Anastasia Norvina Vol. 2 Pigment Palette Launches September 26th

Release Date + About the Launch

The future is now. NORVINA Vol. 2 launches September 26th online with all retailers. Vol. 2 will be carried in Sephora stores from September 26th through October 30th (for clarity: this is for in-store availability; the palette will be available online likely until it’s sold through across retailers).

9/26 online

Products in the Launch

Norvina Vol. 2 Pigment Palette, $60.00 (Limited Edition)

This palette contains 25 professional pigments in a wide range of highly pigmented, aqua-themed colors to offer limitless possibilities. It’s perfect for the artist who wants to have the ultimate color collection and for the makeup fanatic who is ready to take their makeup creativity to the next level.

  • A1 Shimmering hot pink
  • A2 Matte lime yellow
  • A3 Shimmer lime
  • A4 Shimmer periwinkle
  • A5 Shimmer teal
  • B1 Matte green with large sparkle
  • B2 Matte deep periwinkle blue
  • B3 Matte jade green
  • B4 Matte ultramarine blue
  • B5 Matte azure blue
  • C1 Multi-shade reflective shimmer champanage
  • C2 Matte sky blue with sparkle
  • C3 Matte cobalt blue
  • C4 Matte prussian blue
  • C5 Matte oxblood
  • D1 Multi-reflective green silver
  • D2 Matte bold orange
  • D3 Matte hot pink
  • D4 Matte yellow with large sparkle
  • D5 Matte navy blue
  • E1 Matte emerald green with large sparkle
  • E2 Shimmering amethyst
  • E3 Matte teal green
  • E4 Matte red brown
  • E5 Matte black

Anastasia Norvina Vol. 2 Pigment Palette Launches September 26th

Anastasia Norvina Vol. 2 Pigment Palette Launches September 26th

Anastasia Norvina Vol. 2 Pigment Palette Launches September 26th

Anastasia Norvina Vol. 2 Pigment Palette Launches September 26th

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The models makeup is so pretty! I love Norvina 1 so if this one is as good I’m all in! Kinda looks similar to the new Viseart’s Pro 3 palette though. So many beautiful collections coming out, wow !

Well, this is certainly a new direction for ABH to be going in… and I’m not sure I like it.
It seems like quite a radical departure from their usual marketing and consumer demographic, though one could argue that the Riveria and Alyssa palettes were priming the pump, I guess…


Still, I hated the concept and execution of Vol. 1 and I’m not putting my hand in my pocket for this, so.

I kind of agree with you, the vibes Norvina vol. 1 and vol 2. give are quite different from my image of the brand.
I would actually see Norvina as a separate brand (or sub-brand), oriented to make-up artists who like to experiment more, creative young people. While the main brand keeping it to the more classic look of the current products. Or it’s just me… mainly thinking of brow products with ABH. 😆

Agreed! Yes to everything you said! What is happening to ABH? I feel like the days of MR and Soft Glam are over for the brand. And we’re left with whatever this is. They used to be classy but this marketing feels trashy, imo. Are we advertising eyeshadow or her cleavage? I couldn’t tell. Next time Christine asks about a brand that we lost interest in, I have my answer!

Just so you know, Norvina stated that this is NOT a change to ABH. This is her pro line series and just a branch off, traditional ABH palettes will be like they always were as that is a staple for them. The Norvina collection is a little more wild and out there, but is not a change to ABH.

I may not be Norvina’s biggest fan, but I want to point out that change is critical in any industry. Adapt or be left behind. There will always be neutrals, I don’t see how introducing color can be so controversial.

Even a quick glance of as enough to spot many similar colors within the palette. I don’t understand what the strategy of this brand is? They were having a good going and it seems like they have jumped the shark now…

This palette reminds me of latest Viseart one – huge, matte and bright.
When I see a large palette like this, I think – OMG, how much bigger can they get? It’s not a competition.

So true! And this is released right after Volume 1. I imagine people who bought Volume 1 haven’t even tried all the colors in it yet.

I thought of Viseart Vol 3 as well which I still want, but I may pick this up instead. The color story goes into a gradient for Viseart which is visually more appealing, but cost wise this is definitely more affordable. I also think this is more tropical looking than Viseart.
IMO they are really not the same at all except for having a lot of similar shades within themselves.

I own several ABH palettes, but not the last several releases, and not this. I am not into BOLD palettes, but I can see the appeal if bold looks are your thing.

Are ABH new owners want to turn the brand into MAC with a bunch of irrelevant launches every month…. I understand they want to grab all the spotlight with new launches but the Norvina Vol. 1 hasn’t even had time to breathe before launching the next one?!?

