Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | Beauty Exclusives (8/7 Update)

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | Beauty Exclusives (8/7 Update)
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | Beauty Exclusives (8/7 Update)
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | Beauty Exclusives (8/7 Update)
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | Beauty Exclusives (8/7 Update)
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | Beauty Exclusives (8/7 Update)
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 | Beauty Exclusives (8/7 Update)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 is almost here! If you’re an Icon-level member, tomorrow is the first day you can shop the sale. Ambassador-level members start August 7th (see below for more start dates).

This annual sale usually occurs in mid-July and ends in early August, but it will kick off in mid-August instead–but you’ll be able to preview the full catalog as of July 24th!  The Anniversary sale provides reduced prices on new-for-fall arrivals across all categories, including a lot of beauty exclusives–like sets as well as exclusive-for-Nordstrom shades and palettes.

According to Nordstrom, new items will be added daily. I’ll be checking myself and updating this post accordingly, but you can always sort by ‘newest’ if you want to check yourself!

When is the Anniversary Sale?

Everyone can preview items on sale on July 24th.  Cardmembers get early access to shop based on their Nordy Club status.  Non-cardmembers can shop the sale beginning August 19th.  The sale ends August 30th for everyone.

Cardmember Early Access Dates

  • Icons shop August 4th through the 18th
  • Ambassadors shop August 7th through 18th
  • Influencers shop August 10th through 18th
  • Insiders shop August 13th through 18th

Can Canadians shop the Anniversary sale?

This year, the Anniversary Sale is coming to Canada from August 19th through September 3rd.

Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives for 2020

I’m pulling links for all of the exclusives right now! See below for what I’ve pulled together.  Wish me luck! 🙂


Hair Care



Body Care

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Why did they close Lena? I would have thought that Anchorage was a big enough city for them to make a profit. I do dislike it when a favourite store closes down near you, even if you use to go there for a browse…

Nordie’s is in trouble. Not dire trouble, but with the sales slump due to Covid and general downturn in B&M, they have had to close about 20 stores. Still, the outlook is better for them than many other stores/retail groups.

Per Nordstrom, Insider members spend $500+ a year at Nordstrom but if you have a Nordstrom credit/debit card, you are automatically an Insider. As far as I understand, early access is limited to cardholders, though.

I find the new tiered access gauche, especially in these times. I know others do it, but it rewards wealth, not loyalty and it was better before when any cardholder got early access. Have to say last year was pretty disappointing anyway for me, but if the best items are gone by the time we get to Insiders … not exactly exciting me about shopping at Nordstroms!

I hear they are adding more each day, but (and honestly I’m not that bitter or upset about it, there’s a pandemic going on for heaven’s sake) but the beauty offerings are some of the most underwhelming I’ve ever seen for Anniversary Sale. I’m *really* disappointed in MAC. As a whole, in fashion or beauty, you could really count on the Nordstrom sale to really hype you for fall and clearly drive what trends will be. Not seeing that much in what’s been added.

A note on tiered access… it’s a business strategy that is quickly failing them in terms of public opinion. To get on the board you have to spend $500 a year. To be a top customer you have to spend $5000. To land in the middle, you have to spend about $2000. When there’s a $2K – $4K spread between your smallest customer and your top spending customer, it doesn’t drive sales into the next tier. Maybe I spend that $500 a year… I certainly am not on a whim spending what I need to crack the next tier. They consistently do not reward small but loyal customers like me, and that’s disappointing.

I agree Ruby – it just seems so petty when all retailers are trying to stay afloat and exist at the moment. And I think your comment about rewarding wealth and not loyalty is quite apt.

Semi OTQ: Has anyone tried the Trish ‘tubular’ mascara? Enough with the surfer slang, copywriters! They’re probably too young to know, since that word goes back to the ‘gnarly’ time. I know they want to make it seem exotic, but tubing mascara has been around for at least a decade.

I have (just for my lower lashes) and it’s fine but I didn’t buy it again. Went back to the MAC Extended Play Gigablack.

Thanks. IDR if I have that one, but will keep it in mind. Buying black mascara seems silly at times, as there are so many minis kicking around most stashes. Although I have killed 2 Isehan Heroine Makes. I’m with you, tubing is far better on the bottoms. And it does not look stupid AS, if you have color on tops.

Wow – what a sale! The best we get here in Melbourne is when Myers (a similar kind of dept. store) has its June/December sales and offers Revlon deals….. or 5% – 10% off other really expensive makeup…..

Hi Genevieve, both Myer and DJs have run 20% off all beauty this year. Admittedly, not like Nordstrom but it’s pretty good for Australia.

Thank you for this compilation. Often when I look at Nordy’s big sales my eyes glaze over with the sheer number of products. This gives me a starting point.

Nordstrom Canada just recently opened their e-commerce site. I have ordered a couple of things, but nowhere near the $500 required to get to the entry level. Before, prices fluctuated to the Canadian dollar exchange rate and prices were often significantly higher. I can buy the same item at the Bay or Holts or Shoppers Drug Mart for the going stable Canadian rate. The nearest Nordies is in Calgary – about a 3 hour or so drive from me.

Not sure I like the several tiers of spend thresholds. The wealthy get first dibs and the rest of us, the leftovers.

Will be curious to see if any of the items listed will even be available in Canada.

If you’re on Nordstrom’s site, I noticed that some items gave both a value in USD and CAD, so I’d assume the ones listing CAD will be available on the Canadian site!

I saw that and hope so and Canadians get some decent deals.

Some stuff still boggles the mind. Both Sephora and the Bay have the identical lipstick set – Bay is $184 and Sephora is $200. The value is $184. There are already a couple of reviewers pointing out the price.

I probably sound weird but nothing calls my name…. I may stop in on the first eligible day I can, if husband isn’t on jury duty… but it’s more to just get out and about and hope to discover something interesting there.

The Beauty Exclusives feels real light, especially if you’re more into makeup than skincare (though I’m not surprised to see lighter makeup offerings)… but I do feel they’ve gotten less exciting over time in general!

I thought last year’s makeup offerings were underwhelming but this year’s are even more so. I’ll be skipping it entirety.

It’s only the second day of the sale with access limited to the top tier spenders–and 2 items on my short “wish list” are already sold out. Not sure how much you need to spend per year to be an Icon (the tier below requires $5000). However, I don’t think people in this income bracket would find the few bucks saved on a Barefoot Dreams sweater or Revitalash (does it even work?) very meaningful.

I found last year that they hold inventory back, so check ASAP when the next tier opens. There were items I missed as a member last year that were available again when the sale when to the whole public.

I went today to the closest Nordstrom and what a disappointment. I had a pretty short wishlist but every single thing I wanted to see or buy wasn’t available there at all. For example, Brax pants for men–not even there to look at. Eric Javits straw hat–not there (nor any of his other styles–I guess only the cheaper $55 straw hats on sale now are worthy of being offered in this store). Delicate Fabric Wash is only available online (already sold out when I got home); the last time I ordered it online it arrived with a broken lid and half of the liquid soap in the box. A BlankNYC faux suede jacket wasn’t there either.

This is the first time I’ve visited Nordstrom when I wondered if they will be able to stay in business in the future.

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