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YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014
YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014

Whorls of petals. A rush of roses and peonies. A whirlwind of a thousand flowers envelops the Saint Laurent woman in a soft, feverishly sensual cloud. Flower Crush. Wondrous on her bed of rippling corollas, wrapped in daylight, she indulges in a game of sensuality and softness. And gives a glimpse of her most delicate persona to win the hearts over. A liberated, ultra contemporary femme fatale. She captures the essence of flowers and expresses herself in the infinite shades of their exquisite petals. An armful of roses, peonies, crocus, water hyacinths, iris, glorifies her eyes, nails and skin. Her lips seem to be crushing a blackberry or raspberry that tints them with delicious, ultra glossy colour. Sins of the flesh.

Face Collector Palette ($50.00) (Limited Edition)

Like a precious, stylized petal, the marbled motif of the Rosy Blush Palette entwines two shades of pink that play on contrasts between matte and iridescence. A blush and a highlighter, this nude pairing is perfect to highlight the cheeks, brighten the complexion and illuminate prominent and shadowy areas. The innovative creamy-powdery texture blends in leaving an infinitely satiny and subtle veil on the skin. Sinfully radiant.

  • Rosy Blush Two shades of pink

Eye Collector Palette ($58.00) (Limited Edition)

Shadows, light, pure colours. Five Couture shades and endless possibilities to be the artist of your own eyes. Tones of fuchsia pink, coral and black cherry to colour and play with contrasts. A pearly champagne shade to highlight and give spring freshness.

  • Pivone Crush Tones of fuchsia pink, coral, black cherry, champagne

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils ($30.00)

  • Captivating Purple (No. 22) Purple (Limited Edition)

La Laque Couture ($25.00)

  • Rose Scabiosa (No. 48) Pink (Limited Edition)
  • Rouge Pablo (No. 49) Red (New, Permanent)

Gloss Volupte ($34.00)

  • Rose Fusion (No. 3) Dazzling coral (New, Permanent)
  • Prune Organdi (No. 104) Dramatic black cherry (New, Permanent)
  • Rose Ofevre (No. 19) Tender pink (New, Permanent)
  • Terriblement Fuchsia (No. 49) Vibrant fuchsia (New, Permanent)

Rouge Volupte ($34.00)

  • Fuchsia Storm (No. 31) Rose (New, Permanent)
  • Jealous Coral (No. 32) Coral (New, Permanent)
  • Pink Neillia (No. 33) Poppy (New, Permanent)
  • Pink Asarina (No. 34) Red (New, Permanent)

Dessin du Regard Waterproof ($30.00)

  • Intense Purple (No. 11) Purple (New, Permanent)

Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain ($34.00)

  • Rouge Avant-Gardiste (No. 32) Red (New, Permanent)
  • Bourgogne Artistique (No. 49) Purple (New, Permanent)

Availability: Now available online at YSL, Saks, Nordstrom; January 2014 at online retailers and YSL counters; also now online internationally at Selfridges

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YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014
YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014

YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014
YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014

YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014
YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014

YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014
YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014

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43 thoughts on “YSL Spring Look Collection for Spring 2014

  1. That face color palette looks ridiculously gorgeous! Ooooh gotta get my hand on that and a couple lip products as well! lol
    But I got the eye shadow palette they made last summer and I really don’t like it. Thinking I gave almost 80 dollars with the prices here, that really hurts!

  2. Sabrina

    That face palette looks gorgeous!!!! And since i don’t have any ysl lipsticks, i really badly want one! I think i’ll wait until you’ve reviewed this lot though (i find i now never buy any beauty-related stuff until you’ve given them your okay, christine). :)

  3. grlnxdor

    This collection is breath taking beautiful! Fingers crossed that you will be reviewing these.

  4. It’s all pretty, but I almost can’t believe how beautiful the rosy blush palette is!
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  5. I have the Jealous Coral lipstick and it’s a beautie! I love it so much! :)


  6. Donna

    Here in the UK the collection has been out since before Christmas. But we have no eyeshadow!!!! I asked the SA and was told none would be in the collection!!!

  7. Lila

    It looks beautiful !! It will be difficult to resist ! I am wondering what kind of eyelook I can recreate with that shadows … I only wear nude/browns on my eyes everyday

  8. Love the eye palette, but I’m holding off until your review. :)

  9. This collection is just beautiful!! I want it all! Love the packaging and design of the powders and I’m really excited about the new glosses
    fancie Recently Posted: Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review

  10. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :) what fabulous pcs :) am really loving YSL these days 😀 would love to see how the color looks in real
    Rashmi Recently Posted: Orchid hued beauties not to be missed this year!

