Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Release Date + Collection Info

Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Artist to the Stars, is often referred to as The Queen of Glow. She has a lifelong passion for the transformative, magical powers of light, glow and radiance on the complexion, body and mind – she knows MAGIC GLOW! This year, Charlotte is bringing a new level of glow with a new collection for your most joyful self yet…get ready to LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD!

Introducing GLOWGASM, Charlotte’s brand NEW! supernatural range; a euphoric wash of crystal glow for the cheeks, lips and eyes that mimics the beautifying effects of joy! The collection includes two Glowgasm Face Palettes in Lovegasm and Lightgasm, three Glowgasm Beauty Light Wands in Goldgasm, Peachgasm and Pinkgasm, Luxury Palette in Dreamgasm, two new shades of Collagen Lip Bath, Rosy Glow and Peachy Plump, and the permanent return of Eyes to Mesmerise in Star Gold and Rose Gold.

“Darlings, you’ve asked for more glow, and I am giving it to you! This is what I call a euphoric joy-filter for the eyes, cheeks and lips!! Glowgasm is going to LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD! With this range, I’ve been inspired with this dreamy, emotive light that flatters the skin! The kind of light dreams are made of! I wanted to create beautifying glow that literally puts a crystal-like light and energy onto the complexion… into the eyes, and onto the skin! I was really inspired by the sensual sensation of light cascading through a crystal sitting in a window, that beatific rainbow that makes everything look otherworldly beautiful! The kind of soft-silken, sun-beams-bottled glow that exists in fairy-tales, and the best kind of memories!!” Charlotte Tilbury

April 18th (Charlotte Tilbury), May 2nd (retailers)

Products Available

Glowgasm Face Palette, $75.00 (TBA)

A glow-gasmic, Prisma highlight, blush & bronze for all over “love-light” rainbow effect skin & eye gilding. This complexion-enhancing, light diffuser features warm shades with golden undertones and a soft velvety texture. If you want a natural looking tanned glow or an ‘eye light’, this is the palette for you. Launches April 18th at Charlotte Tilbury, April 25th at Sephora, May 2nd at all other retailers.

  • Lightgasm For light-medium skin tones
  • Lovegasm For medium-dark skin tones

Glowgasm Beauty Light Wand, $38.00 (New, Permanent)

Launches April 18th at Charlotte Tilbury, April 25th at Sephora, May 2nd at all other retailers.

  • Goldgasm Golden beauty light
  • Peachgasm Peachy highlight-blush
  • Pinkgasm Pinky highlight-blush

Dreamgasm Luxury Eye Palette, $53.00 (TBA)

Charlotte’s universal Dreamgasm palette, for a gorgeous, glowing ‘halo’ effect upon the eye lid. It’s a sunset dreamscape for the eye! Just like Charlotte’s famous Luxury Palette that was inspired by Golden Goddesses such as Gigi, Gisele and Jenifer Aniston, this is an ethereal summer glow in a palette! Launches May 2nd exclusively at Charlotte Tilbury.

  • Prime Champagne
  • Enhance Rose-gold
  • Smoke Warm copper bronze
  • Pop Rose gold sparkle

Collagen Lip Bath, $35.00 (New, Permanent)

Launches May 23rd at Charlotte Tilbury, Sephora, and all other retailers.

  • Rosy Glow Deep pink
  • Peachy Plump Peachy pink

Eyes to Mesmerise, $32.00 (Permanent)

Available now at Charlotte Tilbury and Sephora, May 2nd at all other retailers.

  • Rose Gold Soft-pink, rose-gold (Previously LE, Now Permanent)
  • Star Gold Golden-bronze (Previously LE, Now Permanent)

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection

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“Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Artist to the Stars, is often referred to as The Queen of Glow. ”


I immediately tuned out the rest.

WHY do people have to refer to their makeup products as ANYTHING-gasm? I can’t take the product seriously. I’m no prude, but it’s a major turn-off (no pun intended).

Yeah, while I really love the shades shown, I am sick to death of all the “-gasm” names for MAKEUP products, for goodness sakes! Juvenile, smarmy and just gross. Like, why must makeup be so sexualized, amiright?

Not a fan of the extreme forehead highlight going on with the left and right models. I am curious about the statement “Darlings, you’ve asked for more glow, and I am giving it to you!”… I don’t think anyone is asking for more glow since the market seems pretty darn saturated right now – there are a ton of great options out there if highlighter is your thing. Also, the “gasm” has been done by Nars so this collection just isn’t starting on a great note with me. The beauty light wands seem interesting and I’ll definitely swatch them, but as a whole this collection isn’t really doing it for me.

There’s a point at which her schtick isn’t funny, just crass and kind of disappointing. I think the marketing on these products crossed the line for me. Between her recent naming of products and all of her in-store marketing images, it seems like she doesn’t want any 40+ year old customers… which is weird since it’s a pricier line.

Oh goodness. Sorry to say Ms. CT, but Nars beat you to it a long time ago.

While I do like CT makeup (her Dolce Vita eyeshadow, Bond Girl lipstick, and Climax blush I reach for regularly) – I find her entire marketing scheme kitschy, annoying and somewhat ditzy. She sells the experience of being a celebrity/supermodel – too bad there are no RBG lipsticks out there. I’d be all over that. When I went to a CT counter at a Nordstroms, the artist asked me which look I liked. I told him point blank that I don’t look like a 28 year old, 6 foot blonde, blue eyed supermodel and never will. I asked him to create a look using colors that would enhance my own tones (I’m 5’2 with black hair/brown eyes and NC30). Needless to say, he did knock it out of the park and I ended up buying every product he used. Fan of the makeup, hate the marketing, but super glad they have talented makeup artists!

