. Have never been able to dupe this color
    4. Snowglobe beauty powder. Yeah I’m pale as Casper and this stuff lights up my face w/out being too much
    5. Naughty Saute l/s
    6. 266 eyeliner brush
    7. Fig 1 e/s. great crease color
    8. Pop Mode lip glass
    9. Antiqued e/s. one of the only warmer colored e/s that actually does something for my cool tones
    10. Wonder Woman lip glass. Am I the only person that liked this? There is something about this particular shade of red that I get so many compliments whenever I wear it. I can’t believe I’ve almost finished that ginormous tube!

  89. Never could get into MAC no matter how I try. I do like the brushes and that is about it. The shadows dont appeal to me..just have three of them…MAC is not what MAC was before Estee Lauder took over….But no one should criticize Christine for rating MAC products the way she rates it….Christine has graded some products of my favorite brands with poor grades and frankly, those companies deserve that grade. Otherwise, how would MAC or these other companies stay in the quality game?

  90. my

    My top 10 MAC products are:
    1. MAC wipes
    2. Cleanse Off Oil
    3. All That Glitters e/s
    4. Satin Taupe e/s
    5. Brule e/s
    6. Painterly paintpot
    7. Fleur Power blush
    8. 239 eyeshadow brush
    9. Brave l/s
    10. Harmony blush
    I love this post. Thanks! :)

  91. Savannah

    my top ten are:
    1. Bare study paint pot (will be getting bare study soon)
    2. Studio finish concealer
    3. blot powder
    4. any of their blushes really, (loving fleet fast & prism)
    5. wedge e/s
    6. woodwinked e/s
    7. blacktrack fluidline
    8.falselashes mascara
    9.217 brushe
    10. deelight cremesheen glass & oh so many more… lol

  92. Michelle

    1) Mystery e/s. Purchased maybe 4 of these. I use it daily for my brows.
    2) Face and Body foundation. Light, natural, looks like skin.
    3) Blacktrack Fluidline.
    4) 150 powder brush.
    5) 266 angled brush.
    6) Jubilee or Patisserie lipstick. Both lustre finishes. Nude colors. Jubilee is browner and Patisserie is pinker. They’re strangely interchangeable for me.
    7) Ravishing lipstick.
    8) Sweet Satisfaction e/s.
    9) Kid e/s.
    10) Ruby Woo lipstick.

  93. Jade

    This is a great idea, Mac still have so many amazing permament products!

    1. Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (I can’t believe I only JUST got onto this, I absolutely love it)
    2. Select Moisturecover Concealer (on my millionth tube, shame about the packaging though! I keep cutting them open when they run low)
    3. Brow Powder in Porcelain/Browning (discontinued!)
    4. MSF Natural
    5. Blacktrack Fluidline (though I’m currently using a Maybelline dupe)
    6. Feline Kohl Power
    7. Lickable Lipstick
    8. Please Me Lipstick
    9. Lipglass (loved every single shade I’ve ever had, to the point of cutting them open to use them up!)
    10. Springsheen Blush

  94. Marte

    1) 239 brush
    2) Added Goodness Fluidline (LE)
    3) Fascinating Ruby ES (LE)
    4) Blonde’s gold pigment
    5) Perpetual flame Pro Longwear Lipcreme
    6) Fix +
    7) Macroviolet Fluidline
    8) Dalliance Mega Metal ES
    9) Soar Lip Pencil
    10) Blacktrack Fluidline

  95. I love seeing your top 10 :)
    My top 10 is probably…

    1. MAC pigment in Fairylite
    2. MAC 3D glass in Boundless
    3. MAC Dazzleglass in Funtabulous
    4. MAC Lustreglass in Venetian
    5. MAC blush in Bite of an Apple
    6. MAC eyeshadow in Sushi Flower
    7. MAC blush in Azalea Blossom
    8. MAC lipstick in Show Orchid
    9. MAC lipstick in Sweet Thing
    10. MAC eyeshadow in Knight Divine

  96. Jessi

    I’ve got a lot of MAC staples I use every day:

    Careblend powder (best powder I’ve ever used)
    Prep & Prime Vibrancy Eye (I don’t leave home without it – great multiuse product for priming, de-puffing, highlighting and light concealing)
    Mineralize eye cream (got rid of wrinkles 15 years of other products couldn’t budge – great value)
    Opulash (favorite natural mascara, so easy to remove)
    Haute ‘n Naughty (very versatile mascara for many different looks)
    Mineralize Skin Finish (in Natural or various limited versions – last year’s Goldstone is a staple)
    Greasepaint Sticks (hope those come back soon)
    Cremesheen Glass (my favorite lip gloss – both the perm and limited color ranges are beautiful)
    Mineralize foundation SPF15 (perfect match for me – it’s my everyday foundation, very easy on my skin)
    Matchmaster foundation (another perfect match – perfect for a formal look)

    Special mention to last year’s Elude beauty powder – single greatest effect powder, gives my skin the look it had when I was 18)

  97. Elisabeth

    My top (6) are:

    1. Angel lipstick – the perfect everyday nudy pink
    2. Painterly paintpot – a nice base that doesn’t crease
    3. Shroom eyeshadow – nice and shimmery
    4. Vanilla eyeshadow – perfect natural color to match NC15 skin
    5. All that glitters eyeshadow – such a pretty color
    6. Boybait cremesheen glass – perfect nude and gives soft lips

  98. Mya Hussain

    1. All that Glitters eyeshadow
    2.Mac 224 brush (Great for buffing in concealer)
    3.Espresso shadow
    4.Mac reflects gold pigment
    5.Mac Antiqued shadow
    6.Studio sculpt foundation
    7.Mac Desert rose blush
    8.Pro longwear concealer in NW30 +NW44
    9.Perfect and protect spf50
    10.Mocha lipstick

  99. Vicky

    ohh I love MAC!! here is my top10

    1. gentle Mineralize blush
    2. Smolder eye pencil
    3. Beautiful iris e/s
    4. swell e/s (limited from surf baby)
    5. careblend powder
    6. viva glam V l/s
    7. syrup l/s (sooo great!!)
    8. star wonder msf (my hg highlighter!)
    9. tan pigment
    10. Blacktrack fluidline

  100. Danielle

    In no order:
    1. Woodwinked e/s
    2. Mac Wipes
    3. 239 brush
    4. 138 brush
    5. Prep and Prime lip primer
    6. Prep and Prime lash primer
    7. Studio Sculpt concealer
    8. Face & Body foundation
    9. Mocha blush (but I love most of their blushes)
    10. their lipsticks, I can’t pick a shade