Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Release Date + About the Launch

Created in collaboration with iconic beauty influencer Carli Bybel, Anastasia Beverly Hills Carli Bybel Eye Shadow and Pressed Pigment Palette is a limited-edition palette featuring 14 of Carli’s can’t-live-without shades. This versatile collection lets you achieve everything from your go-to daytime looks to shimmery nighttime smoky eyes using Carli’s favorites mattes and metallics in both warm and cool tones.

10/7 online, 10/10 in stores

Products in the Launch

Carli Bybel Eye Shadow & Pressed Pigment Palette, $45.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Boli Metallic champagne
  • Bybel Matte reddish-purple brown
  • Mandala Metallic/Duo chrome light purple
  • Libra Metallic goldish
  • Jode Shimmer teal
  • Oa Duo chrome blue + purple
  • Boie Matte ash brown
  • Bear Matte beige
  • Moo Metallic light gold
  • Chai Matte light brown
  • Cindy Matte bright orange pressed pigment
  • Stev Matte dark red
  • Aura Metallic red pink shimmer
  • My Angels Metallic gold

Undressed Lip Set, $40.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Sand Liquid Lipstick
  • Peachy Liquid Lipstick
  • On Mute Liquid Lipstick
  • Beaming Liquid Lipstick
  • Summer Vibes Lip Gloss

Loose Highlighter Set, $48.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Snowflake Silver
  • So Hollywood Gold
  • Sunset Aura Copper

Loose Glitter Set, $40.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Jolly Duochrome
  • Mistletoe Duochrome
  • Frosted Duochrome
  • Glisten Duochrome
  • Snowfall Duochrome

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

Anastasia x Carli Bybel Collection for Holiday 2019 (Updated!)

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That cover isn’t going to go over well with people who have trypophobia lol… the shadows look pretty though, if not overly original

It’s funny you say that because I have it pretty bad, and somehow, the case doesn’t bother me…!? I think it’s because it’s smooth and shiny, that usually helps a bit lol

I always forget about this word and then get re-horrified when I google it. Yikes! I absolutely cannot look at this palette any more.

I have Trip’ and I though the same thing. It does nothing to me but just the fact that I think about Trypophobia it’s a no for me.

I think I have a slight case of trypophobia but this doesn’t bother me. On the other hand those waterlily pods give me chills and goosebumps. Also beehives don’t bother me, probably cuz I like bees. 🙂

It looks promising, but I’m getting worried that ABH is turning into another ColourPop or MAC… quality is bound to suffer eventually. Or so I fear.

Ooh that’s pretty. I’m not really feeling the cover. Hopefully it still has the same silhouette as the others. She can’t beat Jackie’s cover though. Shouldn’t even try. That’s one of my favorites in general but especially from ABH.

This is Anastasia’s fifth palette since August and ninth this year overall (if you count the Daytime and Sunset quads from February, which were soon forgotten). One palette per season would’ve been quite enough; in September there was almost one palette per week. I know there were delays and scheduling issues that messed up the timing, but why did they plan that many palettes for one year in the first place??

Absolutely Helena – why is this otherwise excellent brand going into overdrive with so many products? Haven’t they learnt from MAC’s excesses in the past?

I chuckled at your comment. Between CP and ABH, I’m actually dreading the release or more makeup. I know that no one is making me buy any of it, but eyeshadow palettes are my weakness and usually I cave at some point. To quote a line from The Exorcist: “Make It Stop”!!!

Tbh, I really don’t get all these “holiday” releases. Plus, this sounds old of me but who are all these beauty “influencers”? I know the name but the relevance is lost on me. Even the few youtubers I watch I’m starting to get tired of seeing…

An other abh palette??? What’s happening? Have they taken a strange virus or are they issuing some identity crisis? However, am I the only One Who thinks that this palette Is almost identical ti the original 14 pan norvina (that was an excellent palette!)?

I’m so surprised about the number of ABH releases. I have come to realize that I don’t care for their formula. I love this color story though.

