Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Phoebe, Mitzi, Lolly

Zoya Mod Mattes Swatches, Reviews, Photos

Zoya Mod Mattes Collection includes three limited edition, matte shades for summer. These shades include: Phoebe (shimmered blue with a matte finish), Mitzi (chartreuse with a matte finish), and Lolly (pink with a matte finish).

  • Phoebe is a bright cerulean blue with very faint white micro-shimmer and has a matte finish. It was opaque in two coats.
  • Mitzi is a bright yellow-based chartreuse green with a matte finish. I used three coats, but I still could not get a nice smooth, even finish. This shade was the hardest to apply without getting an uneven surface.
  • Lolly is a medium-dark pink–almost neon but not quite there–with a matte finish. I used two coats for opaque color, and this shade applied the smoothest of three, because it was also the most pigmented.

Make sure you check out the swatches for my final attempt with Mitzi–hopefully you can see the difference between the variations of coat thickness and use.

my thoughts on the formula: I had a lot of trouble with these; I could not figure out the trick to an even, smooth finish. I expected some of the contouring of my natural nails to peek through but didn’t expect so much unevenness as a reslt of the polish drying down. Even though the shades are opaque on the nail, they look almost streaky. ย  After five or six attempts, I did find that thick coats were key–one thinner coat followed by a much thicker coat (and maybe even another) gave it a must smoother finish. ย Mattes, without a top coat, tend to wear for shorter periods of time; I wore Mitzi for three days before it chipped a bit (no top coat).

The Glossover


Zoya Mod Mattes Swatches, Reviews, Photos

I love the colors themselves, because they're gorgeous and perfect for summer, but I couldn't get the formula to work on me.Lolly was the best, followed by Phoebe, with Mitzi being the most difficult. If Phoebe was more pigmented, I think it would be as easy to work with as Zoya's Matte Velvet shades. ย These take patience and some willingness to trial through to find a method that works.











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See more photos & swatches!

Phoebe, Mitzi, Lolly

Phoebe, Mitzi, Lolly

Phoebe, Mitzi, Lolly

Phoebe, Mitzi, Lolly

Zoya Phoebe Nail Lacquer

Zoya Phoebe Nail Lacquer

Zoya Phoebe Nail Lacquer

Zoya Phoebe Nail Lacquer

Zoya Mitzi Nail Lacquer

Zoya Mitzi Nail Lacquer

Zoya Mitzi Nail Lacquer

Zoya Mitzi Nail Lacquer

Zoya Lolly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Lolly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Lolly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Lolly Nail Lacquer

Zoya Mitzi Nail Lacquer: 2 thick coats (index), 3 thin coats (middle), 1 thin, 1 thick coat (ring)

Zoya Mitzi Nail Lacquer: 2 thick coats (index), 3 thin coats (middle), 1 thin, 1 thick coat (ring)

Product & Review FAQ

What base/top coat do you use?

I used Zoya's Anchor but no base coat in all swatches.

Where can I purchase Zoya? How much is it?

Zoya, $8 each.

Is it limited edition?


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85 thoughts on “Zoya Mod Mattes Swatches, Reviews, Photos

  1. Carrie

    Like the colors, not the application so much. And I can’t wait for my code to appear!

    • Sorry it’s not perfect – I try my best to get it neat in the time that I have to swatch! I wanted to get these up ASAP for you!

      • EMR

        I cant speak for Carrie, but maybe she meant she didnt like how poorly these apply? not that your application was poor? because thats how i feel! awesome colours, poor formula

      • I really appreciate your swatches. They’re helping me make my selection process much easier… Keep up the GREAT work, because believe me you, I know how much work goes into a post. :)

      • Nicole

        I don’t think it’s YOUR application that she doesn’t like – rather, that of the polish…I always have nail envy when I see your swatches Christine – they are gorgeous…

        • Oooh… I had just gotten a few emails about how terrible my polish application was so I went straight to that!

          • kasiaj85

            You’re joking, right??? Seriously, do people have the guts to write such emails?
            I’m a beginning blogger and I know that to make tons of swatches of new polishes sucks, you have to apply the polish and remove it, apply – remove it and so on… This is not that easy. So I do understand that your application is not super perfect, mine probably wouldn’t be so either.
            I also think that the polishes look like a pain in you-know-where to apply. Colors are awesome, though, the blue is my favorite.

            • LOL! I wish! It is the lack of consequences on the internet that gives people confidence to say whatever they want. I got one recently that said my fingers should be chopped off since my application is such a waste of polish!

