Crest’s Get Bright Challenge: Week 1

OMG, why are smile close-ups way creepier/awkward looking compared to close-up of lips alone?! As soon as I do my makeup for the day, I’ll pop in a full-face shot of me smiling instead–this seems a little too up-close-and-personal 😉 (And yes, I have a permanent stain between my two front teeth–a nice little gift from wearing braces for 10 years so says my dentist.)

I am six days into Crest’s Get Bright Challenge, and I have eight more days to go (total of 14 days) My teeth weren’t super, super yellowed/stained when I started, so I definitely wasn’t seeing a huge improvement each day, but now that I seen my picture from last week compared to this one… I can definitely see the improvement!

I’ve used Crest’s White Strips in the past, and they worked well enough for me to cross off professional whitening (way more expensive!), but I admit it wasn’t a perfect process.

Crest’s Whitestrips Advanced Seal have most certainly improved upon the process in several significant ways. The best upgrade they made was that you only have to wear the strips once a day for thirty minutes. It used to be twice a day, thirty minutes each time–not terrible, but if you’re busy like me, it’s easy to forget to do it!

The other improvement is about the adhesive nature of the strips themselves. I’d have to say that these adhere way better to my teeth, and they don’t slide much, if at all. I get a little of the whitening taste in my mouth, but not a lot at all. I used to find I’d forget to swallow whenever I used a whitening product, and it would be so gross waiting to remove them so I could spit it out (I know, I know, TMI!)–so it was really nice not worrying about that.

I’ve heard some people had issues removing the strips, but so far, I’ve had no issues. I just grab part of the strip, tear it off, rinse my mouth with water for about five seconds, and I’m done for the day.

Will keep update you on my progress next Monday! 🙂

See close-up…

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Awesome little challenge you have going here! I have a box of these strips unopened on my dresser. Makes me want to try it too. Are they making your teeth sensitive? I had that problem the last time I did whitening.

I’d say maybe a little after I initially put the strips on, but it doesn’t last. I drink hot/cold things and don’t notice pain or sensitivity!

I better answer this right away, because I know how “WHAT?!” 10 years is, LOL.

Basically, my braces were put on too early, and my teeth suck. They weren’t even that crooked, believe it or not! They just didn’t fall out (the baby teeth) like they were supposed to. I had to have 4 teeth pulled out by the oral surgeon before I had braces put on, and then I had an additional 4 more pulled out over time. So my teeth took their sweet time getting to adult status, making me have to wear braces for so long.

THEN we discovered that lo and behold at age 16/17, I had two teeth (my upper bicuspids) that were still baby teeth!! They were so big everyone assumed they were adult teeth, but they weren’t. My adult bicuspids were still up there, sitting in cysts, but they would have never come down on their own.

I had to get oral surgery so that they could attach gold chains to the hidden adult teeth (and remove the cysts–which eat away at roots if left to their own devices) which then went through my gums (eww!). My ortho then used the chains to physically pull the adult teeth down into place. This process took at least two years :/

So, you can say I have a pretty expensive smile, LOL. (My ortho was great, though — we only paid for 1.5 years, since that’s all he estimated the process at; poor guy, free ortho services for 8.5 years!)

I feel your pain!!! I had a similar situation happen to me! At age 17/18, my dentist told me that my four bicuspids (the fang teeth) were all baby teeth! Had oral surgery to pull out the baby teeth and get brackets attached to the adult teeth. Then the put braces on the rest of my teeth and used the wire to pull the adult teeth out. Horrible experience. The whole process took just over one year. It was awful.

I know this is a little late, but I had to comment!
The same thing happened to me, but it was only my upper left bicuspid, but my tooth moved very quickly even though it wasn’t near the actual baby tooth. One day, I woke up and it was just in the right place. It was very weird, but the painful process was definitely worth it. The only person I’ve ever heard of having this done was my dentist’s brother-in-law.
I just had to let you all know that your pain is shared with others.
But hey, at least we have our adult teeth and pretty (and expensive) smiles now. 🙂

Wow, 10 years is a long time! At least you’re not alone, though =P One of my best friends had the same thing happen to her. Not a 10 year process, but her baby teeth weren’t falling out, obviously not allowing for her adult teeth to grow in, and she had to have the braces, teeth pulling/chains, etc.

And I’m SO glad you’re doing this whitestrips review. I’ve always liked the Crest strips, but like you said, I find doing them twice a day for half an hour a real pain in the ass lol :] So I usually tend to not finish a box, which just ends up being a waste. I’ll probably give these a shot next time :]

I was also wondering about sensitivity. I have used the older version before and I found they made my teeth super sensitive. How sensitive were your teeth before you started the whitening?

Mine weren’t sensitive beforehand, and they’re maybe mildly sensitive but they don’t hurt or anything when I drink hot or cold stuff. The sensitivity is kind of if I suck in a breath, and it only lasts for the first hour after I’ve had the strips off my teeth then it’s gone.

I have a box of unfinished whitestips at home – I always forget & the first 2 -3 days are hard because my teeth get very sensitive! They do work though.

I had braces for almost 2 years before I yanked them puppies off with pliers. STUPIDEST/WORST DECISION EVER!!! But anyways, now that I rarely drink coffee and I finally quit smoking (YAY!), I think it’s about time to brighten my smile 🙂

This is awesome of you to share your challenge with us! Thanks!

I have to get this out. Its funny cause my photos I have here, Look nothing like what I post on YT. which I never pay enough attention but since I guess I am a very attractive female, ppl want to point our some type of flaw to make themselves feel good BUT think about it ……I pay so close attention to detail in everything I do or put out,,,,,Would I really post any photo of me that would make me look hideous! This is not to sound conceited at all but I needed to let it out and I dont need MAKEUP or a Super Bright smile to make me look attractive! I work with what GOD gave me! Sorry Christine. Ppl who know me, understand where I am coming from.
Ok you Christine please keep us posted on your progress 🙂 Kisses

Beautiful! You’ve inspired me to get me a box of strips so I did. I need it from tea and Starbies. I’m going to try Crest Advanced Seal. I like that you only do one 30 minute application per day. I’ll admit in the past I got lazy and would miss the 2nd application. I’m hoping these strips are a bit longer. Anyway, I saved $15! 11%off + instant $10 off + free shipping from…$29, yo! Go get some before the offer ends.

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