Pat McGrath Midnight Sun Mothership VI Palette for Holiday 2019

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Revel in nocturnal surrealism with ten opulent hues that conjure the divinity of the Midnight Sun. A scintillating solstice of colour emerges as magical bronzes, wicked violets, mystical crimsons and goddess golds eclipse eyes with multi-dimensional effects and unprecedented single-stroke intensity.

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September 6th

Products Available

Midnight Sun Mothership Eyeshadow Palette, $125.00

  • Skinshow Moon Glow Luminous platinum peach
  • Bronze Eclipse Bronzed taupe sheen
  • Vermillion Venom Burnished crimson matte
  • Xtreme Dusk Charcoal brown matte
  • Taboo Brown ochre matte
  • Wicked Envy Shimmering moss green
  • Blitz Violet Orchid Sparkling periwinkle violet
  • Jubilee Antique glittering gold
  • Astral Solstice Glittering platinum
  • Blood Moon 005 Metallic copper rose

Pat McGrath Midnight Sun Mothership VI Palette for Holiday 2019

Pat McGrath Midnight Sun Mothership VI Palette for Holiday 2019

Pat McGrath Midnight Sun Mothership VI Palette for Holiday 2019

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This is the most appealing palette to me personally that PMG has come out with. I’m on an eyeshadow no-buy so it doesn’t matter, I won’t be buying it regardless, but I like the color story and I like the mixture of mattes and shimmers. It looks really wearable. But even if I were open to buying it, I just don’t know if I could support that copywriting.

Ohh kayy! Looks really nice, but also they look like shades I already have in singles or other palettes – just have to wait for swatches. But this is still calling me because where I live we get two months of midnight sun and the copper/orange is exactly how it looks – why is it called Blood *Moon*?! 😀

Uhm… I just don’t know how I feel about this consortium of shades. I’m not getting a cohesive feel here? Perhaps I’ll feel differently once it is in your hands and we see real life swatches. Besides, I have ABH x Jackie Aina coming tomorrow. Similar enough color theory, but hers is far more cohesive and user friendly looking!

I admittedly wear my eyeshadow differently than is the fashion right now, but I feel like I’ll be able to do a lot with this palette. I actually said to myself, “thank god it’s not just three shades of a color and seven browns.”

As gorgeous as this is, it’s a pass for me. I love all of the palettes that I have from her, but I don’t reach for them as much as I should. I actually traded the Mothership I for two private dance lessons. Plus, I know that those mattes are exact dupes for the mattes in her other palettes. Instead of buying a new one, I will work to start using the palettes I already have from her.

Idk… I can usually dupe just about any matte from the shadows in my collection, triple for neutrals. But that Vermillion Venom is unlike unlike anything I’ve seen. It’s like a deep mahogany. As someone who has almost every Pat palette, I can say for sure that she hasn’t made anything like this

I own a lot of PMG and this palette seems to be very dupeable within my stash of previous palettes. I would so much rather nab a re-release of Decadence which I did not purchase and wish I had. I don’t think I will be fomo’ing this palette based on these swatches.

Looks beautiful and that purple is amazing. I collect PMG so I’ll buy it, though wicked envy does’t translate as a green on any of the skin tones, unfortunately.

As gorgeous as these shades look, at least I know I won’t be tempted considering I’ve tried her palettes before and none of them have worked out for me – I actually just recently gave my friend my Mothership V palette hoping she can get some use out of it!

I am hoping that these swatch differently than they appear in the pan because a lot of PMGL e/s palettes are taking on a very similar vibe. There is her prerequisite copper and gold shade that she puts in practically every palette. I am curious about the green shade and it looks like there are matte shades in at least three different tones for transition, depth and outer V. It is not a stand alone palette for me as there is no matte brow bone shade but so far, I don’t have a PMGL palette that is stand alone. I really feel that she needs to look at her palettes and work on different colour stories. Usually the quality is there but after you have 6 golds you really don’t need anymore, IMHO. Again, unless they swatch more uniquely I will likely pass on this palette.

