How-to: Getting Ready for Girls’ Night Out

How-to: Getting Ready for Girls’ Night Out

Have you ever been out all night and come home to find your makeup looking absolutely wrecked? The women at Only in a Woman’s World know how to have a good time, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t do so looking your best.

These are some of my favorite surefire tips and tricks to getting through the night looking as glamorous as you did walking out the door as you do coming home!


  • Eyeshadow base: it is an absolute must. I recommend having a solid eyeshadow base ready to use for just about every time you wear eye makeup, but it’s particularly important for your night-out routine. An eyeshadow base keeps your eyeshadow on all night, without creasing or fading, and it can even help colors pop more than they normally would. I recommend MAC Soft Ochre paint pot, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or Urban Decay Primer Potion.
  • Waterproof products: for mascara and liner, you need to use products that are smudgeproof and flakeproof. I like to coat lashes with my regular mascara once or twice, and then use a final coat of waterproof mascara. This helps the mascara last and not budge during the night, but it keeps lashes softer and helps the removal process, too. As far as liner goes, make sure you have a trusty liner that you know doesn’t smudge, budge, or migrate within a few hours. I personally love Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes and Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners for long-lasting lining power.
  • Makeup Remover Swabs: I think these are a real must-have for your evening clutch. They’re compact enough that you can keep them in your own bag or convince one of your girlfriends to hold onto it in hers for you. I like Bare Escentuals On the Spot swabs, because they’re soft cotton swabs that are already filled with makeup remover, so you can quickly fix any smudges, budges, etc. on the go. Plus, they’re only $5, which is a steal for something so convenient.

Get tips for your Face & Lips!


  • Face Primer: just like with eyes, a good skin primer will prep your face for makeup application and lead to longer wearing, better wearing makeup all night long. I love Korres’ Primer myself, but those with oilier skin or want more color correction may opt for Make Up For Ever’s Primer range.
  • Layers: this is what it’s all about. Layers help make your makeup stay on better and longer. Start with primer, then layer on foundation, and then set with a loose powder. For blush, apply a blush creme or blush stain, then dust with a powder blush, and finally set with loose powder to finish. Stains also tend to last a bit longer than non-staining products, too.


  • Line & Define: concentrate on lining and defining your lips with either a clear or a matching lip liner. Apply lipstick with a lip brush in thin but solid layers. You’ll want to apply at least two thin layers of lip color before topping with gloss. For really long-wearing color, blot lightly with loose powder before applying gloss.
  • Prep Work: with a retractable lip brush, grab a bit of extra lipstick lip color, and then replace the cap. This will let you get one extra application of lip color without having to take your lipstick with you, too. Or else, opt for a more pigmented gloss and just reapply your lipgloss through the night instead of lipstick.

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