Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette for Summer 2019

Release Date + Collection Info

Inspired by the warm glow of a morning sunrise, this impeccable palette contains Shades of warm sunny yellows, crimson corals, earthy browns and powerful pinks and fuchsias, all made to melt together in perfect harmony.

The Sunrise palette is featuring 15 brand NEW shades including ND’s iconic formulas packed with the highest quality ingredients to create buttery soft shades that blend seamlessly to achieve vibrant, ultra-pigmented, long lasting looks.

The ICONIC Duo chromes, velvety mattes, and sparkling metallic textures will elevate your senses and empower you to create your very own radiant works of art.

June 3rd

Products Available

Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette, $65.00 (Permanent)

Editor’s Note: This palette is 0.67 oz. (or $97.01/oz.). The original 15-pan palettes that retail for $129 are 1.20 oz. for reference (or $107.50/oz.)

  • Poppy (229M) Metallic
  • Citrine (230CM) Yellow (Creamy Matte)
  • Phlox (231M) Metallic
  • Awakening (232DC Duochrome
  • Laurel (233M) Metallic
  • Aster (234DC) Duochrome
  • Glory (235CM) Matte
  • Azalea (236DC) Duochrome
  • Morgan (237CM) Creamy Matte
  • Agate (238M) Metallic
  • Clove (239CM) Creamy Matte
  • Carnelian (240CM) Creamy Matte
  • Jasper (241CM) Creamy Matte
  • Morning (242CM) Creamy Matte
  • Day Spring (243M) Metallic

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette for Summer 2019

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette for Summer 2019

Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette for Summer 2019

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So exciting! Didn’t expect another ND eyeshadow release after all the existing oevres and recent face palette launches.

Ohhhhhhh… I don’t know how to feel about this. I got Lila and one of the 5 pan palettes and I pretty much love them (once I figured out how to use them because they are fussy with synthetic brushes I have found, the shimmery ones anyway…) and I have never been tempted by Sunset (thanks to Colourpop Yes Please) but this looks rather glorious.

It would pair well with her Bloom & Glow cheek palette too!

I hope is good, because the Sunrise palette that came in Sephora gr really not impressed me when I swatched it in store.

Ooh gorgeous!! Went to check it out and yes it’s a smaller palette (19.25g total over the 15 shades). Actually makes it even more tempting tbh! Thanks for the heads up!

Christine, do you think that Natasha Denona cut the weight down by half? Feelunique has 19.25g for this new palette (15×1.28g), but most of the other ones (Sunset, Biba, etc) had 15×2.3g.

I think the reason for the lower price is it is smaller. The product volume is 19.25g, which is a lot smaller than her other 15 pan palettes, like Biba or Safari.

A 15 pan done as a mini actually sounds pretty interesting. The color scheme is definitely something I’d love provided that the quality is there.

I completely agree!!! It sort of stresses me out to have huge pans that I’m never going to finish because I’m not a makeup artist and also don’t wear bold loons on an everyday basis. I recent got one of the Viseart Petit Pro palettes, and I love the size!

I just ordered it from Feelunique. It’s in stock and sells for, $79.80 (US). The standard shipping (5-14 days) is free. I’ve ordered from Feelunique in the past. The ship pretty quickly. I can’t wait until it comes.

I really want this. It looks like a nice compromise between the Lila & Sunset palettes. I’ve had my eye on Lila for a while, but for some reason would never pull the trigger. This definitely has my attention. Knowing it’s smaller than her regular 15-pan palettes makes me want it even more.

For those who can’t afford the bigger and more expensive versions of ND, could perhaps enjoy this one. Personally I think it’s rather similar to a lot on the market and certainly some of her earlier palettes, but I hope it is good for those who love these shades.

This feels completely superfluous. I guess the pops of duochrome will appeal to some… but it seems like a rehash of very “done” shades. Meh.

I agree, it’s like Modern Renaissance on steroids with the burnt yellow/oranges becoming super saturated. That pink/copper duo chrome is in her Lila though. Lila didn’t happen that long ago that we can be reusing shades, Natasha.

I’m glad she made it smaller. I’m definitely more inclined to purchase it. I’ve got Lila and Gold and while I really like them there’s just no way for me to use them up (well, maybe some of the Lila colors) and they take up a lot of storage. And if it costs less? Even better.

This one is a super easy pass for me. I generally find magenta-tones to be extremely unflattering on me and just as I easily passed on both Lila and Sunset, this Sunrise will be an easy one for me to watch go down. Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the first photos on instagram because the color story registered as the same as both Lila and Sunset to me. I even thought that it was the same name lol

Sometimes I really dislike how Natasha Denona releases her products. Sometimes it’s just for Sephora, in which case (in Australian Sephora site) it will sell quite quickly and slow to re-stock. I wish all outlets get it simultaneously. I much prefer to purchase her palettes from Beautylish. Fast postage to Australia and immaculate packaging also ??

I totally agree! If Australia Sephora gets it, we will have to wait 3 months it will sell out and then we won’t see it again for months. I love purchasing from Beautylish, I’m going to try Feelunique this time!

I like the idea that it’s smaller and therefore less expensive. However, I’ve recently begun rediscovering my ABH Modern Renaissance palette and this seems a bit redundant to that. I wish some of those darker berry/crimson colors had been replaced by lighter pinks, lilacs (even perhaps a sage) that evoke the soft, muted sunrise on a misty morning.

