Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

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Introducing the Petits Fours eyeshadow collection! Inspired by dainty pastry delicacies, these miniature treats feature mouthwatering-mattes perfectly paired with sparkling sugary shades within four scrumptious eyeshadow quads! Expertly crafted and baked to perfection, these charming color-stories create delightfully decadent eye-catching confections! Each magnetized miniature morsel is encased within brand new shimmering, bite-sized petite packaging. Whether you’re craving the rich depth of Chocolat or the caramel creaminess of Praline, the berry beauty of Framboise or the languorously luscious Lilas, you’re sure to find a heavenly treat to satisfy your desire for sweets!

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Products in the Launch

Praline Petits Fours Palette, $22.00

  • Sucre Warm brown (Shimmer)
  • Caramelise Warm champagne (Shimmer)
  • Praline Antiqued gold (Shimmer)
  • Pecan Sienna brown (Matte)

Framboise Petits Fours Palette, $22.00

  • Creme Light beige pink (Matte)
  • Glacage Pink champagne (Shimmer)
  • Confiture Medium pink-red (Shimmer)
  • Framboise Soft dusty rose (Matte)

Lilas Petits Fours Palette, $22.00

  • Fondant Iced silver rose (Shimmer)
  • Lilas Light muted mauve (Matte)
  • Tiramisu Light cool taupe (Matte)
  • Argentee Silver (Shimmer)

Chocolat Petits Fours Palette, $22.00

  • Cafe Creme Terracotta nude (Matte)
  • Peches Rose-gold nude (Shimmer)
  • Orange Sanguine Orange-copper with gold reflectivity (Shimmer)
  • Ganache Milk chocolate brown (Matte)

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

Viseart Petits Fours Eyeshadow Palettes Now Available

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Something is either off with the swatches or the overall photography and the tones don’t seem to match . . .it’s hard to tell if this is a hard pass or something that would work for me!

I ordered all four immediately when they became available on the Viseart Paris website last week. Viseart is one of a handful of brands from which I do not hesitate to purchase.

These are really cute and could be great for somebody new to makeup and/or looking for something a little more minimal. That said, I really can’t get over how different the swatches for Lilas are over the two skintones… On the darker, warmer skintone it’s like “Ohhh what a pretty cool-toned quad” and against the one that is closer to my own pale cool-toned skin, it’s like “Where did all the pretty lilac undertones go? Why so brown?” Will be interested to see reviews on that one.

So radically true about the differences for the Lilas on lighter vs. darker skintones. I have found a lot of the CP shades read brownish on me, when they are supposed to be mauvey. Christine (reader) says V does not photoshop. Is that true? Not trying to be disputatious, but i just figured V was doing photoshop in a more subtle and realistic way.

The swatches certainly don’t look photoshopped — unlike so many brands where it looks like they just digitally painted the colors onto the arm, you can see the skin texture and even the hairs on the edge of the arm! (honestly the pale model’s skin and arm hair looks so much like mine, I wonder if they used my arm in my sleep, ha ha!) And I get that colors are going to look different on different people due to undertones and possibly how oily their skin is and such, but this is such a big difference it seems unreal!

No clue whether their claim to not photoshop their colours is true or not, but it’s what they’ve responded a few times on Instagram when people pointed out that the colours were all different in each picture. They did say they try to portray the colours accurately, though, but I think the problem is that they’re taking these pictures in different lighting situations (if you take a peek at the brand owner’s Instagram page, you can see a bit of the behind the scenes action). Natural lighting is great, but it isn’t, unfortunately, consistent, so I think that’s why we’re getting all these different tones.

I had the same reaction regarding the Lilas quad. I didn’t think I’d like it but then I saw the swatches on the lighter arm and loved it and then I saw it on the darker toned arm and my reaction was “are THESE from the same quad?” I also like the look of the lighter neutral quad – Praline.

It may not be a lighting issue, even – the difference on the Lilas shade in particular looks like the way some of my gouache paints look different when I paint them slightly diluted over either a lighter or a darker background. It looks as though there’s a more translucent redder-toned part to the shade that shows through more clearly on the pale-skin swatch.
Or it’s lighting or editing, who knows.

THANK YOU for saying that though! It’s possible some of it is lighting or editing, but also eyeshadows are pretty much literally skin-safe pastels. Pastels are just pigments and a little bit of binder – and even “opaque” colors are still somewhat translucent. And if you take a light mauve or taupe pastel and paint it onto pure white paper, it WILL look different from the same swatch on a “light/peachy skin” tone paper, and different from that same color swatched on a “darker skin” toned paper. That’s just how colors in general *work*.

