Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Launches

The Yves Saint Laurent woman. She loves for the pleasure of loving. She listens to her desires. Her secret? VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY, a lip balm with a heart of color. Seduction, sensuality and temptation, bordering on sinfulness.

“VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY, the voluptuous luxury of a new, softly radiant, deeply hydrating veil of color. Her smile seductive with six of the sheerest, silky glamorous colors imaginable.” — Lloyd Simmonds, Make-Up Artist International Yves Saint Laurent

Six brilliant shades, an enchanting fragrance and the enticement of candy sugar. VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY, irresistible. Melting, fresh, fruity. An appetizing mango fragrance available in six radiant candy shades. Elegant lipstick, sensual gloss, comforting care. An invitation to the senses, a hymn to the beauty of each woman. Sensual textures, brilliant colors, lip biting pleasure. A glossy balm as intoxicating as it is voluptuous for luscious and infinitely desirable lips. Colorful, luxurious, luscious.

VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY, the pleasure of indulgence. Modern elegance.The subtle juxtaposition of the opulence of yellow gold and the refined brilliance of white gold. The transparent color of a ring, set with the golden YSL logo. Veils of color, like so many possible temptations. Object of every desire, of every pleasure. Sinful envy.

For her, passionately, an ultra comfortable and ultra rich texture that becomes one with the skin and glides perfectly onto the lips. For her, intensely, a divine sensation thanks to emollients that instantly soften, comfort and smooth lips for up to four weeks after application. For her, lovingly, intense hydration for up to eight hours after application. The magic of hyaluronic acid microspheres trap water in the uppermost layers of the epidermis, filling the smallest line and leaving lips dangerously pulpy. For her, exclusively, lips protected by the antioxidant virtues of pomegranate, rosemary and gamma oryzanol to slow ageing. For her, irresistibly, sublime colors thanks to mineral pigments that reinforce the brilliance and shine of each shade. For her, excessively, the tempting sensuality of fresh mango and bright, devilishly gourmand colors.

Available May 2011.

Volupte Sheer Candy ($30.00)

  • N°1 Lush Coconut A touch of deliciously golden freshness.
  • N°2 Dewy Papaya A discreet orange-pink pleasure.
  • N°3 Juicy Grapefruit A candy pink that sparks envy.
  • N°4 Succulent Pomegranate A sinful desire for a fruity pink.
  • N°5 Mouthwatering Berry A bite of the forbidden fruit.
  • N°6 Luscious Cherry A candy delight.

See more photos!

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58 thoughts on “YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Launches

  1. Haha, is it just me or is that press release a little over the top? I don’t think a tinted lipbalm has ever given me “lip biting pleasure”. $30 seems a bit pricey for a really sheer lipstick. Plus, I’m not sure I can handle having “infinitely desirable lips”.

    • katie

      I also won’t be buying these, only because they’re sheer and expensive. If i’m paying for something expensive, it better have fantastic color pay-off :)

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. $30 is more reasonable for a full coverage lipstick.

    • Alison

      bwahahaha, u r too funny!!

    • Rebekka

      Yeah, totally. Imagine trying to read this one out loud.

    • Emily

      My thoughts exactly. For me it’s embarrassingly over-the-top. It’s not 1962 and I’m not looking for the lipstick that will keep my husband interested. Sterling Cooper would have vetoed the saccharin.

    • haha! love it! it IS a lot to ask us to handle isn’t it?? hmm… lol from what i can see in the photos the packaging looks nice tho. i’ll check out really pricey stuff if the packaging is wicked and i can find a color that i might like for myself.

      generally speaking though, i don’t think luxe brands are more expensive because they are better. at best you’re paying for a really nice formula that makes the experience of putting on your makeup a more pleasing one, MOSTLY you’re just paying for exclusivity and the feeling it brings to have something that other people can’t. sounds kind of mean when you say it outloud but i think it’s the truth.

    • sarah



    Somehow these colors scream summer and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  3. Sam

    Wow these look good. Can’t wait to see swatches before I decide to buy or not.

  4. AnGeLwInGz

    YSL’s gaudy description makes me not wanna try it!

  5. Dee

    These look amazing! Can’t wait to see swatches! I love sheer lipsticks that feel like lipbalm when applied.. these are looking good. I’ll wait for your review before buying though. You will be reviewing them right? Thanks so much Christine!

