Father’s Day 2010 Gift Guide

Father’s Day 2010 Gift Guide

Earlier today, I asked about whether readers would like to see a Father’s Day gift guide on Twitter, and the response was a bit mixed, but there were enough yays in the crowd to push me over into one direction.  It also helped that I was able to talk my boyfriend into co-writing with me! 🙂

Whenever I think about giving a guy a “beauty” product, I think of easy, streamlined products with no-frills packaging and more natural scents (aka nothing “perfume-y” or “girly”).  It can’t be anything that makes him go, “Huh?” and scratch his head–it has to be intuitive, fast, and if it can do multiple things at once, even better.  Spend less rather than more if you’re only just introducing some beauty into their routine–or else something you don’t mind using if they never quite get into the habit of using it!


Temptalia: I like Clinique’s Skin Supplies for Men line, because it has the clean, classic look with an affordable price range. I actually love the Clinique Maximum Hydrator ($27) for my own skin, as it’s extremely comforting and hydrating without being heavy, sticky, or greasy. Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Moisturizer ($42.50) is more expensive (it’s an anti-aging product), but it’s great for the guy who sometimes talks about his age or “getting old” — plus, the added SPF means it’s a two-in-one. For most men, the more multi-tasking a product is, the more likely they are to use it. Superdefense also comes in several variations–by skin type–which makes it easier to get the right product the first time around.

Tech Guy: If you’re buying a moisturizer, go for the cheaper and easier model and see if you can get your father or hubby to get into any kind of routine. You should go as far as placing it near wherever his razor is so he’ll be reminded about it every time he goes to shave. Guys will be very resistant to this, but if they have some dry skin or oily skin then tell them this will fix it. Also, if this is your husband, tell him that he’s dynamite in the sack. That will get them to put on a tutu, let alone moisturizer.

Check out cleansers, lip care, and more!


Temptalia: I was really head-over-heels for Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser ($22.50), but so was my boyfriend! I moved onto testing out something new after a few weeks, and he ended up being the one to finish it (and say, “Do you have more?”) What’s nice about this product is that it has a very, very fine “scrub” so it’s suitable for everyday but will help exfoliate your skin, too. It also has a very earthy scent–no frilly, “girly” scent here. Philosophy Purity Made Simple High Foaming Daily Cleanser ($21.50) is another no-frills cleanser that makes it easy to clean skin without much work. It lathers (guys seem to like this), cleans, and it’s just easy to use — a few pumps, cleanse, done. For the acne-prone guy, Dr. Brandt Blemishes No More Cleansing Pads ($25) help to exfoliate and cleanse skin in an ultra convenient pad form. Super easy for anyone to use, but they’re great for post-workouts or the guy who refuses to spend more than 30 seconds on their skin.

Tech Guy: I did like the Kiehl’s Rare Earth stuff, because it reminded me of a simpler time when I used to play in the mud and make mud pies and tell my brothers that they were brownies. It really does smell like what you think the Earth should smell like. It also exfoliates without having to actually use an exfoliator so that’s a double bonus. Christine may think that Purity is no frills, but the liquid inside the container turns into foam when you pump it. FOAM!!!! This will confound the man you give this to and he will set out to unlock the mystery of the bottle. So if you want him to spend the rest of Father’s Day unraveling the mysteries of Purity then, by all means, buy it for him.  Guys take showers after workouts, so the pads aren’t really a viable option. Plus the front of the package has purple on it… Purple, Christine? Really?


Temptalia: I think getting a guy into taking care of his lips is probably the easiest, because I’ve actually found that many guys do already use some sort of lip balm already. L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick ($10) is very hydrating without being greasy or glossy, plus the packaging is perfectly suitable for even the manliest of men. I’ve been testing out Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 ($7) for the past week or so, and it actually does a really good job at keeping my lips in tip-top shape. I think the minty scent and cooling sensation might appeal to guys, too.

Tech Guy: Christine may think that L’Octopus is suitable for most men, but if a guy can’t pronounce the name on the bottle then he’s not going to like it. Plus, butter goes on a baked potato, not my lips. Jack Black on the other hand has a manly name and is in packaging that looks like motor oil. This is win-win.


Temptalia: The Art of Shaving Power Shave Set ($150) contains a Power Razor, Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After-Shave Balm, and a Badger Shaving Brush. If the man in your life routinely shaves with a razor, they may really appreciate this kind of gift. This is not necessarily a kit to splurge on for just any guy, but one that appreciates a clean shave and doesn’t mind the time it takes. And when all else fails? Attach your beauty product to something you know he likes. Like maybe an iPad. “I’ll give you this iPad, but you have to promise to moisturizer EVERY DAY! Promise?!

Tech Guy: If you are considering buying a razor of some sort, please make sure that they use the type of razor you are going to buy. Guys do not like change! TURN THAT THERMOSTAT BACK TO 72! … What was I saying? Oh yeah, razors. We are also pretty picky in terms of brands. Go check out what they are currently using and buy accordingly. You may even be better off buying a new set of razor heads if they use an electric razor than buying a whole electric razor.  The iPad is a tough gift, because if the guy doesn’t already have one he might be making fun of people that do. If your Dad makes references to “the good ol’ days” and has a 12” black and white Zenith television then it’s safe to say he doesn’t want an iPad.