Best Mascaras for Longer, Thicker, Blacker Lashes

The Best Mascaras for Thick, Dramatic Lashes

MAC Plushlash ($11.00) is my all-time favorite mascara. It’s exactly what it says: plush. I always get ultra black, thick lashes with this mascara. No matter how many mascaras I try, I always end up coming back to Plushlash. I think, ultimately, I might make the switch to Chanel Exceptionnel if it weren’t so pricey (and not 2.5x better than Plushlash). MAC’s Zoomlash is another good one, though I feel it’s a little more prone to clump, though it has the super black color I love.

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes ($28.00) is one of those new-fangled mascaras, because it has a crazy mascara “wand” which looks more like a spiky ball. This works best without a primer, as when I used it with MAC’s Prep + Prime, I found it smudged.

Dior DiorShow Iconic ($27.00) beats out the original DiorShow for me, because Iconic doesn’t smudge or flake like DiorShow (the original) did for me. DiorShow is a classic mascara, known for its dramatic lengthening, thickening, and ultra rich pigmentation of black.

Lancome Oscillation ($34.00) is a moving mascara. Oscillation doesn’t come cheap, but it really does work well to give you long lashes without clumping them up. It does take several applications to get the hang of it, and you’ll have to figure out what technique works best for you. You can read my full review if you please.

Chanel Exceptionnel ($28.00) is a deliciously luxe formula that gives you incredibly dark, lush lashes with insane length. You can read my review and see how it looks!

CoverGirl Lash Exact ($8.00) is a mascara that really proved drugstore mascaras often are better than high end products. Good level of color richness in the black, plus lengthening and thickening to make your lashes that much more enviable. If you need more volume, check out Volume Exact. (Oh, and I’ve heard good things about LashBlast, though I haven’t personally tried it.)

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What are your favorite mascaras for thick, dramatic lashes?

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Yes, Cover Girl Lash Blast is pretty incredible. I have been using it religiously for almost a year now and am not sure I ever see myself switching unless something a lot better comes around. It has won a ton of beauty awards & is very affordable. Most drug stores have it in the $7-$8 range but Target sells theirs for $6.50. Can’t beat that. I am someone who trys to go low budget on certain makeup items so that I can justify in my mind splurging on others. Try it and enjoy!!!

I looove loove loove CG Lash Blast. I have sparse lashes and I feel like Lash Blast does a good job of separating all the lashes because I need each and every one. I’ve never ever splurged on lashes, splurge on everything else but I always go drugstore for mascara, even though it is the one product I wear everyday. Must be waterproof because I wear contacts and my eyes are prone to watering. I would like to try Plushlash but I don’t think it is waterproof. (insert sad face)

Fresh Supernova is my absolute fave. Major thickness, rich black, super dramatic, and soft to the touch. I won’t go back to other mascaras (even Plushlash!).

I also recommend Fresh’s Firebird – it doesn’t give a whole lot of volume, but it does wonders for length and curl. It gives me very flirty, fluttery 70s fan lashes – which is lots of fun, especially for Spring and Summer.

i just wanted to say that iconic doesn’t really give a lot of volume, but it does give really nice length, curl and definition. it also works as a great base mascara.

I’ve been using The Body Shop’s Super Volume mascara. I haven’t tried many others though. I find it makes my lashes super full and long without clumping. It is a very wet mascara and take a bit of time to dry. I’m interested in trying CG LashBlast.

Out of the ones mentioned above I only own the Givenchy one, but it really is great and makes my short and thin eyelashes look lovely and long. Not so thick, but still really nice. 🙂
I also really like Max Factor’s mascaras, especially More Lashes and Masterpiece Beyond Length, they make my lashes a lot bigger as well (and don’t clump/smudge either).

I used to use something by Maybelline (that I don’t even think they make any more), but now I really love mark. Make it Big mascara in Espresso ( It’s super cheap but works really well for me. I should add that I already have fairly long lashes so I just like a little volume. There is a teeny bit of flaking but I think that’s mostly because I really comb through my lashes after I apply mascara. I like more of a natural look.

Cover Girl Lash Blast is amazing. It gives really thick long luxurious lashes, and its cheap to purchase. My other faves are Maybelline Great Lash & Rimmel Volume flash….however I would love to try a MAC mascara, I’ve heard mixed reviews about MAC’s mascara’s but I can always return it if it doesn’t work out 🙂

I have to say chanel inimitable. I am not impressed by exceptionel (smudge, dried up quicker, just not as good at all!). sheseido mascara base is a must thought!

Diorshow Iconic is my favorite, i literally threw out every other mascara when i got it. i have small eyes & they make them look HUGE & lovely. it’s perfection. i actually am surprised you like plushlash over that! 😛

I only waterproof because I have annoying smudging issues, but I find that with an oil based remover it comes off pretty quickly. I really like cleansing oils or the MUFE waterproof makeup remover.

Great reviews Christine, I might try one of the MAC ones you’ve mentioned.
My HG Mascara is Diorshow Blackout, love it. It’s all about big fluffy fibre wands not plastic, they don’t do anything fo my lashes.
People don’t seem to like Diorshow Blackout that much, but that’s because the formula doesn’t work well during the initial fortnight or so of using it, after that it’s a dream!! Don’t know where this was all my life!

