New Year’s Eve: Your Makeup Guide

No matter how you plan to spend your New Year’s Eve, here are some beauty and makeup tips and ideas to keep your makeup looking its best throughout the evening, plus, how to look pretty in the AM.  (Despite being in block quotes, all these tips are written by me, head honcho of Temptalia, just FYI!)


Whenever I have an event or intend to wear my makeup for a long period of time and really want it to look fresh and perfect despite the wear-time, I always make sure to layer my makeup.  To me, this is about using a primer, like MAC’s Prep + Prime Face, over your moisturizer.  It helps set a good base for your foundation, powder, etc.  After the primer dries, I use liquid foundation–my favorite being MAC Studio Fix Fluid–but you can use cream, powder, whatever you want.  I just find liquid tends to last longer on my skin tone.  I then set the liquid foundation with a loose powder to reduce any oil build-up later and keep the foundation from settling into fine lines or melting later.  Bring blotting sheets, blot powder, or a pressed powder for touch-ups later on, just in case.


Let’s face it, for most of us, our lip color will not last all night.  We will all be lucky if it lasts a few hours of chit chatting with our best friends.  This is why it is essential to do your lip color right from the get-go, so you can minimize the need for touch-ups later on.  I like to apply a light layer of foundation or concealer over my lips, because this helps set it all up to take in the color later on.  Next, I fill in both lips with lip liner (one that will match the lipstick I plan onusing).  Use a lip brush to apply your lipstick of choice, then dust with a light layer of loose powder.  Apply a second layer of lipstick, and then top with your gloss of choice.  I do prefer to just toss a pretty close match of gloss (to the overall lip look) so I can just do gloss touch-ups rather than have to reapply the lipstick, too.  But regardless of what you use or what you want to do, be sure to take a long your lipstick and lipgloss for later.  I definitely recommend not using your most favorite limited edition lipstick, because the last thing you want to do is lose it during the festivities!


Staying out all night is no reason to forego your PM skincare routine.  I know, I know, who wants to lug around a bunch of skincare products with you?  So here’s an idea — just pack a few makeup remover wipes in a air-tight ziplock bag.  They should stay moist enough to use whatever the hour, and even if they don’t, you can simply add a little water to moisten them again.  A sample jar or package of moisturizer/cleanser would also be a great choice to minimize the weight and bulk of an overnight kit, especially for those who plan only to use a clutch for the evening!  If you’re at someone’s house without a remover, try using olive oil–it’s great at removing makeup (and most people have it somewhere in their kitchen!).


If you plan on being at your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, or party date’s place in the AM, you might want to have something to use in the AM.  Think about your usual partying antics–are you the type that spends the whole night dancing and drinking?  The last thing you want to do is feel or look haggard the morning after!  So if you party hard, prepare yourself for the morning after!  Pack some aspirin/painkillers, toss in an undereye concealer (Benefit’s Just In Case set–perfect) and a pressed powder.  The undereye concealer will help conceal just how much fun you had last night, while the pressed powder will help brighten and even out your skin post-NYE.  A nice white or off-white liner used on the lower lash line/inner corner will help open up tired or puffy eyes, too.

Have a great New Year’s Eve!