Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Zoya Touch Collection
Minka, Shay, Pandora

Zoya Touch Collection

Zoya Touch Collection includes three nude shades: Minka (latte beige cream with a metallic kiss), Shay (desert rose sand beige cream with a metallic kiss), and Pandora (mauve beige cream with a metallic kiss).

  • Minka is a light-medium beige with warm undertones and a subtle silver micro-shimmer. It’s a bit like Deborah Lippmann Not THat Innocent, though not as dark.
  • Shay is a pink-tinged peach-beige with a silvery-white micro-shimmer threaded through the creamy base. It looks pinker in the bottle than applied, at least on my hands, which I attribute to my natural yellower undertones. It’s a bit like MAC Hangin’ Loose on me.
  • Pandora is a light-medium pale, beige-y rose with silvery-white threads of metallic shimmer. The closest shade I could think of was Rescue Beauty Lounge Plie, which is darker and pinker.

All three were surprisingly pigmented–Zoya really meant it when they said these were full coverage, because these were nearly opaque in one coat, but I used two for the swatches.  I typically get a week’s worth of wear out of Zoya’s formula.  The formula on these was on the thicker side, though, so more patience was required than I anticipated, which resulted in messier swatches than I’d like, because it didn’t flow as nicely as it could (my carpal tunnel has been acting up, so my hands are really shaky lately).

The Glossover


Zoya Touch Collection Swatches, Photos, Reviews

If the idea of nude polish has always appealed to you but the sheer finishes commonly associated with softer nudes has put you off, Zoya has brought three neutral nudes to the party that deliver on opaque color coverage in two coats.











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Zoya Touch Collection
Minka, Shay, Pandora

Zoya Touch Collection
Minka, Shay, Pandora

Zoya Touch Collection
Minka, Shay, Pandora

Zoya Touch Collection
Minka, Shay, Pandora

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Minka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Minka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Minka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Minka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Shay Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Shay Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Shay Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Shay Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Pandora Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Pandora Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Pandora Nail Lacquer

Zoya Touch Collection
Zoya Pandora Nail Lacquer

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Zoya, $8 each.

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65 thoughts on “Zoya Touch Collection Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Great, I’ve been waiting for these swatches! Now I can see that these polishes are not my thing.

  2. Pame

    Love the colors

  3. Fey

    Nice! Opaque nude colors. I am digging Pandora.

  4. These actually look really nice! =D

  5. Lulee

    Zoya’s customer service has put me off buying from them ever again. I had a bottle break as I was opening it and instead of a profuse apology for the polish cutting my hand and ruining my carpet, they asked to see a picture…. Umm they give out free polishes all the time as part of promos, do they really think I’m trying to lie to them to get a free one? It was a good thing that the trash hadn’t been collected for the day…

    • Not to excuse their customer service response, but you would be surprised at how many times people have tried to lie.

      I had one person who tweeted pictures of a prize they won, and then they turned around and tried to say they never received it (but I had their signature and proof of delivery).

    • Yalena

      Crazy! i had the same thing happen to me but without injury. The bottle EXPLODED right next to me while on my desk while I had my infant on my lap.

      I don’t know if it was because the bottle arrived freezing cold and the change of temperature in the air cause the bottle to explode but I was freaked out.

      I emailed their customer service and the first thing they asked for was photos =X

      Two other people on forums (that I know of) have had Zoya nail polishes explode or pop randomly. So strange

    • Kati

      They probably need the photo to claim the costs from the company who did the shipping.

    • Melanie

      Sucks but i don’t blame them, just like what christine said. cheaters ruin everything.

  6. lil

    I love Pandora :)

  7. Zoya have finally done opaque nudes? Be still my heart! xD

  8. Kelsey

    Minka looks a little bit like CG Heaven to me.

