Pat McGrath Divine Rose Returns March 19th

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership VII Palette is available again March 19th at 9AM ET (early access) and 10AM ET (public release).  There will be an early access code, which has been ROSE10 for both the original release and the one this past February, so I’d guess that’ll be the magic code again.  It also gives you 10% off and free shipping on the Divine Rose palette.

You can sign-up for early access here. You can find my review here.

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose Mothership Eyeshadow Palette

Pat McGrath Divine Rose | Look Details

Pat McGrath Divine Rose | Look Details

Pat McGrath Divine Rose | Look Details

Pat McGrath Divine Rose | Look Details

Pat McGrath Divine Rose | Look Details

Pat McGrath Divine Rose | Look Details

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How do you get a code? I signed up and it said “you’re all set” but I see nothing in any of my email boxes. And jeez, I guess I have to get up at 6 AM to purchase it and I’m not even sure if I can get it. I do really want the palette because it’s so pretty but I’ve been burnt before and this may be the last straw if it goes poorly yet again.

My conspiracy theory was that the Divine Rose launch at Selfridges was just an exclusive, early access thing but that it was intended to be a spring launch… if that is the case, then they would be releasing full inventory at the moment. Otherwise, it is possible that since the original launch and now, they did actually go and fulfill a significantly larger order (like actually made more, which would explain the lag between the initial and this release). I know with MAC it took 6-8 weeks to restock a few single eyeshadows/glosses, and they run in their own facilities sometimes.

I get a bit confused over the naming of PMG’s products and their versions – so this one is one that was LE and sold out quickly. I hope those that wanted this palette get the opportunity to purchase. Thank you for the heads up Christine.

If this is another “limited” release, I’ll sit it out. It’s a lovely palette, and I’d love to have it, but I’ll be damned if I go through what I went through with the Star Wars Decadence palette.

I didn’t end up picking it up today, but I was glad that it seems like folks were able to get it without too much of a hassle AND she has a restock date already set for next month. A little pre-planning and transparency goes a long way, Pat! I’ll hopefully be treating myself next month.

Limited Edition Revisited, Lol! I agree about the insanity. Still going to scope out Christine’s review. But this is twice in one day that Mother Dearest has annoyed me up the wazoo.

A couple of the shades are really lovely, but gosh I cannot spend that much on a palette that is this uninspired. I may buy Mothership II this week though as a special “moving away” gift for myself though, so Mother shall get more of my money. Happily!

This is one PMG palette that I would actually like to buy. But the way PMG has been treating customers lately (ultra-limited editions, stirring up FOMO) has really been off-putting, to put it mildly. I’m torn between jumping on the early access (and hoping it works) and waiting and taking my chances.

It’s not clear if this is now part of the permanent line or not (the name suggests it is, but Decadence isn’t and it has a Mothership palette number, right? So who can tell?). But if Divine Rose is still LE, in my view, that shouldn’t mean “for 5 minutes”, it should mean making enough available for a few months’ worth of demand, such that most everyone who wants it can get it (e.g., ND Metropolis). That’s also kinder to customers who don’t have this kind of cash to drop on a moment’s notice.

Ha. I’m talking myself right into waiting this one out until tomorrow afternoon – I really don’t want to let myself be sucked into the 9:00 am feeding frenzy.

Following up: I didn’t even think about this until about 1:00 pm EDT (the PMG e-mail ended up in my Junk folder!). So I looked, and it was still available. At that point, I took advantage of the 10% off plus the 4% from Rakuten with NO STRESS. Hopefully the palette remains in stock for the foreseeable future and whoever wants it can get it.

PMG should make this a permanent member of her line! There is so much demand for it, the Only other palette launch that would rival this is the Star Wars launch and I think that ship has sailed! Divine Rose is such a beautiful wearable palette that it will remain a very popular item. As for me, I’m taking this opportunity to buy a back up palette. I would never do this but I’m doing it now. It’s a wonderful neutral palette!

Imma leave it alone. Jumped through enough hoops to get Decadence to last one lifetime. If she makes this palette permanent, then that’s another story.

I’ll pass! I read your reviews and was excited to try for the Star Wars palette. I know what I’m doing to nab something that goes fast, but that deal with the emails etc turned me all the way off. I don’t shop brands that do false scarcity.

This does look beautiful, but I bought the Ritualistic Rose Blitz Astral Quad and I think this will have to suffice. Also the roller coaster of the hunt and then receiving the damaged palette almost killed me, I’m getting too old for this crap. I’ll leave it for the people that really have to have it.

Y’all know I’m a big fan of the PMG shadow formulas, but I do not use this palette half as much as I thought I would 😒. Holy crap, right? I thought the various textures in the palette would keep me coming back, but nope, I vastly prefer Colour Pop Flutter By’s shade selection and arrangement and will grab it before I grab Divine Rose. 🤦‍♀️ Also, PMG Bronze Seduction is more a standard workhorse PMG for me and the Star Wars palettes are truly inspiring… Maybe this one is too sedate for me. I’m vowing to try and work with it again this week and see if I cannot ramp up my enthusiam.

