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Les Fauves

Review posted 5 years ago
Review posted 5 years ago

I totally agree with your review and how great this item is. I finally bought this today at the House of Fraser in Maidstone, Kent PLUS the BIG BIG bonus was it was in the sale at just £19.50! How could I resist? I tried each of the colours before buying and was amazed how pigmented they were and how creamy and buttery they were also and just loved the colours (I love neutrals, browns, golds and ginger eye colours) I have a greeny blue eye colour and find that these colours really make my eyes pop (especially with my strawberry blonde hair (NO i'm not ginger Lol)) I grabbed the box without a second thought after trying out the colours and thought this was a brilliant buy! I just love this item and think if anyone loves neutrals and/or browns/golds then it is a must have and will last you ages as like all Guerlain items a little goes a long way and......looks great in your bag OR cosmetic bag at home Lol. I must admit I am a self-confessed beautyholic (especially where mid-expensive ranges are concerned) and in the last month have spent a small fortune (I have bought a 15ml Chanel Beige and NO.5 pure parfum, a 7.5ml Coco pure parfum, 7.5ml Chance pure parfum, a coffret set (each with 3.5ml x 5 of Chanel Pure Parfums), Chanel eyebrow pencil, Chanel Les Beige powder, 2 x Chanel Les 4 eyeshadows, Illusion des ombre, Guerlain Rouge G lipstick, Guerlain lip pencil, Guerlain 4 eye shadow palette, some Les metier de beaute items and other mid-expensive skincare and beauty items) I am a defo beautyholic and not a cheap spend when I buy items either! Lol. I keep saying I must stop buying items BUT then something comes along and it's the usual.....OOOOhhhh that looks good I must have that OR WOW that's a brilliant price how can I resist! Lol. The department stores love me when they see me Lol PLUS it was my birthday just over a month ago so had to buy some lovely items with my money didn't I? Lol. I have practically all that I need for the moment (she says until something else new catches my eye or I see something on your page that you have reviewed and think Ooooohhhhh Lol) Have you tried Omorovicza? I have quite a few of their items and they are just fantastic and sooooo long lasting also (sorry about the rambling once I start I can't stop Lol) x