            • That’s horrible! I’m always jealous of your neat application and ability not to get nail polish all over your fingers. Why do people say such awful things?

            • Kayvid

              That is horrible Christine! I wish you could block such people from viewing your site and such terrible emails could be automatically blocked.

            • At least sometimes they’re entertaining :)

            • Alison

              so rude and uncalled for

            • Stef

              Are you serious?!! Yeesh!! it’s just friggin nail polish!! eckh! Losers…

              I give u props for just doing this(blogging with so much of detail) every-single-day! ๐Ÿ˜€

            • omg that’s terrible! how can people say such things?

            • Ricci

              Wow! Obviously they are so jealous Christine! How terrible that they say this stuff to you, on the other hand , they are just simply seething in jealousy.TRy to ignore those types. The polish? omg so beautiful! the streaks , well maybe a clear top gloss will fix that?

            • Patience seems to help with the streaks and a really, really thick coat at the end!

            • tg

              I’d like to say I don’t believe it, but unfortunately I do after reading countless comments on news websites, YouTube, Facebook, etc. There are some exceedingly rude, judgmental, entitled ignoramuses out there. It’s frightening.

            • I don’t remember the article name, but there was an article by a sports writer who confronted some individuals who left snarky comments on his articles and tracked them down – he seemed to find that the internet breeds cruelty, rudeness, and general mischief makers because there are no consequences for it!

            • Laura

              Wow, that’s scary, those are probably the same people that torture their pets and turn into charles manson, the freaks

            • Gina

              I like how they emailed it to you instead of posting it as a comment. They probably know how protective your readers can be ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • RUDE!!! It takes a lot of work to do what you do with 1 shade, let alone 2, 3, or 4. I don’t think others realize that you don’t take photos to show off how perfectly you applied the nail polish.


            • Violet

              I agree completely. You have been a great resource, Christine, and most of us really appreciate it!!

      • Carrie

        OMG! I’m so sorry you thought I was criticizing your technique – I meant the polish, your swatches are always great! Mattes aren’t my favorite, but I’ve seen better quality mattes before :)

  2. Rachel

    Mitzi is ABSOLUTELY tennis ball yellow!

  3. Steph

    The colours are very nice. I like how you had difficulty with these but you can still apply your polish a million times better than I could ever hope for on myself!

  4. I don’t find the application to be horrible! I could totally tolerate that ๐Ÿ˜€ I love the colors and matte polishes make me happy! Thanks for the quick swatches Christine!

  5. Phoebe

    Oh I love the colours, it sucks that the application was so tricky though. I’m already bad enough at my nail polish :( Dang!

  6. Lizzi

    I am SOOO jealous of your beautiful long nails. I’m taking culinary chef courses and there is a VERY stringent rule against having on nail polish or your nails being past your fingertips. Can’t wait to grow them out for summer!!

  7. Awww that’s so unfortunate about the application of the colors. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE these colors and they would be perfect for the summer. Phoebe is a gorgeous color.

  8. Janet

    Christine, do you ever use a base coat with matte nail polishes, or are you not supposed to?

  9. Thank you for these swatches – great colours for the summer :-)
    But how do you make matte polishes last, since you cannot use a top coat?

  10. Heidi N

    god i am always amazed at girls who can apply their own nailpolish. And I like the lolly color best. Do you have any recommendations for a really super shiny black nailpolish?

  11. amelia

    i’d buy them just for the colour… wow!

  12. I like the colours but matte polishes always remind me of chalkboards and for some odd reason, that makes my teeth hurt by looking at them lol.

  13. Polly

    I love them! I don’t feel them that streaky. They look just pretty!

  14. JessicaM

    oh my! I want these! i want every color! too bad we dont have Zoya in here :/

  15. Sexy Sadie

    The blue was cute.

  16. It’s a shame the application’s not so good, cause the colors are gorgeous!

  17. Pastrygirl4life

    OMG!!! I never had Matte polishes b4 but I really want that HOT pink one. also subcribe to me on youtube people my username is Pastrygirl4life.

  18. I adore matte nail polish. I’m buying all of these, regardless of application. I find mattes, regardless of brand, difficult to work with. Making my boyfriend put it on for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. I really like the colours, but I hate how the finish looks on my nails :(

  20. Karen

    Meh, the colors are pretty and unique for mattes but I’m way over the whole matte trend.

  21. Julia

    The colors are gorgeous, but the texture of the nailpolish is a huge bummer!! Thank you so much for taking the time to swatch them for us, though!!