Before that I was using Lancome’s flextencils which was just as much a dream, used it for years on end.

Those big fluffy brushes always stab me in the eye, LOL! Well, *I* stab myself in the eye. Or get mascara all over my eye lid and the bridge of my nose!

I wonder why it doesn’t work well at first…

i love CG lashblast! also benefit’s “get bent” is amazing!! mac’s plushlash is okay.. not the best i’ve ever tried. get bent, lashblast, and l’oreal volunious are my favorites!

I agree that Plushlash is great. I have short, sparse lashes, so I’m always looking for a great mascara. Before Plushlash, I pretty much only used drugstore brand mascaras, but now I am totally sold on Plushlash. I also recently purchased Lashblast and was not impressed. It’s not a bad mascara, but Plushlash gives me more length.

Benefits Bad Gal lash.. the new waterproof one I like more than the original annnnnnnnd MUFE Smokey Lash which I can’t get enough of!

I love Max Factor’s Volume Couture. On me, I find this delivers the same performance as Chanel’s Inimitable. It is fun to put a little Fiberwig on top of it…crazy lashes!:).

Right now I am using Fatale from Lancome(my freebie from the court case!) It seems to work really well, although it builds up on the tip of the wand sometimes. But when this tube is empty I will be scootin back to the store to buy my CG Lashblast and maybe some of the new Lashblast Luxe! This makes my lashes look amazing! (in all fairness my lashes are pretty long and dark to begin with), but I love the drama of long, thick , lashes. I have even been accused of wearing falsies while wearing it!

It is just like Lashblast but it has sparkle/glitter, and it comes in Platinum(silver) Garnet, Emerald and Saphire….oh and the tube is red not orange. I saw it the other day at Target and had to scope it out!

I got plushlash based on ur recommendation christine and I am so happy with it! I only used 2 mascaras before Plushlash, one was from Loreal, i forgot the name already because it isn’t even worth remembering hehehe and the other one was EL Magnascopic. I liked magnascopic but it clumps even after just 2 coats. I just love Plushlash! thanks Christine!

I swear by Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash! I have naturally long lashes so it’s boosts them up more, makes them super black, and curls just right.

My all time fav is Prescriptive’s false lashes which made mine look just like false lashes. I stopped buying it though because it dries up really quickly-like in 3 weeks. Plushlash is ok but doesn’t give me enough length. I like Dazzlelash for length but doesn’t give me enough volume. I end up using both but am still on the quest for my Holy Grail Mascara.

My current fav is Rimmel’s Glam Eyes in extreme black, it layers on well and gives my tiny asian lashes curl, volume and length 🙂
I also love Clinique’s lashpower for my bottom lashes, the wand is tiny so it grabs all my tiny lashes.

I think my all-time favourite mascara for long, thick, curled black eyelashes is Loreal Lash Architect in Blackest Black. I’ve been using it for ages and it gives the most amazing long, thick, black eyelashes.

I’m still on the look out for a mascara which gives more natural long, thick, curled lashes, as I sometimes like a more natural lash look. I really liked Maybelline Sky High Curves for this but they discontinued it :o( and I’ve still not found one that I like as much. I tried Estee Lauder Projectionist and Sumptuous and loved those two but they’re a bit pricey for me for regular use. Any suggestions?

I find drugstore mascaras work just as well or even better than high-ends. That being said, i did try Dior iconic, which is great at lengthening my lashes, separating and accentuating them, but lacks the volume. I found Rimmel Gam’eyes AND a Prestige one work really good at bringing volume on me. My fav natural mascara is Neutrogena Healthy volume and it looks effortlessly, not to mention that it doesn’t clump.

I also like Lash Blast and I got one online and shipped totaling at $5.50 USD.. one mascara worth mentioning is L’oreal telescope (original one) I don’t like how the brushes deposit too much glob on my lashes, but after separating my lashes with a comber, I look great! but it’s too much work, or I’ll make it work.

I definitely feel that high end isn’t always the best way to go for mascara (though there’s nothing wrong with it), too! 🙂

Aww I went through so many tubes of Zoomlash before I went out and started experimenting with more mascaras. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Diorshow Iconic and the Chanel Exceptionnel. Those are on my list of mascaras to buy next, along with YSL’s Everlong. I’m currently using Lancome’s Oscillation but I’m a bit disappointed because it’s only been about 2.5 months and then the battery started becoming so weak. For a mascara that is $34 I would have hoped it would have lasted a full 3 months at least!

I do like Exceptionnel quite a bit! 🙂 Oscillation is nice, but I agree – it’s $$ and the battery part is annoying.

MY HG mascara is L’Oreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. It thickens my lashes like no other mascara can (so far, anyway). Also it’s true to it’s name as the the black is very dark. I sometimes feel like I’m wearing false lashes with this and the cheap price is a plus too.

DiorShow was amazing but it gave me an horrible allergic reaction. I had puffy eyes for a week. :/ I need to try MAC’s Plushlash soon.

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