Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette Swatches

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette ($65.00 for 0.714 oz.) is a newly released palette that features 18 eyeshadows. While the palette is called a “Pressed Pigment” palette, Melt only lists the shade “Go Getter” as having pigments that are not intended for the eye area. Here’s a peek at swatches!

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

Melt Cosmetics Impulsive 18-Pan Pressed Pigment Palette

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Ooh, there are some beautiful shades here! But I can’t justify buying it, so I’m not allowing myself to be tempted. And I absolutely hate the packaging. The outside design is tacky, and the crumbly shadow effect around the shades is distracting. Also, I don’t like the shade name references to getting drunk. So despite the nice colors, this is an easy pass.

My sentiments exactly, Seraphine! The packaging is driving me bonkers!
Also, as an ACOA and mom to one, I hate the names, too.

Same here – I love about half the shades (mostly the right hand side – no surprises there). However, like Nancy, I find some of the names offensive – I’m lucky not to have experienced alcoholism first hand, in my family, but heavens – it is a serious matter and not a joking, cute or clever one. Like UD’s drug-themed names, just not good. And also like Nancy, the packaging would drive me bonkers too.

I’m hoping to get Smoke Sessions soon, and I’ll probably end up depotting both… I don’t necessarily find the names/ themes “offensive”, but they really are unnecessary, and quite juvenile…

Why do companies do this? It’s so frustrating. I swatched this in person and it’s lovely, but the names are holding me back, just like they do with Urban Decay and did with KVD before I stopped buying her line entirely.

I literally do not remember the last time I wore eyeshadow and this palette is suddenly calling my name with such vigor that I can feel it in my back teeth. what the heck. I’m IN LOVE with these color combos!!

Ooh, I just ordered this and hope it will work. A couple of swatches look a little iffy, but I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Christine, this is off topic, but do you know of any place that accepts very lightly swatched makeup? No organization does where I live. When I declutter, I have no friends or family to give it to. I was shipping it to Project Beauty Share but am not sure about them anymore. They used to send a postcard saying they received it, but no longer do that. I have no idea if my donations wind up lost in a warehouse or what. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Project Beauty Share is the only one I’m aware of that does it by mail! Renee Rouleau used to work The Family Place, but they only take new now. You might try reaching out to them to verify if you should still be getting a postcard or if they stopped that perhaps? I’m not sure!

Wands for Wildlife takes mascara wands – – but that’s been so successful they are only accepting twice a year.

Thanks for this info! I’m trying to keep all my recycling research up to date on a shared google doc. I’ve heard of mascara wand drop offs at a place in Sacramento, CA, but haven’t found anything locally yet.

I like the colors, and the swatches look nice, but given how soft and puffy Melt’s shimmer shadows can be, I see no way that this packaging won’t result in massive cross-contamination of shimmer into matte! I’ll definitely be interested to see your full review.

I bought this through sephora & it came in PERFECT condition, unlike when I bought smoke sessions through Melt & the lightest blue shade came destroyed & the other shimmery shades were as you stated “soft and puffy” (though I did repair it & am very careful handling it). So I get your concern. The impulsive palette came with little plastic sheets to cover 3 trio sections so that when you do close the palette no shade contamination occurs, but if you’re one who immediately throws them out or find you lose them (especially since they’re small & practically invisible on certain surfaces & can easily fall out of your palette when it’s opened) you might hate the fact that your shadows might transfer into one another. I briefly tested to see if there would be transfer & there wasn’t any evidence of so since all the shades are pressed completely into the pans without puffiness, but it was just a quick test & not over a long period of time.

Oh, thank you Caitlin, that is very helpful! I was wondering if they would include some plastic sheets, but wasn’t sure how it would work given how the trios nest together. If they’re individual sheets, I see how it would work.

The tester at Sephora looked like it had one slightly soft shade, but not nearly as bad as the Smoke Sessions. I hope this means they’ve taken steps to address that issue!

These matte shades are gorgeous! I’m not as in love with the shimmers. I’m not so into the design on the packaging. Thanks for reviewing, I kept looking at this one!

This baby swatches BEAUTIFULLY! But; I thoroughly DESPISE the package design of this. Having it fold face to face like that is recipe for disaster, I fear. Yet, the shades themselves are superb!

Does the choice to make each of the pans look like the shadow is exploding out of the pan crack anyone else up? I first saw it and immediately started laughing. Not sure if it is a preemptive strike regarding the possibility of these shadows exploding as some of their other shadows have but I also think it just makes the palette look dirty. Don’t love the packaging, the names are iffy and although most look like they swatch well, I will be waiting for Christine’s review. However, having said all that, if they review well, this is a definite maybe. I like the colours a lot and while I have purchased a little bit from Melt, it was all for my daughter and nothing for me! This might be my first purchase. Look forward to reading reviews. Thank you Christine.

