Are you a drugstore bargain hunter or high-end addict?

Are you a drugstore bargain hunter or high-end addict?

Either way, it’s important to recognize we can’t always splurge on all of the things we’d like to. The key to everything–including beauty–in life is moderation, balance. If you’ve been following Only In A Woman’s World campaign along with me, you’d notice balance is a concept that comes through. Every so often, I go through some checklists and reminders to make sure I’m not overindulging.

I ask myself…

  • Am I buying just to buy? I’ve been known to buy something just because I want to acquire something new. This is a bad habit, because it doesn’t always mean you make good purchases or worthwhile acquisitions that you’ll actually use.
  • Will I still want it next week? If I’m not totally sure, then I’ll put it back and sit on it for a week. (Or a few days… at least!) If I’m still jonesin’ for it, then I know I can keep it on my list.
  • How often will I use it? If it’s something *so* specific or tailored, I might not use it more than once. Since I am a full-fledged, self-admitted beauty addict, I’ve made more than one mistake in this department. I distinctly remember Dior’s Electric Lights quint being purchased and never used… Bad, bad, bad! Buy it to use it. (Unless, of course, you are blessed to have the disposable income to simply admire.)

Here are some ways to cut-back on beauty spending when you’re on a tight budget or need to save up for something (e.g. school — hey, it’s almost time for fall semester/quarter to start!)…

  • Go drugstore for body care products. Seriously, I’ve yet to encounter any $70 body product that really outdoes (and is, thus, totally worth the price tag) a $20 or less body product–that goes for shower gel, body wash, body lotion/moisturizer/cream, and body scrubs. You can always make your own body scrub, too – use sugar or salt for the scrub part and then mix with oil or honey to be able to smooth onto skin.
  • Don’t start hunting around for new skincare staples–no matter how pricey. So many of us spend too much time and way too much money looking for the best products, particularly in the skincare department. I actually recommend not sacrificing a pricey moisturizer if it’s your holy grail product. In the long run, you may end up spending more money on poor substitutes or risk your skin’s balance.
  • Look for a lower price-point on mascara. Watch for deals! Mascara is a product we use often and throw out often, which means we’re constantly replacing this little gem of a product. Pricey mascaras like Chanel Exceptionnel, while amazing, are not so phenomenal as to be worth that price. Drugstore mascaras like CoverGirl Lash Blast, Maybelline Full ‘n Soft, and L’Oreal Telescopic are all proven, well-formulated mascaras that deliver consistent, reliable results.
  • Take advantage of return policies and sampling programs. If available to you, ask a counter for a sample before you commit to buy. Perhaps it’s just a fancy scrub or the thrill of trying something new, and a sample will help grant you satisfaction without breaking the bank. If you don’t like a product, return it if the store allows. (I know in the U.S., most retailers have generous return policies for beauty and cosmetics.) There is no reason to keep a product you dislike (or worse yet, breaks you out!) when you can return it. If you dislike returning, try exchanging–no harm in it!

The bottom line: don’t overindulge, but don’t be afraid of pampering yourself from time to time. Save up for items you can’t be without, but look for bargains on products you haven’t found favorites for yet. It’s not about whether you love or only buy high-end, it’s about what works for your budget and lifestyle!

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