Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Zoya Remove+

A Love Letter to Zoya Remove+

Dear Zoya Remove+,

I doubted your prowess once, but I never will again. I thought, “Surely, there are other polish removers that can do just as good of a job… maybe even better… and more readily available.” But no, I was wrong. So, so wrong.  Why did I stray?  Why did I try to fix something that wasn’t broken just to save a couple of bucks?

I did not realize how gentle you were on my cuticles and nails and fingers.  You never dried them out, but you always took care of business–you removed every last bit of polish without me having to exert much effort.  You made my life easy, and I didn’t even realize just how easy!   I would have people ask me, “What do you do to your nails? They are so healthy!” and I always answered so cavalierly… “Nothing!”  But it was you… all along it was you!

But I did stray, and I discovered how harsh other removers can be.  How cruel and cold and unloving!  They may remove the polish without much fuss, but they sure do leave a disaster in their wake.  Scaly, dried out skin, tortured cuticles, and the harsh scent of chemicals.

My dearest Remove+, you hold my heart, and I’ll stay true to you.  Know that you reign supreme in my heart of hearts!

All my love,

Zoya Remove+ is available in several sizes, depending on your polish removing needs. The bottle pictured above is their largest size at 32 oz., which retails for $25. I actually took advantage of Zoya’s deal where you can pick up their Color Lock System (which I love) PLUS the 32 oz. Remove+ for $40. (Which really means you end up with 40 oz. of Remove+ for the win!)

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation:  In a convenient flip-top bottle that pumps out just enough remover, Zoya’s Remove+ does an excellent job at not only removing your polish but keeping your nails, cuticles, and fingertips soft, conditioned, and prepped for the next manicure/pedicure.

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44 thoughts on “Zoya Remove+ Nail Polish Remover Review & Photos

  1. Michelle

    I need this in my life. My fingertips literally hurt after using my regular polish remover. Not to mention that it stinks to high heaven and leaves a trail of wreckage on my cuticles. This could be my new best friend.

  2. dee

    Hilarious. I’d buy it, if I ever used nail polish regularly on my fingernails. I do know that regular remover can be hella harsh. You can tell just by the smell…

    • True, true. You know that harsh scent just means bad news, LOL!

      Yeah, I think you could get by with most removers if you don’t use remover very often. I cannot do without it, particularly when I do swatches!

  3. amy

    Too bad Zoya is impossible to find in my area. Another remover I like is by OPI.

  4. Proximity

    I really like this stuff, too. I got a free mini bottle with a Zoya order, and now I know I will re-buy when that’s empty (though for normal, non-swatching usage, the mini bottle actually lasts a pretty long time).
    This remover isn’t as fast as some that I’ve used, and I can’t get away with using just one cotton pad for both hands like I could with really strong removers. But a little more time and an extra cotton pad is a small price to pay to save my nails, cuticles, and fingers some of the damage that regular nailpolish remover was wreaking.
    Besides, it’s not as though it’s weak. Like you said, it removes every trace of nailpolish without much difficulty!

    • Oh, yeah, a bottle will last you quite awhile! It took me a year or so to get through an 8 oz. bottle. I don’t do regular manicures, but I do DO regular swatching, so I imagine it would even out to regular use, lol.

  5. Tiffany

    This is hands down the best nail polish remover ever, and worth every penny.

  6. Roxanne

    I can tell you’re productive today. I really want to try their Color Lock System but they don’t ship internationally :(

  7. I have to share with you, I just ordered the same promo you did (and several polishes as well!), and when I checked out they put a 2oz bottle in my cart as a free sample. SO, I think I now will have enough remover to do my nails pretty much every other day for the rest of forever. Thanks for reminding me of Zoya and their awesome website and awesome freebies!

  8. I change my polish 2 or 3 times per week and there is no other remover for me! I order the large bottle and pour it into the 8oz size pump. I hope there is free shipping promotion before I run out!

  9. Dini

    So pricey, but you make it sound so appealing. I feel like I need to go seek out this product now. My nails deserve extra kindness after I tortured them with acrylics.