If makeup is moving into the Fast Fashion model we are in …. Damn I might have to give up on the whole lot like fashion as well. Made cheaply with abusing labour conditions to cut costs to make more money with a ton of garbage/overstock in sizes we don’t buy to go into landfills. I’m getting scared here makeup is going this route. ColourPop is a Fast Fashion model but it’s inhouse instead of outsourced.

This is why the rich keep getting richer off of 90% backs. I like the brand but the new owners is railroading the brand into the ground this way as we are going to get numb to new launches every 2 weeks.

It is the same owner (Anastasia Soare), just that in her interview with Harper’s BAZAAR (YT), Anastasia mentioned that she let Norvina (her daughter) in charge of the direction for the eyeshadow palettes. Not a good decision I might add…

Sorry to clarify they are partially own by the private equity firm TPG Capital since June. Now things have changed in terms of ramping up new products since then for more ‘Exposure’. I’m not blaming them and I feel like they are trying to take over MAC’s presence in the offline consumer market but I PRAY the slow down slightly.

Yes, I am aware of that. ABH sold just a minority stake to the private equity firm TPG Capital, as ABH needed capital to expand in Asia (not selling in China though) and Europe (through Sephora). Same did Huda Beauty. However, Anastasia Soare still controls the company. This type of transaction is different than being owned by a parent company like L’Oreal owns IT Cosmetics or EE with the multitude of brands they acquired. TPG Capital invested in the past in E.l.f. and Beautycounter among others.

I agree with you. I wish they slow down a bit, and personally I would love for Norvina to have her palettes not made in China and not have Talc as the first ingredient. The ABH palettes I have (Modern Ren, Mario and Sultry) have Mica, Dimethicone etc.

Pretty but that layout? …I don’t get it. I’m a graphic designer and art director by trade, and that layout is just a pile of NO for my eyes and brain. I’m glad, because now I have no desire for either Norvina palettes, lol

Popscockles, I feel the same way. This is visually an assault on my senses. Just not into a mega sized palette that not only doesn’t look organized at all, but too many shades practically dupe each other.

I don’t like that Vol. 1 is made in China and I’m not so sure about this new concept/direction, but I respect Norvina’s work and efforts. I just hope she won’t turn ABH into a new Colourpop in terms of launches, and that she will have the e/s palette made elsewhere than in PRC.

I was so disappointed when I realized that Vol. 1 was made in PRC. I would have returned it for that reason alone — $60 for made in PRC?! – no way. But the palette was shattered when I received it and I opted for a refund anyway.

If it is made in PRC, it is a no go for me. Not only due to the way they treat Chinese people there, but health concerns. I don’t trust things made there have any quality control for what is inside them.

Is the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills going through a mid-life crisis? Or an altered state of confusion? I’m not sure how I’m feeling towards any of this, except that I’m getting worried for this brand!

Anastasia Soare let her daughter, Norvina, in charge of this new line of eyeshadow palettes. And as far as I’m concerned, it seems that Norvina doesn’t have a clear vision.

I happen to be mid 40’s and personally love it. it’s refreshing to see color out there. There’s already a million nude palettes. I enjoy bright bold colors. I love Norvina Vol. 1 and am eager to get my hands on Vol. 2.

Well, I’m in my 60’s (closer to 70, as alarming as that sounds) and have more colour than I know what to do with in all the premade palettes I’ve amassed over the years. A palette like this is simply of no use at all to me.

There’s a big difference in not buying it because you’ve already got the colors and as you stated “they’re shifting their target audience and we ‘over 40’s’ are no longer in it”. My response was to point out that as an over 40, I wear those bright colors and adore them and thus I am part of the target audience as I have not yet amassed those colors.

”Rubik’s cube” I’m cackling! You are sooo right. Personally I never go for mega palettes anyway, but these two palettes really make me wonder.

I’m really over these insanely quick launches. It seems like most other brands have pulled back a TINY bit (lol) but ABH is amping things up. I’ve seen posts on FB and Twitter that they’re trying to push through certain things before the end of the year because of the investor? I’m sure whatever is out there isn’t all truth and only ABH would know for sure, but these Norvina palettes are =\ and so close to each other release wise? The purple was okay but this one is garish. It’s almost like Norvina wanted to do up a palette of colors she likes (totally fine) but then figured “hey, I’ll use my clout as an influencer-type brand owner to sell this”. Because Norvina does have Stans that will buy anything she puts out to create looks in the hopes of landing on her PR list in one of her many searches.

All it’s doing for me is pushing me in the direction of other brands. And I was one of the nuts that loved even Subculture lmao

I agree with pretty much everything you say! Down to Subculture actually being pretty good, cause it’s practically my all-time favourite palette.
I can’t say I really like the direction ABH seems to be heading in: cranking out one palette after the other with several colours duping each other within the same palette, being more about collabing with the popular youtuber of the day than about actual creativity in their products, having a weird “uncanny valley” vibe in the aesthetics they choose to have on their social media… just not my thing: it’s starting to feel like just another cash-grabbing, influencer-serving machine, and I prefer to direct my money towards more quality-oriented brands.

