Top 10: Best of ColourPop

I’ve covered a lot of ColourPop’s products since trying their products late last year, and here is my current list of favorites πŸ˜‰ I’d love to hear your must-haves from the brand! I reach for their eyeshadows the most, followed by highlighters and then blushes.

  1. ColourPop Sour Super Shock Shadow
  2. ColourPop Monster Super Shock Cheek
  3. ColourPop Bae Super Shock Shadow
  4. ColourPop Jellyfish Super Shock Cheek
  5. ColourPop I <3 ThisΒ Super Shock Shadow
  6. ColourPop Chipper Super Shock Shadow
  7. ColourPop Sticky Sweet Super Shock Cheek
  8. ColourPop Coconut Super Shock Shadow
  9. ColourPop So Quiche Super Shock Shadow
  10. ColourPop Sequin Super Shock Shadow

>> See side-by-side swatches! <<


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Claudia Avatar

I can’t wait for Colorpop to ship worldwide. Have you tested the products from the RumerHasIt collection in collab with Rumer Willis? Both shadows and lippies look amazing!

Kota Keys Avatar

I have a ton of their eyeshadows, currently have 4 blushes, and 5 highlighters. I would give up ALL of my other palettes for their shadows. I adore their shadows more than any companies shadows. I thought I was going to be wasting my money, I ordered the Where the Light Is, followed by amaze and roulette first. OMG the swatches did NOT want to come off, it actually took 2 days for them to fully come off. That probably was when I was hooked! lol

Alex Avatar

I love my So Quiche! I’m thinking of getting Monster and using it as an eyeshadow, since it seems like a much cheaper version of Nars Cassiopeia. Hope from the Metamorphosis quad is actually made for the eyes, but I don’t want to pay $20 for the whole set when I only want the one shadow.

Ginny Avatar

I have used their highlighters on the eye and they absolutely crease and very quickly. The formula of the highlighters is so that they never dry or “set.” However if you wanted to use it on the inner corner or browbone that might work.

Ginny Avatar

You’re welcome, happy to help. FWIW I think the quad looks really workable and I might get it myself. They really put thought into their quads to make all the colors compliment each other. I didn’t think I needed all the colors in the Shaanxo quad but I ended up loving them all.

Michelle Avatar

Alex, you should look into ‘Girly.’ It’s GORGEOUS when applied and sounds a lot like what you’re looking for. (On the website it’s described as “Creamy vanilla with a flash of pink and gold duo chrome finish.”) It’s my go-to for the inner corner and highlighting my brow bone.

(And FWIW, I also pair it with So Quiche and it looks AWESOME! ;-))

Irma Avatar

Ooh, I love Colourpop! And I love that you came out with your list of favorites. I am very pleased with the products they are coming out with, to think my expectation is low and their products have astounded me. Even if I live in Bangkok and Colourpop does not ship here, I found ways to buy them.

Sheb Avatar

Oh, man! I’ve been trying to resist buying the new Metamorphosis set but now my brain is all, “More ColourPop”!

I like the pearlized texture the best so my favorites are the highlighters, particularly Boba and Monster. Of the blushes, Holiday and More, Please. Shadows: Bae and Mirage. Lippie Stix: Frida, Topanga, Lumiere and Corset.

Jenna Avatar

Hey I’m guessing by you name that you’re Dutch? I’m going to the US next Saturday & am placing an order with ColourPop and having it delivered to the hotel so I can bring the products back!! I can’t wait, ha ha! If there’s anything specific you want maybe I can order it for you & I can post it to you when I get back? (I’m there for a week until 5th July)

Ginny Avatar

I have to agree with a lot of these. I heart This is great. Monster is great. I received So Quiche and Bae the other day. So Quiche is super glittery but it stays put and I love it, blends really well with Cricket. Bae is awesome. I used it on myself and my two friends and it looked good on everyone. You can smudge it onto the lash line with a pencil brush- even if you only use a little the glitters will still translate. I also love Prenup and More Please blush, Teasecake highlighter, and the Shaanxo quad. I definitely recommend the glittery and metallic eyeshadows. You will get a high shine very sparkly look without having to deal with the fallout of a powder eyeshadow. And you don’t even need primer. Amazing. I have started using my darker colors as cream liners. You can make a crisp cat eye if the shade does not have too much glitter (eyeliner brush doesn’t pick up the glittery shades as well).