  22. Eeeee they look so dry I can hear chalkboards creaking!!

  23. Vita

    pretty colors, fun for summer but I dont think I could deal with that texture.

  24. Heather Ann

    Looks like a Matte. I have no luck with Matte nail products.

  25. Lauren

    If you put a topcoat over phoebe, how would you compare it to Robyn???

  26. Pink

    I only wish the finish was not matte. Lovely colors.

    • tracey

      Thank you for these, have you tried them with a top coat yet, I usually like them both matte and with a top coat. Mattes can really take on a really neat look with a little shine, I would love to see them both ways.

  27. Liz

    Wow, these looks like they would be gorgeous for summer *___* – although I’m not the greatest at application, so if even you had some trouble with it, it probably wouldn’t work out that well for me.

  28. Ruth

    I could honestly put up with dodgy application for the colour and matte finish – it’s amazing.

  29. Dana

    What fun colors! I think I would like these a lot more if they had a nice, glossy finish! Hahaha! I hate matte, I hope they release these colors in a different formula.

  30. Lindsey D

    Love these colors, thanks for the swatches! You definitely did a much better job than most of us would do. I didn’t end up getting them with my BOGO because I get so frustrated with streaky polishes…but then I ended up getting the mini set, because I couldn’t resist.

  31. I’d never seen matte nail lacquers up until now and I have to say that I am absolutely LOVING these. I don’t even find the application that bad at all! I just love matte everything. Thanks for these swatches.

  32. Jill

    I’m definitely getting Phoebe and Mitzi and taking advantage of the Zoya BOGO. They are unlike anything that I already have. I have OPI’s La Pazitively Hot matte, and I’m wondering how similar it is to Lolly.

  33. ginna

    the application doesnt look as nice as i’d hoped but I cant help but think these might be awesome with one of the shatter/crackle topcoats

  34. Becky

    i like how you put your polishes on for swatches. it’s kind of clever to keep it away from the side so that way you can remove it all for the next swatch. if that makes sense. i don’t know.

    • Yep, that’s exactly why! Less wear on the cuticles since less polish gets on them and I don’t have to maneuver around the area trying to get any stray polish removed, too!

      • daphne

        I actually like how it looks! And unfortunately have had NO luck applying polish to my own nails in that way :( I think they are just too short for me to have the control to avoid my cuticles

        • My nails are SUPER long right now, they’re aggravating me – I keep meaning to cut them but forget to after a shower!

          • daphne

            Haha, I can’t survive with more than a tiny bit of white showing on my nail. Sort of a shame – I used to love long nails but now they drive me crazy, even though they look pretty. But I’d never forget to cut them. I overcut them :-/ If I weren’t a chronic nail clipper, I’d like a nice happy medium…shorter than yours in these pics, but not too much shorter.

  35. Quinctia

    Love the bright yellow-green, but mattes are so not for me. I got a matte in the Zoya giveaway back in January, and it chipped in my sleep after I put it on. From the center of the nail. :/

    I have nowhere near the luck some do with nail polishes in general (my best wearing shades I’m lucky to make last 5-7 days), but I didn’t realize that would translate into less than 12 hours with matte polishes.

  36. Gina

    That’s too bad about these. I probably wouldn’t get them anyway, though, as matte polishes just aren’t my thing. The shinier the better, in my opinion!

  37. Mya

    I love the blue! You might want to try a white polish as a base coat to make the colors pop more, plus you wont have to apply so many coats…my nail technician does that and her colors always are stunningly bright. Where can you purchase these?

  38. elyse

    i was wondering if you put an extremely shiny topcoat, would it help? i know these polishes are matte, i love the colors but i don’t like the matte finish.

  39. Lisa

    Gah! I just can’t stand mattes! Thank you SO much for swatching these, though, Christine!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. DarkGlamour17

    matte nail polishes are so weird to me.

  41. cherilyndria

    Thanks for sending me here, I understand why you didn’t just answer me on yt, lol, and I guess these act just like I was afraid they would, neons are so finicky, when I decide to do neons, I usually end up finding I can’t use them as is, but sometimes as the tip for a french manicure over a white base, they seem to show up best over white on the brands I have tried, just an idea for some ppl out there maybe then too?

  42. Haha, they look pretty scary, but cool, but scary, but fun! I love it!

  43. Sydney

    These colors are everywhere this Spring and Summer, so the mattes add a little something different. I’ll pass, though.