Your Beauty Ah-ha! Moments

Have you had that Ah-ha! Moment? It’s that moment where you’ve used a product and felt like it’s changed your life or completely tilted your world’s axis. As a long-time beauty addict, my ah-ha moments are few and far between these days, but I’m always inspired when I see others have them.

Last week, I went with my younger sister so she could do some back-to-school shopping (and I could have an excuse to window shop!). My younger sister is so not like me; we are definitely two different people. With that being said, I’ve only recently managed to nag her enough to start cleansing and moisturizing on a regular basis. (Don’t get me started on trying to get anyone in my family to wear sunscreen!) I noticed her cheeks were flaking a bit when I applied Studio Fix Powder on her (I figured what easier way than a compact–with a sponge–foundation for her?), and I was like, “You need to EXFOLIATE!”

She looked at me confused, and she asked me “What’s exfoliate?” Imagine my total and utter surprise. I mean, c’mon, my shower is stocked with four or five different exfoliators/scrubs for all different parts of my body (and that’s not even my bathroom countertop or my drawers and boxes of product…). I explained it to her, and she immediately understood. I don’t think she believed the virtues of it, and while I could have easily given her one of the many scrubs I have… I wanted her to have it right away.

We headed over to Origins, and I was totally in my take-charge mode; I asked the beauty consultant about what would be a good exfoliant for my sister’s dry skin (but totally acne-free, unfair!). She did a demonstration using Origins’ Modern Friction ($37.00) on the back of my sister’s hand. My sister’s shock wasn’t concealed. She couldn’t believe the difference in texture, feel, and even the color of her skin. Her freshly exfoliated hand looked brighter, felt softer, and was smooth to the touch. She had her first beauty ah-ha! moment, and it was such a pleasure to watch her have it. Of course, after seeing her amazement, I had to buy it for her.

What was your last Ah-ha! moment? Do you remember your first?