  9. These are definitely “office-friendly” shades! That’s probably why they aren’t speaking to me. I want to shock people with my blues and greens. :)

    • Maureen

      I love “mixing.” I would wear these sweet nudes with a punky outfit to add some femininity. :)

  10. I am in love. I think I want all three to do an ombre-type mani.

  11. Dani

    I am not trying to be rude, but I am an honest question. How can you comment on longevity? These are clearly just quick swatches :(

    • I wore one of the shades for a week and a half. Just because the swatches are quick, which I did state, doesn’t mean I didn’t wear it fully before or after. Additionally, I have worn many Zoya shades and their various finishes, so I will use past performance to judge a brand that I’ve had a lot of experience with. There is no feasible way for me to test all of the shades I review here for a full 10 days. It’s like testing every MAC lipstick that comes out for wear – at some point, you do get enough experience to make generalizations.

      • Debby

        She said Zoya in general, not these specific shades. She said and I quote “I typically get a week’s worth of wear out of Zoya’s formula.” She was speaking of Zoya’s formula in general, she didn’t say hey these colors specifically last this amount of time……….. :/

  12. Karyn

    I’ve been a bit “eh” on Zoya lately but these look fantastic, I just hate that they’re LE. I don’t know if I can spare the cash for NP right now. Thanks for the swatches Christine (and the note that they’re thick!)

  13. Michelle

    I love the awesome colors that Zoya comes out with, and the wear time for thier polish is amazing… but I hate the LONG dry time, and I have never once been able to do my nails with their polish without having a ton of bubbles in the end manicure. I use their base and top coats, I have tried using thin coats, thick coats, waiting for the base to dry between coats, and everything else I could think of… anyone else have this problem and more importantly a solution?????

    • Are you shaking or rolling the bottle before you start? If you shake, it can sometimes cause polish to bubble (any brand). If you shake, it’s good to let it sit for 15-20 minutes at least so it settles or else if you roll it (or so I am told!) it will be better on the polish.

    • Jessica.

      I find if I don’t wash, dry my hands and prep my nails with remover before I start painting, I get bubbles. I’ve never had a problem with zoya’s dry time. However, Essie takes forever and a day to dry, which annoyed me so much I gave away all my Essies.

    • Kellilee

      I have this same problem with every Zoya I try. None of my other polishes do this. I love the colors, but the application is super frustrating!

      • Mairyn

        Yeah this issue is common with Zoyas – it’s due to a chemical reaction. I read on (I haven’t saved the link, but you could easily find it via google) that an ingredient, cellulose butrate, if I remember correctly, is in a lot of common top and base coats, like OPI’s. This ingredient reacts badly to an ingredient in Zoya’s nail polishes, which causes the bubbling & streaking. I use Sally Hansen Double Duty as a base coat & their Insta-Dry top coat, and neither of them have that ingredient which make the Zoyas go bad.

    • MJ

      I have the exact same problem with Zoya polishes. I roll my bottle, neve shake it and always let them settle while I prep my nails. I have tried OPI quick dry drops and that was a disaster. I will give the Zoya quick dry drops a try only because I love their colors.

      As a side note, I have found their customer service very accomodating. I have read many complaints though, just never experienced it myself.

    • SB_sweetie

      Michelle- I have had the same experience with Zoya. A complete bubble fest. DO NOT use their base & top coat with their polish, that is my first recommendation. That helped me a lot. Also, wait a good 10 minutes between coats. Hope that helps!

  14. Joanna

    I really like all three colours. Too bad they don’t ship to Canada!

    • Jihae

      ‘Trade secrets’ has zoya. Not sure about this collection.

    • Emily

      Escents boutiques sell Zoya and I got a few of the newer collections from there. It’s not a huge selection but if there’s one near you, it may be worth checking out. =]

  15. Steph

    I looove Pandora. I love bright polish on my toes, but nudes for my fingers.

  16. I think Minka’s my favorite :)

  17. Crystal

    I really like the shade Minka, but I think the metallic flash that comes out in the flash pictures is really unattractive. I can see the little brushtrokes – it’s nothing against your application, just the nature of the sparkle.. I hope your wrists feel better by the way!

    • Thanks! I haven’t had it flare up in YEARS, but recently, alternatively tingling/feeling numb to shaky and a little painful has become a mainstay. Boo!!

