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Driana's Reviews

They're Real! Mascara

Review posted 4 years ago

This mascara does it all! Hands down my favorite mascara. It lengthens, curls, defines, and thickens. The only down-side comes with the watery formula. I know some prefer this, but it's an inconvenience for me. I give it a couple of applications to dry up a little bit. Flaking only happens when the mascara has completely dried out. It can get clumpy if you get too crazy with your layers, but that's really any mascara. I apply this exactly how the packaging instructs you. I start by evenly coating the base of my lashes with long strokes of the broad side of the wand. Then, I wiggle AND twist the wand up my lashes. Basically, keep the wand moving. I finish with the tip of the wand; I work it through the tips of my lashes to get maximum length. Work slowly and deliberately to get seriously dramatic lashes. A few quick strokes will give you day ready eyes!

RiRi Woo

Review posted 4 years ago

I obviously bought this lipstick because I love Rihanna! Aside from that, I'm completely in love with the color and finish. There is something very classic and sexy about the effect. I've never worn red lipstick, but this is a very positive step into that direction. If you're looking for something super moisturizing, this isn't the lipstick for you. If you love the look Rihanna has made her signature, cop RiRiWoo when it rereleases in the fall.