How-to Wear Bold Eyes AND Bold Lips

Bold Eyes, Bold Lips Inspired by Estee Lauder’s Violet Underground Collection

One of the major trends this fall is wearing both bold eyes and bold lips. You may have heard in the past that you should only draw attention to one feature, but we all know that in makeup there are no hard and fast rules, because it’s all about having fun and experimenting with colors, textures, and finishes. Here are three ways to go bold with ways to rock the trend and still be confident in your makeup:

Keep the Cheeks Soft but Defined

One of the easiest ways to pull off bolder, more color-saturated eyes that you’ve already paired with a deeper, richer lip color is to use a subtle cheek color to add definition and sculpt the cheek without adding a lot of color. Think of using a complementing blush shade as a way to contour cheeks, but softly, subtly, and just enough where at a glance, your cheekbones pop just that much. I recommend using a fan brush for this technique, lightly dipped in a shade of beige, shadowy brown, or plum. Fan brushes make it even easier to achieve soft results and help to blend and diffuse gradually.

Bold Eyeliner, Vibrant Lips

Create a bolder eye look by going for a stronger cat-eye; start by using a dark black eyeliner and wing it out, extending the wing so it aligns with the angle of your bottom lash line. Take it out a little further than you normally would. You’ll want to thicken the line on your upper lash line just a smidgen; again, it’s about going a couple of steps further than what you’ve done in the past. If you want to add even more oomph, add a pop of color on the lid and lightly blend it upwards and outwards with one or two shades.

Consider wearing a lipstick alone and lightly tapping translucent powder on top to mattify the texture, as the eye is already shimmery, and this will add more depth to the overall look. If you want vibrancy but not opacity, try a gloss, which will give you more control over the opacity and intensity of your lip color while still adding color.  Remember, bold doesn’t have to mean dark; it can just be stronger, more eye-catching; you can go with a really defined eye and pair it with a soft fuchsia on the lips–it doesn’t have to be black eyeshadow and near-black lipstick–that’s just one way out of an infinite number of combinations you can try.

Fearlessly Bold and Beautiful

Oh — you want to go all out? No problem! The key to rockin’ this look is owning it, which means you have to feel comfortable wearing it. You have to feel good to look good!

I recommend wearing colors from similar color families with comparable undertones on both eyes and lips. If you opt for a plummy eye, go for a plummy lips; you can deviate and pick a more burgundy hue, slightly lighter, or even deeper color. You want some contrast, but you want a point of reference, too. A layer of gloss in a lighter or darker hue compared to the lipstick can add another layer of texture and finish (fullness from the shine, glossiness, and shimmer).

Add bursts of light on the brow bone, inner corner and tear duct, and even a light brush of a shimmery beige on the lower lash line can open up and brighten the eye area.  These subtle rays of light will keep the look from looking too dark or heavy.  This is why playing with a range of textures can take your look to the next level.  If your eyeshadows are mostly shimmery, go for a more matte lip look.  If you opt for more matte finishes on the eyes, play with high-shine and shimmer on the lips.  You can create even more dimension to the eye by using both shimmery and more matte finishes–using a matte shade in the crease is an excellent way to define and create shadow and contour.  Try a matte lip with a tap of shimmer or gloss on the center of the lip for something fun on the lips!

Quick Tips

  • Go as bold as you want, so maybe that just means adding color to your eye look. For someone else, that might mean trying bolder eyeliner with vibrant, colorful eyes and paired with a smoldering lip.
  • Pay attention to the undertones of the colors you’re wearing.  When you use cooler undertones on the eye and want to pair a bolder lip color with them, try reaching for one with similar cooler undertones. Look for colors that will complement, balance, and play well together.
  • Use the back of your hand or the inside of your forearm to help play with color combinations if you’re not sure what might work.
  • Have fun! Makeup washes off. If you don’t love your look, simply remove and start over!