5 Tips to Look Gorgeous This Summer

5 Tips to Look Gorgeous This Summer

Monday will kick off the summer season, and if you live in an area where summer means heat… you know your makeup routine tends to change. Between heat, humidity, enjoying the outdoors, and for many, vacation, here are some of my favorite tips on adjusting your makeup for summer!

Tinted moisturizer is your friend! Whether you mix your own by mixing your existing foundation with your favorite moisturizer or you invest in a specific tinted moisturizer, it is a great alternative to regular foundations (especially if you tend to wear liquid foundation!). It’s lightweight, melts on the skin, and it still gives you just a little coverage while still looking extremely natural. Many tinted moisturizers also include SPF–which is a must when the sun is shining (and even when you don’t think it is).

A-hoy waterproof mascara! Keep those lashes looking long and luscious without worrying about flaking, smudging, or budging while you’re enjoying the day by investing in a good waterproof mascara. One tip I have is to use your regular mascara first, and then do one coat of waterproof mascara. If you have any issues removing waterproof makeup, try an oil-based makeup remover like MAC’s Cleanse-off Oil or shu uemura’s Cleansing Oil–or even just plain ol’ olive oil.

Three more tips…

Say hi to lip tints! Pucker up and color those lips with lip tints, stains, and long-wearing lip color. I love having a little bit of added color to my lips, particularly to brighten them up and not look so corpse-ish, so lip tints come in handy for easy color that wears throughout the day. If I’m out for the day at the beach or hiking, the last thing I want to deal with reapplying a gloss (not to mention, who wants sand in their lipgloss?). Instead, I opt for staining products like Benefit’s Benetint to give me a boost in lip color without the hassle.

Learn to love layers! Hot or humid, layering your makeup will yield you longer-lasting, better-wearing makeup. This means setting foundation with transparent, loose powder. Apply a cream blush or stain, then set with a powder blush to prolong wear and prevent migration. Use primers for the skin, lashes, and lips if desired (this step is most useful for the face). If you have an oily zone, keep a compact of blotting powder or a few blotting sheets with you for on-the-go quick fixes.

Sunscreen from head to toe! It doesn’t matter if you’re pale or tan, you should be wearing sunscreen on your face, neck, and the rest of you, too. Remember to apply sunscreen about a half hour or so before exposure to the sun, and be sure to use one that covers both UVA and UVB. It is also important to use a high enough SPF to give you the kind of protection you need. Don’t forget sunglasses — squinting causes a lot of those fine lines!

Happy summer! Hope your weekend is a blast!