This is a hard passs for me. This palette, like the previous one, is a hot mess, in my opinion. It really lacks any cohesion or colour story that I can see and I think ABH is trying to compete with another hot mess of a palette, being J* ‘s Jawbreaker. I think there’s currently an overkill of crazy sugary coloured palettes out there- we have reached saturation point I believe.
Its a shame that ABH has gone in this direction, after putting out many iconic palettes. I think an opportunity has been missed here, as well curated bigger palettes from Norvina may have been able to compete with Natasha Denona, for example. Disappointing!!

Excellent insightful, and humorous comments. I’ll take Norvina’s outfit. It’d look great, after I go totally rainbow fallout. (at age 70). I thought we were holding wakes for megapalettes, but clearly that was only wishful thinking. At least it’s not a warm neutral mega. But it does seem that the swing has been to brights. And everyone is driven by the colorful trend now, because nobody will buck the trend.

IDK. Seems the colors look one-dimensional to me–maybe too white-based or something. Sort of a lackluster bold, if such a thing were possible. Pass for me.

I see some interesting colors here, but for such a large palette there doesn’t seem to be a lot to tie together a really coherent look. And also, didn’t Vol 1 JUST come out? If they were going to release these in such quick succession it feels like it would have made more sense to launch them together with some sort of “Some Like it Hot/Cool it Down” dual marketing playing off of peoples’ color preferences.

I don’t mind the size of the palette or the shades themselves. I can use these brighter shades even at my age. However, I will jump back on my hobby horse again and say that many of the shades in this palette are very similar. At a quick glance there are 2 light blues that appear very similar, 2-3 turquoise shades, 2 deep blue shades and two yellow shades. I know that these are likely across different finishes but I just feel like if you are going to pay for this size of palette then putting such similar shades does not work for me. I haven’t purchased anything from the brand since the Subculture debacle and I won’t be getting this either. I feel like they have been trying to dig out from the whole Subculture problem and trying to change perceptions about how they treated their consumer base during that time. I have seen a lot of pictures of Norvina and she doesn’t mind having her b**bs hang out, that is for sure!!

Hideous, maybe worse than vol 1, which was a startling out of left field monstrosity. The jumble of tones and colors with no seeming rhyme or reason make me 🤮
Plus the frequent ABH releases are exhausting. It’s been a palette a month for the past 6 months.
Disappointing and disturbing at this point. What is going on with this brand??

It was a lot more fun reading the comments than looking at the palette, IMHO.
I didn’t find the first Norvina palette tempting, nor an I tempted by this one. The first had some colours I like, this one has maybe four, and I probably have loads of dupes.
I saw that some of us like the palette, if you get it I really hope you’ll enjoy it, for me it’s a very easy pass.

I am actually liking this as opposed to the typical ABH release. It all seemed so redundant and I think the average ABH consumer likes it that way even though they complain that it all looks the same. I have never been a fan of the brand outside of their brow products, highlighter palettes and lip palette. The Prism palette is the only one I own, which I liked for the color story, but I thought it was lacking in pigmentation. I am so happy that most people are raving about Vol. 1 in terms of it’s pigmentation. I also think economically the value of these palettes is definitely there too. It’s not a palette for everyone, but I like these as accessory palettes since for a lot people we already have neutral shades.

Looking at the promo picture, I find it odd that the palette’s color story has only one shade from the purple family and zero shades from the silver family when she’s got purple hair and lips, and is wearing a silver bustier (or dress). Yes, her e/s is blue and there’s a zillion shades of blue in the palette. But, so what? This marketing strategy is obviously over my head —

I somehow missed the shot of Norvina in the silver bustier and purple hair and blue feathers or whatever that is supposed to represent on her lids. This isn’t the palette color story, though, which has a teal plastic box with lots of green, blue, and yellow-based colors. Nor does it match any other theme that I can tell. It’s all so very random.
What is happening?!
Maybe she just wanted the “controversy” and social media chatter by “defying expectations”, like the final season of GoT.
Some people are drawn to the colors – I’m not. But it’s more than that – it’s visually cacophonous and borders on insulting. I get one clownish palette but two?
This brand is off the rails. Maybe I had better stock up on Brow Wiz!!

You know, I thought I’d not purchase the first one and this one draws me less, but I hear such good things about the pigmentation in the first Pro palette (as in better that all others before). That said, it’s the blending between colors that I’m most looking at now in palettes, and I like how they work with ND, Pat McGrath, Sunday Grace, & Coloured Raine (for example). So if anyone has the first one, I’d love to hear what you think of it compared to some of the brands I mentioned before I consider either one. Thanks!

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