It looks like FeelUnique took it down ? I had the page open in my browser and I fired up the laptop this morning and looked around the site. The palette was showing in my Recently Viewed but when I clicked on the product or the Buy button, it took me to the main Natasha Denona page. Oh, well, you snooze, you have to wait until June 3rd! I did get to take a nice look at it and it is a gorgeous palette.

totally failure “accident” IMO.fake accident just for marketing reasons. i bought it yesterday from her trusted and safe retailer (feelunique) paying with credit card. 5 hours LATER i saw a post from natasha’s official account on IG telling us that couple of weeks earlier her new eye palette sunrise has been stolen and she was very sad about this but decides to keep it under the rug and deal with it. then all of the sudden her reseller “accidentally” released and sell the palette to a lot of people. as we all know natasha never makes a huge stock to any of her products. all people who had already, (without be aware for this mess,) bought this palette were very sorry for the situation that happened to her but we were also had concerns about what really happened and if the product we bought was indeed authentic of not. she never explained or replied to our worries. today feelunique inform me that my order will not be despatched not until before 3rd of june which was at first the true released day. i was very frustrated and contact them about what to do so that i dont wait that much but still not want to cancel it cause the time for refunding my money from the bank will be more or less the same time as if waiting for the despatch. anyways i dm natasha and feelunique that what happened was not my problem and that the way they handled the situation was totally unprofessional and disrespectful to the customers and that what happened happened but they should find a more win-win situation and at least since it was though an accident but still their mistake and not mine they should still exceptionally dispatch the orders already made. natasha has never responded and FU only apologised for the inconvonience. that was not good enough or very persuative . to cut a long story short her brand and the site are a huge NO NO NO for me anymore. UNACCEPTABLE TREATMENT.

There were two separate incidents (see Natasha Denona’s Instagram post) about the information being taken and leaked by a third-party but were able to keep the leak quiet enough not to have to move the launch ahead, and then an authorized retailer (FeelUnique) put it up for sale early, so it seems like they decided to officially announce the palette. This does happen and has happened over the years with multiple brands at multiple retailers; I have seen it happen at Nordstrom, Ulta, and Sephora with major brands like MAC and NARS. Nordstrom has done this often with exclusive launches, and when I’ve emailed a brand for a release, they have no idea why it’s available already.

Sometimes brands pull the product off the retailer until the launch date, other times it stays, but depending on how contracts are negotiated, they may or may not fulfill orders under the actual launch date. It can be like a coupon code or sale glitch and a brand may or may not honor the glitch. As long as they refund any charges, they are doing what a lot of retailers do (no product, no money exchanged), and I understand if that is not satisfactory to you and loses your business but wanted to share my thoughts and experience as someone who has been watching launches come and go for over a decade.

sorry but my opinion about this situation is that i as a customer havent receive the respect and understanding as every professional should react and solve things. there were a lot of people involving here that maybe accidentally or in purpose made mistakes but for sure i wasnt or any other customer havent done the tiny thing to cause this mess. u see i was the victim here fundamentally (cause i borrowed money and changed all my monthly budget plan for buying the product) and though i still feel that i am the only one paying the consequences of a problem i had nothing to do with it. by me i mean all people who are probably in my situation. all things considered afterall i conclude that was only about a hurtful marketing technique. cause tell me please which loses at this case in short term. natasha is playing the victim but still covering her partner in crime and actually made her release GRANDE! whatever. super disappoint and something is terrible wrong here.

so i think that the accidental early release was an excuse and just decided together to play it like this etc….. but i still have my 72euros at their dispose without being able to to anything till at least 15 days later. that’s an unacceptable fraud to me without any good convincing excuse or apology. anyways. from now on i should have known better and be watch my back!

Hi Elina,

I understand that you’re upset about not receiving the palette earlier and urge you to get a refund if you had to borrow money to do so – it is a permanent palette so there’s no need to rush to purchase if it’s making your life so painful!

Again, I just wanted to share some perspective as someone who has seen this situation occur many times in the past and that the solution that they’re offering is within what I’d call “industry standard” for dealing with this type of problem. You should absolutely get a refund and put your money towards a brand you feel deserves it, if the solution is not to your satisfaction! 🙂

Yes i want buy anything from nd or fu anymore but waiting for the bank to credit my money would be much more time than awaiting to receive the palette itself. Anyways thanks for giving me room to express my thought and warning people that this totally on purpose for making noise around this release. Thank u

I thought there would be more blues for definition and bold “pops”, pinks for transition, and yellow-toned highlights. That’s how I interpret sunrise in a palette. Otherwise this looks like another warm and berry toned palette.

Time to pour that money into Sydney Grace.

Natasha Denona’s Sunset palette is one of my favorites from her. But I ended up returning the Lila palette because for some reason the purples faded on me no matter the primer. This looks pretty so far, I probably don’t need it though.

As someone who often finds palettes too warmed toned for me, and apart from golds, greens, and yellows, (and a couple of PMG’s that snuck in there) has very few warm toned palettes, depending on how it performs, I may well get this. I gave away my Modern Renaissance palette, but I find I can get away with some metallics. And I lack metallic reds like poppy and phlox in my collection, which I’ve tested in store and find I can indeed wear, so since I am on a low-buy, to me it may make more sense to get this palette, than spend $25 on a TF or PMG single. Especially since a number of the lighter metallics and duo chromes look neutral or even cool and I finish eye looks with such shades quite often.. Carnelian, Jasper, and morning are a bit outside of my range. But Agate and Day Spring look to my eye like dupes of the two top shades in TF Golden Mink, which I’ve had on my wish list for some time, but have never sprung for due to TF prices. I’ve always liked ND quality, and own both her purple launch palette and several of her early five pans which I regularly use. But with so many warm palettes, I kind of gave up on the brand. Am looking forward to your review and dupe lists, Christine.

Omg, this drops tomorrow, I have the money set aside but I really don’t want to purchase it without a review from Christine. But if I wait, it’ll sell out. I’m dying here lol

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