I agree – I wish their in-store displays were more universal. Charlotte Tilbury did Susan Sarandon’s makeup for a daytime event last year and it was perfection. Would love to see her signature “looks” have both the overdone model version and the real-world version in her marketing. (Ok really I don’t care about the overdone model version but since she seems to like it….)

I mean, I need nothing else that has “gasm” anywhere near it. The blushes in the palette are beautiful, but it’s just too expensive.

On the bright side, I’m happy those cream shadows are permanent and at Sephora now, I really like that range and was sad to have missed out on those colors before.

I’d be lieing if I said those face palettes weren’t making my heart beat alittle quicker.

I agree the marketing and gasm thing is juvenile. Good luck crossing the line to a younger demographic with $75 face palettes.

I love the look of both face palettes and since I’m a light to medium and leaning darker in summer I’ll wait on reviews and swatches. I’m interested in the peachy and pink squeeze tubes but again will wait. I’m not a fan of overly golden highlight which is very common with peach.

Eye palette is an easy pass.. I have the pillow talk palette and thought it was mediocre at best.

All of this “-gasm” stuff made my eyes roll so hard it hurt. 😉

Ok, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I honestly don’t understand why people want to look THIS shiny. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little bit of shimmer on my cheekbones or eyelids. But to me, too much shine on the face makes it look either oily or plastic. But to each his/her own. I’m sure there are people who look at me and wonder why I like to look so pale and matte!! 😀 I’ll just always be a “need-to-go-powder-my-nose” kind of gal.

Glad I’m not the only one! I get using a nice highlight look to brighten your face but I agree this crosses the line a bit for me and comes off as not having used finishing powder or something. Not for me!

I agree with everything you said. Sick of all the sexual names on products. And while I was crazy into disco dancing in the ’70s (really!), I don’t get why anyone wants to look like a disco ball. The highlighting craze is waaaaay overdone. A little glow looks healthy. A ton of shiny product looks plastic.

Please be respectful of everyone’s preferences – like it’s totally cool if you don’t like it on you, but there’s no need to criticize other people about their choices (“I don’t get why anyone wants to look like a disco ball”) or say that what they’re doing looks bad/plastic – or implying “if you do it this way, it’s good/healthy” and if you don’t, you’re in the wrong and look unhealthy etc.

There’s a fine line of expressing your opinion about something as it suits you and judging people and making others feel poorly for what they like. I already felt like this comment thread was toeing that line, so I’m closing comments at this point because I’m uncomfortable with the direction it has taken – not in the spirit of this community. I want ALL readers to feel accepted, beautiful, and that their choices are as valid as any other choice.

Thank you!

I know retouching advertisements in beauty is nothing new, but i hate that she uses such a filter on all of her material. Her IG and youtube are the same. Everything has a blurring filter and ‘mood lighting.’ I have her face palette (which i really like for travel) but nothing about her advertising makes me want more. She could do so much better. I genuinely think she is very talented and her products are good. Hate the marketing (and the “gasm” schtick).

Oh my, not a lot of love here for CT. Lolz. This was one I was so excited about when I saw the pics. I like her makeup but it is spendy. I’m pulling back on spending on the Tom Ford and this, just to name a few. I’m finding I don’t think the quality is so amazing that it’s worth it. I think Anastasia shadows are the best bang for the buck. I think P McGrath’s makeup is worth the price and I especially love her lippies. I think these palettes look beautiful and I’m a fan of these types of palettes. I just recently got the Becca Khloe Malika palette. I’m pale, like NC25 and blondish though dark eyes, but I actually got Malika’s palette and I really love it. I found the Khloe too difficult to get pigment to show something. Wonder if this will be similar. I use the Malika one light-handed. So I will wait until I can test this in store because it has to really be something great for me to spend nearly double to get this one too after I just bought the Malika one that’s darn nice. Can’t wait to see swatches here!

I just bought the Khloe Malika palette and I love it too! I’m an NC-16 at this time of year, and I have dark brown yes and hair. It wasn’t even on my radar, but my Ulta had a Becca event going on. I was looking for a pencil sharpener, and I came home with a new primer, foundation, and a face palette. I wouldn’t have tried it on my own. But it just brightens up my complexion.

Oh God, between this and the latest offering from NARS, this is just too many “gasms” for me. I’m too tired.

And I think I sprained my eyeballs from rolling them repeatedly while reading that press copy.

Joy filter, my @$$.

Something tells me that this collection is going to be a little too good…as in uber tempting! The Dreamgasm e/s palette appears to have excellent contrast between the shades depth wise, the 2 face palettes have me very intrigued, and Eyes To Mesmerize in Rose Gold, be still my heart!

Curious as to how these face palettes perform on the face. The deeper toned one looks interesting. Never tried any of her face products before. But I’ve heard her blushes and highlighters are good.

Love CT products. The names are silly, but I will give these beautiful colors a try, especially the blush/highlighter and eyeshadow palette.

What weird names these brands are coming up with? Is CT a NARS clone? Nope, I don’t like the shades of the highlighters (the bronze shade is far too dark for most fair toned customers) and the eyeshadow shades have been done to death.
I think someone is believing their own hype here.

I’m not going to say anything about the her names of her palettes I’m sure everyone has covered it all. Love these color combos but I’m sure I have dupes for everything. I know I’m going to break my no-buy for the Rouge sale coming up but it won’t be on these.

Good Lord, the copy describing this collection is awful. Pretty collection, though. I have to agree with those saying the “-gasm” thing has been done to death already by NARS.

A positive pre-review. Notwithstanding its name, which garnered a lot of attention and generated quite a buzz weeks before its release – kudos to the marketing team – this collection looks fantastic. The color combinations look complementary and easy to work with. I am anticipating the pleasure of getting multiple gasms.

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