I bought it last week in-store, and as I always make it a point to do (I’ve bought broken palettes in the past, and had to exchange them days later…), I opened it immediately at the register, and thought they were broken, LOL! It took a minute to realize that was part of the design…

Yes, it is nice to see they have a sense of humor! I still think it looks messy but I am willing to overlook some issues if the shades are good and they perform well so I am looking forward to Christine’s review and I just saw on IG that Tara from Tarababyz YT picked it up. It will likely feature in her usual Saturday night haul videos. She and Michelle Wang are my go-to’s for high end makeup and I trust their reviews. I don’t think Melt is on Michelle’s radar at all, LOL, but Tara does have all of their palettes and has been honest about her concerns with shadows not being pressed firmly enough. I am glad that it is permanent so that I don’t have to hurry and get it.

I swatched this in Sephora and it was pigmented and smooth. Love the green shades but I have dupes for most of the others. And I’m trying to cut back on eye shadows but this is tempting! I can see a lot of different looks with this palette.

Saw this today irl. The purposefully messy design is distracting, and the trios are staggered/stair-stepped. Did not see a plastic retaining insert. The colors look great, but the packaging format turned me right off. I sensed impending disaster, colors being overrun by others, and not being able to see it, when pigment gets outside the pan. Plus, having pans on different levels might not work out well in all lighting. Lots of fine shades, though…

I actually bought it, and there are 3 separate plastic inserts. There’s also just enough of a “crack” in the “step” to push the insert into in order to keep it in place. According to the SAs at 2 different Sephora stores, it’s permanent, so there’s no rush to grab it until reviews are in!

Are they staggered on both sides, kjh? In the photos it only looks like the left side is staggered but doesn’t make sense to do it on one side and not the other? I am not thrilled with any of the packaging and don’t love the outside of the palette, either. But, if the shades are nice and they perform well then I will overlook the packaging. It is definitely on my radar!

I *really* like this palette. Can’t stand the packaging (specifically, the pics of people I don’t know).

I … might get this. Don’t need it. I love how reading across gives really good cool/warm combinations.

Darn it. I think I’m hooked.

I love Melt (for the most part, their super soft shimmers leave a lot to be desired) and initially I wanted this palette, but the packaging turned me off so completely that I can’t and won’t buy this one. Which is a shame, because I know I can cook up a lot of fantastic looks with it.

Who thought it was a good idea to fold the palette in on itself like this? Shades are going to intermix and it’s just asking for a mess.

The swatches look good, but I don’t know about the packaging. I wish there were a plastic piece to keep the two sides separate. I wouldn’t want fall out from the shadows muddling up the colors.

Picked this up on a whim when returning a busted-n-shipping (of course) Melt Stack to Sephora. …..I, of course, opened it and check the palette before leaving the checkout.

Cons – I HATE the packaging. Fucking HAAAATE it. It’s so clunky, weird, the shadows mash together if you lose the plastic inserts, and it’s just so weirdly heavy, and it makes no sense whatsoever. Very disappointing as I generally like Melt’s packaging.

Pros – Profesh on the lid and Bold or Rule Breaker blending the edges with Popping Bottles in the inner corner and lower center eye area really suits me.

I’m happy with the shades, hating on that packaging and hope they never, ever, NEVER EVER do something this horribly clunky again.

I’ve been eyeing this palette. I really want to get it but I can’t justify getting a palette full of dupes for stuff I already have even though it’s beautiful and Game Changer and Profesh are really calling me.

I like this palette. I don’t think I need it, but I do think I want it. I’m hoping I have dupes for the colours I like the best. Surprisingly one of my favourites is the blue. Tipsy, I generally don’t like blues but some are just so gorgeous. I love the colour family of blue, but it’s noting I use when it comes to makeup (except a lipstick or two) or clothes, not even in my interior design
I also really like Cross Faded and Shots.
I can see a lot of looks, looking at this palette, something i don’t always do.
I’m eagerly waiting for the reviews on this, and while waiting I’ll have to see if Melt Cosmetics is in any way available to get here.

This has been screaming ‘buy me’ since it first appeared on Big S. The messy palette look drives me bonkers. I’m on the fence until I check dupes. Looking at the swatches, I think I have the palette covered. I was going to say they are ‘scraping the barrel’ with the names, but then that can have a boozy connotation as well 🥴

I was super underwhelmed by the shimmery, cool-toned half of this palette when I swatched it in store. Can’t justify the price if only half seems great! I just got their Gemini palette in the mail today and I’m excited to play with it, I’ll pass on Impulsive.

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