I totally get what you’re saying about the gold thing and I mostly agree. I would usually just reach for the gold shade in Mothership 4 because I really love the formula. I literally never touched the gold from Mothership 3 until one day, I was getting ready for a football game and I swatched nearly every gold in my collection, searching for the exact shade my team uses. I finally swatched the gold in 3, I believe it’s called Gigabyte, and it blew me away. It’s honestly so unique. I feel most of her shadows are like that; they may seem similar to something else but turn out pretty different.
Also, I find I absolutely can use a single palette for a look even though I’m extremely fair. But let’s be honest, if you’re buying PMG, you aren’t the “one palette” type of girl lol. But I do understand it’s a matter of convenience. Personally, I’m the opposite of most; I wish everyone would STOP putting several neutral mattes in every palette. I have enough shades of brown to do a smokey eye on every girl in America lol. I want variety. That’s why I’m so pleased with that Vermilion Venom shade. It’s very unique as far as mattes go

I’m with you about not needing another “single palette” palette. If I ruled the makeup world, I would decree that everyone out there needs to be personally responsible to find a base palette (or singles — I’m not a totalitarian monster!) that works as brow-bone, skin undertone transition, and edge clean-up shades for themselves. Two reasons:

1. So that the artists who design these non-neutral palettes can feel free to choose the colors that they like best together (which can be utilized to supplement the specific skin color shades that people are choosing for themselves), without having to worry about being harassed for not making a palette that’s one-stop shopping for one particular family of skintone. After all, one person’s brow-bone shade is another’s “too ashy to work anywhere on my skin” shade. As soon as someone puts a “nude,” “skin,” or matte highlight color in a palette, they’ve reduced its usefulness for anyone not having skin in the same shade range or undertone.
2. As you mentioned, I have more browns and beiges (especially matte) than I’ll ever be able to use — why on Earth do want 2-3 more in every palette I buy?

Omg omg omg. I NEED this! I have every Mothership aside from II. But this one is definitely going in my collection. I got so excited when this article popped up in my Google feed.
But I’m a tad bit confused. It does say holiday collection but it also say September 6th. Surely it won’t be released so soon after announcing, right?

This is very pretty to me! But also somewhat less exciting than the others. A lot of gold and copper again – I was really hoping for more purples and pinks. I look forward to your review to see how this pairs up against all her other browns and golds — it’s getting hard to tell them apart!

FINALLY! A Pat McGrath palette with every single color being one I can wear!! I cannot spend my money fast enough on this. Love love love love.

DO NOT NEED IT. But I want it tho.. I love these colors, they speak to my heart.
Just got the Jackie Aina x Anastasia palette tho, and it seems very similar..

But it’s Mother…

Oh I HATE this! Can’t wait for your review

hmm….looks similar to other colors PMG has put out before. So I have been a bit disappointed with PMG. I’ve got the sublime bronze palette, and although I like it, its not my favorite. I can definitely say that I’ve gotten caught up in the PMG hype. I always seem to fall back on my MAC shadow palette that I picked….Her lipsticks are nice and her new foundation was ok and took a bit of a learning curve to get in sync with my skin. I will say she’s got a brilliant marketing campaign.


*holds out a sheaf of hundred dollar bills*

Just take my money already, Mother McGrath…

(I got Subversive 3 or 4 months ago, I’ve used it maybe twice and I STILL want this… I don’t know, I DON’T KNOOOOOOOOOW!!!!)

Her palettes are so beautiful, I have four that I don’t use all that often but, in this insane world we find ourselves living in, they give me a little joy and respite from the madness. I could buy it just for the outer packaging alone. What can I say? I like pretty things?

I have the same experience as you, Jessica. I love the special colors but al the dark reds and browns I never use which are in my other palettes. The lighter shades are heavily gold. I would be buying it for the purple– not reason enough. I would love to destash the two I have ’cause I keep trying but it’s not happening.

Yep you are right same in every palette. Tired of the heavily gold shimmers too. Not a big fan in general of any of her products.