The shades that I like best in this PMG palette are duped in CP Flutter By, which is a lovely mauve palette, much more affordable, and I highly recommend picking it up. 🙂

I was about to jump on the FOMO train, but after carefully viewing all of the swatch photos here, I’m not setting my alarm for 9 am! When you look at it carefully, it’s really kind of dull with the exception of three or four shades. Honestly all I’m reaching for these days is my Huda Mercury Retrograde anyway. So, money saved and no awful black Easter grass to deal with! 👍🏻

I’d always understood the first launch that sold out was like an “early access” batch and that it should be permanent come spring or at least a long running limited edition. Does anybody know if it will be available at Sephora? If it’s not then I won’t buy it.

I’m so torn with this palette. People I really trust (hey, Tarababyz) adore it and have been recommending it for months, hoping it would come back for others to enjoy as well. I like the treat of a PML palette and thought this was absolutely gorgeous, especially for every day use. I also want to encourage her return to the broad releases (“limited” lasting a few months to a year is great, let people have a minute to save) she used to have by making this launch successful, should the stock keep up for a significant amount of time.

However. I *hate* how her last multiple, multiple launches have gone, and the feeling I get that she doesn’t care that she leaves people scrambling and then high and dry. All for the sake of driving up hype when she doesn’t need to! People will buy this regardless. To make people jump through hoops, delete negative comments, and still be non-stop posting that “mother” crap to everyone like she cares so much…is gross.

I also feel bad for those people who have spent way too much time (and some money for eBay items and the like) trying to buy this and now she’s brought it back. I know lots of brands do this (Becca especially), but the extreme limitation on this palette in particular is in its own class.

The magic of this palette is its day to night versatility and the quality of the shadows. PML shadows are phenomenal in their resistance to fading which surpasses other high end brands. And this matters to me because my eyes are deep set and other shadows tend to blend with one another every time I blink. I bought a second palette as backup. I use the ABH primer on my mobile lid, I avoid overlayering, keeping it at 1-2 layers, and I dampen my brush to apply the glitter shades, to prevent fallout and improve tackiness. I set my eyeshadow by misting my eyes with plain water. Lasts 12+ hours.

Aside from a six-pan, I have not jumped on the PMG bandwagon. I think her textures are inventive and beautiful but for my everyday use, I want the balance of mattes to shimmers to be exactly the opposite of what she presents.

The original launch left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I haven’t bought anything from PMG since (despite some serious holiday temptations!). And, with this news… I’m annoyed all over again.

A similar thing happened with ABH after the Subculture debacle. Perhaps I’m too stubborn for my own good, but I think there are better places to spend my money.

(I hope those who get it enjoy the heck out of it!)

It is still in stock by now, so either Pat changed her policy of LE or really not that many people are buying it. I am skipping this one but I’m glad to see this change in her releases, either made by herself or the market.

I noticed on the PMG website this morning that purchase is limited to 2 per customer. I think those that want it will be able to get it this time with no problem. I am glad I picked up on the initial release because it is a beautiful everyday palette.

I’ve got Decadence and a couple of her 6-pack ones (bronze whatever) and all the new ones look so much similar to what I’ve got. Just not enthused by her anymore. Maybe I’ve got all I want/need from this brand.

So, when this was released the first time, at Selfridges, I considered ordering it and having it shipped. I have ordered from Selfridges before. I was really excited about the palette but it sold out so quickly I didn’t get it. Then I went through a long period of just stalking the palette on secondary markets and in general, making myself crazy over my desire for the palette. I swore that if it ever released again I would get it. Now here I am and I am not going to order it. Much as I love my other PMGL palettes, I have come to the conclusion that they really are not worth the price tag. I love the formula and I imagine if she released a truly unique palette, I would grab but this is just pretty much the same. Surprisingly easy pass for me.

I could have written this, except I didn’t try to get it on e-bay or places like that, I plainly refuse, thinking it might add to my anxiety levels, something I don’t need.
I have been tempted by this palette, but just looking at the swatches on her website makes me go back to reality, this one just isn’t that special for me. Easy pass, and I never thought I’d say that.

I do really love her formula but I am put off by the customer service and also the sameness of many of the palettes. Frankly, I need another gold shadow like I need a hole in my head. Also, I am frustrated with the way the shadows are swatched and photoshopped on IG. They are made to look more sparkly than they really are. Don’t get me wrong, the are pretty but…..I would rather go to Europe again than snap up every palette out there!!

There’s a possibility a lack of stock is related to trade slowdown from China. I don’t know where PMG makes their products, but the market for consumer electronics and auto parts is already seeing shortages due to trade curtailments because of nCoV.

A few days ago I received an email from Pat McGRATH announcing the relaunch of the Divine Rose palette. The message indicated I should sign up for updates. Yesterday at 6:04 in the morning, mountain time, received a message indicating it was available for purchase. Ordered the palette full price. No discount code was offered. This morning I sent an email to their customer service department requesting the 10% discount. Received a reply in less than 20 minutes indicating the discount has been applied. All in all, it was a very easy purchase. Also purchased this week Tom Ford Body Heat, Double Indemnity and the large bronzer Terra, as well as 3 new nail colors for spring from Dior, and the Chanel eyeshadow palette Warm Memories. Did some damage to my credit cards this week.

Since many of us are sitting at home anyway, why not take advantage of competing against time and each other for the few palettes out there….. nah….

I’m glad for my purchases and have my fill unless I want to gift and will re-purchase then, but why isn’t she doing this continuous release for Decadence?? I think there are a lot out there who still weren’t able to purchase and that would help to smooth things over.

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