Nancy T Avatar

Today, I am wearing Quarters blush with Poolside highlighter. Very glowy and coral-orange with a bronzed kick! I LOVE these cheek products, and my two eyeshadows that I’ve gotten so far, although I believe I may need a better brush for Krinkle and Sugar? Definitely getting Bae, So Quiche, Mittens, Shameless, Coconut, Girly and Jellyfish next!

Nancy T Avatar

Thanks for that tip, Christine, I actually, and very luckily, DO have a concealer brush that I literally never use for anything other than applying certain eyeshadows as eyeliner because it DOES lay color down very nicely. It will now have a new job to do!

Nicole Avatar

Hurrah for this post! I love me some ColourPop just as much as I love the HE stuff. I may even love it more because it is just as good with a wallet friendly price tag. The only one on this list that I am questioning that I may not own is Sour. Is that no longer on their website? I can’t find it! I can’t check my stash now as I am not home. I love the look you did with sour and lace and all the other colorful ones!

Nicole Avatar

Yep,its gone and I just checked my stash..I don’t have it! Ugh..the one who got away. I sent an email to ColourPop requesting it be brought into the permanent line. Maybe if enough people did that, they would ( that’s a hint everyone reading!lol) oh, my heart is in my stomach for Sour and Boba now. ( being silly) . I’ll look every day for it with Boba..maybe one day, you never know. An dupes come to mind? How about in mufe’s line even? Or something else. I usually can work well with CP and anything else smooth. Hey, did any of my replies lad might come through odd? If so, I’m sorry. Fri night our living room ceiling collapsed joke. Our dog was buried in it. Shes ok. My daughter and I were out for 3 hours came home to the ceiling,insulation , all over the couch,coffee table,tv..all is destroyed. So I was up almost all night Fri into sat dealing with insurance etc. We are moved into a hotel. I just ran back to check on the place. That’s how I checked my stash. They come tomorrow to investigate. It’s just nuts. I just wanted to apologize if it was rubbish. I was trying to reply before I went to bed.

Christine Avatar

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Nicole, whatever you did totally worked, because I just got an email from the owner of ColourPop that said that because of the post (cough, also your email) they have brought it back today!

I didn’t notice any off from your replies last night, but I am sorry to hear of your ceiling! I’m glad your dog is okay, as are you and your daughter, and hopefully you can get it resolved ASAP! How stressful it must be (and I know you don’t need any more stress!!).

Nicole Avatar

Yay! I just ordered it as soon as I saw this along with some other items I had sitting in my cart,lol! Maybe you should re-post the Boba review ! Way to go. And I’m sure it was you’re review that got them to put it back up. Thank you!
Yeah,the whole house thing was nuts! So glad we weren’t there and happy my dog is ok. Thankfully insurance has been awesome so far and all I can do is roll with it. At least nobody got hurt and it looks like I’m getting a new couch,tv ,basically anew living room. Living in a hotel stinks though. πŸ™‚

Karen Avatar

Hi Christine, I have 6 out of your top 10. I just love these shadows. I have chipper and monster finally on their way to me, I’m so excited!! I also include bae, so quiche, la la, coconut, hot totty, dasher, in my top Colourpop choices, these being my most used ones!

Alycia Avatar

Hey Christine! I’m really glad you’ve been reviewing and talking about ColourPop because I think it’s really nice to support a brand that’s 1) affordable, 2) unique, and 3) made in the US. I have realized that it’s not all about the price tag when evaluating the quality of an item…it’s also great for me to read all of your drugstore reviews but I like ColourPop especially because it feels a little more like supporting a cause than a gigormous brand. That’s also why I keep a lookout for your reviews on MUG! Would much rather support these guys than the mega superpowers that charge either a lot or a little.

Christine Avatar

Glad I can shine a little light on a good brand like ColourPop! I love, love, LOVE when there are affordable options that perform really well, not just “it’s pretty good for $5” but “it’s pretty good, and can you believe it? It’s $5!”

