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Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2009 Collection

When color comes to life as you wear it, it spices up your look and enhances your style. Bold harmonies revisit the beauty classics and sensorial pleasures… Yves Saint Laurent make-up is a desire, an accessory, an attitude. It accompanies women in their daily lives, responds to their desires and their play of color. New Autumn Winter Look 2009 / 2010. Aglow with elegance and sensuality, the Yves Saint Laurent woman plays the game by her own rules as she ventures into the night. As dusk falls, she radiates a magnetic charm and an aura of mystery. Her look? A diaphanous complexion, graphic eyes alight with a glimmer of pearl gray, and femme fatale lips sculpted in a purple shade. An icon of femininity.

Collector Powder for the Complexion ($62.00)

  • Palette Y (Limited Edition)

Cream Blush ($38.00)

  • N°1 – Velvety Peach (Limited Edition)
  • N°2 – Powdery Rose (Limited Edition)
  • N°3 – Silky Praline (Limited Edition)

Sheer Sensual Gloss Stick SPF 9 (Gloss Volupte) ($30.00)

  • N°1 – Iced Lychee
  • N°2 – Chilled Raspberry
  • N°3 – Frozen Cherry
  • N°4 – Frosted Plum

Silky – Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 (Rouge Volupte) ($34.00)

  • N°19 – Frivolous Pink
  • N°20 – Spicy Pink
  • N°21 – Vibrant Brown
  • N°22 – Exquisite Plum

Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer (La Laque) ($20.00)

  • N°39 – Stormy Grey
  • N°40 – Extreme Purple

Eye Shadow Duo ($41.00)

  • N°21 – Anise Green / Intense Plum
  • N°23 – Pearly Peach / Mink Brown

5 Colour Harmony for Eyes ($56.00)

  • N°7 – Bronze Gold
  • N°8 – Midnight

Luxurious Mascara for a False Lash Effect ($28.50)

  • N°8 – Sublime Grey

Re-promoted Items

  • Rouge Volupte N°17 – Red Muse ($34.00)
  • Touche Eclat N°1 – Luminous Radiance ($40.00)
  • Faux Cils N°5 – Burgundy ($28.50)

Available: August 2009

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Palette Y (Collector Powder for the Complexion)

Dedicated to a beautiful complexion, two natural shades illuminate the face: a universal, luminous peach to unify all skin tones in transparency, and an iridescent brown to heighten the cheekbones and sculpt the features. Fine, silky powders with radianceboosting pigments reflect the subtlest rays of light to glorify the complexion with a veil of luminosity – in the celebrated compact with the YSL monogram.

Creme de Blush (Cream Blush)

Velvety soft, airy, as light as a cloud… A delicious texture that melts on the skin and brings a rosy warmth to the cheeks. A sensual cream blush that becomes an irresistible powdery veil on contact with the skin, accentuates the cheekbones and instantly illuminates the face. No layered effect, no mask feeling… just a touch of bare-skin color for a radiant, natural-looking glow.

  • Velvety Peach
  • Powdery Rose
  • Silky Praline


In the game of seduction, everything is permitted… A diaphanous complexion, scintillating eyes and purple lips… The entire harmony expresses both sensuality and femininity… Sublime and bewitching, she calls the tune.

  • Touche Eclat (No. 1) Luminous Radiance
  • Creme de Blush (No. 2) Powdery Pink
  • Palette Y
  • Ombres 5 Lumieres (No. 8) Midnight
  • Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils (No. 8) Sublime Grey
  • Rouge Volupte (No. 22) Exquisite Plum
  • La Laque (No. 39) Stormy Grey

Bronze Gold

The splendor and magic of an evening in Paris, of light blending with baroque woodwork, gilded bronzes, and the crystals of magnificent chandeliers to embellish a woman’s eyes with precious radiance. Eyes rimmed with ebony and brightened with dazzling yellow gold, cheeks take on an amber hue, lips are adorned with voluptuous shine…

  • TOUCHE ÉCLAT N°1 – Luminous Radiance
  • CRÈME DE BLUSH N°3 – Silky Praline
  • OMBRES 5 LUMIÈRES N°7 – Bronze Gold
  • GLOSS VOLUPTÉ N°4 – Frosted Plum

Red Alert

The nobility of a color radiating life with its intensity and purity, the elegance of a vibrant, determined woman. A woman who knows how to get down to basics and eliminate the superfluous, with a pure complexion, candid eyes, strong brows and fiery red lips.

