IMATS 2009 – Epic Make Up For Ever Haulage

My “haul” — haul seems too tame of a word for this!

I’m sure what you’re most curious about is what I ended up buying at the show! Personally, I knew I wanted to try out Make Up For Ever, so I put aside some money once I knew I was going to be going to IMATS.  Pictured above is my Make Up For Ever haul, which is, yes, a lot! I’ve been saving up for it 🙂

I believe I ended up with 47 eyeshadows, 5 Star Powders, 1 Pure Pigment, 2 HD Concealers (new and slated to launch in September), 1 HD Elixir, 6 10-pan palettes, and 3 Aqua Eyes Liners. They also gave me some samples of their HD Primer, Pure Water, mascara, and lip gloss. I’ll definitely review, photograph, swatch, etc. soon 🙂 They were out of a few things I had put on my list, particularly some liners I really wanted, but still plenty to play with, yeah? Ha!

OCC Makeup was super generous and gave us their two new Lip Tars in Vintage and Plum to try out, plus a few of their glitters and nail polishes. Koren also hooked us up with Naked Cosmetics’ Urban Rustic Collection of mineral makeup (six colors in total).

I did so much damage at Make Up For Ever (totally planned, though!), so I didn’t spend too much elsewhere. It turns out the MAC booth was already selling the Euristocrats II Collection, which is a bummer, ’cause I totally would have bought those. Oh, well — now I know, will have to at least peruse their booth myself next year 😉