Katherine T. Avatar

Colour Pop is rapidly taking over my giant makeup stash!! I absolutely LOVE their shadows, blushes, lippies, and highlighters, and the price is ridiculously cheap for the quality and pigmentation. The shadows in particular are a godsend for my oily lids — the shadows stick really well, and can last +12-16 hours with primer. I just received another huge haul and haven’t tested everything yet, but so far my faves are:
*Shadows – Hammered, So Quiche, Coconut
*Blushes –Homie , Thumper, Rain
*Lippies – Grind, Leather, Lady
*Highlighters – Lunch Money

Karen Avatar

The ‘Get Lucky’ shadow is one of my favorite ColourPop products. I also ADORE the ‘Frenchie’ lippie and pencil (it’s honestly one of my favorite red lipsticks and I have a LOT of those) because it’s possibly my perfect red. As someone who is really fair, ‘Olive’ is a great everyday subtle blush for me. And I’m loving ‘Highly Waisted’ as a highlighter.

Nicole Avatar

Whew..ok.Im good. I got the full list now once sour is delivered! Woo hoo! I heart Colourpop and Temptalia,lol. Girrl, you gotta do a collab with them. But, you have to let us in on the date of sale be ause it will fly out of stock!

Paula Avatar

You inspired me to try ColourPop Christine, and I love it!! Faves so far include I Heart This and Partridge e/s (Partridge is *magic*!) and Early Bird and More, Please Super Shock Cheek, and looking way forward to trying more! πŸ˜€

MissJae1908 Avatar

I am OBSESSED with Colour Pop in general, but these are my faves:
Coconut eyeshadow
Birthday Girl eyeshadow
Hustle eyeshadow (most used CP shadow in my collection!)
Bandit eyeshadow
Sequin eyeshadow
Bae eyeshadow
Avalon highlighter (this is heaven on chocolate girls!)
Monster highlighter (I use this as an eyeshadow too!)
Fruit Stand blush (Gorgeous)
Feminist lippie
*I could go on and on, but I won’t! Lol

Kim Avatar

I am normally all about that high end makeup, but totally obsessed with Colourpop! My top 10 are: Amaze, Eye Candy, Prickly Pear, So Quiche, and Blaze for eye shadow. All super shimmery, though the matte colors Kathleen Lights quartet are an honorable mention. Between the Sheets is my must-have matte blush; Monster & Butterfly Beach for highlighters. Bound is my perfect pinky nude lippy, and I adore Frida for a bit more color. I could go on… Metamorphosis is on its way to me, with Paradise Cove bronzer. Would love to see more Colourpop collabs. Hint, hint!

Elizabeth Avatar

I love ColourPop shadows!!!! How much I love them? I have 26 of their shadows and 8 more coming my way… yesss. They blend magically. Also waiting for blushes and highlighters, may also try some of their bronzers

Elizabeth Avatar

Wow. hard to name just a few, but here are some. So quiche, mooning. 3, intoxicate, bill, cheeky, bae, fringe, bubbly and i can go on.

Jeanette Morris Avatar

I’m surprised that the eye shadow Truth is not on your list. I thought I had seen you use that in a lot of looks as a brow bone shadow.

Tessa Avatar

I do love Jelly Fish as much as I thought I would, but my most beloved Colourpop purchase yet? Surprise winner: Lunch Money highlighter. It’s absolutely indispensable to me now! It’s great for if I’ve extended a bright blush too far up my cheek — swirl on some Lunch Money and it tones it down, blends that sucker right on into my skin without dulling it, the way powder would.

Love. It.

Irene Avatar

I wore So Quiche for the first time today and loved it!! I just bought jelly fish by haven’t taken it out for a test drive yet except for when I was just messing around the other night right before washing my face to see just how bright it is. Whoah, Nelly, it’s bright!! But such a pretty color. I will have to use a very light hand with that one!!

Louisa Avatar

I think I’m going to have to order some ColourPop now! I just expected they’d be crap but after reading your reviews I think I just have to try them now! The swatches look great πŸ˜€

How would you compare them to say Urban Decay shadows? I have the Naked 3 and I think it’s reasonable, not amazing like everyone says! But if they at least compare to that I’d be very happy!

