Monday, July 4th, 2011

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Anja, Cynthia, Dree

Zoya Mirrors Collection Swatches, Photos, Reviews, Dupes

Zoya Mirrors Collection contains metallic nail lacquers, including: Jem (sparkly fandango pink metallic), Yara (sparkly olive green metallic), Neeka (sparkly amethyst purple metallic), Marina (smoky steel blue metallic), Tao (smoky slate gray metallic), and Nimue (smoky rich thistle metallic).

  • Jem is a rich, jewel-esque pink-shimmered purple-red. It has both pink and gold shimmer. I used two coats for opaque color coverage. It’s similar to Zoya Valerie but the base is less black.
  • Yara is an olive green base with green-gold and green flecks of sparkle. I used two coats for opaque color coverage.The sparkle portion is similar to the type in China Glaze Zombie Zest, but the base of that polish is very murky and dark olive in comparison. The base of Yara is similar to Dree (but greener) of the Smoke collection.
  • Neeka is a slightly dusted grape purple with flecks of gold shimmer and sparkle. I used two coats for opaque color coverage. I couldn’t think of similar shades for this one.
  • Marina is a steely blue with silver micro-shimmer. This one read the most metallic to me, because the shimmer threads through the color base. I used two coats for opaque color coverage. Butter London Lady Muck came to me first, but it’s much lighter.
  • Tao is a silver-shimmered medium gray. I needed three coats with this shade to get opaque color. NARS Full Metal Jacket is similar but darker.
  • Nimue is a silver-shimmered purple-mauve. I used two coats for opaque color coverage. Nubar Vaso is similar but more metallic and pinker.

Overall, the formula on these was on the thinner side but not difficult to use.  I needed three coats on Tao, but I felt two coats were appropriate for opaque color on the other five shades.  Marina, Tao, and Nimue have a stronger metallic finish than Jem, Yara, and Neeka, but they definitely all look more metallic in brighter light.  I wore Jem for a week to test out the wear, and I had only minor tip wear, which is consistent with my past experience with Zoya’s metallic formula.  The darker shades (like Jem) are very pigmented and almost opaque in one coat.  The metallic finish does result in brush strokes, which were easy enough to control but may be a turn-off for some. I used Zoya’s Anchor + Armor for base/top coats.

The Glossover


Zoya Mirrors Collection Swatches, Photos, Reviews, Dupes

Besides noticeable brush strokes, it's a nice collection of metallics for fall. Only Tao needed three coats, while the rest were opaque in two, and the formula flowed evenly and the shimmer/sparkle distributed well.











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Zoya Nail Lacquer in Jem, Yara, Neeka

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Jem, Yara, Neeka

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Jem, Yara, Neeka

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Jem, Yara, Neeka

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Marina, Tao, Nimue

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Marina, Tao, Nimue

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Marina, Tao, Nimue

Zoya Nail Lacquer in Marina, Tao, Nimue

Zoya Jem Nail Lacquer

Zoya Jem Nail Lacquer

Zoya Jem Nail Lacquer

Zoya Jem Nail Lacquer

Zoya Yara Nail Lacquer

Zoya Yara Nail Lacquer

Zoya Yara Nail Lacquer

Zoya Yara Nail Lacquer

Zoya Neeka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Neeka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Neeka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Neeka Nail Lacquer

Zoya Marina Nail Lacquer

Zoya Marina Nail Lacquer

Zoya Marina Nail Lacquer

Zoya Marina Nail Lacquer

Zoya Tao Nail Lacquer

Zoya Tao Nail Lacquer

Zoya Tao Nail Lacquer

Zoya Tao Nail Lacquer

Zoya Nimue Nail Lacquer

Zoya Nimue Nail Lacquer

Zoya Nimue Nail Lacquer

Zoya Nimue Nail Lacquer

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Zoya, $8 each.

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43 thoughts on “Zoya Mirrors Collection Swatches, Photos, Reviews, Dupes

  1. Your nails are shaped really nicely! My favorites are definitely the first three colors, I can’t even decide which one I like best. Zoya always has the best collections.

  2. Hmmm, I think I like the Mirrors collection better than the Smoke collection…awesome photos as always! Thanks for the swatches! :)

  3. Devi

    Hmm, I’m not a fan of metallic shades, though I do like Tao… I wouldn’t mind spending extra time putting on two more coats to get that color. 😀

  4. Amanda Dubs

    Gorgeous! I love the first and second one. Is there a trick to painting your nails? I suck soso bad at it.

  5. Wilfrido

    Any free shipping codes?

  6. Andrea

    I agree your nails are nicely shaped, Love Jara what a nice color and indeed it shine like a mirror, wonder if a topcoat will give it an extra boost :)

  7. Kathy

    Yara and Jem are gorgeous!

  8. Loving Jem and Neeka, if any I’ll probably get Jem though :)

  9. Jessica

    I LOVE Jem..It reminds me of Jem and the Holograms. I am going to have to get it.

    • Erin

      lol….When I read the name of that polish I started singing the theme song! Jem is truly outrageous :)

  10. Sarah

    Were these swatched with a topcoat? If not, the first three are so glossy 😀

  11. Amy

    Ooo, I like Marina.

  12. Josiane

    jem and yara are amaaaaazing!