  • TOUCHE ÉCLAT N°1 – Luminous Radiance
  • CRÈME DE BLUSH N°1 – Velvety Peach
  • OMBRES DUOLUMIÈRES N°23 – Pearly Peach / Brown Mink
  • EVERLONG MASCARA N°5 – Ever Burgundy
  • ROUGE VOLUPTÉ N°17 – Red Muse
  • LA LAQUE N°40 – Extreme Purple

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107 thoughts on “YSL Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2009 Collection

  1. Seems like purples are the -in- thing! If that purple lipstick is what the model is wearing – vava voom, beautiful.

  2. Luda

    This is soooo up my alley. I love dramatic eyes. The colors look fantastic on the pictures.

  3. Ilaria

    Wow, I love it! :)

  4. Andrea

    I love!!! The lipstick named Frivolous Pink I really can’t wait to see!!! The name alone is calling to me :)

  5. JennXOXO

    They look beatufiul!! I can’t wait!

  6. wow so fast!!! man, there are few things from this collection are calling me!!! OMG the palettes!!!

  7. Cassykins

    Loving the midnight pallet, though maybe not the price…

  8. sprut

    The lipsticks are gorgeous!

  9. Anitacska

    Oooh very pretty! :) Especially like the Y powder and the Midnight quint. I love purples. Just got the Dior Pearly lilac quint from MUA and it’s so beautiful. :)

  10. They’re trying to kill me. Seriously. Ahhh – but what a way to go!

  11. I can’t deny that some of these products are absolutely beautiful but I just can’t justify spending that much on them!

  12. mia

    Love the look, especially the eyes. Does anyone know if the colours can be dupes with MAC products?
    No point in buying something I kind of already have… 😉

  13. cloudburst

    I love the palettes but the price is insane!

  14. Brenda

    Love YSL, have one palette and one l/g, but it is pricey. The model is GORGEOUS!!! Not sure if I can pull off the look though…NC15 in the winter, with green eyes(brown centres) and dark brown hair???

  15. Sarah

    Gorgeous. Love the browney shades palette and I’m going all sloppy over the cream blushes. This will probs come out in the UK a few weeks later, just in time for my birthday. Can’t wait to descend on this collection.

  16. Natalie

    Damn! More Rouge Volupte shades – I am doomed!
    Does anyone know what YSL eyeshadows are like? Are they pigmented? Are they are good as MAC shadows?

    • Nathalie

      YSL’s mascara and eyeshadows are excellent.
      I do own an eyeshadow quad from the 2007 holiday. The pigmentation is excellent (the best eyeshadows of my make up collection), the colors are multidimentional and look very unique and rich. Applying them is easy, blending them is easy. In many way they are better in quality than some Mac eyeshadows I don’t consider to be very good (like “goldmine” which texture I don’t like although it’s typically my style of colors or “ray of light” which feels cheap).

    • Sarah

      Yep, I second that. YSL do some really good quality shadows – high pigmented, long lasting, especially the ones in these quints.
      The summer collector powders for eyes/face however, tend to be a little like shimmery sheer washes of colour – but these pictured are definitely not from the sheer, shimmery family.

    • Ilaria

      I agree, last summer I bought a palette with 4 matte e/s and the quality is sooo good.

    • I know how you feel, Natalie! That was my first thought – MORE Rouge Voluptes?!

  17. liz

    the eyes in the first pic drew me in; im definitely wanting one of the shadow palettes. my poor wallet…

  18. Ladybug

    Am DYING for that lipstick the model’s wearing – anyone got ideas on dupes?

  19. Mikki

    OMG, that greenish eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous and I want it!

  20. this one looks nice!the colors of summer collection by YSL were too bright for me:(

  21. cloudburst

    All over the grey nail polish & I love how the pale blue/grey shadow the model is wearing matches her irises perfectly.

  22. Stephanie

    that model’s makeup looks so gorgeous!

  23. Alannah

    Wow, how amazing is that first photo? I wouldn’t have even cared what the collection looked like after seeing that–it’s AWESOME. LOVE it!

  24. Ilaria

    Are those creme de blush a new kind of blush? I know there were touche blush.. has anyone tried them?
    I don’t know why but I want that gray mascara!

  25. love

    I love their packaging! Such pretty colors too!

