Getting Ready for Summer

Getting Ready for Summer

How does your beauty routine change as spring fades and summer shines?

For me, I tend to give up thicker, heavier foundations in lieu of lightweight, more sweat-resistant foundations like tinted moisturizers and light powders. I also make sure I’m stocked up on all of my favorite sun-care products from head to toe (and hair!). I look for waterproof/water-resistant products like mascaras, liners, and even foundation, too.

Plus, thinking about all of the body prepping and pampering reminds me that I probably should slim down a bit. Inevitably, it’s swimsuit season, so if I want to show off that glowy fake bake tan, those winter pounds (from all of my Mom’s baked desserts) gotta go. I find it hard to resist snacking, so one way to snack better is to go with SunChips 100 Calorie Packs, because they keep me from devouring a whole bag of snacks.  (No, seriously, I will.  It’s terrible!)

Here are some summer posts to get you through the upcoming sunny days!

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For Glowy Legs

  • NARS Monoi Body Glow is an excellent way to add a little shine and bronze to your body without making any commitments.
  • JOICO Golden Shimmer Gradual Self-Tanner was a big favorite of mine last summer (though, I’ll be bringing you several more reviews this summer, too!) for easy self-tanning that’s subtle and natural.

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