  6. Ooooh they seem lovely !

  7. I love it! YSL is one of my favorite lip brand:) Can’t wait to discover it! :)

  8. barbara

    do you know what color the model is wearing?

  9. I’m really excited for this. =]

  10. Clare

    Their Gloss Volupte lipsticks are pretty sheer already. Are these even more sheer, or are they pretty much the same thing with a new name?

  11. Lee

    This is one where the ad totally sucks me in. If only using this lip product could give me the model’s skin…

  12. Mandy

    r they limited or permeant products?

  13. Alex T

    That press release is ridiculous. Its a lipstick when all’s said and done and I don’t expect it to give me ‘lip biting pleasure’! That said they do look very pretty.

  14. Melissa

    I do not think I’ll be trying these. I did have the plum Gloss Volupté but ended up returning it. Just not worth the price for what it is. And I agree with the person who commented about the gaudy aspect of the description. YSL cosmetics, to me at least, has always seemed gaudy. Maybe it was the gold packaging, but it was just too over the top. I love Yves Saint Laurent as a fashion brand but am so turned off from their makeup.

  15. They’re pretty & totally my style, but I’ll try the new Dior Addict lipstick I picked up first. Similar idea, more colours, & a few bucks cheaper!

  16. Valerie Brower

    Ooooo saw these yesterday when I was browsing online n they sounded interesting. I think I’ll get 2, 3, and 4. Probably 4 first too see if like them.

  17. NeenaJ

    I’m guessing this product is targeted to all of us who used to save our allowance to spend on flavored Bonne Bell lip balms. Only now, we’ve got more than a couple of bucks burning a hole in our pockets, LOL!

    The last promo pic is seriously appealing and the packaging is very attractive. Will have to wait and see. Thanks Christine!

    • AnGeLwInGz

      I’m 27 with a full time job and I still wear Bonne Bell Lip Smackers every day (currently wearing Raspberry Melon)!

  18. Kelly

    Haha, that last picture makes me want to eat them. They look really great and I love the sheerer colors because it doesn’t look like I’m trying to imitate a clown. 😛

  19. Melissa

    Too expensive! the name sounds apealing but seriously people!!! You can get a sheer lip gloss for 1 dollar at the drugstore save your money ladies. I would buy this if it were cheaper though

  20. Lucie

    Haha gotta love these press releases. So ridiculous. I might pick up the ‘Luscious Cherry’ one, but the dramatic product description has kind of turned me off. 😛

  21. Stephanie

    Ordered this today in cherry!

    I wish there were more glosses in pretty tubes and stick form, most glosses look so cheap! Some of us look ridiculous in full color lipstick (especially out and about in sweats running errands!) but still enjoy a lip product that is a little more than balm (i look dead/sick w/ no color on my lips).

    Considering hyaluronic acid is pretty expensive (but makes your lips wonderfuly moist!) i think its worth the price!

    I cant wait for it to get here!!!

    • Megan

      I’m with you on the needing a little more than gloss, but looking ridiculous in full-out lipstick. I’m pale as the model in that ad, but with berry lips, so full color just doesn’t do much for me.

      I just bought a tube of MAC Sheen Supreme in a medium pink…Ultra Darling, I think it’s called. You may want to give those a try–they’re sheer, and give just enough color that my lips look woken up. I feel comfy applying it without a mirror, too. And at 14.50…a lot cheaper!

      • Stephanie

        I may check it out, thanks. There is something about MAC that i just don’t really enjoy :/ I hate that fake vanilla smell and the boring look… Ive tried really hard to like MAC but its just not usually for me :(

        • Megan

          I swear I’m not trying to push this on you–but–I’m not a MAC girl, either. I won’t rant lest I get jumped on, but I just think the quality of a lot of their stuff isn’t as good as it could be/used to be. I normally go for Hourglass, Kevyn Aucoin, and Face Atelier. I still do check out my MAC store occasionally, and I was more than pleasantly surprised when I loved the Sheen Supreme.

          • Stephanie

            im defiantly going to check them out… im ready to move away from typical liquid gloss but cant quite do lipstick! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  22. LOL at all the DRAMA in the press release. thanks for posting i come here to review new products before i head to the makeup counter. so Keep It Coming!!! :-)


  23. Mariella

    I’m not sure I want “dangerously pulpy” lips and for 30 bucks and having to schlep into Toronto go get it, I think I will pass on this and make do with my run of the mill lip glosses.