Right now, this isn’t wowing me as much as Bronze Seduction. But PM’s shadows, even the more neutral ones, always seem to be something special. It annoys me that the copy says, “violets and crimsons” — I only see one violet, and one reddish-brown that I wouldn’t call “vermillion” or “crimson.” The “crimson” and “moss green” shades look quite brown in the swatches (though the moss shade looks more green in the pan). I’m hoping the crimson and moss shades aren’t as brown as the appear in these photos.

I thought the exact same thing Rachel. Like WHY does it say multiple purples and reds when there’s one of each (and barely…that red isn’t really a red)

In my collection , I have 3 of PMG mini palettes and 2 Motherships– and I feel that the Motherships contain a better quality product– even though they are so pricey!
If I had unlimited funds would collect each and every PMG and Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette! They make the best!
But for now, I will add them one at a time– the ND Coral palette last week and this new PMG ASAP!!

Oooooh pretty ! Might have to get this one by
T hoping her shimmers are better than in my other palettes,

Orange purple and green!

It’s so nice to see I’m not alone in being disappointed it seems to mirror the others with brown, gold and copper/rusty shade. I was so hoping this would be a cool toned palette. The purple is gorgeous and green is intriguing but the purple looks a lot like synthetica which I have. Plus, the green doesn’t look green in the swatches. It feels like this time she’s chasing the purple and green trend when she usually sets the trends.

Looks really nice, but…seems like everyone is coming out with similar fall colors. I’m sure this will be great like her other palettes, but I just can’t go there. I’m already disappointed from my ABH – Jackie Aina palette (though blends well, I find difficult to get the looks I’d like with it, alone) which has similar colors and Coloured Raine’s Power (looks great too and I bet is a little more cohesive than the ABH palette).

Gosh, where is my winter frost, winter wonderland palette! Please someone come up with a fresh fall- winter palette.

I like this the best of all PMcG’s palettes — really like the combination. Won’t be getting it, but I appreciate that it exists.

I wish she’d just re-release Decadence instead. You know I just did a google search for that palette and someone is selling their lightly used one for $999 online?! 🤣🤣🤣 dead. I hope just for that alone she re-releases it.

I paid $300 for Decadence like 5 months ago and I don’t regret it one bit lol. That palette is unlike anything I’ve ever used. The metallics blend like mattes, no joke. It’s very special. But $1,000? C’MON PEOPLE lol.
But I wholeheartedly agree, she should rerelease it

This looks good……but I won’t be buying it. Apart from having to ship it internationally (more expense as Sephora here doesn’t have much PMG), it is way too expensive for me and contains a lot of shades that I just wouldn’t use.

I probably won’t get this — I’m trying to use my current palettes — but I am blown away by the color story. I think it’s stunning

I really like this a lot. My all time favorite palette is Bronze Temptation. I have actually started to hit pan on that and I use a light hand! I have done friends’ makeup and this summer it was my go to. My neighbor who I have de stashed stuff too actually surprised me with a back up. I have gotten more bang for my buck with these shadows as well as ND.

I know it will be awesome. Like others, I mourn missing Decadence though.

I really like this a lot. My all time favorite palette is Bronze Temptation. I have actually started to hit pan on that and I use a light hand! I have done friends’ makeup and this summer it was my go to. My neighbor who I have de stashed stuff too actually surprised me with a back up. I have gotten more bang for my buck with these shadows as well as ND.

I know it will be awesome. Like others, I mourn missing Decadence too. There are a few palettes I’ve shied away from from her collection. The one I have that isn’t working too great for me is Subliminal. This one…I can tell…would become a fave.

I was hoping for it to be cool toned or to have silvers, purples and gray especially since she just released the bronze seduction palette. It definitely seems wearable, except for the shade Blitz Violet Orchid which IMO looks like an oddball with all the other shades. I do not own the full sized PM palettes (only the 3 minis that complements the original 3) ,but I am thinking of picking up Subversive in November either directly from PM’s site or Sephora, I might consider this one as well once I see Christine, Mel Thompson, Kelsee Briana Jai, Kinky Sweat and Morgan Turner’s review and looks with the palette. The video of the arm swatches on her website make it look more appealing to me especially on brown skin.

I’m not crazy about the shades, but even if I were there is no way I could have this scary-looking palette sitting on my table. It’s really creepy.

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