Color is relative, and transparent pigments can absolutely look slightly different across different canvases/skin colors, and the same is true of tattoos. With makeup, any transparency in the pigment means the visual color seen will be impacted by the base color underneath – whether it’s a primer, or just your skin. With a tattoo, the pigment is under the skin, and so the skin “tints” the ink visible underneath. (Which is why lazy tattoo artists try to insist they “can’t” do color tattoos on folks with medium-dark skin. This is not true! Highly saturated colors will still be visible and look great! The colors might seem different due to the skin having more or less melanin tint over the ink, but that doesn’t fundamentally change the color of the ink any more than an eyeshadow’s truly changed when it’s layered over a deeper base color.)

These are sooo pretty. I was thinking on the Wayne Goss palette but I already have the Viseart cool mattes and want this instead. I don’t particularly care for black based colors anyway.

That Lilas palette is PERFECTION for my cool toned complexion, I may have to buy a backup, and I LOVE the fact is a quad. I never really found Natasha Denona’s Mini Glam nor regular size Glam palettes truly cool toned. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

Man, the swatches for that Lilas one are making me scratch my head… is it paurple or tauple?!?!?!

(ha ha, I obviously meant to write purple or taupe but that looks hilarious so I’m gonna leave it like that…)

These look like a nice addition to the Viseart range – I love the Petit Pro palettes but these are simple and gorgeous.

I don’t know whether I want or don’t want these palettes because they look different in every single picture. I appreciate that they don’t photoshop their colours, but this doesn’t help the consumer make a decision when their photos are never consistent and they don’t have a standard to go by. Yes, I can always look up reviews, but I should also be able to use the brand’s swatches to get an idea of what the colours should be.

I am so torn. The Lilas palette looks like a perfect mix of greys in the palette shot. But then it appears very pink in the darker skin tone shot, and very blah beige in the paler skin shot. I have no idea what this would look like.

These are all really cute, and I’m suddenly hungry for some reason 🙂 I was thinking of picking up the new NARS Au Soleil palette, but the Chocolat Petits Fours also looks great.

I hope these review well as the price point is so attractive and I don’t think I have anything like Lilas. My other Viseart palettes would probably give me looks similar to what I would get from the others. Wearing glasses negates subtle differences in color.

These look cute.. but I have all of these shades in other palettes. People rave about viseart,,, I previously purchased the 6 pan palettes they sold a sephora.. they were ok but nothing special in my opinion so I gave them away. I will watch reviews but I know I will not be purchasing these

Add me to the list of people who can’t tell if they want Lilas or not. How does the same set of shadows look so pretty and silvery in the shot of all four palettes and also look like absolute mud in the swatches on the paler model’s arm?

The palettes look so pretty. The swatches seem to be all over the place. It looks like they’ve swatched different colours. I though I wanted the Lilas or maybe Framboise, but I feel very confused. I’ll just wait and hope Christine will have time to swatch these.

I have a few Viseart palettes and love all of them so ffar. After passing on so many, I ordered these today. I have a light neutral complexion w some foundations described as light medium. Blue grey eyes if any of that matters.

Lilas is calling… I feel like I have the other color stories covered in my existing Viseart collection…will try to wait for reviews before buying (lack of will power is a weakness of mine tho)

Side note – over the past two years I have been searching for a new HG eyeshadow formula As my eyelids have aged (yeah, rest of me stayed the same age. 😉), I discovered that my old go-to formula/brand kept disappearing,even with primer. So I tried different primers. No luck. Tried different eyeshadows, and finally found that Viseart works best for me. But, I miss my shimmers and sparkles – Viseart doesn’t do those very well. Their shades are softer, more subdued. So, I am branching out to try some ND shades to get the BAM! back into some of my eye looks. And, I am finding, Viseart mattes outperform ND, hands down for me. With some glitter glue, though, I can get good staying power out of the ND shimmer/sparkle shades. So, my new combo is Viseart mattes with ND shimmers when I want something with more punch.

The lighting setup seems to change so it’s hard to get a handle on their true color stories. Will be on the lookout for swatches! I think I like the look of Lilas and Framboise, but it’s hard to be sure lol.

These look so lovely and I loooove a great little palette from Viseart; they’re the best to travel with and for everyday use. I can’t figure out which one (or ones, frankly) I want, though–the swatches are so different from what they look like in the pan and across skintones!
If Lilas is more grey/silver-based I want to skip, but the swatches seem more taupe on the skin and if that’s the case, I’m on board.
Praline seems more like my usual go-to but something about the swatches seems too orange/warm for my liking..shoot, I don’t even know. Better wait for Christine’s swatches!

I am all about these smaller affordable palettes from fantastic brands! I think I’ll pick up Lilas- I actually like how on the lighter skin tone it reads more cool neutral instead of dusty purple.

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