Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette Launches 3/15

Release Date + Collection Info

It features 15 brand new shades & the signature ND formulas, including neutral, warm and cool tones from light to dark, in different textures. This eyeshadow palette is very user-friendly & covers a popular shade range, varying from mauves, burgundies and browns to warm greys and black.

3/15 at Sephora, mid-April everywhere else

Products Available

Biba Eyeshadow Palette, $129.00 (Permanent)

  • Rustic (214M) Metallic
  • Prairie (215CM) Creamy Matte
  • Coco (216CM) Creamy Matte
  • Freckle (217CM) Creamy Matte
  • Shine (218M) Metallic
  • Pasha (219CM) Creamy Matte
  • Monroe (220M) Metallic
  • Rayon (221CP) Cream Powder
  • Buff (222CM) Creamy Matte
  • Tone (223CP) Cream Powder
  • Seed (224CM) Creamy Matte
  • Tar (225CM) Cream Powder
  • Sculpture (225CM) Creamy Matte
  • Spot (227CP) Cream Powder
  • Tusk (228CM) Creamy Matte

Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette

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Right after UD discontinues Naked 1. Good timing, ND! Get those neutral dollars.
I wonder if Biba is a nod to that 70s UK store that sold colorful makeup?

I wondered too, as I had been researching the company the end of last year and really liked the looks and palettes of their time (I think they were ahead of the crowd).

I love the concept of this, but for the price I would rather buy a Marc Jacobs palette. I have the Natasha Denona Camel palette and it’s just so-so in my opinion.

Why can’t the arms be real? I do swatches like this all the time and my arms are very real (and I don’t use stencils or tape to make the swatches) IG handle is LeBonMaquillage

Nice packaging, but yet another palette full of warm shades (and a token 2 or 3 cool ones) that make me look like I’m in the final stages of a fatal disease! Someone make a cool toned palette without gold, champagne, burnt orange, coral, copper or warm brown please?? I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Hear, hear! The only thing i need to add is please, PLEASE quit including true black in practically every (larger) palette!! I never reach for black shadow ; there are too many other less harsh and more interesting dark colors to use.
It seems like it’s the default color thrown in just to fill the last well of the palette.

A lot of these colors seem really similar. I’m all about some neutrals, but not when they swatch so similar. I can find all of these colors that perform very well in my collection without spending $129. These may be a “better” formula, but I don’t have any troubles with what I have so a price like that seems crazy for a neutral palette. I do like the Gold palette because it has more interesting yet still wearable colors that you can make into bolder looks as well.

I’m feeling like you, I’d prefer the Safari and the Gold to this one. And maybe it’s me, but the swatches do make it seem like there are a lot of dupes WITHIN the palette. I can’t tell if it has burgundies or rusts, they seem so close.

Biba was an iconic clothing store in London in the 60’s and 70’s with really unique patterns and a certain makeup look inspired by the 30’s associated with them. I don’t understand why ND would name a neutral palette Biba, as the looks were very dramatic, but it’s the only association i can think of 🙂

Looking at this, I’m thinking that it will either be the workhorse “naked” palette to end all such or the most bland, boring of all. Just reserving my judgment until you have a chance to review it.

Not feeling it.. a range of warm neutral shades with yet another that looks like the previous and then some grays. Think I’m happy with the MJ Steeletto for my prefered range of neutrals.

About only 2/3 the shades would work on me. That said even if they were all spot on, I just can’t see myself spending $129 on a single palette. So, a pass for me.

As noted by others too many colors seem similar from her images, however on her IG stories her live arm swatches looked a lot different in color/shade especially the first row. For example the second color looked more like a dark mustard and the rest of the shades in that row were less red tones more yellow/golden
I was so excited after seeing promo images and her swatches on IG but now that there’s promo images with swatches I’m super disappointed in the lack of variety if they are in fact what they look like. So I’ll be waiting for some reviews. If it is poor promo images and different like her swatches I want it if not. Pass.

ND formula is one of my favs. Watching her swatches on her IG stories had me drooling but I will wait for reviews and Rouge sale before I purchase.

I have ordered this palette using my Sephora Rouge 100 dollar gift card. ( Bought with my points). The regular price is high and harder to swallow. I do like Natasha Denona, but lately some of her makeup is hit and miss. I had thought initially that I would not pick up the Gold palette, but I did after some of the reviews came out and its now one of my favorites! The palette is divided up into three catagories- neutral, neutral red/brown, and cool neutral colors. I am looking forward to Christine’s review on this palette.

If you don’t mind my asking, how did you collect that $100 gift card? I did the same thing but can’t figure out how it’s shown on my page. Nor did I get an email with it, and it’s been a full month…

Sephora sends an email titled ‘Your $100 Rouge Reward ‘. When you open the email, its the typical black/white red colored email, and there is an expiration date and an ‘activation’ tab. When you activate that tab there is a barcode that can be scanned and also an activation number if you use it online. I just cut and paste that number into the rewards portion of my cart in place of a deluxe sample. It automatically deducts the $100 dollars from the order. Also, you need to make sure that you really want the item, because you cannot return it. I tried that on my very first time using one, and I could not return the item. I would phone customer service if you cannot locate your email, maybe they can deactivate the number that was previously sent and send a new one out. Also, if recently, check your junk and trash folders to see if it went in there. I would think you are not the only one that had this happen, so they should have a resolution for you. I took pics of the email, but I cannot load it up here on the site. Hope it works out and you receive your gift card!

THANK YOU, Dolores! I really appreciate the time you took to be so detailed! ENORMOUS help (and yep, I think my email went to my spam folder and I deleted it… rats!).

Ok, so I am a makeup lover and am obsessed with the latest and greatest products. I am finding, however, that being almost 49, puts many limits on what I can get away with. I can still use glittery shadow but only looks reasonable on my bottom lid. I also have a high arch between my eyebrow and eyelid, so every time I try to put a darker color in that area to contrast, I have to go higher and higher with the matte shade of dark because I also have hooded eyes. With my fair skin, I think it makes me look kinda horrible. That is a shame because I own every palette that has come out in the last several years but now I never reach for them.

This is going to seem odd and REALLY telling of my age, but the one I reach for every day of the week is my UD Naked 2. THAT is the only shades I can wear that don’t make me look like I just stepped out of a circus act. I am truly bummed about that. I want to buy this one because it is labeled a “neutral” and many of these colors MAY work for me, but when I think neutral, I think UD2. These newer colors that some people can pull off, like burgandy, red, orange, etc. really look so so bad on me. It is a true bummer. This looks so pretty, but realizing now I am just wasting money as I will likely not use it at all.

Anyone else having similar situation as they age? Just doesn’t look the same. Since this is true for me, I HAVE to stop buying these expensive palettes. I always think that THIS is going to be the one that works for me. It NEVER is the case.

I actually look young for my age and have taken care of my skin (aside from tanning A LOT in the 70s and 80s). I got real with skincare in my 20s. So I guess I should just be grateful that I found a foundation that doesn’t cake, a power that doesn’t make me sweat, and can pull off most any type of highlighter. Guess I will just settle for that. I LOVE watching other people utilize these palettes. So much fun.

I’m not afraid to admit that I worship at the altar of ND but the first thing I thought when seeing this was…meh. The two gray colors are interesting but other than that, it looks like just another palette full of orange-ish, reddish or brown shades and/or ones that are easily dupable. So, I anxiously await your review, Christina. Perhaps I’ll be swayed but it will have to be incredible. Until then, I’ll be playing with my Safari and Gold palettes which are really something you don’t see every day. I get excited every time I see them.

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