Christine Avatar

Hey Louisa,

They’re a pretty different formula, since they’re more a cream eyeshadow than a powder one, but they have less wetness compared to your traditional cream eyeshadow. Have you tried any of these formulas before? Dior DiorShow Fusion Mono, Chanel Illusion d’Ombre, MAC Electric Cool, Buxom Stay There? They’re all very similar to ColourPop’s Super Shock formula — kind of a spongy product. They wear better than UD eyeshadows for me (10-14 hour wear no fading or creasing, no primer).

The only thing is that some readers have said they have had trouble applying these with brushes or using more than one – and it seems like while the majority LOVES the formula, there are some really find it frustrating to use. But if you have access to any of the above formulas (Electric Cool was LE, but the rest I believe are still around), you could see if that’s a texture you’d get along with!

angie Avatar

my faves :
– eyeshadow : so quiche, get lucky
– hilighter : wisp
– blush : prenup
– lippie : brink

i am really hoping, in anytime soon we’ll see colab of colourpop x christine temptalia! πŸ˜‰

Bonnie Avatar

YAY LOVE this post!!!! I have 7 of your top ten! I just need Jellyfish, sticky sweet and sour! I passed on sour because I have Mermaids Kiss and I thought they were pretty similar? Maybe I need both πŸ˜‰
I agree with the others who’ve said they’re hoping for a TemptaliaXColourPop collab!!! I’d buy it without even seeing the shades! Haha. Seriously they’d be smart to ask you, and also- I don’t think it would compromise your integrity as a reviewer (if that was a concern, as I noticed you didn’t respond to those collab remarks) because you wouldn’t have to review it! Anyway I found Colourpop because of you, and now own dozens of their products bc of your reviews and LOVE THEM ALL. I’ve recommended them to many friends too (and your site of course) I can’t thank you enough Christine! Your site and Colourpop have both changed the way I look at makeup. I used to think only high end makeup was good makeup. Your reviews and Colourpop have totally disproved that false notion. πŸ˜€

Cate Avatar

Ugh they’re so beautiful. I only own seven of their products (all lip) but with my next paycheck I’m planning on going a bit wild with the other products. I’ve got Butterfly Beach, Flipper, Sequin and Topanga in my cart, but I’m eyeing Where The Light Is and some others (I need to get my coworker/friend a birthday gift and they don’t offer gift cards…)

LMM Avatar

I bought I <3 This on your recommendation, and I do indeed <3 it.

I really love both On the Rocks and La La for easy bronzey eyes, and for similar reasons adore the Kathleenlights quad.

And Holiday blush – I hit pan on it recently and will need to reorder soon. It is absolutely gorgeous.

LMM Avatar

OH! And the Brink lip pencil! A great rich 90s color on me. I really love the formula of the Lippie Pencils in general and bought a few to match some shades of lipstick that are hard to pair with the right liner.

popscockles Avatar

I’m late to the party, but I had to add my two cents!

I β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ Colourpop! I love that they don’t test on animals, I like that they swatch on multiple skin tone, they always have free shipping over $30-40, plus the price point is unbelievable based on the great product they put out!

I’ve gone through two pots of Cheeky (peachy-pink), I love Bubbly, Animal, Bae, and Meow a lot. Flipper & Chipper are in my cart right now, can’t wait to try them!

For cheeks, I have Prenup, Jellyfish, and Highly Waisted. Love them all!

For lips, I have Tootsi (my most used, such a gorgeous dusty brown rose!), Creature, Feminist, Brill and Leather. They’re all amazing for the price point, a little dry but they last and they all have crazy pigment!

Not a brand I would recommend to people who don’t like glitter, though!

Lindsey Avatar

I really wish I could buy these eyeshadows, but I can’t have a bunch of singles taking up room in my case. Also taking time to unscrew each one would be a pain. If they made them available in 15x palettes maybe I’d buy them. I hope they come out with come thing like that in the future.

Maria Avatar

Is anyone as obsessed with “tasty” as I am? I got it as a sample when it was first introduced. It gives this peachy, healthy glow to the cheek. I can’t stop using it.

Stephanie Avatar

What’s your fave way to apply the eyeshadows & highlighters, Chrstine? I’ve tried the lip products from ColourPop & love them, and I’m considering buying some of the eyeshadows & highlighters but I’m not positive how to apply them best. Thanks! ☺️

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