  24. condesa

    I agree, the copy is ridiculous. But in the end, who reads them? only us blog readers… The average consumer goes to the shop, swatches and eventually buys… even if the copy is nonsense.
    By the way the shades are lovely. I wonder about the formula. Rouge Voluptés and Gloss Voluptés formulas were a complete fail to me. So I am not really drawn by those. I’ll try them nonetheless.

  25. Megan

    I, uh, I never wanted my lips to be “pulpy.”

    I’d fully intended to skewer the whole press release in this comment until I read “pulpy,” and all the flowery (hilarious) language just did not make an ounce of difference anymore. Ew. “Pulpy.”

  26. Ashley

    Love what is on her lips!!! anyone know of a color that looks like this?

  27. CeeBee

    Whoa. That’s probably the most ridiculously over the top press release I’ve ever witnessed.
    Sheer tinted lip balm makes you a sinfully seductive vixen of desire (with dangerously pulpy lips – WTF?) I mean, really?! Or maybe some marketing yuppie went crazy with a thesaurus…

    I’ve never been a YSL fan and I don’t think that’s going to sway me.

  28. Kathy

    OMG! I’m trying to understand my astoundingly negative reaction here. Is it that, after 25 years in medicine, I’m reacting to the model’s look? Were they going for cancer or anorexia? I can’

    Please don’t think that I’m trying to be funny. Are there any other doctors or nurses having this reaction?

  29. Eleanor

    yayy i love sheers! they’re pretty unpopular though, which makes me sad. i wish more high end companies would do versions of these. i’m really looking forward to these and the rouge coco shines (:

  30. Maya

    The photos for YSL advertisements are always GORGEOUS

  31. YSL used to be in a class by itself when it was first promoted 30 years ago. IT was so iconic then. Nothing special about the colors or the packaging anymore since it has been bought out.

  32. Grace Chin

    photos are awsome!! they do look sheer and and candy

  33. hisa

    I’m eyeing the Dewy Papaya. I definitely want to try this in store.

  34. leslie

    Is this the same as the Gloss Volupte? What’s different? does it have SPF?

  35. Donna

    Dispite the laughable adverts, I’d love to try these. I’d like to see how they hold up against the Rouge Coco Shines.

  36. Jill

    I’ll pass on these. I bought one of the rouge volupte lipsticks and while the packaging is nice and the color is beautiful, it has the wear time of about 30 minutes or less. And I’ve tried all the tricks to make it last but it just doesn’t. It’s too smooth and buttery and literally melts away to nothing. Not worth the $34.

  37. any ideas what the model is wearing?

  38. Cords

    Bought two of these because of the packaging. LOVE the tubes! but the lipstick/gloss/chapstick whatever is so ridiculously pointless.
    They look gorgeous in the tubes, but they stink. STINK. the way peach lipstick smells like cat urine, these STINK. i got the pomegranate and the grapefruit. if they had made the lip things smell like the individual flavour/colours i would have been happier. The “Mango” just smells like elimination. Its horrific. I tried these on and couldnt even stand to swatch them. I had to take them off straight away because the smell was making me gag. Ugh, waste of money unless you are happy to pay 26 GBP or 30 dollars for pretty lippy tubes.

  39. Mimi

    If you like the Gloss Volupte, you’ll love these. The lipstick is itself is larger and wider so it’s easier to apply. They are very similar to gloss volupte in taste, if not exactly the same (not sure it’s so close). The best difference is that the Candy glosses have more pigment so you don’t have to swipe it back and forth on your lips as much to build up the amount of color you want. I think these are an improvement on the gloss volupte and am glad to have them. I bought #4 & #5. These colors are more transparent than the Chanel Coco Shine lipsticks. If you like the gloss volupte and want more pigment but still the sheer transparancy of a gloss in stick form, you will be pleased with these.

  40. Alisha

    Love the Mouthwatering Berry! Lasts for a few hours, without re-applying, smells really good, and tastes better. And after it was long gone it left my lips really soft and moisturized. $30.00 is pretty expensive for a lip balm, but the packaging is really pretty and it didnt leave my lips sticky or tacky at all. It felt very silky on while wearing.