  10. lulee

    i tried to post this comment on the mobile site and this is the second time posting a comment hasnt worked for me on my phone… not sure why

    annnyhow, 25 bucks is a steep price to pay for nail polish remover but you do have really nice fingernails and you do 324242 swatches to something must be working right. i like the buy 4 get 4 free deal but i think that might be a tad excessive lol.

    oh also christine i loved this post, and i really enjoy the addition of more humor on temptalia. makes it even more enjoyable coming on your site. great work!

    • Not sure why it didn’t go through on your phone! We will look into it!

      LOL, I considered that deal!!! But I was like, OMG… that would be so much. Where to store ’em?!

      $25 gets you 32 oz. though (I believe it’s $9.99 for 8 oz.) – it took me about a year to get through one 8 oz. bottle, so I figure $25 for at least a year’s worth of polish remover has got to be worth it, right? I mean, it’s like one Chanel polish… LOL!

      I felt bad for how I treated Remove+! I was like, PFFT! You’re good, but you aren’t THAT good! But no, it is. I love!

  11. Vijaya

    xD Now I know for SURE I have to try this.

    Thanks Christine, for an informative review combined with a good laugh. =]

  12. Courtney

    Best damn polish remover on the planet. I just buy the huge bottles and use them to refill my small ones.

  13. Tiffany

    Lol cute little love letter. you have convinced me to try it. :)

  14. I LOVE how you use “big” words! I like that! You make me whip out my dictionary to look up the word :)

    I bought this remover just because of the color! It drew me in, and it truly is amazing in every aspect of it!

  15. When I saw you tweet about this I was like “OMG I have to try this too”.. so I think I’m going to get it! Except I need to find quick US relatives as they don’t ship to Canada!

  16. Melissa (divinem)

    I finally broke down and ordered the 5-step system. And my nails do need a system. While they look good when polished, they break and chip when not protected. I went through the entire regimen yesterday starting with this remover/cleaner. And guuuurl, does it strip those nails CLEAN! They were definitely prepped for polish after that.

    24 hrs later, even after doing a load of dishes (which always used to chip my polish), my nails still be looking SNATCHED!

  17. Melissa (divinem)

    Oh, and I love the top “pump” action instead of having to tip a bottle upside down. I’m so over that.

  18. Jennifer

    😀 Loved the letter Christine. :) You are seriously making me want to check Zoya out. :)

  19. Kat

    I love this stuff. Unfortunately I only have a small bottle of it and I change my nail polish at least once a week.

  20. tofupoo

    I got the set with this included in a twitter contest and never looked back! it smells GOOD and works amazing. i will need to buy that refill bottle soon. I also love the bottle in comes in cuz you just have to pump it out, no spills! unless you forget to twist the pump closed before you slam it shut….

  21. ledonatella

    My salon I work at uses Zoya and I got hooked on this there. It is moisturizing and not too stinky, love it!

  22. Grow Longer Lashes

    Hey….nice post. Got to try this remover !

  23. Erin

    I too LOVE this product! I am lucky enough that my local salon fills my bottle for me for 4 bucks! Love them girls!

  24. Kate & Zena

    Ack! I wish I could find the ingredient list for this so I could see if it had acetone in it. I can’t use removers with acetone, even if it has other ingredients!

    • If you go to the website, there is a tiny little box beneath the image that says “ingredients,” and if you click it, it says, “2 – PROPANONE, WATER, GYCERIN, FRAGRANCE, VIOLET 2.”

  25. Dianna

    I don’t know… it seems too expensive for a nail polish remover. If my Sally Hansen ever gives me problems, I might consider switching over. I’m sure it’s a case of “you don’t know what you’re missing” but I’m okay with that for now :)

    • I think if you’re “normal” and aren’t removing polish 10-15 times in a single day, it’s not as noticeable. After 2-3 removals using other remover, I was LONGING for Zoya. (Which never dried out my fingers at ALL!)

  26. Bridgette

    Does this polish remover have a harsh smell/lingering odor? Details anyone?

  27. Thee

    So from which link did you buy it?