  26. YaYa

    LOVE the promo pic

  27. Helene

    Typical YSL look! Love it!

  28. YaYa

    Which eyeshadows are used in the promo?

  29. NuNu

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the model’s eyeshadow!!!!I want that blue eyeshadow palette!!!

  30. Wow, the makeup and packaging are totally stunning! 😀

    This is a perfect look for burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, would you agree?

  31. Lisa in Dallas

    I can’t wait! Rouge Volupte is the best lipstick formula hands down! I’m going to break down and try the eyeshadow.

  32. i LOVE the EYE look! so attractive! <3

  33. The look on that model is brilliantly beautiful! I really want to do that look!!! Aaaaah! I LOVE YSL!

  34. Sunriseisle

    oh my goodness, her eye MU is amazing!

  35. Jenn

    wow, love the bold lip….I may have to pick up a few l/s 😀

  36. Ruth

    I hope to try the gloss volupte, looks really pretty.

  37. claudia

    The lipsticks are absolutely STUNNING !!!!!!!

  38. I’m in love with this look, the eye make-up is wonderful!

  39. The promo pic is gorgeous! Thanks for always sharing the best info on upcoming makeup collections :)

  40. Inês Mariano

    God, those eyes are something… They are amazing love it <3

    And i loved the pink powder blush with Y 😀 it’s so adorable..

  41. Kewal

    One word – STUNNING!

  42. Alice

    I can’t wait. What a gorgeous photo! I’ll have to start saving for this collection. What is the lip color on the model?

  43. Sunshine

    I really dislike the photo :(( One of the worst promo shots in my opinion. The girl is gorgeous but dark lips look so out of place with snow-white skin and extremely heavy eye makeup as if lips belong to another person or where Photoshopped to make them look tiny and remove any facial lines. Maybe her white top and eyes rolled to the side makes that photo look so weird and frightening as a mask, a black top and some bronzer would make it better. Being just as pale, I’d give people shivers with that shade of lipstick on. Good thing I already tried that look in the past and looked horrid in photos. Love the bracelet though! And the violet eyeshadow palette looks stunning.

    • I like the photo. Probably because I see from the photograph’s angle. Smooth, good lighting, no shadows… And I think the photo shows what it is supposed to. But I don’t like the bracelet.

    • Alice

      Hey Sunshine,
      I’m that pale, and I have found that I can wear that color lipstick (but not red). I used to shy away from it, but it can work if you do your other features right. I had a fabulous makeup artist show me how. In fact, he has converted me to wearing colors I assumed I could never wear. The proof has been in the compliments. :)

      • Sunshine

        Hey Alice,
        I’d love to hear more please! Did he do it very sheer and put some lighter gloss in the center? I used to think the way I was doing it looked cool and people were very kind. I was applying a generous layer of no-transfer liquid lipstick in a similar shade with gloss over it but when I saw myself in photos… In the promo pic, girl’s lips are the size of entire made-up eye, a visual effect of dark lipstick making everything look smaller. Larger mouth looks just as strange though – a white face with dark hair and a very dark smile, almost ear-to-ear in my case. Hubby says it looks cute but I know it could be much better with lighter lips. Yeah, it’s alright for running errands but this color really requires some self-tanner or bronzer before taking pics… Maybe a dimmed lighting or candlelight could fix that?

        • Alice

          Sunshine, I am really sorry for the long delay in answering your question. You hit the nail on the head! The artist used that color, but it was sheer (definitely not one of those pigment-rich colors). No liner. Then, we put some gloss in the center. I don’t think we needed the gloss, but it makes my lips look “less thin.” I had to admit, the effect was stunning. He also did very neutral eyes to go with it, so that I wouldn’t look like a “painted whore.” My skin, very pale, actually looked like porcelain with the lipstick done that way. I don’t do that all the time, but I know that when I want a look that is a bit more dramatic than my usual everyday look, I can do it. Recommend you try, but make sure to use a lipstick that has some sheerness to it (and YSL has some excellent ones). Good Luck!

    • That’s too bad! I really liked this image, but to each their own 😀

  44. Nene

    I love the promo picture. Ah Christine, could you please try to do this look and post it here? I’m sure you would a fantastic job doing that.

  45. Fairy

    Has anyone purchased the Palette Y? It’s calling me but I need to know more about it. Worth it?