I have gifted the CB BH palette more than once, and it was always well received and used. This did appeal, and my only ABH palette is Mod Ren, via Ultabucks. So, maybe, again by Ultabucks, providing it is reviewed and does well. Is anyone else sick of push-up cleavage in m/u photoshoots? From my skewed perspective, prominent cleavage is more vulgar than the raunchy names. At least the cleavage is not on the palette itself, while the raunchy names are. Agree with Nancy about the churning pace of ABH.

I don’t mind raunchy names most of the time (as long as they are puns or “sexy” references vs overtly nasty ie: TF Boudoir Eyes… risque, but not cringe inducing or off the wall names just for shock value). However, I too just keep seeing in your face cleavage on all these ads, especially ABH advertisements recently, – front and center. It makes me roll my eyes more than anything else. This palette is incredibly boring and the ad does nothing to try and draw me in. Easy pass.

Yes, yes, yes. All the cleavage – I’m not really a prude, but who is this marketed to?! This kind of marketing turns me off the brand SO quickly, I was such a huge ABH fan until this year.

I don’t mind raunchy names, but I genuinely don’t understand the cleavage (from a marketing perspective). Aren’t these ads meant to appeal to the potential wearers? Statistically-speaking, how many of those would be drawn in by cleavage? It’s a real head-scratcher. I’m personally anti-cleavage (just me — I don’t care what others do), and I tend to be repulsed by marketing that seems to rely on that for … whatever bizarre reason.

And I assume it’s not even going to be the last one. 😆 Any bets on a holiday themed palette and another colab by the end of the year?

What the hell is going on with ABH lately? All these collabs, i have not been impressed with ANYTHING since Sultry and/or Norvina. Even Subculture, which was bad, was more creative with the colors….

I feel like ABH are coming out with so many palettes back to back it’s kinda of a turn off. Makes you wanna just wait for everything to go on clearance.

That packaging looks vaguely like glamorous smallpox. Or lots of enucleated albino bunny eyes on a platter… obviously my mind is stuck on a morbid loop of some kind and I need to go and make a cup of tea and have a lie down 😛

I have the CA BH Palette and I really love it but this looks like an easy pass for me.

It does look like eyes, I wonder if it’s like a portrait and it stares at you from every angle in the room!

This palette looks drab and lifeless after the megapalettes, and I find it somehow weird for a holiday release. I’m glad I got the Jackie Aina palette, because it’s got a good selection of rich colour and neutrals that I would normally think more appropriate for a holiday release.

The firsts time I saw the palette, my trypophobia was triggered. But aside from that, I not really interested in this palette. The colors aren’t really my thing. Three browns and two silvery shades that virtually look the same. The only shades I’m interested in is Mandala, Cindy, and Stev… and I’m not buying a palette just for three shades. And it pains me because I’m a Carli fan and haven’t purchased her past collaborations with other companies. This is a miss for me 😕 I think I might consider getting the nude lip set 🤷🏽‍♀️

I think the eyeshadow palette is lovely, not quite sure why we need loose pigments, prefer lipstick to lip glosses – but absolutely LOATHE the promo photo (is it Carli Bybel herself?) in a negligee, complete with cleavage, advertising the products. The choice of the name advertising the liquid lipglosses is a turn off for me…it just cheapens the products. Why oh why do brands do this?

I’ve read everyone’s comments and had a few giggles.
In most ways (from churn-outs to cleavage) I agree with the lot but this is the first palette from ABH that has really drawn me in immediately. I love the pretty packaging as well, even after googling trypophopia (I see why it would be repulsive to sufferers) I still like it. I have two of the three loose highlighters already (phew), but at the very least, those lippies have my name all over them!

i find that photo with the palette over her mouth really offensive and misogynistic. “look pretty but dont speak. women should be seen and not heard.” her dress may have really pretty shoulders and lace, and congrats on the boobs, but for a makeup company i dont need to center on the boobs. show me the whole outfit and treat her as a whole person, or show me the product and close up of her eyes. this image just feels wrong.

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