  11. Before finding Temptalia I exclusively bought MAC products and for years we didn’t have a Sephora here either, but since I now have access to both this site and Sephora I’m branching out. This collection looks BEYOND GORGEOUS. I’m not sure if branching out is a good thing those as most of these gorgeous brands are so much more expensive than MAC. 😉

  12. I want Pink Asarina lipstick!

  13. Christine

    Ugh, I want everything! The packaging is gorgeous.

  14. The eye and face palettes look gorgeous!

  15. I really need to get my hands on one of those lipsticks. The packaging is just too luscious not to. I always plan to get one, but then I put it on the backburner. The palette packaging is gorgeous too.
    Rikki Recently Posted: Teen Wolf 3B Lydia Martin “Anchors” Makeup Tutorial | closed captioned.

  16. Christine, I had read that the Gloss Voluptes were going to be exclusive to YSL and Bergdorf Goodman’s. Do you know if that’s true? I would love to try one, but prefer to buy from Sephora. Thanks! : )

  17. These collection photos are making me crave a big bouquet of blush colored peonies!

  18. Gorgeous campaign shot and amazing product pics, I am drooling over the products already :-)

  19. I LOVE that they’re making most of this stuff permanent… I love launches that introduce permanent products. That way there’s the thrill of new, but you don’t HAVE to buy it in the first 3 days or risk it being sold out forever *cough*MAC*cough*

  20. shelley

    The eye palette contains similar shades that I already own so that isn’t screaming at me but that face palette looks absolutely beautiful.

  21. Bella

    WHY does it come with that dumb applicator with the eyeshadow?! Why do pricey brands like YSL still do this!? Makes me so mad!

  22. Jen

    Wow, that blush/highlighter looks unbelievably beautiful! I shouldn’t have looked at this post, for my wallet’s sake!

  23. Lorrie

    Gorgeous, I want it all. Can’t wait to see the whole collection.

    On another note I do wish YSL would use a more mature, classier model. I realize Cara is the “it” model of the moment but feel she is better suited to an edgier/younger brand like MAC for instance. Outside of modeling, yikes.

  24. Ack! So many pretty things – YSL is my sort of sleeper hit of last year – I never really registered the brand, and then I fell in love with a whole bunch of their stuff! The glosses sound interesting in this collection!

    Is it just me or is ‘Rose Scabiosa’ a terribly unromantic name for a lipstick? I know that it’s a lovely flower (my mum has them in her garden!), but when you read/say it it sounds so…infectious 😛
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Treasures from Waters Deep – A Glittering Gradient with OPI Eurso Euro and Last Friday Night

  25. I can already tell I’ll be wanting the blush palette and possibly the eye shadow palette, depending on how they perform. THESE are the sorts of spring collections/colours I like – not milky, washed-out, insipid pastels!

  26. Denise

    Even though the eyeshadow palette has got my name all over it, I shall try exercising self control and wait till you review it…

  27. Valerie C.

    Beautiful! I wish I could buy it all :)

  28. Sae

    A bit sad a special edition glossy stain wasn’t released with this collection. I’m obsessed with those!

  29. I am dying this spring! All these rose colors and purples are so up my alley. I’m going to be so broke this year.

  30. Veronica

    I’m kind of in love with the promo image. :) Nothing in the collection really grabs me, but I do really like the look of the lipgloss (or whatever fancy name YSL is using for it).

  31. Ohhh that eyeshadow palette looks like it’s going to be in my makeup bag soon..

  32. SheDaisy

    You gotta love a classic set! I can’t wait for swatches of the eyeshadows and that nail color! I don’t think I’ve ever been impressed with their lipsticks, for the price, but I hope they surprise us!

  33. Looks so pretty 😮 I love all the items, although I find models pink eyes somewhat weird to her lip shade.

  34. CKG

    Wow; will there be swatches of the lipsticks?

  35. CKG

    BTW are the lipsticks rouge volupte shines or rouge voluptes? I love Corail Incandescent but I don’t know how similar the formulas are.

  36. Lindsey

    This is more the direction I would imagine the MAC A Fantasy of Flowers would be when I first saw the campaign. The colors are actually relevant to the theme, and beautiful at that! I have one YSL lipstick and would love to invest in a few more!

  37. CKG

    The blush looks gorgeous in the promo pic but so powdery in others

  38. Chelsea

    I’d love to see what the Glossy Stains look like on the lips!