  13. Quinctia

    Marina’s really stunning, it almost seems like it fits smoke AND mirrors in the theme. Jem looks like it might be interesting, but I think I’ll wait and see if Ulta gets the display in so I can check it out in person. I think I could get a close enough dupe by layering a couple things I already have. That’s what’s good and bad about glitters, there are endless possibilities without full-on frankening.

    • Marina and Jem look awesome! I’ve never tried a Zoya polish, I don’t even think you can find them in Italy. Maybe these will be the ones who let me try shopping online for Zoyas!

  14. Yara looks a lot like Zoya Gemma (Intimate Collection), but with gold foil shimmer instead of silver microshimmer

  15. Cambry

    Jem is SUCH a gemmmm!

  16. Your pics are so pretty! I have looked at two other blogger’s swatches tonight,and while I am still on the fence about wether I want them, I think your photos are the best.

  17. They’re amazing, I love all the colors!

  18. Erica

    I’m definitely liking the Smoke part of this collection better….but I generally prefer creams to glitter/shimmer. However, Marina is gorgeous and I’ll probably be picking that up!

  19. Rebecca

    they are totally not my style but they look nice

  20. Thanks for the swatches! Yara and Nimue look gorgeous.

    Do you know if Essie Fair Game and Zoya Tao are similar? Somehow Tao reminds me of FG but might be a bit greener, though.

  21. Nikki

    Thank god I get paid the day before these come out… omg.

  22. JessicaM


  23. Annessa

    I loveee nail polish, and have tons of Zoya, but since they’re raised their prices from $6 to $8 a bottle and therefore the sets from $36 to $48, I haven’t purchased any more. It’s not a huge price increase but when you’re used to paying a certain amount for a product and have attributed it to that value, an increase for no reason bothers me. Anyway, I do like Jem, Cynthia, and Dree from Smoke & Mirrors, but I would have to purchase it in stores.

  24. I WANT YARA! It reminds me of Legend of Zelda :3 <3333
    I want Jem and Neeka too though. The metallics I'm not sure about…

  25. Luka

    Wow, Yara is amazing

  26. AlexisV.

    Wow Jem is beautiful. All the others to me look too similar to other Zoya colors I have, or have seen.

  27. Karyn

    NIMUE. This arthurian myth loving girl is so so happy that the color matches up with the name. Must get! I love Zoya’s fall & winter collections so much more then their summer offerings.

    Christine I sort of want to print a picture of your nails and take it to my manicurist “Shape them like this!”

  28. Jem is what I want Valerie to be. :) I am going to have to convince my boyfriend that I “need” this. 😛

  29. I’m loving Yara, such a cool color!

  30. CupK8

    You know, I knew I wanted Jem, Yara, and Neeka, but your photos have drawn me into the whole set. Yikes. They’re just so pretty!

  31. Jazz

    Ooh I like this collection! I just wish zoya’s entire line was available at ulta, so I could see it in person

  32. cocolois

    I love both collections. Marina is my first choice.

  33. Andrea

    Hi! Im from Brazil and I love your blog. I would like to know if they are alergic free? Tks

  34. Saffy

    I’ve never bought Zoya before, but I’m definitely grabbing a few of these. I’m such a fan of dark, smokey colours.

    • meme

      You might consider ordering a full set and adding one more like their great top coat called Armour. Once you reach $50 with Zoya you get free ship and a ton of free really good goodies tossed in at the $30, $50 and $60 point. Also if you never have shopped with Zoya, read about their spoons on their site. They are a good thing to get at 50 cents each (always free ship on those for only 1 or 200 of em). And Zoya keeps track of what spoons you have ordered in your account. You have a code in your Zoya account that you use to apply FULL price credit for each spoon you have purchased. The spoons are a great way to see the real polish and place them against your skin to see how it wears on your skin. Zoya has some really amazing shades as these 2 collections demonstrate. However I do think these fall collections from Zoya have really outdone themselves – hard statement to make as they have had some great collections in the past – Wicked and many others. Oh, by the way, when you order a full collection on Zoya of 6 bottles in that collection), it ends up that you have one bottle for free. Highly encourage you to try this brand. They have fast service and a good product. You can find swatches for a lot of their colors on line.

  35. meme

    I am lemming this entire mirrors part of the 2 collections. I know if I don’t purchase the entire Mirrors set, I will be up the creek when I realize I have ordered 5 of them and paid the same as if I had bought them as a set (when you end up getting 1 bottle free). Right now, no discounts on these new sets so good time to use your spoon rebates…expect then you don’t get all the free goodies Zoya tosses in once you are over $30 then again over $50 and again over $60. The goodies are always worth a lot. But I do need to use some of my spoon credits before they expire. The Smoke collection, I think I will only get 2 out of the 6 in that one. More exited by this one,. Oh and folks, these can be ordered now – no need to wait until July 15 – they are on the web site for orders now.

    • Alison

      Just so you know, the set of six is $48, so you don’t save any money buying as a set. So if you only like five colors, don’t bother to get the set.

      (The older sets are $36, maybe that’s where you’re getting that price from? That’s just for sets that came out when Zoya was $6 a bottle.)

  36. Deb

    Oh these colours are fab! Totally in love with Neeka and Marina.