  18. Kris

    Pandora is the only one I’m into particularly. I always love the way nude polishes look (especially on your hands, Christine, so pretty!) but when I try wearing them I get the “dead hands” issue. I wish I knew the secret to picking a nude that doesn’t make me look like I have corpse fingers!

  19. Kris

    Hmm, I have no idea if my first comment about these made it (ugh, bad internet connection!) but I really like Pandora, of these, but I have such issues picking nudes that make my hands look dead. I don’t know what it is, because I love how they look on other people!

  20. Melissa

    I love Shay and Pandora!

  21. CupK8

    I have indeed been looking for a good, opaque nude. I’ll probably order the sampler trio and see how they work on my hands. :)

  22. the colours are nice, but why did they have to put shimmer in them :S they would have been sooo lovely if they were jellys or creams!

  23. Tiffany S

    I want pandora and shay! Thanks for the swatches!!

  24. They all look the same. The small differences aren’t enuff for me to care.

  25. Lyza Rae

    I am DYING over Shay. So lovely.

  26. I like the Pandora shade. I recently got a similar hue at Forever 21 for 2.80 though :) See it here…

  27. Elysia

    I love all three! I hope you can get a mini-set of them.

  28. AK

    I’m so jealous that you get “a week’s worth of wear out of Zoya’s formula”. I bought 3 shades during one of their promotions but they just don’t last on my nails more than 2 days.Sadly, as far as longevity goes, this has been the worst nail polish experience for me. I have cheap no-name nail polish from a drugstore that lasts much longer than that. Not sure if I ever buy from Zoya again but I do appreciate the variety of shades they offer.
    I actually had positive experience with their customer service. Initially, my order didn’t go through for some reason and I didn’t realize it until after the promotion was over but they still agreed to fulfill my order at a discount price.

    • I’ve had some wear as long as ten days (with just minor tip wear) – I can’t think of a polish that has chipped on me in ten years, though. I do use Zoya’s base/top coat with everything (all brands), which I imagine helps a lot!

  29. Melody

    I really like Minka. The color looks like it’d be great for lighter skin…and I’m kinda a sucker for awesome names 😛

  30. Julie

    I totally want Minka and Pandora! Sooooo pretty. *drools like a freak* I’m a sucker for nudes. And especially nudes with pretty shimmer. Gimme gimme!

  31. StellarStace

    is it worth it to buy shay if i have hangin’ loose in your opinion? is it that much more opaque?

  32. Esperanza

    I must have all of them !!

  33. Renata Bell

    I loooove pandora! I think it would look great on long rounded shape nails! I don’t really like any dark coloured nail polish on long nails, I think they look much more modern on shorter nails. But something like pandora can be really classy on long nails! And still modern!

  34. Puffnstuff

    Love! Im obsessed with these kind of colors 😀

  35. Yvonne

    I just can’t get into the nude color thing…

  36. I love nudes and Zoya (Helen is almost perfect!), but I prefer them with cream finishes. I mean, my skin doesn’t have shimmer in it, ha ha.

  37. Emily

    Pandora! <3

  38. Instant Karma

    These are really pretty! I’m not really one for sheer polish; I figure that if I’m taking the time to do my nails, I want to see the results, haha.

    Feel better, Christine! We’ll understand if you need to take a break from so much typing (but we’ll miss you, of course). :)

    • I think it was playing Angry Birds for a few days. I’m not even kidding! I’ve been typing and on the computer like this for probably 15 years, LOL! I had problems when I was a lot younger when I was initially diagnosed with minor carpal tunnel and then changed my set-up, and it hasn’t given me grief in years!

  39. They’re pretty, but I just don’t understand the point of nude polishes. Guess I’m a “shock ’em with color!” kind of gal :)

  40. Hannah

    I want shay and pandora. Minka looks alittle too yellow for my cool toned skin.

  41. Becca T.

    Glad I read the comments before giving up on these polishes. I have a slight obsession with light or nude polishes and bought Pandora and Minka on a whim. Its takes me all of 15 minutes to paint my nails with essie or opi…but I watched 45 minutes of a movie before realizing that the zoya polish was never going to look right and was never going to dry. Ill change up my base before trying these again though!!